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This was so cute. Short and sweet. Cilantro had an engaging character voice, I loved how she brushed me off for flirting right away lol. She was fun to talk to, and by the end I really did want to stay with her and talk to her some more -- or listen to her talk, hahaha.

There seems to be some genuine farm knowledge here, so it provided educational insight on top of being fun!

I've had a passing fascination with object heads for a long while, and have been meaning to give this game a whirl ever since you gave me a follow (shortly after I submitted Pinkmatch for MFGJ 2019).

I'm happy to report it was worth the download! The protagonist has a very strong narrative voice written in a stream of consciousness style. Even when he was making VERY BAD DECISIONS, I never got too frustrated enough to outright dislike the experience. I enjoyed how he sometimes talked to the player and complained about this or that, and each of his thoughts naturally, logically flow from one to the next.

I appreciated how there was some lore of how tank heads came to be, without using blatant walls of exposition.

The on-screen visuals were quite good and helped set the game's tone, particularly the reasons #1 and reasons #2 text images.

It did feel grippingly sad once you hit the halfway point, even though I ultimately got (I think) a good ending.

I often felt like Rain -- wanting to reach out to Heiko, wanting to help, but ultimately helpless. Heiko doesn't listen, and I don't have the voice to speak after a while.

So I was pleasantly surprised to have the mailman in my ending though, and ended up with strangely hopeful feelings.

Which meant, of course, I would jump right back in and made Heiko run into traffic for my very next playthrough lmfao. 

Thank you for sharing this game. I'm looking forward to your next one, although I sort of distrust Roswell as a protagonist after I've spent this whole game viewing him through Heiko's non-existent eyes.  :)

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Nice UI decision to highlight certain text in pink to proceed to the next screen -- not sure if it's built in or was inspired by a different game, but it's the first time I've seen it!

I love the sudden switch of the Lydia's characterization at the very beginning, and wondered if she was a sociopath. Her control-focused tone reminded me a little of the protagonist-narrators from "You" and "Dexter."

In general, the written narrative voice could have used some polish, and there's some minor formatting errors, but the story's pacing and concept started very strong. I loved the twist with Daniel when she confesses to him, and was very excited for the POV switch. As Daniel thinks about Lydia, I also found myself  wholly intrigued and wondering what was up with her.

The characters -- particularly the side characters -- are nicely grounded and remind me of people I've met in real life.

Towards the end, the story does rather become walls of text, as less actual events occur and we stick more to Lydia's anxious inner thoughts. Still, I got an unexpectedly wholesome ending my first try and that was nice enough to get me to replay for 100% completion. 

Btw I really thought Lydia was plotting to murder her friends this whole time and that she was quietly looking forward to it lol. I was surprised by how tame the story ended up being, but not unpleasantly so. The story drew me in with sheer suspense at the start, but I'm grateful that it's not the same old "dark for dark's sake" -- if that makes sense.

Overall, it's an interesting premise with good characters, and I'm glad I played it. Thank you for sharing!

*Edits: I made a couple of additions and fixed some words I goofed on. :)

My boy was at the plasma center!!!! Lol I missed him the first time because I was worried about a friend, gdi hahahahah

OK, to preface: my Itch comment-style is a live reaction where I take notes as I play, in hopes of giving the developers accurate and genuine feedback. This comment will run from the opening to the ending of the game in chronological order. 


The demo opening enviably professional, and worth emulating. I spent some time examining the title screen UI and admiring the buttons, then I pressed "X" to see what it did.... and inadvertently quit the game lmfao.  It might be nice to have a tooltip to inform the player that it's a "Quit" button, much like the little tooltip ribbons on the righthand side during the game, but honestly I just did a dumb thing and it's not the game's/design's fault.

I enjoyed the nice, slow realization that the MC is running away from home, and how the narration never had to say it outright. It's a fantastic way of getting us quickly on board with the protagonist, and it's an experience I can empathize with if I've been lucky enough to not have lived it myself.
The "morning," "afternoon," and "evening" transition graphics are fantastic and I love them.
The "Ameripan" moment MC starts getting headaches, the effect wavy effect runs a bit too strong I think. Considering nothing really happens afterwards, I think the scene could be more subtle, but I do appreciate the indication that there's more going on here than meets the eye, and Ava might know more than she lets on. I think I'm going to actually boot up the game again and pursue her next, after I finish proofreading this comment, to see if there's any particularly weird moments with her.

That's a really nice educational joke with Mad Cow disease lol, I didn't know that.
The blue-haired weaboo manic pixie dream boy did creep me out when I first met him, admittedly. Kuudere glasses boy didn't appeal to me either, because he wouldn't be honest about wanting the cat... But then, maybe his living situation doesn't allow him to have a cat, and I did appreciate him chasing off Gary. ;;; He made me laugh though when he sent NOTHING BUT "?" when I accidentally made him wait later in the game.

Minimum wage worker Cain immediately got my heart with minimal effort. I think it's the disadvantaged position he starts off in, it makes him more immediately relatable -- though he turned me off a bit when he promised the glamor of college will fade and "you'll get there." I get that he's cynical, but it's a little rude. 

