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Thank you so much for your comment! I'm so glad you enjoyed it~ I'm working on a prequel and sequel, so hopefully they'll give the same vibes as this one. c:

Yeah! I received your sweet message on Tumblr and replied haha~ Thanks so much!

And of course! Just let me know! I look forward to working with you! cx

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!!!! YOUR BNHA OTOME IS SO CUTE!!! I'm the sprite artist for My Hero Dating Simulator! When I finish all the sprites for that game, do you want custom sprites too? BAHAHA -- sorry i just love BNHA so much :''D Lmk! Feel free to DM me!

Twitter @xxmissarichanxx | Instagram @xmacxart

GASP! Thank you, Akane~ I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I hope you were able to get past getting his shirt off! :^)c

GASP OMG!!! SO PROUD OF U! AND ALSO SUPER EXCITED!!! i can't wait for the full game~ c: i know you've been working so heard on this~ !! it's been so great following along your progress so far! wishing u and your team well as you wrap things up! 

me too... :^)c

WAAAAHHH OMG CONGRATS~ im so excited to play through the new demo!!! cx

Thank you very much for playing through and for your comment! As Kou's creator, I'm so happy you appreciate him as a character! I hope you look forward to his route too! We're also so happy you love our character designs! I also think Dai's gap tooth is unique and cute~

Regarding the "go back" option, I've added it to the quick menu on the textbox! It will be present in the Extended Demo! I'll also consider adding a "history" or "log" screen too!

We're so glad you're excited for the full game too! We can't wait to share it~

Thank you so much for your comment and for playing through the demo! We're so glad you like the MC! We're also happy you think the pacing and writing are done well!

Regarding the preferences screen, we've redone it so that all the preferences are on one screen instead of split up into several! It'll be present in the Extended Demo! As for the sliding animations, I'll look into speeding them up more or changing it.

We'll keep the "stuffy corporate atmosphere" in mind when we're selecting future tracks for the soundtrack! 

And regarding the screenshots issue: Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I wouldn't have thought to test that out. I'll make sure to fix it!

Thank you again so much for your feedback! It's very helpful! Cx  

I was kind of excited to get a chance to draw Dabi! But it's ok. Maybe I'll draw him anyway (but ten billion years later... orz)

Thanks for the updates as always! Hope you're well rested, safe, and healthy! 

LMAO i'm glad~ thank u so much for your comment! c:

Ahhh~ thank you so much for you feedback, Missy!

Kalie and I will reconsider the layout for the preferences menu! We'll also think about more sprite expressions/poses to bring the characters to life more! I hope you'll find the rest of the story and the way it unfolds satisfying/exciting too!

oh my lord, missy... im in love with jay... sobs 

ahh~ thanks so much! everyone's been working so hard and we're all doing our best! 

i hope you're well and safe!

Hello~ We're so glad you enjoyed the small sample we offered! 

Kazuo and Daisuke are Kalie's OCs and I really like Kazuo's personality too. It's fun to write his character! Also, as Kou's creator, I'm really glad you're interested in his route! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave some feedback and for playing through the demo! We hope you'll enjoy the whole story when it's ready too! 

Hello~! No need to apologize! Thank you so much for your feedback and criticisms! They're very helpful and we appreciate it so much! Kalie and I will reconsider some design choices in color palettes and we'll work on consistency between sprite and CG art too! 

I'd also like to thank you for your input on the font. As a visual novel, the dialogue and narration is important so I want to make sure you and anyone else can read it. Perhaps I can even look into programming font choices. I think Ren'Py can do something like that. If not, we'll try to choose a different sans serif font to keep the "office" vibe.

Also, we would love to have you onboard as a proofreader! Kalie and I, however, do not have funds to pay you so it's entirely volunteer-based. Please PM me @xxmissarichanxx on Twitter and I can give you more details about it if you're still interested! Since Kalie and I are both writers and artists for this project, our concern is consistency in both art and writing. We would be grateful for any help you can provide.

Sorry if I didn't address everything you've mentioned-- we still greatly appreciate the time you took to play and leave such great feedback! Everything you've mentioned and shared really helps and I hope we can make the necessary improvements to enhance yours and everyone's experience! Thank you again so very much for your comment and support!

Hello~ Thank you so much for you feedback! Even though you don't plan to follow the game to its full release, I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to play through and give some criticism. 

I'll reread through some dialogue and narration and think more about how those things would be said in Japanese, then I'll translate that to English. We'll also reconsider some of the icon choices for the navigation menu. 

Thank you again!

Ah~ Thanks so much for your great feedback! I'm so happy you've enjoyed it so far! 

To answer both your questions: 

I think releasing an extended demo with the third LI is a great idea! I'll ask what Kalie thinks!

And this game will be free! If you'd like to support us, however, Kalie and I do have separate Ko-Fi accounts and we both take art commissions sometimes!

