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!!! thank u for always checking in and following along! it rly means a lot to me c': <3

Thank you for your comment! I'm glad the walkthrough helped and I'm happy you enjoyed the shoujo vibes along with the off-putting, creepy vibes.

I'm glad to hear you had a fun experience! Thank you again so much for your feedback! I hope you will enjoy the prequel as well.

Hello! Thank you for bringing to my attention. Would you mind attaching a screenshot? It'll help me see which part you're referring to as I don't believe or remember putting black text over a dark background.

Thank you for your question and your concern. "Teacher x Student Romance" is listed under the Content Warnings in the description on the game's main page because that content can make people uncomfortable. In a future update, I'll be sure to add the content warnings in the game itself as well.

The answer to your question may make you no less uncomfortable, and I don't think having that information will put your mind at ease because the Teacher-Student relationship between Spine and Apollo is still implied and present in the prequel.

Thank you so so much for checking out this game! I'm really happy you appreciate that detail in their hair! I don't think I can take credit for the idea though, since an artist I followed a long time ago used to also add sparkles and shapes into character's hair. I thought it was cute so I experimented a little with my characters too.

I hope you will enjoy the game and also have fun with your art!

No worries! There are no stupid questions. Your feedback helps me know what I can improve on! For example, you're not the only person who's had trouble with the custom name screen. This lets me know that I should add something to prompt the player to customize their name on that screen. Also, I should make the button to move on from that screen more clear as well. So thank you for your question! It's very helpful to me.

I'm glad you were able to figure it out yourself! It is, however, still on me to improve your experience, so I'll probably update the build to address minor flaws later. Thank you again!

Yup! There's a link to the Walkthrough under the "Translations" section on this page. I'll probably update some time later to add a downloadable PDF file of the walkthrough too. Thanks for playing!

Oh! I see the error you ran in to! I will try to fix it and update the current build some time soon. Thank you for bringing to my attention, and thank you also for your comment and for checking out the game!

Thank you so so much! I'll be updating with a walkthrough soon in case you wanted to make sure you got everything.

Hello! Yes! I've been working on a guide by replaying the game myself, and even though I created it, I forgot all the "cheats". This game is... difficult c'':   

I'll upload a walkthrough and update the game itself with some minor fixes and such soon. Thank you!

Hello! Thank you for your interest! Since I burned myself out trying to work on multiple projects at once, I decided to finish my other project, After-Party Chemistry, before I jump back to working on Hello, Boss!

If you like my art or my work, please consider supporting my other projects as well! A few characters in my other projects are characters in Hello, Boss! (particularly Kou and Momo)

LOL it definitely fits xDD makes for one wild ride hahaha

!!! aaaa~ thank u so much for playing and for your comment! i'm so glad you enjoyed the experience!

hello! thank u for ur interest! i'll eventually update the game with new art and complete the story, but for right now, this game is on hiatus. i'll pick it up again when i've completed all my other projects. please look forward to it!

!!! OMG LOL! no that is not normal xDD i, uh, don't know how to fix that, but let me look into it :''D i'm sorry!!!

awww~ thank you so much! i hope you'll enjoy any other projects i release in the future! cx

Hello! I think there may be four or five clicker mini games? They should all automatically pop up once you've selected a specific choice. I haven't touched the project since uploading the web browser version, so I can't remember off the top of my head. I'll edit my answer when I have the chance to look again. I've also been meaning to upload a walkthrough. I'll do that some time next year along with a general update for the game to make some improvements. Thank you for playing! I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Hello! Thank you for your question! I have a macbook, so I don't know if the "PC" version works. It is the most downloaded version of this project tho, so I can only assume that it works on microsoft.

!!! yayy! im glad you enjoyed it! i will probably update the game some time to be a little more clear on the clicking game part xDD thank u for playing! c:

LMAO that was my bad. I should prompt the player to click. I'll probably add that in at some point. glad i could help tho! cx

oh! apologies for the late reply! 

i know which one you're missing! when u start a new game and the first choice comes up, select "wait...". clicker mini games should appear. if you beat every single one, you should unlock the achievement.

!!! aaaa!! thank u so much for playing and sharing! i also love otome games w/ underlying stories! i enjoyed watching your let's play! i hope u will enjoy the rest of this story (and my other puns. i cackled at the "deer god" part)!

!!! yayy! i'm glad you enjoyed it! thank u so much for playing and for your comment~ cx

Thank you so much for the offer! While I'd love to have my games translated to others' native languages, I don't have a budget for it currently. If and when I do, I'll keep you in mind and reach out. Thank you again!

aww~ thanks so much! i'm happy u enjoyed it! cx

aaa yayy~ thank u for playing fbv! i hope u will enjoy this one too! c:

!!! thank you so much! i had a lot of fun revealing more lore and writing from momo's perspective. i'm glad you enjoyed it!!! i'm also happy everything tied in together well and that i got the atmosphere and feeling just right cx

thank you so much for playing! lmk if u still can't get the achievement! it could be a bug, and if so, i'll try to fix it c:

ahh~ yay! i'm so glad you enjoyed both despite playing this one first! i hope you'll also enjoy the third and final installment when i release it~

thank you for playing my visual novels and for your kind comment!

just wanna say, love how you call it a hitlist LOL. you're not wrong. 

Almost! Just setting up the game page. I'll upload the game itself on Halloween. 

Hello! Thanks for your interest! I'm a solodev currently working on my other visual novel project, After-Party Chemistry! When I finish that and Hello, Boss!, I'll get back to this project. Thank you again!

ohh yayy~ i'm so glad you enjoyed it! thanks so much for playing through! i wanted to try something different, and i'm happy to know it worked out well. (also, beau is truly a treasure xDD)

thank you again!

thanks so much for checking it out! i'm glad u get shoujo vibes from it! that's what i was going for xDD

i'm excited to (eventually) shed more light on momo's character! thank you again for your comment! c:

Hello! Thank you so much for playing and leaving feedback! I'll see what I can do about the amount of times the phrases appear during the dungeon crawl. I'm glad you enjoyed the experience so far, though! I'm excited to work on this again when I finish my other projects. Thank you very much~ cx

thank you for playing! steph and i are chipping away at it at our own pace c'': we hope to bring it to you all soon!

aww~ thank u for playing and checking back! time rly does go by fast xDD

also, yes! i'm the only person working on the game. i do all the writing, programming, artwork, etc. so development is rly slow c': thank u for ur patience tho!

sobs omg !!! thank you so so much! i was a senior in high school when i made this game. now im a baby adult HAHA c':

thank YOU for playing and remembering this game and characters! it has changed a lot over the years and so have we. it's growing with us lol.

this really warms my heart. thank you again! cx <3

ahhh~ thanks so much for playing and leaving a comment! im pretty excited about the full version too. it'll still be a while before i can get that to you, but i'm so happy to see you're enjoying each route!

i try to update every month at the end of the month for patrons and beginning of the new month for the public! thank u again for your support! cx