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Thank you for asking! Sorry I wasn’t clear in the update. Hello Boss will not be patreon-exclusive. The full and complete version will be available on Itch for non-patrons for free as was originally intended. The patreon option is for those who would like to play builds sooner as Steph and I complete routes and for early access to updates. Since Kou’s route is being worked on first, once I complete the CGs and other remaining assets for his route, patrons will be able to play that build. Then I’ll continue updating the build for patrons as Daisuke and Momo’s routes are completed.

Thank you again!

ahh yayy~ thanks so much for your comment! i'm glad you enjoyed it! as of right now, i have no plans to make this NSFW. 

i have thought about a NSFW DLC, but that's in the far future. if you like seeing these characters, i have drawn them a lot in the past! they're rly fun to draw hahaha. maybe i'll collect it all in an artbook. we'll see...

thank you for your interest!

AAAHH~ sobs thank you, bb~ i'm so glad you enjoyed it!! i love characters like masa! i'm glad you can relate to him too! i was worried he'd be unrelatable c':  also, i really appreciate flawed characters! they seem more real to me, so i'm glad you dig that! i'm excited to show how their relationships will develop with masa! 

as for the affection points, i think that's a great idea! i'll incorporate it somewhere xDD

EEE~ thanks again for sharing your thoughts! i'm excited to continue working on this when i can! Cx

!!! ahh~ THANK YOU SO MUCH!! i'm so happy you enjoyed it! im super excited to finally have this project out! i can't wait to continue working on it! UwU thank you for playing!

Hello! Thank you for your question! I'm Ari, the CG artist! Our first priority is to release the game for PC, Linux, and Mac. After that, we'll look into an Android or other platform release.

!!! THANK YOUUU!! i have been honing my skills c':

AAHHH~ thanks for always checking in! i apologize for not updating more frequently! now that i figured some things out, hopefully i'll be a little more consistent c:

!!! EEE I HEAR YOU~ YAAAHHH! so glad to see you're excited! UwU

awww~ thanks so much! chemistry was definitely not one of my faves. i put this game together to kinda force myself to study chemistry LOL. thanks so much for playing through the demo! i'm working on updating the art assets right now. c:

i hope you'll enjoy the complete version when i release it too! 

Hello! I'm Ari, the CG artist! Thanks for your interest! If more people would like a discord, Kalie and I will discuss it. For now, we only have a Ko-Fi page, a Twitter, and an Itch! 

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Hi! I'm Ari, the CG artist! Thank you for your interest! At this time, we don't have any plans to make a Patreon since we only work on this project on our spare time and when we're not working on our own personal projects/commissions. If there is more interest, Kalie and I will discuss it some more. 

If you're interested in supporting us by donating, we do have a Ko-Fi where we take doodle requests!

Thanks again! 

Hello! Thank you for your interest! The censored version of this 18+ only collab comic is free to read on Tapas! You can download the Tapas app to read it on your mobile device. Otherwise, please find a link in the description above.

hello! i'm ari, the sprite artist for this game

i have a macbook too! sometimes a window pops up that says, "cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified." but if that happens, i go into my System Preferences > Security & Privacy and hit the "Open Anyway" button. i'm able to access the game that way.

Hello! I'm Ari, the CG artist! At this time, we're unsure of a release date for the full game, but we'll be sure to update everyone on Itch and Twitter when we have a more solid answer! Thank you for your interest!

hello! thank you so much for checking in and for leaving a comment! I am currently still working on this game and I update about it sometimes on my Twitter @xxmissarichanxx ! Recently, I gave the boys and MC new sprites, and I’m redrawing some CGs. Thanks again and I hope you’re safe and healthy too! 🥰

Oh! Thank you so much! Downloading and running through the Itch app works! Cx

Hello! Playing on a macbook, but I'm not sure how to access it c':  The app won't open. Is there anything I can do?

oh! ok! so i downloaded from a safari browser last time, but this time i downloaded from chrome and got a ZIP file. i was able to open the ZIP file with the Archive Utility app.

sometimes a window pops up that says, "cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified." but if that happens, i go into my System Preferences > Security & Privacy and hit the "Open Anyway" button. i'm able to access the game that way.

try deleting the previous version and let me know if that works though!

hello! i'm ari, the cg artist! thanks for bringing this to our attention! i also use a mac and i just tested the download. when you download the [MAC] version, it shouldn't be a ZIP file. it should automatically download the application. in your download folder, you should find an application titled "HelloBoss".

please let me know if you're still having trouble! i'll try to help as best i can!

Thank you so much! We're so happy you enjoyed the experience so far! Thank you also for liking our characters~ We hope you'll look forward to wooing all the suitors~! 

!!! omg you remembered.... >:^)c 

Ah yes! That's my bad! I'm sorry! I was trying to upload the new demo, but I accidentally deleted the old build so I can't reupload it! If you don't mind waiting, the new demo with the new additions will be up shortly! Thank you so much for your interest!

Oops! That's my bad! I was trying to upload a new build, but I can't find the older one so I can't reupload it. I guess we'll just have to upload the new build... 

Thank you so much for your comment and your support though! We're so happy you enjoyed what you experienced so far, and we're glad you love the artwork and story! Please do look forward to more soon!

i think having a few key decisions would be a great idea, especially if the decisions lead to little treats like cute group events or conversations! c:

you could read shoujo manga with a male lead! might i suggest ore monogatari, kimi ni koishite ii desu ka, or DN-Angel

maybe other peeps have other suggestions too!

AHH~ OMG YES! thank you so much for remembering this vn! (it's ok... i got old sobs)

i'm so happy you like the changes i've made! i'm excited to continue working on it at my own pace. i hope you'll be able to play the complete version one day!

thank you also for your feedback! i agree with you about delinquent's route! i think it should definitely be harder to find him... i'll see if i can come up with something xDD

thank you very much for remembering me and my variety of different projects lol c: this really warms my heart <3 

hahaa, even when i had all the time in the world, it was still hard to write :''D i am learning to use outlines since they help keep me more organized. thank again so much for your kind words and support! it means a lot! it's definitely going to be free-to-play because i want people to appreciate and love chemistry as much as i do BAHAHA

ohh!! that's so sweet that you and your husband connected through chem/physics! i hope i can get the feeling of butterflies and teen romance right in my writing :''D i'm also glad you can relate to the characters! i put a little of myself in each of them xDD but basil is definitely one of those characters who annoy you at first, but then you'll come to adore cx

reading everyone's comments gives me power to finish these sprites!! thank you guys!

hello~ i'm ari, the sprite artist! thank you so much! i'm not very familiar with haikyuu characters, so i'm not sure i'd be able to do them justice if i drew them. but thanks again!

Hello! I'm Ari, the sprite artist and logo designer~ Thank you for liking my art style UwU I'll do my best to complete all the sprites and make them beautiful! c:

ahh~ hello~ thanks so much for playing through everyone's routes! i'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed every bit of it! all the boys have a special place in my heart, but i'm glad u like basil! i tend to overlook him sometimes, but he is a great character! he makes me laugh HAHA. also, i've been working on this  in my spare time! the writing is the hard part, but rest assured, this project is my baby so i plan to release it for sure!

thank you very much for your comment~ i really appreciate it! cx

Waaah~ Super proud and happy for you, Missy! Congratulations! I can't wait to play!! Hope you take some time for yourself before you start on your next big adventure!

hello~ ari here! i'm the sprite artist! in my experience, the save files don't get deleted unless the programmer writes a specific command to delete all save files from before. so as long as you download to the same computer, all the save files will be the same no matter how many times you download the game. c:

Hello! I'm Ari, the CG Artist! Thanks so much for your comment! I really love the music too! They're all so fun! All current tracks in the demo are from and are free for personal use! Because of the creative license restrictions, I am not allowed to link you directly to the tracks, but all the track titles are listed in our "Full Credits" link!

Thank you so much for your comment! I'm so glad you enjoyed it~ I'm working on a prequel and sequel, so hopefully they'll give the same vibes as this one. c:

Yeah! I received your sweet message on Tumblr and replied haha~ Thanks so much!

And of course! Just let me know! I look forward to working with you! cx

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!!!! YOUR BNHA OTOME IS SO CUTE!!! I'm the sprite artist for My Hero Dating Simulator! When I finish all the sprites for that game, do you want custom sprites too? BAHAHA -- sorry i just love BNHA so much :''D Lmk! Feel free to DM me!

Twitter @xxmissarichanxx | Instagram @xmacxart

GASP! Thank you, Akane~ I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I hope you were able to get past getting his shirt off! :^)c

GASP OMG!!! SO PROUD OF U! AND ALSO SUPER EXCITED!!! i can't wait for the full game~ c: i know you've been working so heard on this~ !! it's been so great following along your progress so far! wishing u and your team well as you wrap things up! 

me too... :^)c