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Added you! Gotta say that the premise of your game sans floaty controls had me legit stoked for a hot minute. 

Also, deep appreciation for the hours you put into Phoenix Wright -- that game's a big inspiration for me, too. :)

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Off the bat, I gotta say it was surprisingly easy for me to get into Ethan's shoes. And as soon as Kaya showed up, my exact thoughts were "OH NO SHE'S CUTE"

I think my favorite aspect is the way the characters can discuss philosophy, their careers, self-termination, and other more abstract ideas, and it's a surprisingly natural back-and-forth. You write conversations very well once the characters get going.

Once she mentions that she's an android evaluator though... damn. That's a hook. That immediately had me wondering and coming up with theories -- one of them is an android, right? But which one? Is Kaya using the date as a premise to evaluate Ethan??

(But nah, once she tried to drive after drinking a bunch, I got the hint.)

Ohhhhh but then there was a twist I was not expecting... I won't talk about it here. I'm just gonna say, this was worth the download and the experience. The game is heavy on the exposition at times, but overall has good worldbuilding and an interesting plot. Nice job, my dude. :)

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I'm certain this is an amazing archive for the way I redirected my creative energies inward as time went on lmfao.  Expressing myself and reporting my progress took an abrupt backseat to actually working on the game. The later in the jam it got to be, the more shortwinded, hyperfocused, (and a lil cranky) I became. I was frazzled, lonely, and more than a little stressed, like, all the time. I was possessed by such an obsessive need to work on development that, although I drank lots of water and I got plenty of sleep (except this one night where I stayed up until 4 am planning to do an all-nighter to ensure I finished what I wanted to finish),  I could not take a break even when I tried. I kept drifting back to my laptop to work on things "a little bit." Just a little more code. Just a little more art. Just a little more writing. 

I felt like a real honest to goodness game developer. Is this what game developers are like?

So uh, it's been a ride, as they say. And I offer the warmest of appreciation to the jam hosts for organizing an event in which I could have a ride.  Thank you. This jam arrived at the perfect time in my life,  offering the perfect atmosphere and excuse to put my skills and determination to work. I don't know that I'd have ever made a game without it.

I worked super hard. Super super super hard. And it never felt like enough. Until now! Now it feels like enough. :) Now I'm craving a little validation and acknowledgement of my hard work from others, but I'm doing my best not to rely on it either. I know the best tactic for self-love is to love your creations on their own merits, not based on how much other people like them. (This is a philosophy that the character Berry embraces on the surface, though perhaps he struggles with it at times..)


I'm happy to report that I feel much better about everything now that it's over, pleased with my accomplishments and proud of myself for making something from scratch.  I'm chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool and FINALLY allowing myself to play video games again. Thank God. I missed video games.

(Context: I have long, periodic self-bans from playing video games to increase personal productivity. It's worked out great, but again, I have missed video games.)


Oh shit son I forgot, yeah, he's doing great dw. Hyper lil bastard but very smart. His name is Nicodemus (which is perhaps the most roundabout allusion to Robin Williams in the world) and I mostly call him Nico and Nico-Nico-Nii. He already loves me and yells at me periodically.

Future Plans?

Uhm..... I'm taking a fucking break.. 

I love you, Pinkmatch my child, but goodbye. I'm gonna actually play some other games (there's many games to choose from here, and I just bought "Nameless" and "To the Moon"), and try to have fun...... Then I'm probably gonna go back to my no-deadline personal project...

Pinkmatch was created exclusively for this game jam, to give me an excuse to participate. No other reason. I may see fit to attempt a full release during a future game jam (with similar time constraints), but for now, I'm tucking Pinkmatch into bed and kissing it good night.

If you (yes you) like my game though, please don't hesitate to leave a comment and a rating. I am easily swayed and I'd love to hear from you.

Soggily signing off for now, with love,


PS, if you for some reason missed my OP edit, you can play my game here.

I gotta say, I'm already vibing with you pretty hard just based on your inspirations. I played all those games back when I had a DS; and PW and Ghost Trick are enduring inspirations for me as well. 

Looking forward to seeing more about your process, and I'll be downloading A Shade of Blue shortly. :)

Ooh! Right off the bat I was digging the music and animated petals on the title screen.

The logo is gorgeous as well, though the name is a bit of a mouthful. :') I hope you guys don't mind me calling it TitGoT. (hahahaha)

AS I WAS TYPING THIS A THING APPEARED ON-SCREEN!!! Delightful coding on you guys's part but dang..... is it upset that I haven't started the game yet? 

