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Thanks! Yep, she's pretty cute!

Thank you!

Here are over 300 icons that you can use for RPGs, or any type of game!

It's currently in the Winter Sale, for just $2!


The PNG file is 512x640, and it includes a variety of different types of icons, including:

-Status effects  





-Other various objects  

These icons can also replace all the default icons in RPG Maker MV projects.

You can use these icons and modify them for your personal and commercial projects, as long as you don't sell the icons (even if they're modified) or claim them as your own. Giving me credit is optional, but highly recommended!

Here's my 2D Platformer, Hard Helly!

In one week, I used the Godot Engine to make a short game called "Rage Within Rage" for the Weekly Game Jam (Week 130 - "Dying is Awarded")!

It's a top-down shooter where dying will make the player faster and stronger. Enemies will swarm around you very quickly, so you'll have to be constantly alert!


If you have time, you can rate the entry here:

Have fun!

It takes a while, but dying again and again will make the player faster, and the bullets more powerful.

Thanks for playing!

That was a fun, clever game!

I beat all the levels, and Level 15 was where I spent the most time on. Great work!

I just recently released the 1st public alpha demo for Hard Helly, a 2D platformer made with the Godot Engine!

So far, there are 2 levels, but they're already packed with danger! Can you finish them and collect all the coingems?


This was pretty fun! The music was my favorite part.

Thanks so much for the valuable feedback! The next time I update this game, I'll definitely increase the time limit for the woods, and add descriptions for the skill trees.

Thank you!

Here's a gameplay video. Blood Moons are random events that have the toughest fights in the game. This is a battle against Greis The Deathly, who was caught stealing candy!

Beeze may look like he's dressed as a mailman for Halloween, but that's just his actual job.

You can call Nizo here "Dr. Puppet" this Halloween, but he knows nothing about medicine, so keep those expectations low! He was there for Tin when he needed it most on their 1st journey. He claims to not be afraid of anything!

Sheepila the Vampire Sheep is dressed as a shepherd this Halloween! She's a very kind-hearted soul, but her vampire curse makes her crave blood, and if she can't get it, she goes on a rampage. Fortunately, the creepy residents of Ween Hollow have her covered.

Her character sprites are down below:

Winker is a playable character that you can recruit after giving him Goo Gummies. He is a monster who is happy at Ween Hollow, because they accept monsters there.

He is dressed as a... monster.  He is practicing new moves, like monster roars that anger enemies, and powerful earth stomps.

His battle sprites are down below:

Thanks so much! Yep, the Defense mode is perfect for powering up the characters, and earning LiverBucks!

Wand is a playable character that you can recruit after a certain number of nights has passed. She loves adventuring and practicing magic, and her enthusiasm simply cannot be quenched.

Her costume is titled: "Fairy Godwand".  She has great healing powers, and also has a devastating starlight move.

Her character sprites are down below:

This is how skill trees work; after unlocking a new upgrade, you can select it in this area. Some of them branch off with different effects.

In the Early Version 0.2.0, you won't need anything to unlock the upgrades.

An example is shown below; Pumpkin Blast can be changed into Pumpkin Boom, which now hits all enemies, with increased power!

Veldi is another one of Meen's workers, but she also loves making money by selling rare candy at monstrous prices. She's particularly nasty towards Tin, because he was chosen to help Meen. It's best to just search for candy, but if you can spare 1,000 LiverBucks for that specific treat that you want, then go for it.

Scard the Scarecrow is one of Meen's most loyal workers. In the game, he's in charge of a short combat tutorial. Scard hates fire and water, but is completely immune to darkness. There are rumors that the eye on Scard's tie belongs to Meen, and that it's used to spy on people, but no one has been able to prove it.

This is the background when you battle within the Plaza. You'll see it when you train against Scard the Scarecrow, or whenever you defend the Plaza from intruders.

Here is a robotic enemy called a Meck-a-Lantern. It attacks with both fire and thunder magic, it can create a barrier to further increase its bulky defenses, and it has a painful cutting maneuver that eliminates a third of your max HP.


