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Check out, my purple Monk...Key!

Ohh, Oohh Ahhh Ahhh!

"Davis's Monkey Climbing" Hopefully, it will be out soon in a couple of weeks or months. So please wait patiently.

Thank you so much! MGC_Vlad! For playing my games. :D

Davis's Whack  Mole Game

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Thank you so much! I appreciate it! My fourth game in my new game dev pipeline is going to be Wack a Mole. However, I am updating my newly published games when I have a 5th game in the pipeline. Like Pinball, cannonball, Balloon pop, Wack a Mole, and Monkey rope climb. Right now, it's the Wack a Mole game I am working on.

These games are according to planning. But will update them soon. I need my first five games to be published.  Where my older games like Rewind Valley, The Holy Orange, and UrbanScape it on a major hold. Because I need more time, Experience, and money to make these games, for now, I need to make tons and tons of regular games in my arsenal library to make perfect Christian faith-based games. I will let the world know I will be updated on all five new games: Pinball, cannonball, Balloon pop, Wack a Mole, and Monkey rope climb.

Right now, it's just the Pinball, Cannonball, and Balloon Pop. :)

Right now I got to make tons of regular games in my library to make business. And it's ok if you are not Christian? I am not expecting anyone to be a believer like me? It's just I want to make faith-based games for my goldy self-fish reasons. Haha, But yeah.

Cool, you can use my game to make a video if you feel like it? 

Davis's Balloon Pop Mania Vol 1

RIght, right, I get it.

No problem :)

I guess.


I know there are some non-Christian's who like the idea's a concepts from Christianity. Like the 7 deadly sins or book writers like J.R.R. Tolkien like the Lord of the Rings series. I get. It shouldn't discourage anyone? My game dev university has the audacity to speak historical art pieces of Christian content, like the Western art history class. Even though the school is a polytheistic secular college, I am glad my university doesn't talk rubbish of anyone's faiths that has to do with art.

I get you. That should not separate a friendship relationship between religious people and non-religious people. But the 7 deadly sins are a concept borrowed for other beliefs like greek mythology to be aware of humanistic behavior of wrongdoings and deeds. And Anime shows.

I am looking forward to your work. Greet you the best for your games and business.

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Whatever works for you... Is fine with me. However, it's essential to get your games out there. Most importantly, games that are finished or very close to finished. Pitfalls will happen... Like my dad would always tell me when I have no money to fund my projects? He would tell me is "Use what you have."

It gives me goosebumps hearing that from my dad because it's the right humble low egotistic thing to do. :)

All is best for you and the games you are making. Happy Game dev! :)

No problem. I am a big fan of Christian Mythology of the 7 deadly sins. People can learn so much from dark human behaviors. One time my sister humiliated me finding out I have gluttony in my system. And that's when I found out sin, is not really a sin? But bad human behavior is disgusted as sin. O_O xD ;) Now I can't go back anymore to my old ways? Now things are unseen in the human eye. Once people know bad human behavior is a sin anyhow.  🤷‍♂️

A small pinball game I made for my game dev portfolio called: Davis's Pinball Mania vol 1 Web edition

Davis's Pinball Mania Vol 1 Web Edition

Check out my new lastest game: Davis's Pinball Mania vol 1 web edition

Very challenging for a first game. Pretty good. :)

I picked the purple one. Such a sad ending! :'( James was right! xD

Awesome work you did here! I like that all 3 assets are all made by you. I give you 5 stars and a vote for that. ^-^

Really nice! I also looked at the weapons as well. Nicely handcrafted probably in Photoshop. 😄 👏 Plus the 3 assets you are selling, are made by you. That means you own your stuff you have work one. Excellent.

No Problem, Fuggy! All is best for you and your team's game dev journey! I am surprised I saw a few developers by one dev make way enhance the game? The game's like Ruin Valley, my opinion is sometimes to downsize a team of people, so you and your team really game a very enhanced playable game, thanks not even clunky? I don't know? But at least you got a finished game out there in the mass market like Itch. That's a good thing. :)

Yeah, I just saw you put out another music album. Something about sad Panio music. You remind me of one of my family members who use to work on crafting pieces of jewelry for sale. Now she is in Tennessee making videos about her working on her garden. I am kind of doing the same but only with game dev. I guess it's called entrepreneurship? xD But yeah, all is best for your game dev ventures Fictium! :)

Haha! xD It's ok your good!