(The thing proceeded to haunt my every background, leaving me feeling deeply unsettled. Was this my punishment for taking notes on a game...? Was I being punished..? Or does it appear no matter what? It seems so angry with me, perhaps it wishes it had its own route...........)

On a serious note - it's cute, and I imagine it's a temporary easter egg. At present, it takes away some suspension of disbelief -- particularly during Tara's more engaging scenes. 

As it was stated in-game that Jackie dances, I was immediately compelled to pursue them. We must dance togeth--

  • "Do you dance?"
  • "Oh goodness no."


Lovely set-up wherein Jackie can start introducing us to everyone and sharing their opinion of them though. I then got an ending in which we left the party together, which I imagined was the good ending at first, but then found to be the only Jackie ending for right now. Still, it left me with a good feeling of success, so I'd call it good. :) 

(Tangent, Jackie puts me in the mind of a post-frog Prince Naveen. Very enticing romantic choice, as such.)

I next pursued the only other option Tara (I was surprised that the "Lady with Stacks" is not yet a romance option considering how much MC fancied her), and I'd like to note that her eye is gold in the sprite, but green in the narration. 

Her design truly is jaw-droppingly gorgeous though. There's something fiercely primal yet composed about her dialogue and appearance (a deadly combo), and I like her a lot.

The MC is seems to find something acutely attractive about everybody they meet; which is hard for me to personally relate to, but perhaps expected in a dating sim. I'm also surprised the page characterizes the MC as having "very little to lose" when we have such a knowledgeable and caring mam back home.

Overall I found the game enjoyable, if a bit confusing in tone (largely due to the easter egg creature). The writing can be ponderous, but does a good job engaging the senses and placing scenes. In particular, "I can feel the warmth of her leg through her skirts." was a line I liked very much, and there was some on-point description when Tara places her hand on MC's chin.

The setting (prohibition meets fae) is fascinating, and the music is on-point. You guys accomplished a good amount in the timespan we were given, and I'm super proud of you! ❤

I'll have to come back to this -- but so far I've gotten arguably three endings -- 

One where I refused to talk to Chris (and had a very cute moment with the game menu telling me it wasn't sure it had "quitting" figured out yet. Very charming approach, especially with the countdown).

One where I talked to Chris about their cat a bunch (Big Mood -- I just got a kitten and my eldest also has ckd), and then the camera... abruptly panned down, leading me to believe that my dude was fantasizing about jumping off?? This led me to think there was a suicide ending in here, so I set out in search of that.

But then I got the one ending where I find my own a cat after talking to Chris, and I don't really wanna find the suicide ending anymore... This is the best ending.... 

I really like the talking blip sounds that the characters use, and the way "LEAP" was animated at the beginning. Like I said, I'm gonna have to come back, but this game has already achieved a contemplative, morose atmosphere with little more than the strength of its music choice and dialogue. 

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[spoilers? I guess?]

To start, the cheery immediate opening music set the mood very well! This initial excitement and curiosity, however, soon gives way to the powerless feeling of inevitability as I desperately toss flowers during my descent to death (which I hope is intentional).
The controls are rather floaty, which make the wee cyclopsling prone to dozens upon dozens of deaths by falling rather than anything else. I'll be honest -- I vastly prefer the company of the bully bunnies over the endless chasms of spikes and pits. Then again I am a filthy casual who hasn't touched a Mario game in over 10 years. :)

But, ScPlays, I knew you were most excited to show off that "psychological horror" heelturn, and so I persevered and kept playing just for you. 

It takes me a while to learn that "cheering"... heals me...? In addition to stopping the bunnies from bullying me and making them strut around with slightly better posture.

I see... I can touch them as long as I throw flowers at them. They won't report me to HR as long as I butter them up first! So even if I take damage initially, I can regain health. This is very neat, and allows for some nice strategizing. I found myself skipping bunnies here and there, so I may later return to them for some health if I happen to be impaled by spikes a little bit.

This is around the point where the weird smoky moray eel of a tentacle woman appeared, and we zoomed into her nasty face for some reason. She sucks smoky soul juice (?) out of my poor cyclopsling like a vape, and overall poises herself menacingly at me, before she glitches out under the weight of my disdain.