It's okay that he's not perfect though, I don't expect him to be. His flowery CG is a bit much, but after that I found him to be the most down to earth character of the bunch. I felt like he was the most normal, real human among a cast of quirky characters.

Robin: "Statistics can go jump off a cliff and die." sdkjfbdskfbk. Good line.

John's VA lines go kinda fast despite a relatively static CG, which was kinda weird for me, especially contrasted with Robin's more relaxed speech pattern.

The yawn when Robin says "I don't have any energy." is a fantastic touch though.

There doesn't seem to be a history/logbook option? Is that an intentional design choice? Sometimes I click a bit too fast, and while I can press the button to "skip back," my personal preference is generally to look for the logbook instead. Again, not the game's/design's fault.

The weird library tie guy reminds me of Seth from High School Dreams lmao. He also has a moment with a ton of library books.

"I hope you find someone /exactly like you/ then." That's a really good line.

BRUH THESE GUYS ARE SO WEIRD THOUGH. Practically all of them have an "off" moment where they act like total weirdos, and I can't help wondering if this is because the game is made by a group called "NOTOME" LOL. Is this an anti-otome?? 

(This being said, Cain never has a weird moment in my entire playthrough, excluding the occasional cynical comment. Even then, it's not that weird. My dude's probably depressed from overwork.)

AW but I love that John's a reading jock. It's sweet, and he seems a little insecure about it. I'd love to reassure him and be his friend. :)

I'm surprised though that I got to choose whether or not I'd put up flyers with John, but then just got railroaded into selling plasma?? That felt like that escalated quickly. If I didn't put up flyers, would I not need to sell plasma? Lolol. I'll have to keep this in mind to test during the next playthrough.

The weeby manic pixie dream boy wants to be a forensic scientist... That's really nice actually, cool darker contrast for his bright personality. I'm still gratified every time Elliot calls him a creep or psychopath though. It's a little mean, sure, but the put downs makes me feel safe -- like I'm not crazy for thinking Gary is acting weird.

When Elliot sprints shirtless out of the plasma center, I feel like it would have been a good option to go after Elliot, then return to the plasma center to get his shirt for him and try to check on Gary/Gary's friend to see if they're okay...

(Just because I think someone is weird, doesn't mean I don't care about their well-being lol).

Akio... manspreading across three tables in a crowded coffee shop.... He's literally insane...... Game, where's my sweet underpaid boyfriend? My customer service prince? You keep giving me weird guys and all I wanna do is text my boy on the preferences menu. :'( He even gave me his number, and I haven't gotten to talk to him even once after that!!

I love the solution of telling John to get me something from outside as an alternative to snapping at him. That's a great tactic, and one that I might have to use in my real life.
... John did kinda sell me a little on the idea of dating him when we start talking about books in the infirmary... but my heart still longs for my food service slave of capitalism. I'm finding myself clicking through the narration to get it over with because I want to see Cain again.

Robin: "I wouldn't say they're my guy friends, exactly." Yeah, me either. <:|

Coming up with names for the cat with Elliot is fun though, it's a cute conversation. I like that he asks Robin questions to narrow down her preference, rather than just rattling off a list of names right away. Very thoughtful.

Then we go get food and there he is!!!! Cain, my boy!!!! Manic pixie had just asked if Elliot was my boyfriend and I said we were just friends. There should be a follow-up choice to immediately be like "See, THIS is my boyfriend" and freaking point at Cain. (I kid, I kid).

The octo-dog though.... Honestly I gaped at the sight of it. I like octopus and I like bread, but wh--what... What on earth.

I would have loved to donate to the Save Cain from Manual Labor Fund. :( We can go on low budget dates, Cain!! 
He left me with Elliot and Gary to go back to work... ;_; My kokoro brokoro. ----OH NO MY BOY'S IN TROUBLE
I HELP HIM. Fastest, easiest choice I ever made.
I squeal a little bit in real life when he rewards me with a hug over the counter. <3 Honestly I wanna make Elliot and Gary come help too lol, but I guess there's not enough room behind the stall.
Cain: "I bet you're the only one who volunteered here who has nothing at stake." 
...................... I mean. I wanna date him real bad, so I don't think that's quite accurate lololol.

Omg I have a full ride in college. If I get a part-time job I could support Cain and he could work less, and we could go on dates. I can see this relationship working out.

Robin: "I don't know, your passive-aggressive gibes were pretty great too." Shouldn't it be "jibes"? ((I looked it up later, apparently they're both valid!))

He gave me a keychain!!! I'll treasure it forever!!! ;_; Did he make it himself?? Is he a furry? Lol. I'm not judging, I've already decided he's my boyfriend and I'm ready to accept all his quirks and flaws.

... And so ends my first playthrough.

I'm reading the other comments here and I'm a little confused about the mention of a changing theater scene. Looks like I missed it? :\ Once I got my keychain, the credits scrolled and ended with a kickstarter link. Maybe this is a new game plus feature; I guess I'll find out.

