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Live in the pages of an array of diaries. Choose reality or clear your own path. A visual novel, otome, & dating simulation game 

 *This will be an Android game


Immerse yourself in short stories, but not just any, these are from the heart of diaries around the world. Diary entries will include categories such as childhood, horror, dreams, high school, romantic, never told a soul, text/online, naughty, mystery, travel and daydream stories.

Diaries hold the deep dark truth about a person's traumatic, or just personal daily embarrassing or beautiful experiences, however, diaries are usually kept secret. Dive into these entries and see if you will make the same decisions as the writer and bask in the Naked Truth or will you choose a new route making it Your Experience?


Released 6-19-20| Due to error became available 6-25-20

* Smoke in the Chamber- Action & crime | interactive story game 


Releases on 7-3-20| New every week

* Dare- High school, Slice of life, & Drama | interactive story game 

 And more....

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Never mind, I found it. thank you so much for telling me about this matter. It will be fixed in 24 hours. I wasn't aware of this issue because I was logged  into my account. Sorry about that.

Sorry about that. That wasn't supposed to happen. It is a free game. Were is this payment wall showing up?


Sorry about that. I meant to put 

Yes, of course. Sorry about that.  I can send you a download key in your email.   Please Email me @beastcarving 

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The demo is about a 30-minute read. Thanks! I'm glad to know you're interested in doing a video on it. Please do!

Thanks! I loved writing for Ricky. His CGs were my personal favorites as well.    

Thanks for telling me this. I will be dropping the paywall after hearing your perspective. I'll make all old YBR post public and future ones as well until the full game releases. Thanks for reaching out. 

immediately seen this here and downloaded it! Played it and reminisced. amazing VN! one of my all time favorites

Thanks for telling me. I will get on fixing those issues as soon as I get a chance.

HI! Nice to meet you all. 

For you:

Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed it. 

Yes. Pulse Cage is now one game. There are no more episodes. I've combined all 4 episodes into one. 

 The word count is 161,249.

Pulse Cage full game

 A girl makes a chain letter about stalking your crush. Then that chain-letter comes back to hunter her when someone new gets a hold of it. Someone sends her racy video around the school that they have mysteriously got a hold of. She works to find out who's her admirer is as she grows closer to a few guys that might be him. Could it be her creepy English teacher, the boy next door with the dark past, the childhood friend across town, or the new boy with a big secret, or maybe someone else? See how this chain-letter of love and darkness unfolds. 

Don't click the origami heart! This is the same chain letter in the game.


PLAY Pulse Cage (the full game)

Ah! Thanks for the feedback. Using a synonym is a really good idea.  Obsession is an equally strong word, I might consider using that or A Silhouette of His Skin. Again, thanks for the response. 

I do have a demo out. I think it's pretty short. 

Thanks for the gameplay video.

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A visual novel about a dark fantasy experience that begins on a dangerous blind date.

PLAY the demo:

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Wow! It's finally here!

A fantasy religious experience about temptations, curses, promises, and loyalty.  

Experience the beauty  in the darkness or the deformity of the light.

Can you keep her aura pure in time for the ceremony?

Post image

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THE GAME: >><<

I am featuring a few reviews on this page. If they are nice and detailed, I will post them, or if they simply make me laugh. Let me know what you think!

I am working on making it more accessible now. 

It has come to my attention that the game crashed for some users on that part. If it did crash for you, please tell me if you removed the game from the folder or not. I'd also like to know if you are using Linux, Mac, or Windows, so I can know what to do next if this issue proceeds. 

We can get it trending on twitter, maybe? If we all post about our games on itch with the a cool hashtag every Friday at like 12:00 sharp, we might be able to make something happen. What do you guys think?

Can't wait to play this!

This is just flat out adorable!