The bully bunnies now seem to have evolved into rabies rabbits, foaming at the mouth whenever I throw flowers at them. But!!! Even if I take damage, I now regain health with EVERY flower throw!!! :) :) :) Idk that this is intentional, but it was incredibly delightful for me to have infinite energizer rabies rabbit batteries. If only there were more rabies rabbits and less chasms of death. 

The eldritch woman's domain is endless abyss, surely, given that that's how I have primarily died. The moving clouds don't provide momentum, so when I jump up, gravity pulls me down like a rock.... I imagine this is a dark analogy for the vaping moray eel woman sinking her claws into me and dragging me to hell.

So I stopped around here -- once I got through to the spiky pit and had to rely on my (lack of) wall jump abilities, I couldn't quite cut it. I hope I didn't miss out on anything interesting...

Attack-to-heal is a great concept, and probably one of my general favorite mechanics in video games. I appreciate that it's utilized here with a unique and fun idea, and wish you the best on your journey to full release.

With soggy love, Wudgey.

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Hoo! It's been a while.

Although I broke my vow to update everyday, I've nonetheless been... working on the game every single day.... just keeping my head down. Suffering from stress migraines. Making good progress. Scoping. Re-scoping. Feeling defeated. Crippling loneliness. Mom's spaghetti. 


I've put the game through 4 big playtesting sessions now and everything seems functional. 

So, the big news is I've had to downscale from the inadvertently planned 15 scenes (the full "short game" length) into the just first 7 scenes of the game, so it's gonna be...... a demo.......... 

I can't say I'm not disappointed!!! But!!! I'm comforting myself by listing out all the things we managed to accomplish these past two weeks:



I wrote about 39 pages of story content (10,447 words). Translated this into 600+ dialogue blocks, (now) containing 7,000+ words. 

Designed 3 diverse and well-rounded characters from scratch, both in art and narration. 

Sourced a beautiful in-game GUI screen designed by Jaeger. 

Sourced two completely customized game tracks by the wonderful Natis.

Researched and utilized additional images/music from Unsplash and Kevin Macleod, respectively.

And most importantly, we made a game where there was no game before. Where there was none, there is now... a game! Even if it's even shorter than the short game I came to have in mind.

I've also started designing the itch page to get ready for the upload. I'm waiting on a few last minute assets and still have to add shading to Angelo, but otherwise, I'll be submitting the game in less than 24 hours with the following link:

Creature comfort of the day: Game Grumps playthrough of Phoenix Wright.

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Transferred 3/14-ish scenes into code and did some proofreading/troubleshooting. Took a couple hours initially (I started with 1.5 scenes), but I kept at it the rest of the day. Made sure the first dates were functional, as there's some jumping around to ensure a natural conversation flow. Researched more music to better illustrate atmosphere. Made enough progress to create a demo for my team members. :)

Got eyestrain again. :( But I took a rest and I'm feeling better. :)

I should be able to get this done, even if it's not perfect. I have SOMETHING written for every section of the story,  so now it's a matter of editing which I am much faster at.

Screenshots tomorrow, maybe? If my team gets back with me about some part they especially like, I'll snap a picture of that.


Managed to squeeze in some improved Angelo concept art before bed. :) Though now Sanga's the only one with the large head lol. Part of it can't be helped due to her square face shape, but I'll see what I can do to get everybody proportional.


Wrote four more pages, plus a looooooooootttttttttt of self-editing. Finally feel like the intro's quality is satisfactory. Downloaded some sound effects as well to give the game some life. 

I worked a lot on organizing the credits today, though I still have to ask my team if they want their real names or pseudonyms, and what titles they would like. :) If nothing else, I really, really want this game to be a good portfolio piece for everyone...

I love getting little options to boogie down. If it's still in the game on release, I won't be upset at all. :)

Can I just say that the barely-visible antagonist is extra creepy when browsing this site in dark mode and having to squint for him, good golly



Spent some time applying ATL to Jaeger's GUI elements. This is the "Options" gear; hovering over it makes it move, clicking on it takes you to the Options menu.  As you can see, the gear looks a bit wonky here because I wanted to spin it in two different directions, and I made some ugly, imperfect cuts in the image to do so.

I jotted down some ideas but didn't really do any writing. I did, however, speak to some friends about the love interests' characterization (which REALLY helps).



My biggest accomplishment today was treating myself to a nap. 

Between taking care of a feisty new kitten and corresponding with a million people, I wore myself pretty thin! Good news, I spent some of my nap with the kitten and it calmed him down a lot. He no longer bites me for attention. 

