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The Tale of the Greenhouse is probably the coziest game I've played in recent times. The artwork, visual effects, music, and general atmosphere the game gives off all come together and provide a really relaxing gaming experience. This is the perfect game if you're wanting to just unwind, sip some coffee, and relax. There were multiple times where I caught myself wishing I was actually there in the greenhouse, sitting on the sofa and petting the cat.

Unfortunately the rest of the game doesn't get quite as high praise from me. At its core the game is tedious and kind of boring. There's a lot of grab this tool, walk to this plant, trim it, walk back, put the tool down, walk to the sell basket, nod it again, then water all the plants, and then finally sleep and wake up 2 seconds later to do it all again. It quickly devolves into a game of how quickly can I do all the things to progress forward. And if  I'm honest, quick isn't the vibe this game gives off. Visually, auditorily, and atmospherically this game is telling you to stop and smell the roses, but mechanic wise it's telling you to speedrun.

I think some of the tedium and problems the game has could be eased a bit with a few additions: a tool belt, a satchel, and a growth timer. A tool belt to hold the shears, watering can, and manacatcher - frankly this would be huge because it would mean less back and forth. Accompanied by a satchel to hold plant trimmings. With just these two I think the game would feel a lot less like a walk back and forth simulator. Lastly, a growth timer to plants so that they grow 2-3 phases in a single day. This means we could trim plants a handful of times a day, and then at the end of the day sell off our haul of trimmings. It keeps us going as plants grow, and we have opportunities to stop and vibe with the game as we wait for our plants to grow. A final minor thought - compost having a use would be great too! Plants grow quicker, or produce more mana when fertilized. These changes would probably require a rebalance of the economy and progression, but I think they'd help make the game feel more enjoyable.

Do I think The Tale of the Greenhouse scratches the itch? Unfortunately no. The gameplay loop of running back and forth is simply too unfun for me to recommend the game. If you're able to slow your roll, and not play the game as efficiently as possible it might be worth checking out. The art, audio, and atmosphere this game has captured is worth praising and applauding. I want you guys to know you did an absolutely stellar job here and there was never a moment where I was bored visually. I know this was a 7 week project so it wasn't going to be perfect, but what I've seen so far has me looking forward to what the future has in store for Magmaplant Studios.

Blandville is anything but bland. It sets you on a mission, and plants you in a spooky town with a equally spooky wintry atmosphere. The town would probably be rather comfy if it weren't for the unsavory spooky bois wandering about, but then I suppose it wouldn't be horror, and it'd just be stealing other peoples things - probably better off if it stays like this. I really like that Blandville leans more into the spooky atmosphere than cheap jump scares. The clear definition of a goal is also appreciated, I can immediately set out and shit myself while looking for stacks of cash and other valuables. Overall I think you've got a nice little demo of a game here, and I'd love to see more content added to it. :) 

A couple of worthy mentions for things I encountered that probably shouldn't happen. I went for a magical sleigh ride. If you stand on the sleigh and pick it up you'll be able to fly anywhere and everywhere. That includes the fence and the "unsafe zone". First time around I landed with the warning on my screen and was promptly snatched by a hooded figure. The second time I landed a little ways after it disappeared and right next to a guy stuck in the ground T-posing.

Going into Anger Foot I knew exactly what to expect. Fun levels, a timer, and the incessant need to try and beat my previous time. I don't have a particular love for this genre of game, but without fail I find myself wrapped up in trying to beat my previous time over and over. It's simple and enjoyable fun that'll last ya for a while, so long as you're entertained.

Unfortunately Anger Foot doesn't keep you entertained for long because it shoots itself in the foot by being criminally short. On my very first play through I only managed to get 11 minutes of playtime out of it, and that was with needing to redo the second level a number of times. I can't fault it for this, because it's both a "prototype" and a 7DFPS game jam entry, I expected it to be short. But, the game didn't need to start gettin' good on me and then abruptly end.

