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If this is what corporate life is like then I'm scared. I don't wanna wake up in a pod, and drink lukewarm coffee.

I really enjoyed the art style and colors you guys used throughout the game. It really sets the mood and vibe. The character art is also well done, and it is supremely creepy when they just follow your movements.

The dialogue is fan-fucking-tastic. Honestly its so different from what I expected, and it's so hilarious. I loved every bit of it, and I couldn't stop laughing. Especially with the locked door. Dialogue was top notch, well done.

Progression felt smooth. Something I always worry about with games that feature multiple endings, is that some are harder than others and it takes a while to complete the whole game. But, the progression to each ending in Dropping Into Work felt really nice. I could sit back and enjoy the game for what it was, without having to worry about how I'm getting the next ending. 

Overall, really enjoyed the game and what it had to offer!