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Dungeon Cuisine Demo

Can't wait to get it on Steam. 

Super gemacht!

It was nice to see your new work. Awesome!

I like it! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

Graphics aside, it is nice to see a strategy tower defense game in a jam. 

You should rework the gold prices, so that the new players can have more choices to try. And grammar too.

Maybe it is better with download version, because the web version is a bit too big for my PC lol

Man that was awesome to see such innovative idea!

Hey there thanks for rating! Almost everything you have pointed out was and is being taken care of, but I have already submitted the demo, so... haha unlucky me.

Thank you for playing! Yeah it is good idea to build another Mac version.


Ok. This time it's my fault to make the description a bit too vague, should have made the UI bigger to have more space for details idea ;D

If you select 1 present and click "Next wave", the player's stats will change depending on what you chose (attack, hp or speed). Only click next wave will continue the game without choosing any and it's also a choice.

Hello andretchen,

it would be nice if you screenshot the bug for me? :D

Makes me struggle for a while ;)

This game is about how I encounter with the theme "Downgrade". 

It's a shooter 2d game where you throw flips-flops at each other. Presents will be given when enough fellow graders are beaten, and there will be different weapons to unlock.

Link to game:

Aww man twas so cute hahaha

Yes. Can you send a sample through our mail We can also converse privately there.

Thank you so much!

Thank you for playing! To come home you can push thr button B (Back), and we will implement some methods for players to teleport back and forth with constraints ;)

Oh hey cool. I really want someone to teach me the basics :) also I maybe need 1 for the Dungeon.

Cool one i might say! ;)

Hey there. What version have you experienced this problem, PC or browser. And if PC which resolution?

HAHAHAHAHA I can see that.

Thank you! My plan at first is to make dungeon like Moonlighter, or Zelda-style dungeon ;)

Saigonese :)

good one! Im thinking about getting an icon for character so that no one can be lost anymore ;)

Glad you like it! 

Thank you for your feedbacks! We have been looking for it and:

  • Space bar can be attack button. We will implement a Key Redefinition for players' preferences.
  • That was some rendering problem we are working right now.
  • Thank you for spotting that. For the new ones the character won't behave like that anymore.
  • The cookbook UI will be implemented so that players can search for already cooked dishes.
  • Also that too.
  • You can press Escape to go out of cookbook, and also we will insert a close button.


Hey thanks so much for playing our game. And yes, we are planning to fix/update content in 2 - 3 days. 

Thank you. We will try to update more contents soon!


Our Demo consists of Dungeon-Crawling, fighting monsters and cooking dishes based on loots. The game is not finished but you will be happy to know that all of the dishes in the game are real.

Thanks for the Insights! I must say my weakness is about animations and graphics so this game will have a lot of improvements!

Yess, thank you very much! :D

Hey thank you very much for the Youtube content! ;)

Don't forget to rate this game ;)

Just an example, since the gameplay is simple then you will have unlimited potential to "decorate" with coins - buy new suit, buy lives in-game, or abilities.

Pretty neat!

Please if you have updates then make use of the coins! I also want to see some more modern diving suits.

Thank you!!;)