Gameplay is what you'd expect though, run and gun, restarting when you mess up. Somtimes dying because you can't shoot. Maybe a little more than sometimes. Level design is pretty nice, I mean I never stopped and questioned the bathrooms connecting two separate rooms, or why some dude was just in a closet by himself. I think my biggest complaint was level 3 for being gun heavy, it felt like it wasn't Anger Foot, but Anger Gun. Partly that could be because there are only a small handful of levels, but it just stuck out like a sore thumb to me.

Speaking of guns, I have one more complaint. When you get shot the effects displayed make it very difficult to recover from, or at least for me. You can recover from it, and one could honestly argue just to not get hit. However, I found the visuals really distracting and it would frustrate me when I wasn't able to recover or when I would get it. I'd honestly prefer to just be KO'd in a single hit.

Overall Anger Foot turned out to be a fun little game. It doesn't really scratch my itch for a fast paced, run and gun, beat your previous time type of game. It just ends way too abruptly and leaves me wanting more. So I hope you guys continue to develop the game into something more. You've got something simple and nice here!

These gotta go fast, and then go even faster games hold a special place in my heart. I'm not a particular fan of the genre, but they're the type of game I can subconsciously spend hours upon hours in trying to better my score. And I'm not even competing with anyone else! It's fun just bashing your head against a level for 30 minutes only to beat your previous score by 3 seconds.

The game has a simple, clean, and easy to read style. Which is something I appreciate quite a bit. Too often do I play a game like this and it's cluttered and hard to discern stuff, but maybe that's part of the challenge for them? This game just tells ya what's good, what's bad, and where to go. I appreciate that, because I have a small pea-sized brain.

The one thing I really found hard to like was the rewind mechanic. It just took me out of my momentum. In these gotta go fast type games I want to just grab whatever power up or thing I need, then quickly turn around and keep going. Unfortunately the rewind mechanic made it hard to do that. You'd be teleported back, sometimes facing the wrong direction and all your momentum would be lost.

Overall though I really enjoyed the game. It's free and has a ton of replay value. So download it and go. What're you waiting for?

If you're looking for a short, but sweet and fun game to pass the time this is it. There is some progression as you need to do levels in order to get crystals to unlock things. The gameplay loop is simple and enjoyable, stay alive while killing monsters, getting relics, and gold. The longer you last the more you're rewarded. This definitely fits the mobile vibe more, I could see myself waiting for something and pulling this up to play. I did however play on my PC on the browser, which was just fine as well. 

Fun little game that I recommend you try out. :)

I had quite a bit of fun with April: Fall of Faith. For a demo it felt really, really good. There were a couple of things I did dislike, but overall this was a really enjoyable game.

I know this is kind of par for the course with this type of game, but I really enjoyed being able to build around my items in my second play through. It's kind of RNG gated because you have to get the item drops, so you can't really "target" what you want. But, I had plenty of crit items, so I went crit and attack speed, this combo was quite a bit of fun. Crit is always fun. But, I could've also focused on being tanky. Like I said, it's par for the course, but I really enjoyed it and the item system.

The dimensional shift ability is really, really cool. There aren't a whole lot of applications for its use currently, but I think this really shows some serious potential for creating interesting puzzles and boss mechanics. Once the full game releases, this is the mechanic I'm most excited to see again. Also will there be a dimensional being boss you have to fight? Cause I think that would be really,r eally cool. Somewhat challenging because you have to manage how many actions you have, but it'd be really cool.

Speaking of bosses, I loved the boss fight at the end of the demo. It took me a minute to figure out what I needed to do, but for the first boss in the game he was a fun fight. Use of the dimensional shift ability during the fight was well done. Ultimately I'm just glad it wasn't a tank and spank fight.

The game art is well done, some of the effects being employed are fantastic. Things like seeing the shadow of my character as she walks around the campfire, the glow on her arm and the tree leaves moving about are awesome. I also think the dimensional shift effect is super sick. 

Just a quick shoutout to the audio settings being appropriately setup. Didn't have to touch it, it was at perfect volume going in and it was majestic. 