Overall I had fun, and I'd recommend this game to my friends! Even though a lot of the guys weirded me out, I do consider them friends and care for them. I'm curious about how Gary's friend appeared on-screen just once, and then just started silently skulking around in the background in the narration. I noticed the conversation about "nonlinear storytelling" and figure that's what you guys are gonna be playing with as you continue working on the game.

This is one of the more polished demos I've played, and I'm glad I gave it a chance after randomly hearing John's voice reel on twitter. Thank you for the love and hard work you guys have put into it so far, I'm excited to support the game and see where it goes. :)

Hi, thank you so much for taking the time to write! ❤  I'm glad Pinkmatch was able to resonate with you. 

Yes, only the bad endings and first dates are available in this version. While I  fully intend to return to the game after my current obligations, it'll be some time from now. You sure got me wanting to go back and replay the game for myself though lolol, I miss my boy Angelo.  

What an adorable game!!! It's tricky with a track pad, but I had fun enough to make about 5 attempts and get 2 stars. :)

I found that as a bee, I had to risk some harm to get pollen...! Gotta put myself out there for the sweet rewards!

The art is adorable and the mechanics are solid. And considering this was made in 2 weeks (or even less?), I consider this valiantly polished.

I've been meaning to give this a try since J does so much for the game jam community, and I'm glad I did! 

The opening lounge music was immediately relaxing and set the mood quite well. The romantic were cleverly introduced one by one via lining up to board a train, and through a brief, enlightening scene with the conductor. It was a lot more character and context than most dating sims provide before pushing the player to make a choice.

You know? This is my first Yuri game, and (perhaps unfortunately) it's really set the bar. Only Cassandra caught my eye at first, but soon just about every woman had me in the palm of her hand. I felt like the MC -- eager to talk, happy to be there, and ready to learn their life story. Every character  was well-developed and realistic, even reminding me of some older folks I know in real life. The only exception is perhaps the conductor -- who has less screen time even including her secret route. Since she chooses to maintain her sense of mystery, it's understandable that I came to be better acquainted with everyone else.

The MC is adorable by the way. Her sprite with the sparkling sunglasses does so much to delight me. I love the delicate balance of how she ogles the love interests, without being as outwardly thirsty as most dating game protagonists (unless I overtly choose to thirst). The writing makes it clear that she's gay through context and perspective, without needing to say it outright. (...She does say it outright in the ending with Iris, but I understand that's just a Thing People Say. :^) )

The journal is deeply charming, and motivated me to earn all the CGs in a single setting. And the TRAIN ATL where you guys coded the background to bounce, emulating a moving train!

The game is short and sweet, and very well-organized. The mysteries were straightforward, but I found them engaging enough for casual gaming. I'm getting the development PDF right now. The train milfs team has done plenty to inspire me, and wherever its members go in the future, I hope they keep making games. 

Love, Wudgey ♥

my favorite designs are the little girl (love the pink dress and the off-green hair that reminds me of a thorn bush), the red demon lady, the butler(?) and of course eldritch mama. 

I also love the idea that the journey of meeting god is, in itself, "going out to play" and by the time they actually see mom she's like "it's past your bedtime."

Honestly though I had to read "god" a few times for it to stick, because I sleepily associate eldritch beings with demons and devilry. 

This is such a neat concept and I'm totally stoked for it. You already have a great approach with revising the designs later, and I can't wait to see what you come up with next. ❤️

This is one of the most fun vampire experiences I've ever had. I juked the vampire hunter two times in a row and I could not be happier.

Then in a subsequent playthrough, a callback to how we've been learning guitar. Even in a "bad" ending I'm still having a nice time. I had to go back and play every single option.

I'm pleasantly surprised by the good humor of the game, and the fact that I managed to survive on my first try (and then most of my subsequent tries lol). I feel like most text-based games make a point to be brutal so players take them seriously -- it's so nice to have a text-based adventure that's just FUN for a change. I love how the writing breaks into excitable exclamation points! Even in follow-up sentences! 

My only complaint is that some of the more modern language usage does suspend disbelief, but it's rare enough that it doesn't detract too much from the gaming experience.

Your sense of humor really is stellar, I actually laughed irl more than once. Quite the feat. Thank you for sharing on the interwebs, this really resonated with me. :)

This is so well thought out so far! I'm looking forward to seeing more. :)

But I hope you know that no matter the atmosphere, no matter the peril; since this is a text adventure game I must try many times to kiss the wendifaux.

Also. Century gothic was a beautiful font choice. :)

Did I enjoy it overall? Of course. :)

I don't know the characters well enough to have a favorite, but I was most drawn to spending time with Lancer --  bring on his awkward discomfort!!! He and I both know what he's doing with my wife, and I'm ready to spur on his guilty redemption arc lolol.

But as for me personally, I guess I'm most intrigued by the ringmaster Enzo(?). Since he's barely present in the demo though, I don't foresee how our interactions would play out...


No, hold on, I take it all back: the soothsayer is my absolute favorite. I forgot they were a character. Man, I love that I get a "yes/no" choice right out the gate. As much as my heart sang to answer "yes, one (1) fortune please" I just had to try saying "no"... I have a weakness for pestering vn characters.
And when that first screen appeared, WOW it was so cool, and by far the most memorable part of the game. It set the mood in an instant. I was mystified, and even felt like I could hear the voice of the soothsayer even without seeing their face.

