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Sold my key for $26,256 after losing out on the big three, while the key I chose at the start contained... $50,000.

Oh well, 26K is still more than I have in reality :P

>The first safe I opened contained $500,000

Well, that's a good start XD

Used to watch Deal or No Deal all this time, so this is pretty cool!

As someone who grew up playing Super Mario 64, I'm really excited to see people like your group reimagining the most iconic location in the game. This looks very impressive, going to try it out later today!

Liking what I'm seeing so far!

Things I think are fine:

*Two different characters is a neat touch, as is the 3D pixel look. Camera seems fine, actually.

Things I think could be improved:
*The start button reads "Star<br>t". Characters have some odd movement to them, I know you're working on that, but there are times where I move faster than the CPU or the CPU moves faster than me. I also don't get the violent push that sends me to the other side of the arena that occurs every time you slightly run into someone. "You are the blue haired one.", there are two. It can also be difficult to tell where you are in relation to the ball, adding shadows should help this. What is the goal of this game and how does it end?

Some fun tips:

*Maybe additional opponents could be added. Goal could also spawn in a random place each time, since the ball does as well. Maybe other obstacles like blocks in the way?

Overall, you have a good premise here. I can't tell if this is your first game design or not, but keep it up! Would like to see where this goes!

Came here from GameXplain. Awesome work! - A fellow Kid Icarus fan :)

I'm liking what I'm seeing so far. Best of luck with your project!

I'm glad that you guys got this game out as I'm a huge fan of Normal Boots, more specifically PBG. I'm not going to download the game just yet, as I want to help support you, but currently lack any funds in my account. But I will buy this as soon as I do.

It's going to be really awkward for me trying to date the boys, haha.