One thing I didn't enjoy about the game was the experience or dimensional fragments you have to pick up. More often than I'd like I'd be running through a zone I previously cleared and would pick up straggling experience. That sucks, cause it's experience I could've missed out on and probably would have if I hadn't ran past through. I wish it was more traditional and just automatically funneled to you no matter what.

Something I did not include in the video was the lag I experienced throughout the game. For the most part the game ran at 60fps, but there would be instances where those frames would dip down to 20fps. I couldn't figure out what was causing it, but after seeing other comments I figured it probably wasn't on my end and something to do with the game. 

So overall I really enjoyed the demo. I look forward to playing the full release and future updates to the demo! keep up the good work, I can't wait to see where the game takes me. :)

That is a juicy list of updates. Looking forward to hopping back in and experiencing the new content! :)

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The Shore is a gorgeous game. I think it's the one thing that stands out to everyone who sees the previews. And it really is a beautiful game with effects that are well done. Unfortunately, this is the only good thing the game has going for it. 

The game is spooky... at times. In other instances, not so much. There was a part where I was in the lighthouse reading a piece of parchment, and the music shifted making me think the horror I had just read about was now behind me. It wasn't, however I was thoroughly spooked. Another instance was when you're in a maze or temple. It's really dark, and you can hear your heart beating with loud rising music in the background. This was definitely a moment that was meant to frighten me, but completely failed because I was inconvenienced by how dark my surroundings were. 

I think the story behind the game is interesting. I would say I'm hooked, because I'm interested in where the story leads to and how it ends. However, getting there is a majority of the journey and it's a dull and boring journey. You spend way too much time just slowly walking around. Walking is slow. Sprinting isn't much better. I definitely believe an increase to the movement speed is needed to make exploring the game feel less cumbersome. 

The combat in the game feels like an afterthought. In the scope of the demo, combat didn't play a large part in it, but I was left unimpressed by what I had experienced. Fighting felt awful and clunky, couple that with the monster animations and you have a mess on your hands. The monster animations aren't great, they Naruto run at you, stop and then animation lock themselves in their attack. The animations are really fluid and well done, but it all felt a bit silly considering this was a combat encounter. Ranged wasn't much better, you don't have a crosshair so aiming was difficult at times.

The music felt off. Don't get me wrong I think the music is great on its own, however I think the timing in which music is played is out of tune with the game. Let's go back to my example of me being in the lighthouse and being spooked by the music, that was really well timed, but I think that was just a coincidence. There were several other occasions where the music would pick up randomly while I'm walking or doing something minor. I'd look around to see nothing, and all I was left with was confusion. I think the music application could be done better, the music on the other hand is really good. 

So would I recommend this game/demo? Not currently. I think the game has potential, it just needs some adjustments and polish. I'm definitely interested in the story, where it goes, and its conclusion. I will be checking back and following the development process. Hopefully adjustments are made, and this game can really shine.

I was in the neighborhood looking for a good RPG to play, and I happened upon Colmen's Quest. And boy did it not disappoint. For a demo it is really fleshed out, and you can get some real enjoyment out of it. Plus I'd say there is replay value even in the demo because of the freedom you have over you  how you build and play your character.

And I really like that character customization. It isn't revolutionary or deep, but it adds a fun twist to the game. In my single play through so far I played as a strength and vitality stacking warrior, but while I was looking at the skills available I got ideas to play a vitality stacking mage that utilizes the damage over time skill and regen to basically be a walking field of death. And the fact I could potentially do that is awesome. 

The item system plays right into that helping enable you to do and try different things. For instance picking up intelligence on gear so you can use a spell while being a strength and vitality stacking character is pretty awesome, it opens up new ways for me to play my character and the game. It's just a nice little touch that I really appreciate.

Aside from the gameplay, I enjoyed the music and style of the game. The music in town reminded me so much of Minecraft with a fantasy twist. The pixel art is simple and sweet, but has a modern feel to it with glow effects - secretly this is one of the things I love most about pixel art games. They look really cool with good lighting. 