What you can improve:

The dialogue choices are vague, and I've accidentally chosen the opposite choice more than once.  For example, "Accept/Decline" doesn't specify if I'm accepting Enzo's offer for me to meet the troupe, or accepting Bezyl's remark that I need to get going... I ended up reloading a couple times to get where I wanted.

This game is also rather heavy with the exposition, and some of the dialogue lines would work better broken up into smaller chunks. I appreciate the lore though. 

Otherwise, I love that you've moved the quick menu off to the lower right, and the tailor's shop has such a wistful, pleasantly medieval quality to it, sending me right back to memories of playing Cinderella Phenomenon and Ozmafia. I like a lot of your artistic choices here, and it's a deeply interesting choice to see such a crestfallen, almost defeatist version of the prince. I like him, I'm looking forward to seeing his character growth and where this ordeal will take him.

Also, amazing job pulling this all together ALL BY YOURSELF IN TWO WEEKS!!!!

Idea for future iterations: Berry instead of a science fair, wants to sell you at an auction but must run some final tests, and figures real life interactions will only help you learn how to charm auctioneers.
He videotapes all your dates through your eyes and reviews the contents with you right afterwards, telling you how you can improve and making notes such as "You notice that? That was a moment of vulnerability. You'd do best to capitalize on it whenever it appears."

Eventually it's time to review tapes after your LI had made it clear things should be secret/private/etc, and you get the choice of telling Berry "NO"

(1 edit)

Idk man... so far they reeeaaally seem to like me. :P

I've gotten 4 endings. Unless there's some super secrets, I doubt I missed anything.

The game has a very interesting 90s aesthetic. I feel it could be even more apparent with color (for example, if Rose's outfit were yellow like Alicia Silverstein's Clueless get-up), but I'm trusting that the black&white sprites were a conscious decision -- especially since the two ending CGs were in color. 

The characters.... grew on me, but it took a bit of time. Maria seemed a bit inconsistent, playfully teasing me about canoodling with Rose one moment, and then being pissed the next moment I choose to stay with Rose. And then apologizing for being angry, saying she totally understands why I would choose Rose. ???Que???

Perhaps this is because it's the playthrough where I tried to be a good friend and hang out with them equally. I understand Maria has mixed feelings, but still, maybe that could have been shown a bit more through dialogue.

There's a Very Special Moment after the Campfire Drama happens, if I side with Maria, go talk to Rose, and uh... still side with Maria? I reminded me of another game that I won't name, and I couldn't help wondering if the game would take a darker turn. But so far, that was the only Special Moment I found.

Transitions for both sprites and music are a bit abrupt. I'd recommend trying out something like "with dissolve" and "fadein 1.5" respectively. Especially when the static overlay of disapproval starts -- it'd be good to still have a little music fading out.

There's a very nice narrative touch when Maria goes quiet if you choose to bitch about your parents.

One complaint: when searching for the matches, I wanted to stay at camp by myself. Rose could just go with Maria... It seemed like a good compromise to me! lol. But when I elected to stay at camp, the narration unfortunately assumed I was choosing Rose.  :(

Some playtesting notes:

Since I played as a girl, there were a could of missed gender-cues.

Maria "Her not-boyfriend just took some other girl's side in an argument." (And then the next two subsequent lines. Boyfriend boyfriend boyfriend lol.)

Also: "Like, in high school, you didn't want to be the kid who talked about his parents."

And a couple typos:

"Afraid I'll peak?"  Should be "peek" I think lol.

Maria "Well, okay Rose, two option here." Should be two options.

This was all I could find; at the beginning I was too busy trying to get a feel for the game and didn't let myself get distracted my any minor errors. About halfway through though, I was pretty confident that nothing was out to get me in the dark woods, and was comfortable jotting down some notes.

Overall, I had enough fun that I would be down to see these characters again. Had a bit of an iffy experience naming myself "Mia," though, since we sounded like triplets born to confuse people lmao. Maria, Mia, and Rose.... It's like a tongue twister.

When the next DTIPIJDLY comes out I'll definitely be named something else. :)

I saw this posted on reddit! Just the writing on this download page reads pretty well. I'll give this a download and leave a follow-up comment when I'm done playing. :)

Hi Asif, it sounds like you're feeling discouraged and I'm really sorry to hear that. One thing I can assure you is that all the hard work you've poured into your game is not futile -- even if it's not reflected through monthly patrons (patreon is notoriously fickle, after all), you've inspired and delighted so many people.

I've always believed that dating sims are designed to spread a little more love and brightness into the world, and that is something you've definitely accomplished. Even if the game remains incomplete.

Your health should always come first. While its kind to show your fans how much you care about them and about the project,  I hope you share some of that kindness with yourself as well. 

It's okay if you feel trapped or overwhelmed by what you haven't accomplished yet. However, I hope you don't forget that you built One Thousand and One Days and its community completely from scratch, and that you're amazing for it. Nothing can stop you from doing it again when you're ready (and when funds/time allow it, of course). 