In regards to game design; in order to have an easier life, I simplified my code to have it spinning exclusively.... counterclockwise...? 


Note to self, switch to clockwise.

We also added a fully functional "progress meter" to the upper right, and a "quicksave" function.

Added a character limit to renpy.input to ensure the player doesn't name themselves "ssfkjdsufnasiodsoinnfkjdsnfkjfnlkadnsoefnsongoku" and break my character name box.


ᴬˡᵗʰᵒᵘᵍʰ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ'ˢ ⁿᵒᵗ ᵉⁿᵒᵘᵍʰ ˢᵖᵃᶜᵉ ᶠᵒʳ ᵀᴱᴿᴿᴼᴿ ᴼᶠ ᵀᴴᴱ ᴰᴱᴱᴾ, ᵗʰⁱˢ ˢᵘⁱᵗˢ ᵐᵉ ʲᵘˢᵗ ᵃˢ ʷᵉˡˡ

Wrote about 5 pages of content today (and counting). I'm beginning to think my aspiration to do character expressions was a show of utter hubris.  I'll need all the time I can get just to finish writing the story.  OTL


Managed to add 5 pages of writing, had a productive editing session. Spent some time developing narration with Heyo and GUI  progress with Jaeger. :)

Woo! I'd love to see what I can come up with in the future too.

This is actually the extent of my coding knowledge, so if you have any specific alternative I can look into (after the jam of course) in regards to else if hard coding, I would love to learn. :)

Your "Introduction" forum header is already so crisp and cute, and I used to play games like that all the time. :)  Count me in for following your progress.

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Early Update


Because if I accomplish a lot more than this today, I'll be very surprised. 

I decided it's time for the moving pictures. Messed with the strangely intuitive ScreentoGif to capture two scenes at 15 and 25 fps respectively. Next time, try resizing to 400 px height.

Also rolled up my sleeves and had at the game's core code today. It was.... surprisingly much more complicated than I thought it'd be -- giving the player the freedom to select who they want to date, and in what order...  

I love y'all though, and this is the only way of doing it that made sense to me. :\

I clocked in at about 400 lines of code. Though I'm sure there's ways of tidying it up -- it works perfectly with no loopholes that I can find.

So I can safely say I've built a functioning game in less than a day!!! I made the cake! :) Just gotta try and make the icing now, which includes actual writing and artwork.

Some music that kept me motivated:  

Hello friend, I super appreciate this! :) And you're absolutely right of course. 

Sometimes writer's block gets a mind of its own but I'm doing my best to fight it!!

Oh no, she's adorable

I'm not sure how I haven't checked this thread before now. This concept is very memorable, it's going to stay in my head probably until I go to sleep.

I'm already intrigued by the nasty bunny friend's bullying habits and am half-expecting the girl to overtake the eldritch being's throne by the end. I love that she's a cyclops.

I'm getting some Alice: Madness Returns meets Undertale vibes, which I promise is a compliment.  You've mentioned that the general aesthetic will be childlike, which makes sense considering the premise -- I'm curious what plans you have the game's audio, if any.

Two in one update!


7/9/2019: Wrote two additional pages of content. Largely did a second draft with assistance from most wonderful team member Heyo. 

Overall gaining more confidence in developing the three main characters: aspiring singer Sanga Thamwimon, robotics engineer Albert "Berry" Fox, and rockabilly enthusiast Angelo Lombardo.  (I didn't even wanna namedrop them earlier in the thread, because I was nervous about it for some reason).

7/10/2019:  Did some concept art for the player avatar.

They're kinda creepy all together like this, aren't they....? Children of the pink corn........................

You should only see them as buttons when doing very early character selection/customization though (and there won't be that many options). I never fancied the ren'py trend of having player character avatar haunt the lower left side of the screen.

Considering re-titling the game to "Pinkmatch," which is the name of the in-universe dating service.

And a reminder to self, I have 3 days to fulfill my personal goal of making a mini demo for my team members.

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No pictures today!


I did a loose sketch for the third sprite, worked on Berry the creator's sprite a little more, and wrote another couple pages.

Natis made some great progress on the game's theme song, and I'll be spending the rest of the night coding in some scenes. :)

Hope you guys are making great progress!!

Edit: Eyyo, I lied.

I appreciate your enthusiasm, and same to you guys! :)

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Today was a distracted day!


Hoooo wee!!!!