Unfortunately, the game doesn't have a settings menu. I know it's a demo, and I know one probably isn't really needed at the moment, but a simple one with volume sliders, fullscreen, and resolution would've been nice to see. And as an added thought, perhaps key mapping? The current layout is fine for me, but I know people who like to have things setup a certain way so that'd be nice to see as well.

Finally I have some rapid fire thoughts and ideas for the game.

  • Equipped gear is at the top of the inventory list to prevent accidental selling.
  • One click sell with a buyback system - also helps with the above.
  • When looking at gear you've picked up, show your relevant equipped gear piece next to it to easily discern if it is an upgrade.
  • Be able to spend extra skill points on leveling skulls up and potentially more variety - I really enjoyed the AoE knock back, but what about AoE pull in and stun? Combos well with other AoE damage skills.
  • Limited time food buffs (10-15 minutes) - I feel like this would be nice to have, you eat some food and get a stat increase for a limited time to help you.

That's all I have. I really enjoyed the game and look forward to the full release! :)

Power level is a short, simple, and sweet game. You can hop in and beat the game in 15 minutes, and sometimes it's just really refreshing to play a quick game like that. I don't always need or want tons of backstory and dialogue. Sometimes I just wanna hop in, kill some monsters, beat a boss, and call it a day. And Power Level did that really well in my opinion. 

And as much as I enjoyed it being a short and quick game, I found myself really enjoying myself. So when I beat the game, got all the perks, and saw the "Thanks for Playing" screen one last time, I was sad. Because I really wanted to just load into a new level, with a new aesthetic, new perks, and a new boss. But, I didn't - because then it wouldn't be Power Level. But, if that doesn't tell you I enjoyed the game then I don't know what will.

I like the idea of the perk system. It creates progression outside of just beating the floor and the boss, and it even goes to help you progress in those aspects. Unfortunately it feels pointless and unbalanced. Ultimately, in my experience, there is only one perk that really matters and that is the health potion. You can buy only into that and you'll be able to beat the game without a second thought, because the health potion is that strong. You could be on half a heart of life left, drink the potion and be at full health again. If you buy that perk twice, you get 2 potions. That's basically like 2 additional lives, that is insane. And because of that you can just face tank the boss. You can ignore mechanics, stand in everything, and get hit. The other perks are dwarfed by the health potion despite being more enjoyable at their core - giving you longer time in the dungeon, more experience per kill, and a map of the dungeon. 

I enjoyed the boss, I liked the mechanics and I found it to be a fun and enjoyable fight. But, I also thought the boss was a bit weak. On my first run of the game, I got to level 7 and I managed to get the boss down to around 25% health. If I had played the fight better, prioritized standing out of attacks I probably could've beaten the game right then and there. And that would've meant I never interacted with the perk system. And on my second play through it became easy. Which is what the perks are meant to do right? You buy perks, your life becomes easier in the dungeon. But, that wasn't how it felt. Going up against the boss with 2 extra levels and a health potion made the boss fight too easy. Like my victory was handed to me on a platter.

Skills felt... blah. I mean, I liked sprint, but sprint at its core is just moving faster. Most games have a sprint button, so having sprint as a skill feels like a waste when it should've just been baked in. Slam on the other hand felt useless to me. I used it on some boxes, I tried to use it on enemies, but overall it felt pointless to use. It felt easier and better to just attack regularly than use a skill with a long cooldown that felt bad. 

Does Power Level scratch the itch? Yeah. Despite my criticisms, I think Power Level is a game everyone should check out. For 10-15 minutes of your day you can have a quick and enjoyable experience. I really wanted more when I beat the game, and I'm sad there isn't more. But, I only feel that way because I really enjoyed myself. So definitely check it out, you're already at the product page. Hit that download button and enjoy! :)

This is my first sonic the hedgehog game, and honestly I was impressed. The graphics are phenomenal, the pictures don't do it justice. I've never played a more realistic game. Honestly it's pretty impressive this game was released for free, but I don't see it holding up in todays market with the topics it touches on. 10/10 game, would go fast agane. 