For right now, please do what you need to do and take your time.

Hi, I really appreciate the comment! Characterization and humor are super important to me. I didn't want to make a game that takes itself too seriously, you know? I just want to make people a little happier each day. 

So thank YOU for playing! ❤ I'm super hyped for future updates, too! 

I will treasure this comment forever. :) ❤

I'm glad that's the impression you got; I feel like I've fulfilled a couple of my game design goals.

Thank you for playing. 

(1 edit)

He love loves you too. Thank you for playing!

Indeed, I had to download the .exe AND .pck as a windows user -- I just skimmed over the instructions the first time like a goon. :)

The music choice is pretty good. I was absorbed into the game from the title screen music, but on start, the level music was even more engaging. I also appreciate that you put in a sound effect cues for jumping and death.

My little buddy controls pretty well. My only problem seems to be how he slides a bit when he lands, making the single-block jumps rather tricky. This might be common in platformers though? I recall Mario being similar. No traction in that plumber's shoes I guess.

His idle animation is cute. His square head and stem body allow him to sometimes "perch" on the edge of a block instead of falling to his death, which I really appreciate. Overall it's a fun little game, and I find myself having to exercise patience and timing to progress. 

And then I got the golden block!!!!!!!!!! :D Yay!!! It took some doin' but damn I did it. You're right that I was proud at the end of the level -- but rather than being proud of myself, I'm proud of YOU. Thank you for sharing your game with us!

My gosh, you're welcome! 

A couple of people have expressed that they could relate to the android, which is a relief to hear. One of my goals is to write main characters  who are blank slates without making them too bland. I'm glad you had fun with the game! Thank YOU for playing! ❤

Love the friendly and educational concept. This game took my interest when, at one point, you'd posted a gif in the discord of the colors bouncing into place on correct guesses.

It's entertainingly animated, and such a good resource.

My first score was 113. 
Then 145, 144, and 156.

The music was fun and matched the vibe of the gameplay, and I enjoyed playing multiple times. Overall a wonderful addition to the jam, and to gaming in general! ♥

PS, I think I saw a typo that lists non-binary as non-binaray...?  I was under pressure from the timer though, so I didn't get a great look. :)

The synopsis alone had me actually gasping, my dudes. What a plot right out the gate!

The title screen's artstyle (with visible paintstrokes) is strangely compelling. She's so stressed, and I keep looking into her eyes.

There's a nice vector effect on the in-game BG, too. How did you do it? I'd genuinely like to know if you used photoshop or any specific site, because the quality is so crisp and pleasant to look at. :) You've also coded in a very nice screen() for receiving text messages. It's such a smooth transition!

HAHA and then I blocked the demon's number and got an abrupt ending. Okay, time to reload.

The demon, when they appeared, was not what I expected. They have a lot more clothes on than I imagined lol. :P I like them -- though of all the characters, Darren is by far my favorite. He tries hard, cares a lot for us in his own way, and sometimes gets mocked by other students due to their own insecurities. I knew right away in my heart, investing my time into his friendship would pay off. I couldn't help defending him every time I get the chance, and I genuinely did value my friendship to him. Even when he flaked on us, I 100% trusted that he'd come around and explain himself. And he did!

So that being said... I'm not terribly interested in pursuing the ending where we betray this good boy. The demon can have Valoria's soul if they want, but they can't have Darren lol.

Overall The Death Contract was enjoyable, and my main criticism is that it's very quiet. There were no music or sound effects as far as I can tell, and I would highly recommend that addition in future versions. :)

The premise is adorable. I didn't know what I was looking at, at first (suddenly thrust into a brick dungeon with green versions of me mucking about), but I quickly got into the swing of things and quested after that jam like no tomorrow.

The enemies don't regenerate, but I do. It didn't take me long to learn that I could spare some of the ogres with little consequence.  I took great pleasure in this. I could get away with killing just enough enemies to scooch on by. The character's walking speed is quite slow (which is prevalent when you have to make a lot of turns in the mini mazes), so unless they get nasty and aggressive on me like the nasty red ones often did, I would let them roam free and graze the grass.

I'd like to make a special mention that the attack animation is rather suggestive isn't it? With the overhead camera, the way he thrusts it out there is kind of reminiscent of... something else. Also the hitbox is fairly small, so my Chosen One was thrusting everywhere a whole lot.

But when I got all the jam I gained the DELIGHTFUL MAGIC OF PROJECTILES HOORAH. Suddenly I was playing centipede!!! (Which was my favorite game growing up).

The game was very straightforward and got to be quite a lot of fun, I was into it! Until evil Lord Evil showed up. >:( I killed all his minions but he was screen looking and camping and literally the most evil character I've encountered in a long time. Also he seems to kill me in one hit, which felt unfair (even if I did slowly massacre his people one by one).

So... I didn't find evil Lord Evil to be much fun. I got all the jam, but I couldn't beat him. He was far too evil. I hope somebody else here can avenge me though, and show him what for.