I started my morning working  with our lead GUI artist Jaeger, and she made some prototype gameplay screens.

They're gorgeous. She's amazingly talented. ❤    (Don't mind my stand-in fighting dummy sprite, he's from another game).

Then I worked on the concept for the second love interest, Angelo. I did a fair amount of research to build his character. I'm not comfortable showing the concept sketch just yet (bc that's about as far as I got, art-wise). 

And I've written... about 2.5 pages of the script.

And then uh.
I kinda found this lil dude in my garden?

I do already have two cats. I've been wanting a third. Just wasn't expecting RNG to grant me a game jam kitten.  ¯\_( ಠ_ಠ)_/¯  

So rn he's living in my bathroom.  He's very well-behaved for a fleabag.  I'll endeavor not to devolve this Game Design Thread into cat stuff though -- Will continue committing to daily devlog updates, and maybe a lil dude update next week.

It's alive!! What a magical feeling, seeing a newly created object move under your command.  You seem very organized, and I'm looking forward to the next update.

I also really appreciate that there's "successful" collisions, to be honest with you. I hope the golden blocks are happier to see me than the brick ones.

Best of luck (as requested)!

I normally avoid sp00ky horror like the plague, but you know what, I'll make an exception just for you and follow along. The idea already sounds pretty enticing. Looking forward to more updates. :)

Defeat all of them on the planet? As in, genocide? That's a lot of aliens!

I'm really looking forward to seeing more from this idea, it sounds like a blast. :)

Oooh I'm familiar with these warehouse organization games, I think they're great fun.   I'm looking forward to seeing more progress!

Congrats on your new team member. I've long felt that I'm not a powerful enough gamer to ever beat stealth games, but I'm excited to give this one a shot. 

The magic pixie dust that goes into creating a functioning 3D game is also fairly beyond me, so I'm already impressed with floating dogs. :) Can't wait for the next update.

For a moment I thought "the creator" was referring to me and was quite mystified.

Thank you, my friend!! I appreciate the comment, it relieves a good deal of my over-critical perfectionist feelings. ❤

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Day two...

Started sketching out the first love interest, Sanga. Her proportions bugged me a couple times so spent some time refining her and blocking out her colors. Might try to go back to the scientist before bed.

Did more research into the GUI of other games. Wrote 8 pages of game script (including some branching paths).


Goal: By the first week (Sat 13th), export a playable demo for the team so they can see what we've got so far and make suggestions.

Need to decide on a second love interest -- I have a couple of ideas, I just need to stick to one and develop it properly.

I'm feeling fairly short-winded and doubtful today. Got a bit of a nasty mind gremlin that's telling me "I'm not doing enough," but I know it's full of beans. By the end of this jam, I'll be looking back at this thread and marveling at myself, I'm sure. But for now: aaaaaaaaaaaa

Thank you, you're right about stretch goals. Gotta bake the cake, icing can come later. :) 

I realized recently too that my modus operandi is the flashlight outline method. I'd rather work on and end up with a few incomplete drawings, rather than just one  that's polished to completion -- so saving blinking animations for last would be ideal.

I appreciate you taking the time to comment!

Best wishes and all my soggy love,


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I admit I started a wee bit early -- 

I wrote 860 words and coded 2 pages of the script. Made a couple of key plot decisions and  wrote some content for the first love interest.

Here is some concept art and a first draft WIP of  the AI's creator, who will probably be the most used sprite:

>It's my personal artstyle. I wonder if the game would benefit from a softer, more cartoony style.   
>Experiment with line color. It doesn't have to be solid black.   
>Move his arm+hand to  interact with his clipboard/tablet. As much as I enjoy him putting his hand in his pocket with that sort of laissez faire relaxation, it's not terribly apparent.
>Finish line-art and color. I'm fairly set on the lineart thickness; need to decide on coloring style. Don't forget highlights.  
>Add different expressions, such as "regarding the player fondly," "unimpressed surprise," and "self-congratulatory smirk."   
>Animate some blinking on the man. A "talking" animation would be cute, but probably a stretch.

Character inspiration: Dorian Pavus and Mitch Grassi.

On another art-related note,  I spoke with our lovely GUI artist Jaeger for close to an hour, discussing possible themes for the game. I absolutely appreciate her time and friendship. To ensure we were on the same page, however, I put together several files in my google drive of other ren'py games and their individual assets. I named and numbered them with care. This is to illustrate the importance of each asset, with the GAMEPLAY screen's GUI taking the highest priority.

