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Thanks for the follow! I'll also check out your game when I have the time. Liking the look of it!

I don't have a MacOS version of it currently but I can look into making one soon.

Nice to meet you Button Cupcake! I'm @DevContinental, solo indie dev. 

Currently working on a puzzle platformer called Déjà Vu, which I've been building in UE4 for the past couple of months. And there's a free demo on my page if you want to check it out!

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Greetings everyone, this is Continental. I have a background in UE4 and Unity, and am currently developing  a UE4  game called  Déjà Vu

It will be a puzzle platformer where you use recordings of yourself to solve puzzles and reach your goal. There's a demo of it up right now on my page, and I aim to update that frequently, at least once every 2 months. It's a bit of an experimental process for me, but I see real potential in it becoming my first commercial product and I'm gearing to finish it, with art, story details, music,  everything. 

Come check it out, drop a follow and let me know what you think! I'll love to check out your games too!