Pretty quickly, I noticed the custom touch you put on exit pop-up menus, and the renpy quick menu at the bottom of the screen. That's a nice font. I don't even know how your game is supposed to feel yet, but it helps it feel like *something* for sure.

There's a prevalently soft, somber mood, strengthened with the color scheme and stakeout/partnership context of the story.

I take it you used imagemaps for the point-and-click "investigation" section of the game? That's SO cool, I hadn't ever considered ren'py being capable of replicating that functionality. The music change (to an upbeat jazzy tune, I think?) was very good as well -- I immediately got the hint that it was time to Interact with the game differently.

.... However... I seem to be stuck here. I believe the key will be used to unlock the small drawer, and I found my partner's badge in the couch, but I don't seem to have an inventory system with which to access/use them...

I hope I'm not missing out on anything. ^^ I found A Shade of Blue overall to be intriguing, and am fairly certain that my partner will confess her undying love and attraction to me if all goes well. 

The art and gui are lovely and to-the-point, which I find comforting to look at. I love seeing Tanya's sprite pop up to make commentary towards the end, and that very PW/GT reaction of "Why did I try to put my hand in there...?" (Or something similar. It made me smile.)

I'm looking forward to seeing even more of your process in your devlog!

Thank you!! Presentation definitely became our focus once it was clear I wouldn't have time to write everything, so I'm grateful you picked up on it.  And story of course is always important, I dig that you and I both prioritize it in our games.  👉 👉 

And not silly at all, I appreciate your comment on the placeholder.  It helps solidify my decision to keep this version around, even if I later make a full release. ^^

In Berry's sprite he wears a dress under his labcoat; in the narration, there is an allusion to his habit of wearing underpants around the lab. Especially if he has the place to himself while the MC is out and about. :)

The path to the expo exists only as a one-liner in this edition, but it exists! I've only explicitly written/directed/coded in one ending so far, which is the bad ending. 

I'm so glad to hear you loved Pinkmatch! ♥ Especially with Leap's focus on dialogue and character driven scenes, I consider this a huge compliment. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

Go on dates to learn about humans! 

❤ Everyone's going to adore you. ❤

Pinkmatch is a visual novel and dating sim. You play as an android, on a quest to exhibit socially intelligent behavior.

It's my first real attempt at exposing my work and making something public. I'm admittedly still terrified and nervous as all heck, but I'm doing my best to power through!

Any comments will be treasured and kept forever.  ❤ But if you need ideas on what to write, here are my suggestions:

  • How did the characters make you feel?  
    • Did you prefer speaking with anyone in particular?
  • What was your favorite part of the demo?
    • For example; this could be a memorable comment, or a scene that made you laugh.
  • What features would you like to see in a full release?
    • Is there a feature you'd thought the game would have,  but did not see in the demo?
  • How much time did you spend playing the game?
    • Did you get the bad ending?  ;)

With all my soggy love,


Added you! Gotta say that the premise of your game sans floaty controls had me legit stoked for a hot minute. 

Also, deep appreciation for the hours you put into Phoenix Wright -- that game's a big inspiration for me, too. :)

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Off the bat, I gotta say it was surprisingly easy for me to get into Ethan's shoes. And as soon as Kaya showed up, my exact thoughts were "OH NO SHE'S CUTE"

I think my favorite aspect is the way the characters can discuss philosophy, their careers, self-termination, and other more abstract ideas, and it's a surprisingly natural back-and-forth. You write conversations very well once the characters get going.

Once she mentions that she's an android evaluator though... damn. That's a hook. That immediately had me wondering and coming up with theories -- one of them is an android, right? But which one? Is Kaya using the date as a premise to evaluate Ethan??

(But nah, once she tried to drive after drinking a bunch, I got the hint.)

Ohhhhh but then there was a twist I was not expecting... I won't talk about it here. I'm just gonna say, this was worth the download and the experience. The game is heavy on the exposition at times, but overall has good worldbuilding and an interesting plot. Nice job, my dude. :)

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I'm certain this is an amazing archive for the way I redirected my creative energies inward as time went on lmfao.  Expressing myself and reporting my progress took an abrupt backseat to actually working on the game. The later in the jam it got to be, the more shortwinded, hyperfocused, (and a lil cranky) I became. I was frazzled, lonely, and more than a little stressed, like, all the time. I was possessed by such an obsessive need to work on development that, although I drank lots of water and I got plenty of sleep (except this one night where I stayed up until 4 am planning to do an all-nighter to ensure I finished what I wanted to finish),  I could not take a break even when I tried. I kept drifting back to my laptop to work on things "a little bit." Just a little more code. Just a little more art. Just a little more writing. 

I felt like a real honest to goodness game developer. Is this what game developers are like?

So uh, it's been a ride, as they say. And I offer the warmest of appreciation to the jam hosts for organizing an event in which I could have a ride.  Thank you. This jam arrived at the perfect time in my life,  offering the perfect atmosphere and excuse to put my skills and determination to work. I don't know that I'd have ever made a game without it.