I sent a message to our very talented composer Natis to discuss how we'd like to proceed with the musical score. I have worked with many artists in the past, but this is my first time working with a composer!

Self-evaluation: I really wanted to take a more organized approach to this project....  I feel like I'm on top of things in regards to communication (boy I was not expecting a team l o l), but in personal tasks I'm still all over the place.  We'll see how well I do overall. <:)

I will say: Writing about my tasks here helps me "put them down" and re-focus on other things that can use my attention. In order words, it helps me overcome my often paralyzing executive disorder.

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7/21/2019 (4:31 PM GMT+7)

I submitted the game! 

(9 edits)

(edit) Completed and playable here:


Finding love is easy. Understanding it is a b̧̛̾̉ͣ̎͌̋̏ͣͭ̏͏̦̰̙̯̣͍̖͈̻̯̫̞̭̳̪̥͖iͯ̈́ͬ̅̏̀̇͘͞͏̭̪͇̟̗̜̰͍̬͍̩̭̦̝̟̜͘t̷̸͓͉͙͓̘̗̪̭̮̞̹̟̟̳̳̦ͧͫͦ̿͢͡ͅc̣̖͈̗̞̤̪̗̹͉̱͕̀ͧͭ̏̅͑͆ͯ̇͗́ͧ͘ͅĥ̷̛͎͈̦͖͕͕͙̣̐̒ͯ̂͂̀ͫ̃̂̈́.  

(ᵈᵒ ʸᵃˡˡ ᵐⁱⁿᵈ ⁱᶠ ⁱ ᶜᵘʳˢᵉ)

Hiho, Wudgeous here! This is gonna be my dev log for In The Pink (title subject to change).

What is it?

A visual novel dating sim that will be made in ren'py for the Summer 2019 game jam in this chillis tonight. It features an AI  who goes on tinder Pinkmatch™ dates to learn empathy and human connection. 

You can choose your pronouns.

What are you?

The player character is an AI suited in an android body.

Is it a horror game?

N--No. It's a dating sim! 

I'm still figuring out the tone of the game though... Perhaps during development it could lean a little towards horror, but the primary intent is to be a lighthearted exercise in accepting vulnerability, setting emotional boundaries, and animal magnetism. (It runs on dialogue choices).


As of the start date, we are a four-person team! Joining me are the wonderful users Jaeger, Heyo, and Natis.

I'll strive to make a dev update once a day, everyday, at midnight my time. In addition, I'm gonna be editing this OP for as long as itch  allows it, so please don't be surprised if you see some changes.  (〃・ิ‿・ิ)ゞ

With prudent yet neurotic love, 


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Hi! I'm Wudgeous, I just wanted an unobtrusive space where I can test some <b>formatting.</b> Can't seem to get html to work though. :\

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Hoo hiho hello hello, I'm surprised you scrolled down this far. Welcome to my thread reply. I come with coffee, refrigerated grapes, and shotgun-style attention to detail towards creative ventures. 

I have a lot of love to give. ❤

I'd be delighted to share this lattermost thing with you, within the constructs of healthy boundaries. The consumables are all mine. (I need them).

~ ✧☆・゚: I go by Wudgeous. :・゚☆✧ ~

I also respond to Wudge and Wudgey. This is one of my first submissions the mortifying ordeal of being known-- this, here, right now,  I am submitting myself in human English words as best I can.  It's nice to meet you.

I have project management and leadership experience through my Day Job, arting experience through college. I've been writing and proofreading for over a decade, and coding in ren'py for about 2 years. I'm a fiercely (hyuk hyuk) indiependent  jack of all trades, and I've directed the brunt of my creative energies toward [a beloved, undisclosed personal project]. 

Slowly but surely I have yearned to direct my creative energies temporarily elsewhere. Thus, I was excited to find an environment catering to a first-time game marmalade participant.  

My goal for this game marmalade is to use this opportunity to coerce my hissing lizard brain not to struggle against mortifying ordeal of being known  make connections and create a short portfolio piece of a game. You may find me theatrical, vain and sassy sometimes, but I'm actually in fact scared of everything and quite delicate.  Please be gentle. ~

I'm currently reading The Art of Game Design, which I highly recommend. 

