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I've been playing the Steam version, and it's interesting and engaging, but I've also managed to get myself apparently permanently stuck. If you try to quit while playing the roulette in the casino (and not just when the game is actually running,) when you start the game up again, the wisps won't be flashing, but the host won't let you leave, and the button won't do anything if you press it. As far as I can tell, there's no way to progress from here, so the only way I can get out would be to start a new game and abandon my save file, which I'm pretty reluctant to do by this point.

I'm in discussions with a promising candidate right now, but before moving forward with the KS, we're waiting for her to complete a test commission of content from the game. That way in addition to getting a sense for what she's like to work with in practice, we can also calibrate deadline expectations around the pace of completion.

That's odd. Does the game play properly from beyond that point? All of those labels are image names, rather than switches, so my first thought for what might be going on here is it not finding them in the database. If they all display properly, I'm not sure what would be going on, and they certainly seem to in other versions of the game.

Do you have a screenshot of this you could share? This is the first report I've gotten of this, and I may have to call on someone else who actually runs linux to help figure out the underlying issue here.

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Amber's name color being the odd one out was actually intended. It breaks the pattern of following the characters' color themes, unless you take it in terms of her natural hair color. I've considered changing it for ease of recognition, but I know some players have enjoyed making the connection when that element of her character is revealed.

The fact that black and gray don't lend themselves to great visibility in the interface was also a consideration in not changing it, but her apparent breaking of the pattern was something I'd had in mind since before the interface art was designed.

Complex Relations

Hey,  I'm working on a visual novel, Complex Relations: A Summer Romance for Three.

Complex Relations is a visual novel in three perspectives, with the narrative switching between three different viewpoint characters at both predetermined and player-selected junctures. The game is partly an attempt to create a romance where all the participants are fleshed out characters, instead of throwing lovingly crafted waifus/husbandos at a cardboard cutout player proxy, partly an attempt to explore explicit sexual content as an art form, without a "whatever, it's just porn" approach, and very much an attempt to synthesize the sorts of things I enjoy and want to see more of in visual novels.

Please note that the demo does contain NSFW content. I'm happy to have more people checking it out, but please be aware of that in case you're interested in streaming it in a video which could be taken down or demonetized.

The latter.  Complex Relations uses layered images for the sprites, which makes it possible to compose sprites out of a collection of options for each feature and not have millions of full sprite images in the database. That's part of Ren'Py's basic feature set, but it's enough legwork to set up that it's no wonder that a lot of devs don't bother to use it.

Thanks for your input.  Yes, the same color theming that's already used elsewhere in the game.

Unless I'm misunderstanding what you're suggesting, that's already the case in the current build of the game. Some scenes are locked to a single perspective, and you can use the skip read text function to skip those regardless of which character perspectives you've chosen in other scenes.

By only previously viewed lines, do you mean skipping any lines of dialogue which are the same as in other character perspective versions of the scene which the player has already viewed?

I don't think there's any simple way to implement that, but because the scenes are interspersed through with internal monologue the player wouldn't have seen before, they'd only be skipping a few lines at a time anyway.