I am not much of a gamer. But more of a game developer. It was sweet playing with the box controller, It played well on my laptop. The controls are a little bit clunky. There was a glitch where the character position glitched on the x-axis by I think 3 or 5 units to the right. And I fell on the spikes and died. xD.

I think you guys can really get away with pixelated animation than 3D models? I don't know? It was done in 8 weeks? At least you guys got something made for your portfolio. 

4 stars

Ohh... It's a starter pack... Now I know why the music sound like it be made for a rushed medieval game in game dev. I followed you, rated your work, and commented on one of your videos. Because of the scam commenters sending out fake links. >.< Hopefully you will delete the scammer on one of your videos by then. And I voted up your post. :)

You are Welcome, Nice, that's good that you are planning ahead. Tackle one thing at a time. And put those bad boys to sale. haha

I don't know?...I am scared to download something that does not give us users or players a game set-up the installer. I will be waiting until somebody got this game really installed. Or have it has to have a Unity or Unreal build with the game icon.

I don't know? I just wait a little longer until something good happens from someone else who tried your game build? I am used to builds with instant folders from Unity or Unreal. I think you made it too complex? :'( Or do you just have a personal pref how you build your games? xD I am just sharing my thought because I think like the other folks who didn't even vote or comment on this subject?

Who did not say anything at all? And I am the guy who has to at least say something, to be honest. ^^' You can do it! xD

Don't worry everyone's first games suck. Even mines. This game looks like you used a lot of borrowed assets that need to still be modified by you. So players and games won't know the difference. ;) I don't know? It's just me. I am a very complicated picky guy.

Since I like your putting yourself out there. You get a subscription on this topic and a follow. Cheers. All is best for your game dev ventures!

Nice! Imagine all that time the pixel devs can have when buying pixel assets. Like these assets you made will have so much time saved for making assets in a scratch pixel canvas editor. @ - @  All is best for you and your game dev venture. :)

Wow, this game is pretty good. There is always something new when the player progresses further throughout the game. I like it! I put this in my interest collection.

It's kind of funny how I was thinking of creating a purple-haired character for my Rewind Valley Mythology. Awesome job you did for your game. I love it 5 stars.

It's time for me to step up my games as well. xD ;)

I too was thinking of a purple-haired Character for my Mythology!  : O But your good! ;) xD I appreciate it when people borrow ideas from other people without notice. xD I will take look at your game dev portfolio. :)


What a sad story. TToTT

Now that's what I am talking about. Make small games with a story like its small piece of art.

Hey guys! The name is Davis, I am a game Developer...

I m looking for a team of 7 game Devs who can help me for free. Making AAA Christian and AAA Regular games for my gameplay portfolio. During my college free-time.

For now, I want my games to be micro size games so I have something to enjoy and play for the team and me.

Unrealistically speaking I want my games to keep remastering, revamping, and updating until. The team and I end up to the matrix of the worlds we all had made for ourselves... Know anyone who wants to help?

Damn this is some cat-nip stuff going on here. I love it absolutely. 😁😺

Hey guys Davis here from Grounded 2.0. I just want to I will always be making them good Christian games on itch. I've been here on itch for 3 years. Blissfully I made my first sale. Please educate me to be good lad professional indie game dev. I now know what I want do as a game dev. and give you a intro. Cheers

Np :)

That was fun!

Your welcome. If you need help in you game I can help. You game needs work. But don't forget this project is a product of praise and worship! Use what you have. And be grateful what you have. :) Keep publishing more games! It's getting a little creepy to stay with one major IP? ;) xD Good stuff by the way.

Your game needs a app Icon, a in-game screen res options, and no screen size dialog box when opening the game app. From first sight that comes to my mind is skipping the story. That was a good thing. Because I want to know the story later before playing the game.

Awesome stuff bro! I will buy the game soon. It's close to 5 bucks. :)