My  more virtually-housed sources of inspiration stem  from Undertale, Dragon Age: Origins, and Mystic Messenger. Though they're wildly different in surface-level mouthfeel, what they have in common is they helped me feel loved and offered companionship during times I felt rather alone.  This, I believe, is the most powerful attribute of video games: They have the potential to be portable, distributable vessels of love - if only for a little while. And my feral belief in this attribute is what drives me to create dating sims.  

For this game jam I will make a ren'py visual novel wherein,

❤ An AI  goes on tinder dates to learn empathy and human connection. ❤

... (I'm not gonna call it tinder, don't worry).  

Per my personal standards, each date will be represented with blinking, smiling character sprites, and scenes featuring actual conversation. The AI will have at least 3 dialogue choices per prompt. 

Per the constraints of the game jam, if I'm working on this solo, I expect to have only 2 available dates. If I get lots and lots and lots of dedicated help though, maybe we can have up to 8 dates...! Wowie!

If the AI fails to demonstrate a sufficient understanding of humans within the set time frame, the AI will be dismantled. ❤

I will like to dedicate some time to examine these other thread replies, but if you are reading this now and like the cut of my jib; ily2. Keep being your best self, you sparkling diamond.

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PS; A sweet  23g added sugar word of thanks to irresponsible black unicorn Gabe, on whose tumblr blog I lurked when he posted a short video advertising this game jam. I wouldn't be here if I didn't see it. Thank u, sir.

Uh, and what can admins do to improve my jam experience? That y'all are willing to do anything is flattering, but the most I can ask for is for you to take care of yourselves. Maybe a bit of cheering on and healthy morale, if you can swing it. :) 

With meticulously longwinded love, Wudgey.

Okay! I've completed 2/3 of the romance routes thus far, and can safely say I have enjoyed the game proper.

My first impression of the title screen was good. Danse Macabre was a fitting choice; combined with the violet color choice and skill aesthetic of the game, Catacomb Prince felt themed and atmospheric before I even began playing.

The overall concept remains absolutely solid; find love, find your killer, or die again trying. There's a strength in simplicity, and having a straightforward plot (with no significant plot holes that I can name!!) without unnecessarily complex twists and turns is refreshing for a renpy game. 

I was immediately drawn to Ravi at first sight (and first listen, me-ow), and romanced them as soon as possible. I was engaged enough with the character that I didn't really take notes as I played, so I will simply say that appreciated that their relationship to Vitali was built on trust and friendship. <3 I had a lot of fun getting to know them, and believe there were just enough choices to present a unique experience in each playthrough.

On a gameplay note, I was confused by the upper right buttons, and believed they were meant to be interactive. By the end of the first playthrough though, I was able to intuit that the top two are simply GOOD progress meters, and progressing the bottom eyeball is BAD. I have an even better understanding of what the buttons represent now, but "GOOD and BAD" were really all I needed to know to achieve the endings I wanted.

The writing surprised me. I enjoyed it well enough, but certain lines read as very modern, whereas I was expecting the game to sound (due to the prior established theme and atmosphere) more historically-inclined language due to the historical fantasy setting. The dialogue is oddly informal/modern in parts, with Ravi using the term "ghosting" at one point. Some of the text seems clipped as well, as if it were written in a hurry. While I think there's room for improvement, I would like to stress that it was not bad by any stretch of the imagination.  There were definitely some flavor text gems (lol) that I wouldn't change for the world, and had me screaming with delight, and obviously I enjoyed playing enough to leave an extensive review. 

To best illustrate my point, I drafted some sentence edits for two of the game's early scenes;

I can tell that a lot of love and hard work went into Catacomb Prince, and its potential really shines in so many ways. It's a great project, and I'm so happy it exists. 

If you guys could use an editor, feel free to hit me up! Otherwise, best of luck. :) I'm excited to wrap up with Princess Leandra when I have more time.

Hi! I'm excited to play Catacomb Prince and will follow-up with a proper review soon; I mostly wanted to comment because I'm amazed at how ENTICINGLY GOOD the trailer was! 

The voice for Prince Vitali was shockingly charismatic. His lines were entertaining and well-written, and the expression changes of his sprite were on-point. Video editing could have been better, I suppose, if I wanted to be very nitpicky, but the trailer nonetheless sealed the deal in convincing me to play ASAP.  (Which I would say makes the trailer a success).

I followed the link to Youtube expecting to see a couple thousand views and to leave a glowing comment on there, but was surprised to find the video was unlisted. I'm not sure why that could be, and I won't pry; I just wanted to remark on how taken I was with the concept without even touching the game. I've downloaded it and am excited to leave further feedback. :)

(Forgive me if the html/formatting isn't perfect -- this is my first comment on itch and there doesn't seem to be a preview button).