If this is what corporate life is like then I'm scared. I don't wanna wake up in a pod, and drink lukewarm coffee.

I really enjoyed the art style and colors you guys used throughout the game. It really sets the mood and vibe. The character art is also well done, and it is supremely creepy when they just follow your movements.

The dialogue is fan-fucking-tastic. Honestly its so different from what I expected, and it's so hilarious. I loved every bit of it, and I couldn't stop laughing. Especially with the locked door. Dialogue was top notch, well done.

Progression felt smooth. Something I always worry about with games that feature multiple endings, is that some are harder than others and it takes a while to complete the whole game. But, the progression to each ending in Dropping Into Work felt really nice. I could sit back and enjoy the game for what it was, without having to worry about how I'm getting the next ending. 

Overall, really enjoyed the game and what it had to offer!

Had a great time with the demo! You guys nailed the atmosphere, I felt uneasy and almost like something was going to pop out at me. I feel like a lot of people try to capture this, but fail to and you guys just blew it out of the water!

The graphics are top-notch and photo realistic. But, I really have to commend you on a job well done with the lighting in this game, especially the flashlight. Plus ambient noises you hear throughout the demo. Absolutely fantastic. Couple all that with the gameplay and I had a really enjoyable time. I took things slower, and I have so many questions about what is going on. 

Gotta shout out an indie game with a settings menu, especially one as in depth as yours. It's refreshing to see after having played like 5 games in a row without one. Super awesome, and something I didn't mention in the video, but I found the UI really well done. Clean, crisp, and modern.

Overall I'm left with so many unanswered questions, I will definitely have to check out the full game when it drops so I can finally get some answers! 

That's awesome! I'm looking forward to playing the update. :)

I had an immense amount of fun in this game, and when I beat it I was sad it was over. I genuinely wish there were additional islands, and more pearls to grab. Does that make me insane?

To start off I want to say I love the style and graphics. It reminds me of like PS1/PS2 style games, and that is super cozy to me. Honestly, I couldn't imagine the game with any other style. 

So the core gameplay loop of finding pearls is surprisingly fun and addicting. I genuinely had a lot of fun just hopping around finding pearls and progressing the game. I thought the additional puzzles (beach ball/museum) were pretty cool and they provided me with an "Aha!" moment each time it all clicked.

The characters are super well done. I liked each of their personalities, their dialogue and the parts they played in the game. Statue dude was funny, but started putting off a bad vibe. Dude on the big dude made me just wanna chill and vibe with him. Spooky ghosty boy hit me with big mood statements. The characters didn't feel flat, they felt like they had depth and for a game about grabbing pearls that was something I did not expect.

My only complaint is there isn't a setting menu. The game wasn't fullscreen for me, and I had to turn down my headset volume a bit. I'd have preferred to open a settings menu and adjust those things there.

Overall I had a blast with Pearl Grabber, and I look forward to anything else you put out. This game was phenomenal! Keep it up. :)

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I think the atmosphere you captured is awesome, I really liked the fantasy vibe. The idea of hopping from island to island is also super cool. Unfortunately, outside of this foundation I didn't really enjoy the game. In fact I played for a total of 2 minutes and 40 seconds before beating it. Which I'm sure could be done much quicker.

I agree with what others have said, the camera and movement aren't great. For me moreso the movement than the camera. It's like you'd accelerate, but then get near something and slow down to a crawl. It was hard to move around islands when it was constantly changing from fast to super slow. Additionally I found moving from island to island really hard to do, I think maybe something like pockets of air around the island that boost you into the air, and then have the character glide around would be really really cool.

For a university project you've certainly got a really good foundation for a nice and short puzzle game. With some tweaks and changes I think you could really have something special here.

