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Who are your favorite characters? What was your favorite, scene/chapter/episode? Have you played the spin-off Pulse Cage Uncaged?

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   So far, my favorite characters are Starry and Anthony. I like that Starry is sympathetic and understands the impact of his choices even when he's looking for someone to trauma bond with. He's open and has good advice, though, I wish he'd apply that advice to his life sometimes. I also like Anthony because he has this animal instinct, but has this regular past when he and MC were friends. I'm eager to know why he changed and what changed him, and why he choose the life that he did.

My favorite story is Smoke in the chamber 2. Smoke in the Chamber is a story about finding the good in two evils that appear different but aren't that different at all.

My favorite character design is Cloudy & Diary ver. Ricky.  I always liked Ricky's backward green hat and singular diamond earring; it's cute. My favorite thing about Cloudy's design is his long bangs, black forearms, and neck; it makes him look mysterious.

 My favorite thing about Diary are the Mood- mini games. You really have to know the character in order to past these mini-games

  1. Who is your favorite character in Diary? 
  2. Favorite story so far? 
  3. Favorite character design?
  4. Favorite thing about Diary: The Naked Truth?
  • Do you want more daydreams entries? What story do you want a part two of? 
  • What features would you like? More closet items &  hair, a CG illustration gallery.
  • Make any request. I'm all ears. What a Boy MC? More Mini-games? 

What did you like? What do you want changed?

Have any questions about the game?

Any Bugs/Glitches found in the game?

     Thanks for playing! When I made YBR, I thought of it as a movie and less of your average visual novel. My main focus was on creating an atmosphere and an experience, rather than focusing purely on love interests.

      I use Ren'py. 

I've been working on the game on and off since 2017 while working on Pulse Cage. I started working on it exclusively in 2018, and came out with the demo in 2019. Then I started making a Game named Diary after the demo came out, to give the demo time to be seen before dumping the full game on people without much demo recognition. Advertisement has been difficult because it does take time away from making the game. I wanted to release the full game in 2020, but it hadn't reached the 500 download milestone yet, and I wanted enough people to have played the demo before working on the full game again. 

    Slowly, I made it to around 600 downloads, and now I'm working on final touches and aiming to release the game this year, on my usual release date September 22. Thanks for your question!

Thanks! This means a lot. I always take my time looking for the perfect sounds that fit the vibe of each of my visual novel, not only the vibe of the novel overall, but I make sure each song fits each moment. 

Thanks for the kind words! I love hearing feedback. 

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I love Kai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He looked so good in that scene on the bus. That's my favorite part in the demo.  I liked the part when Kai said, "Look close enough and you might guess what I'm thinking."  HOTT!E 😭He's such a tease, I just want to punch him in the face. 

Though Kai is my favorite, I decided to draw Emmet because he's the only one I didn't see in the demo, but I seen you post him on your twitter. I like Emmett's style: his ears, his skin, and his vintage steam punk outfits. Listen, Kai is still my favorite though! 

Name your favorite part or favorite character and why. 

Feel free to share the your craziest internet experience.

Ask me about the game? Did you have any question, before or after playing.

Any problems?

You're welcome. :)

When the game becomes more popular, and my followers request other languages, I will know who to go to. 😊

That'll be cool. My game is pretty long, and is composed of multiple mini stories plus their spin-offs. I'll check to see if my followers want the game in Spanish, so I can know if it's worth it before I waste your time and services.

It looks like Webroot is blocking the application by sending out a false-positive alarm . This often happens with ren'py games because most anti-virus pick up ren'py games as a virus. Some antiviruses auto-delete any exe files that aren't in their directory. I'd suggest disabling your anti-virus software- you should turn off the antivirus temporarily or mark it as "safe," then try downloading it again. When it claims a ren'py game is "malware" it is actually breaking third-party software.

Predator Meet the Prey

You meet someone online for business, and the unexpected happens. Though it all, you plot with your best friend, hoping to turn things around. With your future on the line, you extract what is rightfully yours, careful not to make things turn upside down.

Play here:

Thanks for playing and making a video on it. Making the game for desktop was a pretty difficult transitions, however, I wanted Youtubers and PC players to get a taste of what the game. And I know not everyone has the software to capture the game from their phones. I'm glad you are looking forward to future games. I might make a few more PC compatible. Every story won't be Play Store friendly, so I'll upload those ones here as well.

Thanks for playing! I'll add more  outfit options and customizations. In the future, I might make more PC versions, but they will remain formatted for the phone. Thanks for the feedback! 

   I've gone ahead and checked, and Itchio only uses Stripe and PayPal. I went ahead and added a new payment method. I hope this one suits you better.

     You can also pay with your bank card. After you see the "Pay with PayPal" button, it will take you to a screen in which you will have the option to select "Pay with debit or debit." This way, you don't need a PayPal account. As far as a third option, I'm not aware if Itchio has a different payment option other than those two. 

Thanks! I'll change it right away. Thanks for telling me. 

That would be great too. Thank you! :)

Sure! Go right ahead. Just make sure you link it in the description so others can find it. Thanks for your interest in the game. 

Roughly, each diary entry in the game is around 8-25 pages long. The stories are based on true stories, so they are somewhat short. There are four stories in the app so far. The game is updated every 2-3 weeks, depending on how long each diary entry will be. I'd say it takes about 30-45 minutes to play each story. So the game is about 2 hours long right now.

Live in the pages of an array of diaries. Choose reality or clear your own path. A visual novel, otome, & dating simulation game 

 *This will be an Android game


Immerse yourself in short stories, but not just any, these are from the heart of diaries around the world. Diary entries will include categories such as childhood, horror, dreams, high school, romantic, never told a soul, text/online, naughty, mystery, travel and daydream stories.

Diaries hold the deep dark truth about a person's traumatic, or just personal daily embarrassing or beautiful experiences, however, diaries are usually kept secret. Dive into these entries and see if you will make the same decisions as the writer and bask in the Naked Truth or will you choose a new route making it Your Experience?


Released 6-19-20| Due to error became available 6-25-20

* Smoke in the Chamber- Action & crime | interactive story game 


Releases on 7-3-20| New every week

* Dare- High school, Slice of life, & Drama | interactive story game 

 And more....

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Never mind, I found it. thank you so much for telling me about this matter. It will be fixed in 24 hours. I wasn't aware of this issue because I was logged  into my account. Sorry about that.

Sorry about that. That wasn't supposed to happen. It is a free game. Were is this payment wall showing up?


Sorry about that. I meant to put 

Yes, of course. Sorry about that.  I can send you a download key in your email.   Please Email me @beastcarving 


The demo is about a 30-minute read. Thanks! I'm glad to know you're interested in doing a video on it. Please do!

Thanks! I loved writing for Ricky. His CGs were my personal favorites as well.    

Thanks for telling me this. I will be dropping the paywall after hearing your perspective. I'll make all old YBR post public and future ones as well until the full game releases. Thanks for reaching out. 

immediately seen this here and downloaded it! Played it and reminisced. amazing VN! one of my all time favorites

Thanks for telling me. I will get on fixing those issues as soon as I get a chance.

HI! Nice to meet you all.