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You actually can choose pronouns, but pronouns =/= gender in this game. There's also a chance to specify whether your character is trans or cis, but you can't explicitly choose a gender outside the vague umbrella of "woman."

It hurts to hear that this may not be inclusive or accommodating for everyone, but at present I am most interested in pursuing a sense of authenticity, and a large focus of my work involves relationships with other women based on my personal experience.

Since I write based on my own nebulous experience with gender, it's hard to say whether my identity will be compatible with someone else's. Currently there very few mentions of womanhood, but in the future wlw routes may refer to themselves as a lesbian couple, and certain other routes may refer to themselves as being straight passing.

I feel like other players will be better suited to answer similar question directly in any case, and hope they will be kind enough to share their experience going forward!

It was not available until today. You should be able to download it now!

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Like it says at the top of the page! 

Herotome download files have been removed in preparation for the release of an updated demo (coming Dec 2nd). Please see the latest devlog for details!

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In two words: Hauntingly beautiful. From music to art to writing to UI, each piece (petal? >:) ) of Burdock comes together in seamless unison, supported by the effectively used atmosphere of flora, creeping mists, and fall. And, of course, Fae.

The description of the wedding at the beginning is immaculate; I've never read a more harrowing instance of "I do."  The voice of the protagonist (who is gender neutral and can be renamed) has that lovely, time-appropriate charm of being remarkably well-spoken and logical, even when their means are meager. 

As for the primary love interest, The Fairy... Woof!!! How could you NOT fall for them after they offer to /bargain with Death/ on your behalf?! (Sure they called us a "Sacrifice" and mentioned how delicious you must be and want to squirrel away your name in exchange, but we all have our quirks don't we)

In addition to a solid writing and gorgeous artwork, there are in-game riddles and puzzles that are both clever and wonderfully implemented - though, admittedly, I had the privilege of early access to the story and was not able to try them for myself without getting spoiled.

Every single character was memorable and delightful to meet.

The title card graphics are a particular favorite of mine, and the sound design is incredible as well -- special shout-out to the sorry steed and all the other animals I love so dearly.

A wonderful, wonderful game overall.

There is a lot of care, love and earnest enthusiasm in Pearlglow Cafe, all captured by the very endearing protagonist Juniper. I would genuinely want to move in next door to her, all the options available in the cookbook seem incredible (and ngl I'm a bit sore no one came in to try those seaweed cookies! I was most excited about those, the Pearlglow community missed out😂)

The CGs I've unlocked so far are gorgeous, and the love interests are, well, perfectly lovely. Dr. Briar got my heart beating more than once with that lopsided smile, and Graham is so unfortunately charming - he really needs to turn it down a notch, hoo wee. Maybe we'll get a DLC to stuff him into a bigger (properly buttoned) shirt someday.

I have no doubt that The Mysterious Figure will be an equal delight.

Lovely, lovely, cozy game, highly recommended.

When I first saw this tool I was very impressed, but frankly I was also intimidated by it! It looked like it would be too complicated with too many overwhelming moving parts for me, but I'm happy to report that Feniks did an incredible job explaining everything clearly and accommodating all my needs!  The only thing I had to figure out for myself was adding sound whenever an achievement pops, which is just this one line

on "show" action Play('sound',"audio/bop2.ogg")

I put it in screen achievement_popup, right under zorder 190. Maybe Feniks has an even better way of triggering a sound effect, but its working seamlessly so far for me!

Within a single day, I was able to customize the code a great deal in a test file, recycling assets I already had:

It might not be the final look, but I wanted to show it off to give people an idea of just how clean, professional, and flexible Fenik's code is.  It did take me a hot minute to read through all the notes and wrap my head around it, so anyone who's a more experienced coder than me could probably work with this code even faster! But, it is perfectly user-friendly for novices as well. :)

Highly recommended, five stars!!!



So excited chapter one is out to the public! I've had the privilege of seeing this game from its earliest stages until now and boy oh boy yall are in for a treat. <3

Beautifully written with a lot of heart, filled to the brim with gorgeous original art from start to finish, and each character is tortuously charming -- even butthead Aias (I'll get you yet Aias you'll fall for me yet!! We will have seven cats and live in the mountains together--)


and also what!!! special thanks!!! 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️


HEWWO SIR 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


AZRAM IS A TOTAL BABE I think I got all the endings!  Truly short but sweet, and I was able to get exactly what I was hoping for at the end. >:)  The default MC personality is very charming too! The "Wowww you'd walk right past me if you saw me in public?" really got me.

The dev also included some subtle yet gorgeous animations, and the backgrounds (that silhouette crowd scene) provide wonderful ambience and detail and life. 10/10


I didn't realize this was part of high School daze cinematic universe (HSDCU)?!? When I tell you that my eyes lit up recognizing a certain cameo making certain references--

This game has CUTEST colors and music that set up the cozy vibe of the game right away. The art is absolutely gorgeous, and I adore Corey as the protagonist. His voice and experiences are marvelously written and I'm super attached to him now, I want my boy to be happy. And the texts? The texts?? And the dreaded ex texts.

I'm truly looking forward to more, Gemini, thank you for sharing this game!!!


My save system is already set and done, but the "seen text" is wonderfully intuitive and will add an awesome level of user-friendly replayability for my readership. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Since my own game has been a few years in the making, I made a couple of very small changes and figured I'd document them here in case someone else wanted to experiment or try something similar:

1. Did not want seen text to be disabled by default, so I changed "persistent.sayseentog" from False to True  in gui.rpy.

2.  In  screen.rpy, Preferences, there is a lovely option to switch the color of seen text between "Bright" and "Dark". I added in an additional option called "None,"

which will change the seen text color back to the regular unseen text color. So, the player can revert the color that way if they really want to.