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This ain't it chief. Maybe my expectations were a bit high, but I think the game missed its mark. I think the premise is cool, I can get behind it. But, the elements that were tossed in to unnerve me just didn't. The alarms, and gunfire just threw me off. Those coupled with the elevator music breaks felt very comical.

This whole game was about being interrogated, but I never once felt pressure or uneasiness when answering questions. They were mostly straightforward, there were a couple of "hard" questions that I imagine were meant to make you be all philosophical about yourself, but just didn't. Do I love myself? Hell no. Easy question, next. I did like the touch of pulling the name of the user on the computer, unfortunately mine is "weeb" which isn't my real name otherwise that would've been cool to see.

Overall I feel like the game missed the mark. I wasn't scared, spooked, or unnerved in my time playing. I expected more from something labelled "psychological horror".

This game is a lot of fun! I really enjoyed the mechanic of cutting or punching a hole through the terrain to complete levels. I also really liked the simplicity of the style. Only things I wish was that there were more levels and a settings menu to adjust volume. 

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Sup my dudes, it's me - the man, the myth, the disappointment - Seelroy. I'm one of those losers that lacks the creativity, and skill set to make games, so I play them and make YouTube videos because Adobe Premiere and After Effects are way easier to learn than the Eldritch text you call "programming languages." Currently, I'm only playing and reviewing indie games from Itch in a series I call Scratch the Itch. Who knows where the channel will go in the future - probably the trash because my life is a dumpster fire.

Clean segue into a bit more about myself. I like anime, typically action, comedy, and slice of life. But, also the kind that disappoints my parents immensely. I read manga here and there, mostly series that I've watched previously and want to continue experiencing. I also enjoy just about all music, from metal to country, from rap to EDM. You name it I probably like it. And obviously I enjoy video games, my favorites being Path of Exile and FFXIV. Though FPS hold a special place in my heart Counter-Strike: Source was my childhood. 

If you'd like to check out my channel and series you can do so here. I've enjoyed my time so far here, and only just noticed there was a forum. So I hope to be more active in the community than previously. Nice to meet you all! :)

Contrary to what everyone else says, this game isn't good. I found the game overly generic and lackluster.

The game isn't scary. The only time I was kind of spooked was when it was evening, and you hear the breathing behind you. Unfortunately the game doesn't play on that theme, and instead drops the brightness to zero, and throws a cheap jump scare at you. That's not scary, it's just bland, generic, and been done to death at this point. And after that loads of zombies are thrown at you, but they're slow and easy to dodge. To be fair, I don't think upping their difficulty would make it fun or appealing gameplay, it would just add to the tedium. 

The controls are horrible, absolutely the worst part of this game in my opinion. WASD movement is floaty and feels bad. Your press W and move forward, when you let go you still move forward for a brief amount of time. Additionally, the the mouse movement stutters and lags around. I don't know if it's by choice, a bug, or an optimization issue, but it severely impacted my ability to play the game. And the cherry on top of all this, and this one I'm assuming is a bug, is that the mouse will sometimes randomly put you in a different direction than you're panning towards. Making it really hard to navigate and get your bearings. This trifecta of poor controls made it so difficult to play I gave up. I could 100% beat this game, but I'm not interested in fighting horrible controls to do that.

Something I did like at first is the options menu, for whatever reason a lot of indie games don't include one, but you did and I liked that. Until I realized it didn't save my settings, so I had to redo them each time I launched the game. The in-game pause menu is even worse though, because it plays an obnoxiously loud sound. Why? I don't know why you would do that. That is really bad.

I hope my criticism is met with enthusiasm to improve your game. I'm not being harsh for the sake of being harsh, I know this is your first game in Unity, and that it took 15 days to make. But, I feel like I'd being doing you a disservice if I lied and said this was good.

I knew I was probably going to enjoy this game, but I didn't expect to enjoy it to the level that I did. The combat is so fluid and fighting enemies is a lot of fun. You hit the nail on the head when it came to dodging, slow-mo impacts, and difficulty. By the time I reached the end of the game I desperately wanted there to be more so I could keep fighting Machines. The game is gorgeous, and the atmosphere you've created is fantastic. I always like games where I show up to a dark and murky atmosphere, kick the bad guys butt, and have the atmosphere do a quick 180 and the zone becomes beautiful. And you did a fantastic job at that.