Tree is a playable character that you can recruit if you give her enough candy. Sugar is what she cares about more than anything else, so Halloween is a dream come true for her, even if she doesn't care for the spooks and costumes that much.

Her costume is titled: "Water Witch".  She specializes in water magic, and the broom provides some witchy-style hexes, as well!

Her character sprites are down below:

This is Meen, Watcher of the Moon, and the Halloween Queen of Liver Land!

Her costume is titled: Shadow Eclipse. She protects the moon, and the Livers of Ween Hollow. She stays close to the moon, however, and doesn't interact much with anyone, so she is entrusting the safety of her people to her workers, including Tin and his friends.

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This is Tin, the main character that you'll be playing as. He's eager to help collect sweets for a great Halloween!

His costume is titled: "Pumpkin Pirate Mummy". His skills will be based off of these three things. For example, his Pumpkin Blast skill is a powerful fire magic attack.

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This RPG Maker game is all about collecting sweets and battling monsters! The full Simple Version can now be played in your browser!

Game Page:


Current Version: Simple Version 1.0.0

-All 12 types of Sweets

-Wander around the whole Plaza, and talk to strangers and friends alike

-Skill trees for all 4 playable characters

-4 Nights, each with their own random events

-Playable characters: Tin, Tree, Winker, and Wand

-Explore every area in the Wor-E-Woods, and face off against two bosses

-An ending based on the quality of the Plaza Pot



(Power Up or Put in the Pot?)

Candy is everything!

-Put sweets in the Plaza Pot for better festivities, or eat them for permanent stat boosts.

-There are a bunch of Ween Hollow specialties, like Fruitee Cubes, Choco Bricks, and Sugar Peppers.

-There are 3 tasks that you can do each night. ‘Search’ lets you run through a big area, finding sweets and battling monsters for more sweets. ‘Defend’ is purely focused on fighting and leveling up your characters. ‘Harvest’ is a quick way to gather a couple of uncommon sweets.

(Which Moon will shine down?)

Randomized Scenarios.

-The game is short, but each playthrough can be different in certain ways.

-Horizon Moon: Cutscenes show plenty of character interactions and shenanigans.

-Sweet Moon: Chase around floating baskets of candy in a special mini-game!

-Blood Moon: There can be sudden enemy attacks on the plaza. Failure means it’s Game Over! You may have to really put your combat skills to the test against the feared Deathlies, who want to do more than just disrupt the celebrations.

(Costume Power!)

-There is a huge cast of characters, both old and new, dressed for the occasion. Playable characters even have new skills based on their costumes!

-Skill trees have variations on certain skills. Moon Apples used for enhancements are very rare, so power up only your favorite skills.

Happy Halloween!

Artwork of the various characters in my horror game: Ill Horizon Shade

It took me a while to figure out what was going on, but I managed to clear a level, and it was pretty fun!

This was pretty fun to play around with!

Don't worry, it's supposed to be like that, since it fits with the "Game is a Liar" theme. Thanks!

Thanks! It was fun to make.

Really addictive! It controls very smoothly, so the challenge is fun and not frustrating, and the music was pretty good, too.

The Disease has destroyed and transformed the world into a growing nightmare. Simple survival is an incredible feat. Monsters will make sure that it will only get harder...


You play as Trig, someone who has survived for quite some time, even in the darker depths. However, he is now infected, and even he will start to see new horrors that his experience couldn't have prepared him for.

Explore spiky forests, dark caves, ruined buildings, and downright outlandish landscapes. You will encounter rotting flesh creatures, dangerous plants, spiders (both tiny and huge), and monsters straight out of nightmares.

Anything can happen in this corrupted world. Anything...

The first demo is out! So far, the game is around 10-20 minutes.

This was pretty fun! It took me a while to figure the puzzle out, but it was easy to play, the visuals were nice, and I really liked the music. Great job!

Name's DomedVortex! I'm enraptured by the joys of game design and world creation. I make my own graphics and music, I like to experiment with them constantly, and I'm always trying to improve myself.

Feel free to indulge yourself in my collection of games. I have 3 so far, and they're all RPG Maker Games: My Page

I also have a Twitter account, where most of my random stuff is posted: DomedVortex

Good luck to everyone here!