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It was a fun experience. The visuals were interesting, and I liked certain mechanics, like the heliblock. The swinging section was the hardest part for me, but I made it to the end.

The Disease has destroyed and transformed the world into a growing nightmare. Simple survival is an incredible feat. Monsters will make sure that it will only get harder...


You play as Trig, someone who has survived for quite some time, even in the darker depths. However, he is now infected, and even he will start to see new horrors that his experience couldn't have prepared him for.

Explore spiky forests, dark caves, ruined buildings, and downright outlandish landscapes. You will encounter rotting flesh creatures, dangerous plants, spiders (both tiny and huge), and monsters straight out of nightmares.

Anything can happen in this corrupted world. Anything...

The first demo is out! So far, the game is around 10-20 minutes.

This was pretty fun! It took me a while to figure the puzzle out, but it was easy to play, the visuals were nice, and I really liked the music. Great job!

Name's DomedVortex! I'm enraptured by the joys of game design and world creation. I make my own graphics and music, I like to experiment with them constantly, and I'm always trying to improve myself.

Feel free to indulge yourself in my collection of games. I have 3 so far, and they're all RPG Maker Games: My Page

I also have a Twitter account, where most of my random stuff is posted: DomedVortex

Good luck to everyone here!