Oh! I'm so excited Kuna! He looks beautiful and graceful even! Thanks for sharing! Good luck with the extended demo as well! I'm very much looking forward to it!

ahh~ thank u so much for playing! 

i meant for the end to feel open-ended and unresolved! tbh, i'm planning a prequel to this, so please look forward to it sometime in the future! hopefully it'll clear some things up c:

thanks so much for your comment and thank u again for playing~

ahh~ thank u so much for your comment and rating, and thank you also for playing~!!!

i'd been thinking about making a biology-focused one! but there are way more topics in bio than there are in chemistry. it's a lot to cover!!! we'll see tho. i do love biology a lot more than chemistry LOL.

yeah, mc has a very strong personality even when you choose "nice" or "kind" options haha... she tries... i hope you will enjoy her becoming softer and kinder in the full version tho! Cx

thank you again~ i really appreciate it! C:

thank you so much, kuna! cx <3 that really means a lot c:

OH MYY~ haha thank you so much for your comment and for playing through the demo! i appreciate and am blown away by your passion! it's been a LOOOONG time since i've taken a chemistry course, so the details like adding the phase states and what not have slipped my mind (oops haha). i'll keep this in mind for the future and edit that in for future lectures as well! i also don't mind your nitpicking! i welcome it and appreciate it! not a lot of people like chemistry, so it's nice to have someone so passionate about the subject enough to help me with the details xDD

i'm glad you liked the beef stew analogy! that's... actually how i learned it in high school LMAO so all the credit there goes to my high school chemistry teachers. my goal with the game was and is to make studying chemistry somewhat enjoyable and interesting, so i'm glad you're engaged with it so far! part of learning chemistry is learning how to navigate the periodic table and use your calculator, so there's no way i'm gonna take that experience away xDD

i agree with you! if marina puts in the time, she'd definitely be able to pass! and mr. k does seem kind of soft hahaa. he's relatively new at teaching, and i think new teachers would realistically struggle to find a balance between being strict and being friendly with students. i remember in high school, our teachers set up review sessions that were lecture style, but they also had a bunch of review packets where we did the questions and they went through the answers and whatnot.

for me, since i've been going back through old notes and watching khan academy videos to relearn chemistry, writing the lectures takes the most time, but it's relatively the easiest thing to add to the game. that's why i'm planning to implement them last. right now i'm planning to add each route one by one and im starting with sidney! i don't plan to release the full game until all routes are implemented and all chemistry mishaps and grammar mistakes are fixed and polished! to do that, i'll likely ask for volunteers who'd like to test the final version of the game before i release it. i hope you'll look forward to that and the final release!

i'm super happy and glad that you like the game! it's kinda quirky and unique in the visual novel market haha, so when i receive feedback like this, it warms my heart. C:

i'll do my best to make this as close to a chemistry class experience as possible, but i'd also like to make the questions simple and accessible to those who have not taken the advanced placement course. thus, i plan for all the quizzes and trivia to be general chemistry level and nothing *too* impossibly difficult (i remember some ridiculous and traumatizing questions from my time haha...)

thank you again so much! it means a lot, truly! 

Thanks so much for your rating and for this comment~ I'm so happy you enjoyed the game enough to play it multiple times and I'm glad you enjoy the characters too! Cx A prequel game is in the works and hopefully some questions will be answered. Please look forward to that one as well~ Thank you again <3 C:

Haha~ Of course! I was so excited to hear from you! Thanks again for offering and for translating~ Cx

Thank you so much for translating! I whipped up this quick doodle to announce the translation. Cx

i agree with touha~! i thought it was very interesting to choose bits of his past! i loved that aspect! i also really love scifi so seeing all the concept art of his mask and stuff is super cool! CONGRATS~!! and, of course, i'm excited for more from you in general. keep up the great work! :DD

oh man, this is happening. this is real. i'm excited. :'DD

oh my gosh~!!! what a beautiful piece! the colors and the movement on each page are so amazing!!! i love this so much~ C: 

Oh! Oops! I accidentally made it not available. Sorry about that! As a note, none of the new sprites and GUI depicted here are present in the demo. The demo available for download still uses Konett's free-to-use sprites. Thanks for you interest! C:

:'DD ahhh omg~ thank u!! thank u for the comment!! so happy i could convey the creepiness Cx 

Looks super pretty! Nice work! Cx Good luck! :DD

!!! Oh my gosh~! Thank you so much for your kind words and comment! It really warms my heart. I'm sorry I've been on hiatus for so long.. So long that my art style has changed since I made the sprites for this game, ahaha... Congrats on getting that A in chem btw! It's a super tough course, so props to anyone who can ace all those exams and material.. I barely made a B in my AP Chem course and I got a C+ in college level chemistry LOL... So nothing really qualifies me to put the lessons together, but rest assured my "chem major" bf has got me covered on that front lmao. I'm Filipina too, so I really wanted to have some representation. It's not often I get to see strong female characters who have my skin tone and share my heritage. I'm so happy you like her and can relate to her on that level! Her best friend JC is also Filipino lol. Sid's my precious baby boy lmao. I'm glad you grew to like him (just like Marina)! And I'm so happy you like this friends and the other character's too! 

I'm so excited to start work on the routes and to bring this project to life! I've got some JUIIICYYY drama planned for each boy's route, and I'm glad I was able to convey suspense and each character's personality in my writing! I can't thank you enough for following along and for being with me through this journey! You've really empowered me to continue and to work hard to make this game really awesome. I hope when I release it you'll find the story fulfilling and amazing! Thank you again! I feel like there's not enough words for me to convey the warmth I feel and to convey my gratitude, but mahalo nui loa~! Cx <3

ahh~ thank you so much! i'm so happy you had fun with it, and i'm glad you think all the characters are likable. Cx i love beau's energy! he is pretty awesome hahah! thanks for leaving a comment~ i really appreciate it C: 


Hello! I didn't realize I still had the "Extras" button in the main menu. I'll have to address that in a future update. Unfortunately, there are no extras in the game. I don't plan on adding any or revisiting this project for a while for now, but if people really like it, I might extend the story or something. 

Thank you very much for your interest though! C:

thank you very much! lol, this goes out to all the peeps strugglin' with chem! :DD

Yes, of course! Thank you very much for asking! C:  Please let me know if you need anything from me.

Thank you for your support! Cx 

Sorry for the lack of updates since March about this game. I am working on the sprites though! C:

ahh~ thanks so much for the comment! i'm so happy you had fun with it all! cx