I worked super hard. Super super super hard. And it never felt like enough. Until now! Now it feels like enough. :) Now I'm craving a little validation and acknowledgement of my hard work from others, but I'm doing my best not to rely on it either. I know the best tactic for self-love is to love your creations on their own merits, not based on how much other people like them. (This is a philosophy that the character Berry embraces on the surface, though perhaps he struggles with it at times..)


I'm happy to report that I feel much better about everything now that it's over, pleased with my accomplishments and proud of myself for making something from scratch.  I'm chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool and FINALLY allowing myself to play video games again. Thank God. I missed video games.

(Context: I have long, periodic self-bans from playing video games to increase personal productivity. It's worked out great, but again, I have missed video games.)


Oh shit son I forgot, yeah, he's doing great dw. Hyper lil bastard but very smart. His name is Nicodemus (which is perhaps the most roundabout allusion to Robin Williams in the world) and I mostly call him Nico and Nico-Nico-Nii. He already loves me and yells at me periodically.

Future Plans?

Uhm..... I'm taking a fucking break.. 

I love you, Pinkmatch my child, but goodbye. I'm gonna actually play some other games (there's many games to choose from here, and I just bought "Nameless" and "To the Moon"), and try to have fun...... Then I'm probably gonna go back to my no-deadline personal project...

Pinkmatch was created exclusively for this game jam, to give me an excuse to participate. No other reason. I may see fit to attempt a full release during a future game jam (with similar time constraints), but for now, I'm tucking Pinkmatch into bed and kissing it good night.

If you (yes you) like my game though, please don't hesitate to leave a comment and a rating. I am easily swayed and I'd love to hear from you.

Soggily signing off for now, with love,


PS, if you for some reason missed my OP edit, you can play my game here.

I gotta say, I'm already vibing with you pretty hard just based on your inspirations. I played all those games back when I had a DS; and PW and Ghost Trick are enduring inspirations for me as well. 

Looking forward to seeing more about your process, and I'll be downloading A Shade of Blue shortly. :)

Ooh! Right off the bat I was digging the music and animated petals on the title screen.

The logo is gorgeous as well, though the name is a bit of a mouthful. :') I hope you guys don't mind me calling it TitGoT. (hahahaha)

AS I WAS TYPING THIS A THING APPEARED ON-SCREEN!!! Delightful coding on you guys's part but dang..... is it upset that I haven't started the game yet? 

(The thing proceeded to haunt my every background, leaving me feeling deeply unsettled. Was this my punishment for taking notes on a game...? Was I being punished..? Or does it appear no matter what? It seems so angry with me, perhaps it wishes it had its own route...........)

On a serious note - it's cute, and I imagine it's a temporary easter egg. At present, it takes away some suspension of disbelief -- particularly during Tara's more engaging scenes. 

As it was stated in-game that Jackie dances, I was immediately compelled to pursue them. We must dance togeth--

  • "Do you dance?"
  • "Oh goodness no."


Lovely set-up wherein Jackie can start introducing us to everyone and sharing their opinion of them though. I then got an ending in which we left the party together, which I imagined was the good ending at first, but then found to be the only Jackie ending for right now. Still, it left me with a good feeling of success, so I'd call it good. :) 

(Tangent, Jackie puts me in the mind of a post-frog Prince Naveen. Very enticing romantic choice, as such.)

I next pursued the only other option Tara (I was surprised that the "Lady with Stacks" is not yet a romance option considering how much MC fancied her), and I'd like to note that her eye is gold in the sprite, but green in the narration. 

Her design truly is jaw-droppingly gorgeous though. There's something fiercely primal yet composed about her dialogue and appearance (a deadly combo), and I like her a lot.

The MC is seems to find something acutely attractive about everybody they meet; which is hard for me to personally relate to, but perhaps expected in a dating sim. I'm also surprised the page characterizes the MC as having "very little to lose" when we have such a knowledgeable and caring mam back home.

Overall I found the game enjoyable, if a bit confusing in tone (largely due to the easter egg creature). The writing can be ponderous, but does a good job engaging the senses and placing scenes. In particular, "I can feel the warmth of her leg through her skirts." was a line I liked very much, and there was some on-point description when Tara places her hand on MC's chin.

The setting (prohibition meets fae) is fascinating, and the music is on-point. You guys accomplished a good amount in the timespan we were given, and I'm super proud of you! ❤

I'll have to come back to this -- but so far I've gotten arguably three endings -- 

One where I refused to talk to Chris (and had a very cute moment with the game menu telling me it wasn't sure it had "quitting" figured out yet. Very charming approach, especially with the countdown).

One where I talked to Chris about their cat a bunch (Big Mood -- I just got a kitten and my eldest also has ckd), and then the camera... abruptly panned down, leading me to believe that my dude was fantasizing about jumping off?? This led me to think there was a suicide ending in here, so I set out in search of that.

But then I got the one ending where I find my own a cat after talking to Chris, and I don't really wanna find the suicide ending anymore... This is the best ending.... 

I really like the talking blip sounds that the characters use, and the way "LEAP" was animated at the beginning. Like I said, I'm gonna have to come back, but this game has already achieved a contemplative, morose atmosphere with little more than the strength of its music choice and dialogue. 

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[spoilers? I guess?]

To start, the cheery immediate opening music set the mood very well! This initial excitement and curiosity, however, soon gives way to the powerless feeling of inevitability as I desperately toss flowers during my descent to death (which I hope is intentional).
The controls are rather floaty, which make the wee cyclopsling prone to dozens upon dozens of deaths by falling rather than anything else. I'll be honest -- I vastly prefer the company of the bully bunnies over the endless chasms of spikes and pits. Then again I am a filthy casual who hasn't touched a Mario game in over 10 years. :)

But, ScPlays, I knew you were most excited to show off that "psychological horror" heelturn, and so I persevered and kept playing just for you. 

It takes me a while to learn that "cheering"... heals me...? In addition to stopping the bunnies from bullying me and making them strut around with slightly better posture.

I see... I can touch them as long as I throw flowers at them. They won't report me to HR as long as I butter them up first! So even if I take damage initially, I can regain health. This is very neat, and allows for some nice strategizing. I found myself skipping bunnies here and there, so I may later return to them for some health if I happen to be impaled by spikes a little bit.

This is around the point where the weird smoky moray eel of a tentacle woman appeared, and we zoomed into her nasty face for some reason. She sucks smoky soul juice (?) out of my poor cyclopsling like a vape, and overall poises herself menacingly at me, before she glitches out under the weight of my disdain.

The bully bunnies now seem to have evolved into rabies rabbits, foaming at the mouth whenever I throw flowers at them. But!!! Even if I take damage, I now regain health with EVERY flower throw!!! :) :) :) Idk that this is intentional, but it was incredibly delightful for me to have infinite energizer rabies rabbit batteries. If only there were more rabies rabbits and less chasms of death. 

The eldritch woman's domain is endless abyss, surely, given that that's how I have primarily died. The moving clouds don't provide momentum, so when I jump up, gravity pulls me down like a rock.... I imagine this is a dark analogy for the vaping moray eel woman sinking her claws into me and dragging me to hell.

So I stopped around here -- once I got through to the spiky pit and had to rely on my (lack of) wall jump abilities, I couldn't quite cut it. I hope I didn't miss out on anything interesting...

Attack-to-heal is a great concept, and probably one of my general favorite mechanics in video games. I appreciate that it's utilized here with a unique and fun idea, and wish you the best on your journey to full release.

With soggy love, Wudgey.

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Hoo! It's been a while.

Although I broke my vow to update everyday, I've nonetheless been... working on the game every single day.... just keeping my head down. Suffering from stress migraines. Making good progress. Scoping. Re-scoping. Feeling defeated. Crippling loneliness. Mom's spaghetti. 


I've put the game through 4 big playtesting sessions now and everything seems functional. 

So, the big news is I've had to downscale from the inadvertently planned 15 scenes (the full "short game" length) into the just first 7 scenes of the game, so it's gonna be...... a demo.......... 

I can't say I'm not disappointed!!! But!!! I'm comforting myself by listing out all the things we managed to accomplish these past two weeks:



I wrote about 39 pages of story content (10,447 words). Translated this into 600+ dialogue blocks, (now) containing 7,000+ words. 

Designed 3 diverse and well-rounded characters from scratch, both in art and narration. 

Sourced a beautiful in-game GUI screen designed by Jaeger. 

Sourced two completely customized game tracks by the wonderful Natis.

Researched and utilized additional images/music from Unsplash and Kevin Macleod, respectively.

And most importantly, we made a game where there was no game before. Where there was none, there is now... a game! Even if it's even shorter than the short game I came to have in mind.

I've also started designing the itch page to get ready for the upload. I'm waiting on a few last minute assets and still have to add shading to Angelo, but otherwise, I'll be submitting the game in less than 24 hours with the following link:

Creature comfort of the day: Game Grumps playthrough of Phoenix Wright.

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Transferred 3/14-ish scenes into code and did some proofreading/troubleshooting. Took a couple hours initially (I started with 1.5 scenes), but I kept at it the rest of the day. Made sure the first dates were functional, as there's some jumping around to ensure a natural conversation flow. Researched more music to better illustrate atmosphere. Made enough progress to create a demo for my team members. :)

Got eyestrain again. :( But I took a rest and I'm feeling better. :)

I should be able to get this done, even if it's not perfect. I have SOMETHING written for every section of the story,  so now it's a matter of editing which I am much faster at.

Screenshots tomorrow, maybe? If my team gets back with me about some part they especially like, I'll snap a picture of that.


Managed to squeeze in some improved Angelo concept art before bed. :) Though now Sanga's the only one with the large head lol. Part of it can't be helped due to her square face shape, but I'll see what I can do to get everybody proportional.


Wrote four more pages, plus a looooooooootttttttttt of self-editing. Finally feel like the intro's quality is satisfactory. Downloaded some sound effects as well to give the game some life. 

I worked a lot on organizing the credits today, though I still have to ask my team if they want their real names or pseudonyms, and what titles they would like. :) If nothing else, I really, really want this game to be a good portfolio piece for everyone...

I love getting little options to boogie down. If it's still in the game on release, I won't be upset at all. :)