3. Also in screen.rpy, for the choice screen, these two lines were clashing with some of my previous code and giving me an error:

if not i.chosen:

if i.chosen == True:

I updated them to these lines, respectively, and it worked like a charm:

if not chosen:

elif chosen == True:

These updates probably aren't necessary if you've just started coding your game from scratch though, original code is already very good and tidy. <3 <3

Thank you again, Knickknack PJ !!!


AHHH looking good!! :D  I love the shape of the customization boxes, so elegant! And organizing scattered documents - first of all, mood - is always worth applauding <3

Thank you for the update!

Looking forward to all your future works and kiddos!!! <3 <3 <3  It's been a journey and I'm so proud of you for sticking to it and pulling through, you are AMAZING


YES YES YES CRYING SCREAMING WITH JOY <3 <3 <3 Congratulations!!!!! You are amazing!

Still. Love him. Also, love the post title. :D

OoooOOOOHHHHH :D :D :D Can't wait! <3 So excited to get a glimpse of what you're working on!!

I love the floofy rendering!! As someone still getting the hang of digital art, thank you for sharing your learning process <3

The biggest congratulations on the kickstarter, rest well!!! <3 <3 <3 You've more than earned it!


I don't say this lightly: Blanket Cat is the ABSOLUTE sweetest game in the world!!! So well-written with gorgeous descriptive prose and masterfully comforting atmosphere: I was genuinely surprised when Baba asked us how we were, and we had a wide variety of choices to respond honestly - I adored all her kind responses. The art, sounds and music are all perfect as well. 

Thank you for bringing this experience to life. <3


Qkayoo, you have absolutely outdone yourself with the complete version!!! WOW. The later scenes are somehow even wittier and more entrancing than in those shown off demo, I was laughing aloud and blushing more than once. As before, I love how you incorporate the characters' backgrounds and insecurities into their behaviors - and you added new backgrounds! And more CGs! (Rein's shirtless dancing CG, be still my heart.) And EPILOGUES.  Good and bad epilogues were equally well-written and engaging. You really didn't have to spoil us so much but you DID.

Traveller's Road is comforting and intimate all at once; 10/10 would play a million times more. Thank you for sharing Rein and Otmund with us. I'm truly looking forward to whatever you make next!

Congratulations again on 1k downloads, here's to many, many more.

Alaris has a lovely setting full of mystique and wonder.  I was impressed with the beautiful score, intricate UI, as well as a strong use of animation. I also really like glossy coloring style used on the sprites - who are all gorgeous, by the way. Plus the night time shading on the sprites in night time scenes?! So cool.

The herbs personality system has been a lot of fun to tinker around with,  and I've had a blast exploring the codex as well.

I'm not too far into the game just yet, but Etza is shaping up to be my favorite companion. >:) I LOVE the use of free time exploration, the ability to invite someone along is such a cool mechanic! Really enjoying it so far, and looking forward to more.~

Congratulations on 800+ downloads, here's to even more before long!!! <3 The completionist in me is very excited to hear about achievements in particular.

I'm glad to hear you're taking care of yourself, and looking forward to seeing more whenever you're ready~

"I can feel my shoulders wilting like a week-old flower."

This game is short but exceptionally sweet - I was thrilled to recognize the beginning scene from notafish's portfolio. It was so lovely to see Elda's sprite, setting and music brought to life! The music and UI are gorgeous, and so is the writing (gosh I was envious of some of your metaphors, like, "how haven't I thought of that?!")

The MC is enjoyable, and our betrothed Prince Ferraou is endearing; there's a fascinating contrast between the boisterous King Aurus and his anxious son; I'm also intrigued by the dynamic with our mother, and am eager to learn more. <333

AHHH happy pride to you, Otmund and Rein too!!! <3 <3 <3  You are doing so fantastic, I hope you're not pushing yourself too hard but also am excited for the full game! 

Otmund route done?!! AHHHH. I'm cheering you on for similar success with darling Rein! :D :D :D

"I'm not sweating, you're sweating!"

I've been meaning to play Heroine for Hire for the better part of a couple years, and I'm glad I finally did. The dev has a warm, beautiful way of writing family (Timpani and Lute my beloveds), and the love interests are both darlings. I've finished one route so far, and really looking forward to the next!

Hi there, I'm back 2 months later -- the walkthrough can be downloaded here:


Hey, I just wanted to say that this devlog really resonated with me and I've been meaning to write an introspective response at some point. I haven't quite secured enough focus to do that yet though, so for now.... Thank you for sharing your experience in such detail!! You don't know it yet, but it's meant a lot to me. I'm cheering you on in developing BBB. ❤️

(I neglected to mention it in my own comment so I'm gonna squeeze in over here with jamwizard to second the Lamp & crackly mic love. 🥰)

This game has nestled itself deep in my heart. I really love both characters, and it killed me to go back and choose the crummy options to see what would happen (but hey the completionist in me had to do it to em.)

I befriended Rein first, and had an absolute blast getting to know them. I was kind of surprised by how hot and cold they became over the course of the route, but I'm a patient bean!! I was able to wait for them to open up and gosh it was worth the wait.

Otmund, meanwhile. WOOF. He was a LOT more receptive to my advances than I expected, he wins the record for playing the best reverso uno card of the month.

Both characters are a joy to spend time with, and I look forward to getting to know them even better. My favorite part was the bathing scene, by far! So much fun no matter what you choose. :D  But hecc I was already sweating when they took their cloaks off, you were very kind to give us the shirtless sprites (and those SWEET CGs) as well. Can't wait for more, I wanna see my companions happy and getting along, even if they can't help sniping at each other once in a while LoL.