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Nice concept. 

I would say the difficulty curve is a bit weird, like not so orderly for introducing new mechanics - on early levels. Also the puzzle from many levels is repetitive: I can figure out the solution after 1 - 2 try - simply by going through all of the helping nodes to not be cut down.

Also like some comments here, the controllers are a bit slow.

Looks cool, like it!

Just downloaded and played the demo, I gotta say that looks so cool, especially the neat RPG section. I gotta say the bonfire meditation - learning skills interaction can be moved, from +/- button to directly touching to the skill icon as a button.

It's too silly, and it's too much fun! 

Thanks for feedback! 

Fun way to implement the chained concept. The jump press & hold needs more rework since when I hold to glide and release the button then bird flies again once.

You should avoid tilting the camera too much as it could create seizures. 

Color combination is nice done, although you should change the color contrast to avoid hurting eyes. Also good job on doing tutorial levels!

Its a good concept, when we doesn't have to only match across the screen also in the same screen.

The art is good. The interaction puzzle plus the in between running minigame could use more work to this, since players can lose interests when the minigame comes.

That is pretty fun mechanic!

I love it, especially the fast-paced combat with flashlight mechanics!

We can really use a tutorial for how the npc's field of vision work, but nevertheless it's fun after some tries. The effect of dog's danger is suitable. Well done!

Thanks for feedback! Yes we have levels with move limit ;)

Thanks for feedback! I will check yours.

Thanks for the feedback! Im still thinking about all of the sprite rescaling, so during the jam I dont understand that too well so.. haha

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you!

Yes! A simple story, just like that - not too much drama, just simple and clean, suitable music, great puzzle pacing. 

A good concept with color changing, puzzle pacing is good. However the difficulty curve is a bit flat and thus requires only a little calculation. You should think about more difficult level to broaden the potential of this ;)

I also agree with some comments. We really need a plot here, otherwise the game can feel a bit bland. Visual and sound are beautifully done.

That was fun, and impressing with multiple enemy types. Only sound effects problem is annoying tho.

It is pretty addictive because of the fast-paced and randomness of the nodes. Although the mechanics is pretty hard to grasp at first.

Well done!

Looks rad!

It is nice to see the block-behind-the-corner protestors got solved, and the sound effect is neat. Well done!

Well done!

Interesting idea for puzzle-solving as positioning and careful calculation with not only frogs but also the standing grounds. Although the movement can be a bit faster and more sensitive. Well done!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for feedback! 

Apparently the pacing is a bit hard for me at firsthand, since the mechanics for players are a bit confusing at first. That's the purpose of the level of 3 different monsters in the 3x3 area, and players will have time to learn about the mechanics after this level. 

Cool! Not only the order of the dwarves is important in the levels but also the music fusion is implemented amazingly.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback! 

For the character movement: I am a victim of editor-build difference, when I make the character move normal then it will be too fast when in-game xD

A potential entry!

Thanks for playing! 

Nice artstyle. The chain physics should be considered reworking a bit more, and the high leaping with orb should also be introduced.

Tutorial levels are good to grasp. You can polish more by adding death/restart effect + sound effect, since it's hard right now to know how we died each level.

A good combination!