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!!! Oh my gosh~! Thank you so much for your kind words and comment! It really warms my heart. I'm sorry I've been on hiatus for so long.. So long that my art style has changed since I made the sprites for this game, ahaha... Congrats on getting that A in chem btw! It's a super tough course, so props to anyone who can ace all those exams and material.. I barely made a B in my AP Chem course and I got a C+ in college level chemistry LOL... So nothing really qualifies me to put the lessons together, but rest assured my "chem major" bf has got me covered on that front lmao. I'm Filipina too, so I really wanted to have some representation. It's not often I get to see strong female characters who have my skin tone and share my heritage. I'm so happy you like her and can relate to her on that level! Her best friend JC is also Filipino lol. Sid's my precious baby boy lmao. I'm glad you grew to like him (just like Marina)! And I'm so happy you like this friends and the other character's too! 

I'm so excited to start work on the routes and to bring this project to life! I've got some JUIIICYYY drama planned for each boy's route, and I'm glad I was able to convey suspense and each character's personality in my writing! I can't thank you enough for following along and for being with me through this journey! You've really empowered me to continue and to work hard to make this game really awesome. I hope when I release it you'll find the story fulfilling and amazing! Thank you again! I feel like there's not enough words for me to convey the warmth I feel and to convey my gratitude, but mahalo nui loa~! Cx <3

ahh~ thank you so much! i'm so happy you had fun with it, and i'm glad you think all the characters are likable. Cx i love beau's energy! he is pretty awesome hahah! thanks for leaving a comment~ i really appreciate it C: 


Hello! I didn't realize I still had the "Extras" button in the main menu. I'll have to address that in a future update. Unfortunately, there are no extras in the game. I don't plan on adding any or revisiting this project for a while for now, but if people really like it, I might extend the story or something. 

Thank you very much for your interest though! C:

thank you very much! lol, this goes out to all the peeps strugglin' with chem! :DD

Yes, of course! Thank you very much for asking! C:  Please let me know if you need anything from me.

Thank you for your support! Cx 

Sorry for the lack of updates since March about this game. I am working on the sprites though! C:

ahh~ thanks so much for the comment! i'm so happy you had fun with it all! cx 

Hello! Thanks so much for the feedback and comment! I’m making a list of all the corrections so I can update it for the final game. Thanks for letting me know! I’ll slap my chem consultant (my bf) around for telling me the wrong answer LOL. 

I’m also glad you enjoyed this demo. The first one was lacking quite a bit and was far from what I want the vn to be. This one more closely represents my vision. C: 

Yeah! I've been working on my projects on and off during school, but now that I'm done with school, I'm super excited to just work with people and develop my projects! C: 

Oh! This is cool! I didn't know this existed! 

Ollo~! I'm Ari! Nice to meet you! I'm a hobby artist and visual novel developer who uses Ren'Py! I work by myself to produce free visual novels and otome games! I have two completed visual novels (Froot Basket Valentine, Devious) and two that are ongoing development. My largest project right now is After-Party Chemistry! I also draw all my own graphics (sprites, character art, UI), and I'm practicing drawing backgrounds... I recently started working with other developers too as their sprite artist! 

Thanks so much! xDD

oh, hahaha. i don't mean to make people feel dumb, only to make chemistry more fun! :'DD but yes, chemistry was a nightmare-- even for the MC in this story ahaha... 

but thank you for your comment! i'm so glad you enjoyed the demo! Cx i hope you'll consider playing the final version when i release it C: , if not for the chemistry, for MC's savagery and one of my other cinnamon rolls. :DD

I'm so surprised at the large cast of characters and the amount of CGs! It's clear to see you put a lot of work into this and you did a very good job! You set the tone from the very beginning: a mysterious and strange murder. I like it very much! And the character designs, uniforms, world-building, backgrounds! I love them all! It really makes me feel I'm in a different, mystical place. 

In the future, I think a more noticeable and bigger button for the stats would be useful. It's a bit hard to see from the quick menu, and I always find myself checking my stats often when I choose an activity to participate in. 

All in all, I enjoyed the demo and I look forward to the final product! Can't wait to see what happens in the story and how it unfolds!

hello~ i love bnha and i like your idea for the game! i'd like to volunteer my services as a sprite artist for you! for FREEE~!!! it seems like you'll be taking development very slowly, which works for me! please let me know if you're interested! for now, i'll be following along with your development. good luck! Cx

Oh! No worries! You're not late to anything hahaha! I appreciate your comment~! 

I'm glad it gave you a laugh Cx It was supposed to be a gag game at first, but I really wanted to try something different. I'm also happy you liked the endings! 