I don't know if I just sucked at getting the story, but I wish there was more to it to get me hooked. The machines were voiceless, and while the lorebook helped give me background, it didn't instill any urgency into saving the forest. I felt like the bad guys were more like punching bags then actual villains/bad guys.

This is probably knit-picking, but the Forest Spirit deer's animations aren't great. Specifically the motion of his head going up and down. In comparison to the rest of the game this one stuck out like a sore thumb, and because of that I felt like I should mention it.

Overall I had a lot of fun with this game, and your message wasn't lost on me. I look forward to seeing what else you guys put out!

This game is pure fun and violence bundled into a fast-paced FPS shooter, topped with a holiday theme. I absolutely love it. The game is difficult enough that the challenge is fun. You'll end up spending an hour or two trying to get all the achievements for the levels you have unlocked, and then clearing the new levels, and then getting those new achievements. It keeps you in this cycle and the amount of replay value you get out of the game is great. I didn't know I needed this game in my life until I started playing it - I initially figured I'd write this off as a joke game and be done with it. Nah, this game is definition of fucking fun. Absolute banger of a game. I haven't beat it yet, but I'm working towards it, and I plan to enjoy every moment of it. Also shoutout to whoever made the soundtrack, cause it's also a banger.

This is a great puzzle game. It's fun, neat, and has it's own unique charm. It's also really relaxing and soothing. I don't play many puzzle games, I'm not great at puzzles, but Spring Falls has a nice learning curve that doesn't make the puzzles too difficult. I haven't yet beat the game, but I can fully recommend this to anyone who is or isn't a puzzle gamer. And for $7 it's a steal, I definitely recommend it.

I had quite a bit of fun playing the demo. The game is really crisp, clean, and beautiful. The puzzles are challenging enough to be fun, but not too challenging that someone who isn't an avid puzzle gamer won't have fun. I did get stuck on the last puzzle, but after seeing the solution I'm confident in saying I just suck at puzzles. The story, from what I've seen, is really good and I'm looking forward to the full release so I can finish it! :) 

This game is a great foundation for a quirky and fun puzzle game. However, that is unfortunately all that it is. The puzzles in the game are hardly puzzles. And with a play session of about 2 minutes, it's hardly a game. But, I don't expect long games, with tons of replayability from a game made in 48 hours. Which is why I say it's a great foundation. I hope you continue building onto this, adding more puzzles, more difficulty, and variations to help really make things shine as a puzzle game. 

I had a splendid time playing Atma. I even dusted off my controller! Atma is beautiful, I really love the style and pixel art. The tiny details go a long way. I really enjoyed the mantra system, and their use in solving the puzzles. Unfortunately the game is really short - something I didn't realize. I got invested in the story and the world and then it abruptly ended! I still had a ton of fun, I just wish there was more. :)

Played the game for about 30 minutes, and I really enjoyed it. This would make a fun incremental/idle game if it was fleshed out more. I know it was just made for a Game Jam, but I really think the concept is cool. :) 

Now this is what I call peak gaming. It's fun, polished, and hilarious. The art style is simple, yet cozy and really fits the game well. The audio is hilarious, hearing farmers yell at you in a foreign language, while simultaneously blasting your ass has got to be one of the best things I've ever encountered in a game. Like hands down, I was dying of laughter for 5 minutes straight. Really enjoyed the game! 

Simply put this game is fantastic. At first glance it's simple and beautiful roguelite shoot'em up. The gameplay does not disappoint, it's full of possibility and the diversity of builds you'll end up playing is amazing. Every time I lose, I can feel myself wanting to go one more. I want to try something new. I want to get further. Absolutely a ton of fun. Highly recommend this game, for $15 it has so much replayability and polish.

I did do a video review if you're so inclined to view it: