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Play my Game / Games for Youtubers (May 2020) Sticky

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Due to a recent overwhelming number of topics in General Discussion that all ultimately share the same goal, we've decided to set up one sticky topic for this purpose and archive the rest. Please note that this isn't directed at anyone - if your topic was closed, we're only cleaning the subcategory of duplicates. From this point on, please avoid opening any more topics like this and instead post here, but please make sure to read the following brief rules before posting.

Once a month we will be opening a new sticky topic like this to keep things fresh.

For game devs:

  • If you are looking to promote your game, feel free to do so here but only once per a monthly topic 
  • When posting, please include the following: game title, short description or tagline, one screenshot and the link to the game page

For Youtubers:

  • If you are looking for games to play on your Youtube channel, please use this topic instead of creating a new one
  • If you are looking to promote your channel, please only do so by replying with a video to a game posted in this topic
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Since I'm getting pretty far into my game's development stage and want more reviews, I've decided to put up this play-for-play thread where you can submit your games for me to play and review if you play my game! However, I will not play games with violence or language in it, so please avoid submitting games that have those in it.

Getting past the disclaimer, here's the link to my game: Direct Ascent is a vertical endless runner. Choose from a large selection of real-life rockets, including the Space Shuttle, Saturn V, and Falcon Heavy. Get a high score and collect lots of money so that if an asteroid, comet or something else blows up your rocket, you can buy a new one and continue your run through multiple levels featuring differently themed obstacles.



Anyway, click on the link to play my game, and I'll play yours!


A Manga and Lovecraft Inspired game by Virtua Worlds

My Daughter Is A Cultist!
You ok sweetie?


Hello there!!


Iridium is a mix of endless runner and a racing game! It's easy to learn with extremely simple controls and fun to play! Play it now!!

What do I do in the game?

Well Iridium offers three modes to the players - Imppossible mode, Levels and Multiplayer! In Impossible mode you have only 1 chance, go as ahead as possible and beat the highscore! Also it offers coins that you can collect to customize  the player!

Levels are basically races, races with opponents and races with time! Its easy in beginning but gets on harder. How many levels can you pass?

Multiplayer, you race against another player! Use WASD or Arrow keys to move

How many levels can you beat! And what highscore do you have?? Play it now!


Does this thread even help??

I haven't got any YouTuber contacting me about my game?? Is this thread helpful??


I'm not sure. I have the position of first post and I haven't gotten anything.


Same. With over a hundred views on this topic, you'd think there be some action...


Exactly there is no promotion of our games what can we do anyways:(

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The thread was made to centralize the comments of users who wanted them to play the games presented by their creators, to avoid oversaturation of very equal threads. And since a day has passed after that, it hasn't given the same result as when it was decentralized.


yes thats totally true
no youtuber is even replying here


I think the problem is is that people are seeing the thread and are just like, "Ooh! I can post something here and then someone will play my game!" and completely ignore all the other people who have posted on this thread.


Maybe there could be a rule that you can only promote your game if you've played someone else's game. I think that's a good compromise.

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Definitely, but it should be limited to whatever page your on. Otherwise, there would be hundreds of games and most developers will be drowned out.

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However, this is only for a month.  So, I doubt they would make any major changes...

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Hi there. I present the following project:

Randy & Manilla

Randy & Manilla is a game where is discovered a mysterious quantum cyber-universe hosted by Net-Cubes that contain virtual worlds with various genres of games. A strange kind of virtual environment with the inspiration of Wreck-It Ralph in a later post-apocalyptic era to Ready Player One.

2nd alpha version available for download & play:

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Hello world! Here is the first game I've ever released. GeoSpace, is a cross between Space Invaders and Breakout. Can you keep your ship safe as you fly through an enemy fleet? Lets find out! 

GeoSpace - For Windows and Android.


You wake up in what looks like an old abandon mine.  Across from you is the gate that will set you free but it’s locked.  Will you be able free your self or will your soul be swallowed by what hunts the mine?


Introducing Hole Punch, an action platformer where you can cut up the environment by dashing through it!

If you play it on Youtube, please let me know, I'd love to watch! =)

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Play the new idea of candy game ( Candy Face ).my new game need for your support.

download here: Candy Face

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If anyone here is into Soulslike action games, and has access to an Xbox controller:

Steampunk Lincoln is a game I've been working on in my spare time for the past two or so years. My background is as a 3D Artist and Game Developer, and this game was inspired by titles such as Dark Souls and Steamworld Dig.  The game has a focus on hefty, satisfying melee combat, as well as light exploration.

The Prologue I launched on is a brief introduction showcasing the first area of the game, meant to demonstrate the game's core mechanics, including its Combat, Enemy Design, and Level Design.  If you have a Youtube / Twitch channel send me a link, I'd love to see your playthrough. Would also be happy to hear your feedback / thoughts on the game.

Vincent: The Secret of Myers

Five years have passed since the infamous G4 Cyborg Incident plagued Myers Corporation. With the corporation now being bankrupted, the once busy G4 district is slowly decaying. You awake inside a mysterious mansion with only a Myers employee card in your pocket. Who are you? How did you end up here? And what does Myers Corporation have to do with any of it?

Investigate Myers Corporation and dig up dark truths that were probably better left forgotten. Solve puzzles, explore, and survive as you learn about the dark secrets held inside the decommissioned facility. Will you be clever enough to make sense out of your situation, or will you disappear just like the rest?

Download Link:

The Bunny Hill Horror [Visual Novel Adventure]

SFW Version

NSFW Version

Both free to download/ Play in Browser  

You have a problem: you're out of work, and the government is threatening to cut off your benefits. Don't worry- Oswald Mandias will help you. He'll help everybody. Once his dreams of resurrecting an ancient kingdom are realised, nobody will be spared his benevolence.

In this visual novel adventure, you must outwit drugged-up zombies, genetically modified monstrosities, seductive sisters and one very sadistic secretary, in order to prevent a dark and terrifying future for mankind. Oh, and get to the pub quiz in time because your mate Dave won't stop nagging you about it.

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ODGŁOS - a stop-motion journey that explores the history of experimental music

Come along on a journey with a small owl looking for her lost friends in other dimensions! Followed by a shape-shifting snake, she has to get to the Polish Radio Experimental Studio that holds control over the universe.

The game and story design process emerges from experimental ways of creating music developed by Polish Radio Experimental Studio. All the sounds used in the game were sourced from compositions made at PRES by Krzysztof Knittel, Elżbieta Sikora and Ryszard Szeremeta.

Check it out especially if you're interested in the history of early electronic music and how it developed in the Soviet Bloc. You'll need 15-30 minutes of spare time, a web browser and headphones :)


What's behind the door? COMMENT!!!! //


Help me escape my worst nightmare //


Autumn's Change is a first person, dream-like game about a girl who has been having strange dreams and feels like she should go to a specific house.  She's also been feeling strange lately and she doesn't know why.



In 1991 a young Floridian couple goes missing while hiking.  After weeks of intense searching an individual living near the hikers missing area was the only suspect.  The individual was interrogated and his home searched but no clues to the disappearance of the hikers were found by the investigators so he was released.  Until this day no further information is knows of the missing hikers.

so many days have passed and no youtuber has responded
Is this useful


I preferred it like it was before: a youtuber seeks games and posts here, never mind if there are more threads than one. You know who the youtuber is and can see his site. You decide if you want your game there. Now it's a place to advertise your game, but you don't know if some YTuber sees it and you don't know for which channel.


This May thread has been a failure by the centralizationThe only way left is for us to test each own other games.

the thing is marketing is very important for a game but now with this thread not very helpful how should we promote our games!


Nope. With no requirements of posting, and people just going straight to the bottom of the page and posting their game, I'd say that this attempt to centralize Play my Game posts has been a total failure.


Then we would have to report to the moderator for not enforcing the objective of this thread.


I know. I think that the best course of action would be to just not have this centralized thread

But we would have again the oversaturation problem by decentralizing it, and the vicious circle of centralization would be repeated to be avoided and without result.