I had a lot of fun writing Spine. I think deep down she's a lot like me in a way (hence the pineapple, bahaha). And yes! They are on the bathroom floor in those CGs, ehehe... Not very appealing or romantic to know that... ahaha so gross... ^_^;

Thank you very much for playing my game! Cx

hello~ i'm currently working on Demo 2.0, so i'll be sure to upload it as soon as I'm able! :DD thank you very much for your interest! Cx

Ooo~ I'm excited! I'm so in love with the game so far and I love your art style too! Good luck to you and your team! C:

wowie~ this looks so pretty! visually, it kinda reminds of hyper light drifter.

Oh I see! Ok! Please keep me posted on how everything's working! Thanks so much! C:

ohh~ thank you so much! yeah, i may have spent a little too much time on the game than some other things... hahahaa xDD

Hello! Thank you for getting back to me! Sorry about all the trouble. I'll try to replicate this bug and do some research into it. I'd just like to clarify: Did this occur after you had just downloaded the game and tried to open the application, or when you tried to load a save? 

In the mean time, if you don't mind and if you haven't already, could you try re-downloading to see if the bug occurs with the new version (v.1.1) as well? I'll continue working on the bug fix too. Thank you very much! C:

Hi hi! If you have any questions (unrelated to location requests), comments, or concerns, please place them here! Thank you! C:

Hello hello~ Please post your requests for locations on the island of Oahu here!

Yay! Oh m! Congrats~! Cx I hope loads more people are able to read this! It was so wonderful! :D 

oh no! if you could please show me a screenshot of the problem and let me know which one you downloaded for (windows, mac, etc.)? you shouldn't have to download Ren'Py to play, but i'm working on a bug fix update right now. hopefully it'll fix the problem. please look forward to it! thank you thank you! 

i also, only have a macbook so i mostly rely on friendly people like you to report bugs to me. thank you for bringing this to my attention! C:

oh! you know, i think that's an error on my end. when i made this game back in 2014, i messed with the script for the save and load menus. so the only way to load a save is from the main menu. 

so sorry about that! i'll fix it and make separate "save" and "load" buttons for the in-game menu. i'll update with the bug fix ASAP! thank you very much for bringing this to my attention! C: sorry again!

OH M~ the story is so precious and heartwarming! i fell in love with each character, especially Ellis! he just seems so relatable to me. i also really loved earning each CG! each moment felt very special. and, i must say, the music choice was a very nice touch! each piece set the mood for each scene! all in all, a great visual novel! i loved every bit of it! Cx

Ahh~ thank you so much for playing the game and for leaving a comment! I'm so happy you liked it C: 

oh wowie~ im flattered. i wish you well on your endeavors! don't let others sway you from what you want to do. hone your craft and work hard to be the person you want to become. C:

Oh! LOL! thank you very much!

yeah! i wanted a change of pace from the romance i'm currently writing. i thought in reality, if you really did forget things about yourself, you'd forget that the people around you also have lives that don't necessarily involve you. of course, some other parts of the game are unrealistic (hahaha), but i had a lot of fun writing all their routes. 

Oh! Sorry! What are you confused about? Is it the walkthrough or the comic? hahaha... 

:'D thank you so much! im so happy to hear that! hopefully i'll be able to make more games like this in the future~ Cx

LOL I loved your let's play! Thanks so much! Hahaha, I think people need a little more fruits in their lives xDD.

Thank you so much for playing! I'm so happy! It sounds like you had fun~ Cx

LOL congrats! I'd make more difficult questions, but reliving my chemistry days turns my brain to mush. HAHAHA.

BAHAHA! When I was studying for chem back in the day I thought this would be the coolest thing to do! I was in over my head though because, dang, this is a lot of work. I'd love extra help writing the educational segments because I am by no means a chemistry expert and I read over the stuff so many times just to make sure the info is correct. Plus writing the questions is like hard in itself even if they are "easy"... I'm considering my options though. Thank you for your input!

I'm really glad you love the vibrant style too! I hope it doesn't hurt too many eyes hahaha. I just want to make something people will love even if chemistry is a subject most people don't find much delight in. Chemistry is fun! I hope the final product of this game will convey that. 

I'm doing my best to update the demo to reflect my vision for the final game. This really is more of a hobby for me though, so I only work on it during my free time. I expect while I'm searching for employment I'll have some time to work on this as well, ahahaha... Such is the life of a recent grad... 

Thank you for your patience, support, and feedback! I really do appreciate it. C:

No worries! The game's been out for almost a month so I'll put up walkthroughs for each route soon! C:

Wowie~ I'm so glad you enjoyed it and that the endings were worth the read and wait. And thanks so much! The other games I have out here as of 5/2019 are demos for other projects I'm working on. APC! is my priority right now, but The Salaryman will follow soon after! Thanks so much for your interest! Cx

oh wow! i'm so glad it was able to help with chem! i'm pretty relieved and happy that i can start working on it again too. Cx im still on the fence about commissions, but maybe after i get a new demo of this game out, i'll do some. thanks for your interest! C: