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Thank you for the kind words! Unfortunately, you arrived at the end of the game: we didn't have time to set a proper ending screen. Good job reaching the end!

Thanks for playing!
I think you're right, controller is more precise than WASD. Changing some of the "slingshot" angles or the camera angle should fix this. If we update the game, we will definitely work on this issue!

It feels really polished for a Game Jam game! I love the art style and animations. Also, the gameplay is quite interesting and gets difficulty rather quickly. A very good entry!

Excellent. The gameplay fits the theme really well and it's fun to gather more and more "gangster boys". Also, I have to say the japanese dub is hilarious haha. Really well done!

Pretty good entry! I really like the level design and the increasing difficulty. I didn't expect much at first but the levels got really interesting as I progressed, a pleasant surprise!

Fun little game with cute visuals! I like the hat mechanics, pretty cool. I couldn't get past the snail level, though.

Very good entry, I love the visuals and music, both fit very well. The concept is quite interesting as well, I would love to see more of this!

Interesting game idea! You should really add the controls in the game description, it would help the next players.

Good idea, but the rope mechanic didn't work well for me, unfortunately. It's still interesting and fun!

I completed the maze, yay! Cool concept, but I would like to see it more fleshed out.

Thank you for the kind words! I think I agree with you on this one, this part can be a bit demotivating. If we update the game after the jam, we'll change it.

Hello, thanks for playing and sorry about that! You played the Windows or Linux version right? Unfortunately, we could only fix this bug on the WebGL version, not enough time.

For a first game jam, it's pretty cool already! The increasing difficulty of the levels was nice. 

Interesting concept. Each character has a unique environment and music, it looks and sounds pretty cool!

Vachement sympa comme idée pour "joined together" ! Très cool graphiquement et au niveau sonore

Very good looking game! I must say I didn't really get the "joined together" thing at the start, but after playing a second time I got it, interesting take!

Very cool concept, linking inputs to others actions is pretty interesting. I would love to see this with even more "outputs"!

Cool idea to talk about the friends you make online. Also, I liked the ending music!

Cool idea, the last level used the mechanics well.

Pretty fun game and quite difficult! I really liked the music

Pretty fun game overall,  the concept is quite funny! I liked the fact you can retrieve parts of your "body" to heal.

Really liked this one! I would love to play a new tower-defense game from you.

The tags Score Attack and High Score feel really similar to me. Maybe they should be merged? Or, at least, the difference should be clear.

Congratulations! Thanks for playing!!

Hello Vlad, thank you very much for your feedback and your video! Nice ranking!

Hi everyone, just released Block Arena this week-end.

It's a top-down shooter where you have to survive against... blocks that try to squash you. Also, there's an online leaderboard, so, try to reach the top! Hope you will enjoy!

Pas mal l'idée, j'aime beaucoup la direction artistique aussi !
Le mieux reste les aboiements du chien xD hahaha 


Pas mal ! Ca marche assez bien pour un jeu avec un bouton et la présentation est plutôt propre ! Petit feedback, j'avais pas compris au début qu'on pouvait rester appuyé sur la touche "Espace" pour faire un gros tir et passer l'écran titre.  J'étais un peu perdu xD

Overall good entry with solid graphics, sound design and an interesting take on the theme "Stuck in a loop". Well done!

Sympa comme idée, le style Game & Watch et Cuphead se marient vraiment bien ensemble !  Aussi, ça marche étonnement bien sur mobile. Bon boulot !

Really good entry with good level design.Also, the difficulty curve was very well done. Congratulations!

The mechanic was fun. I liked the sound design / audio which really helped to get the rythm of the laser. Some levels were hard but I could the reach "the end". Also, you shouldn't say "this game is bad" because I and others found it pretty good, actually! Anyway, good job!

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Cool game, I like the way you used the theme! Especially funny with the "cop" towers. Well done!

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Thank you for this very heart-warming comment, I really mean it. I'm glad you appreciated the concept of the game and the execution. 

As for the tutorial, it's definitely something the game lacks of. I regret not being able to implement on-screen controls and some slight tutorial before the end of the jam. Also, we should have removed the need to press a key to activate the green circle.You should be able to play with the keyboard as well. Unfortunately, you can only use arrow key and not WASD, because we forgot to add it.  In my opinion, the game is a bit better with a controller.

Thanks again! I hope we will be able to deliver a "more finished" version of the game that you can enjoy even more!

Great atsmosphere, great sound design and graphics. One of the best "Presentation" of all the games I played. Good job!

Nice one! It feels really polished. Good tutorial, good level design, good graphics. Everything felt right! Very good entry.

Thank you for your thorough review! As we said before, level 8 and 9 have been unfortunately swapped. Level 9 would have been better to introduce this mechanic. Your idea about the first level is good: it would teach the player how to drift in a safe space. As for level 10, it is one of our favorite level. I personally really like the fact that multiple paths are possible to get to the finish line. This one was designed by Devskil, so, shout-out to him!

Anyway, thank you again for playing!

Good graphic style and good idea. The levels are well designed.

I have updated the description of the game: there is now a sentence and an image t explaining how they work. I hope it helps!