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thanks for asnwering!, i did tryed at every moment, i even pressed the button to climb one time after another so i wouldnt miss anything but still.

also, i am unable to climb the side quest tower, i have tryed everything to climb it but exactly in that place i cant use the climbing hability

i really loved the story, the style and the music. but since for making perfection critic is needed, i would say that the character illustrations that sometimes appear like cassandra's drawing on the inn are kind of plain and could be a lot more well made if you compare them to the rest of great graphics of the game

oh well, all right, thanks for answerin

nothing at all, is just intersting

what is the objective?

is this a school project?

you make wikis

huh, i didnt knew that part. thanks you a lot fellow

yes, it is true, but i bealive is cleaner

it gives such sadisfaction when you kill an enemy, nice work 

it would be great whit a story tought

do you imagine flippy dont being in one piece?, like, dunno, five pieces? flippy one, flippy 2, flippy three, flippy 4, flippy five

this gives me angusty, but, is nice to see flippy...alone...

pleae make a secuel when he ends this travel so he is not alone anymore

hi, hi!

i have started making 2d rpg games just this year but since forever i have beeing an 2d artist and non-profesional  2d animator,also, sometimes i make music.

i have uploaded two games at this plataform but the last one is my current jam

thanks you a lot and dont worry for the time, its all righty

nooo!, i just finished the demo and now you give me this?, how sweetly cruel!

also, i loved the final boss, i loved everything about it... less that freaking dark balls that wouldnt leave me alone, but of course is part of the game!

great great work!, i hope the "ugly" child gets luck on her adventure

hello, dear developer or artist.

i came here becuase i played the demo and i trully liked the style of the game menu.

i would like to know, if you could tell me, what you used to make that style of menu

 happilly waiting:


you just put a hardass max level monsterin the first level and you die.. always

so you make an introduction that gives you hope and love and you just suddenyl get destroyed and that's the only enemy in the whole game that you will never pass.

the hardes rpg ever

its nice, fun, and pixelated as i like. but i have one question: who the freak makes tea time at three o'clock?

sincerly ya pal


this is pretty nice!, is smooth and stilish and i love the girls!

i like the idea, is pretty fun. but i would like to point out that the end is a little pretty predictable, even if is fun to see, maybe you could put more problems to find out. also, the inclusive theme this has is a little too obvious, i mean, including is nice, but too much can be odd if you dont measure it. thanks for reading