Did u like it

I had some trouble starting the game -- I'd downloaded the "Normal" zip file for *Android*, you see. In my Windows-using priviledge, my hubris, I'd neglected to read the file name all the way through and clicked the first download link that seemed to be the default. Once I got that figured out though, the game ran smoothly with no issues.
As soon as the option to pick a route appeared, my immediate choice was Venus. I was intrigued by his past with Sun, and wanted to see how they would reconcile and reminisce. Also I have a thing for hoity-toity pretty boys, and his six-pack window was too extra for me to resist.
So in wild irony,  he's one of the few routes that isn't yet available. Haha.
Still, there are many more suitors for Sun to choose from.  With my desire for reconciliation still in mind, I went for the freshly disgraced Terra... And to keep this comment from getting too ridiculously lengthy: I decided I liked the game. The rest is history, as they say.

Favorite character/routes

Neptune was the first LI who I found hugely relatable, and I must specify that I'm PICKY with my female routes. I loved that she had the potential to be emotional and raw and violent, but also mature, cold and logical. She's also something of a Mean Girl (as seen in Pluto's route), which most people may consider a turn-off... but you know what, I was down with it. I'd ride or die with this babe. <spoiler>[I adore Pluto, but if someone's dogs chased my cats, I'd get bitchy too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Not to the point of physically harming an animal, but still.....]</spoiler>
It's true that her route ends abruptly, but I chalked it up to the game being in-progress and didn't dwell on it too hard. I still had a lovely time with her, and a small part of me enjoyed her  <spoiler>[beating the crap out of Terra in her route. That's what you get for drunkenly crashing my party you jerk.]</spoiler>
Of course, I then found myself hugely charmed by Jupiter. 
Ah, curse my weakness for bigger men who have loved you all along. He's awkward in his largeness, but sweet and protective and capable. There's a curious amount sexual tension in his route, which was pleasing. Terra had *some* tension, but each romantic moment was created and resolved fairly quickly -- whereas Jupiter's tension lingers and pines (which is more engaging, in my opinion). 
The subplot with his asteroid-throwing job, and the pressure it puts on his sense of responsibility and creativity--wooh! This route was a generous one! Much more giving and fun than I expected.  <spoiler>[And it was JUICY TOO. For Terra to show up when he did!!! It had me actually screaming. And the plot twist! P.S, Terra, please stop infiltrating the other routes, you're just hurting yourself over and over lmao ;_;]</spoiler> 
I'd say Jupiter's route was single-handedly worth the download. <3

Other points neither here not there;

>On starting the game, the twinkle-twinkle music box tune and the slow-appearing planet buttons gave me a sense of assuaging calm. On subsequent playthroughs, the music held up its comforting accord. The slow-appearing buttons, however, proved a minor nuisance. I had strategically placed saves! Let me load faster, dangnabit!
>I hit the download link largely because I was entranced by all the colors in the sprites. Although I wasn't conventionally thirsting after any of the characters, I was still strangely drawn to their designs. The dissolve effect, by the way, was used on blushing to great effect. I played and replayed an animation of Ur getting red at the cheeks early in the game, gleeful to have this power over him.
>I'm impressed with the educational glossary!!! I only glanced over it very briefly (I'm preoccupied with learning other things in my life atm), but more science/space-inclined players should love it. ^^
>I appreciate and relate to the subtle cues that Sun is dealing with... depression, perhaps? Low self-esteem at times? There's allusions to her hibernation and self-isolating habits, and an overall sense that she's not a perfect character.
>I appreciate that the dialogue menu box changes a little depending on which route you're on. :')
>The concept of celestial bodies put me in the mind of royalty, and I was a little disappointed that it wasn't pushed a bit further in that direction. Granted, if I wanted to date members of a royal court, there's already a million games with that theme in the VN community. I'm not in urgent need to see the concept recycled here.
>All that said, I would love to see the characters' wardrobe take more inspiration from... high fashion, perhaps, or red carpet events. To give them unique silhouette shapes and asymmetrical lines. (Except perhaps Terra who seems to be a closet weeb. I tolerate and warily love this about him).

Thank you to the MOS team for putting the game together and working so hard. ❤ I promise it is shining through, and I look forward to seeing the game's continued polish.