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Thank you! Good job finding the easter egg!

    • Go into hard mode
    • Start running to the right
    • Jump before the high jump to make a U-turn
    • Start running to the left
    • Jump over the wall at the start


    The music used is from Fate/stay night (Realta Nua) Soundtrack Reproduction.

    I'm always impressed by your work, and this one is no exception.
    The map looks really good!  So relaxing to travel around the globe...
    Well done!

    Ouais, j'y ai pensé (j'utilise un clavier qwerty en plus !). C'est juste que la position de la main pour VBN est vraiment inconfortable je trouve. SDF, DFG ou ERT serait peut-être un bon compromis.

    Concept simple mais efficace ! La présentation est vraiment réussie je trouve, surtout niveau interface et animations. Le gameplay marche bien lui aussi, assez bon game feel avec le screen shake notamment. Pas mal de patterns différents pour un jeu de jam !

    Sinon, je pense que le choix des touches n'est pas le plus judicieux, AZE ou WXC me semblent plus adaptés et standards.

    Did you succeed? I tried a few times just now, it seems quite difficult

    Yeah, definitely a bug haha

    Thanks man! I'm actually working on another Fate fangame, is there anything you'd like to see in there?








    Very impressive for a Game Jam entry, many games, really polished and fun. Well done!

    S W O R D S



    Thank you for the kind words! Unfortunately, you arrived at the end of the game: we didn't have time to set a proper ending screen. Good job reaching the end!

    Thanks for playing!
    I think you're right, controller is more precise than WASD. Changing some of the "slingshot" angles or the camera angle should fix this. If we update the game, we will definitely work on this issue!

    It feels really polished for a Game Jam game! I love the art style and animations. Also, the gameplay is quite interesting and gets difficulty rather quickly. A very good entry!

    Excellent. The gameplay fits the theme really well and it's fun to gather more and more "gangster boys". Also, I have to say the japanese dub is hilarious haha. Really well done!

    Pretty good entry! I really like the level design and the increasing difficulty. I didn't expect much at first but the levels got really interesting as I progressed, a pleasant surprise!

    Fun little game with cute visuals! I like the hat mechanics, pretty cool. I couldn't get past the snail level, though.

    Very good entry, I love the visuals and music, both fit very well. The concept is quite interesting as well, I would love to see more of this!

    Interesting game idea! You should really add the controls in the game description, it would help the next players.

    Good idea, but the rope mechanic didn't work well for me, unfortunately. It's still interesting and fun!

    I completed the maze, yay! Cool concept, but I would like to see it more fleshed out.

    Thank you for the kind words! I think I agree with you on this one, this part can be a bit demotivating. If we update the game after the jam, we'll change it.

    Hello, thanks for playing and sorry about that! You played the Windows or Linux version right? Unfortunately, we could only fix this bug on the WebGL version, not enough time.

    For a first game jam, it's pretty cool already! The increasing difficulty of the levels was nice. 

    Interesting concept. Each character has a unique environment and music, it looks and sounds pretty cool!

    Vachement sympa comme idée pour "joined together" ! Très cool graphiquement et au niveau sonore

    Very good looking game! I must say I didn't really get the "joined together" thing at the start, but after playing a second time I got it, interesting take!

    Very cool concept, linking inputs to others actions is pretty interesting. I would love to see this with even more "outputs"!

    Cool idea to talk about the friends you make online. Also, I liked the ending music!

    Cool idea, the last level used the mechanics well.

    Pretty fun game and quite difficult! I really liked the music