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Bonsoir et un grand merci pour ce message qui fait chaud au coeur.

Ce jeu est le premier, souffre peut-être de quelques petites lacunes mais chaque critique constructive de ce genre me permettent personnellement de pouvoir m'améliorer pour la suite en cas de second jeu futur.

C'est vraiment gentil de votre part et heureux que vous ayez passé un bon moment sur 3 GEEKS !



Thank you for your test :)


Thank you for these comments.

Yes the humor is very frenchie but that does not stop to take pleasure in playing, with humor and especially to solve puzzles.
Thank you for your return on 3 Geeks

Thank you very much for this nice message! :)
Currently the game is only available on Windows (full version and demo) because it was realized on the AGS wetness which proposes a compilation under Linux which is in phase of test and which is not yet confirmed operational. But if you have Linux and you would like to test if this game works correctly on your version, the beta demo for Linux is already available:

If you download it and the demo works correctly (correct graphics and above all its operational sound, I invite you to report it to me by giving me your impressions at the same time on the game itself)

thank you beforehand !

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Hello all !

I present you my post-nuclear point and click adventure in which you control three neurotic geeks who've escaped from a madhouse...




Rodolphe Wallace, a 30-year-old unemployed inventor, finds himself plunged into a crazy and incredible adventure with his two friends: Cyprien Karanoff, a neurotic neat-freak; and Luc Vega, a bipolar, impulsive geek with only four seconds of active memory.

To escape from the madhouse in which they've been locked up for a year, the three companions hide aboard a space shuttle that sends them into orbit around Earth, allowing them to avoid a nuclear apocalypse caused by Nathanael, a maniac who wanted to avenge his goat who died from human pollution.

Five years later, the shuttle automatically returns to the partially irradiated Earth and deposits the three madmen in a desert near a post-nuclear town called Ragoon City. And then the adventure really begins...


-Go on an exciting adventure with crazy characters (references to French cult comedies unavoidable).

-Control three characters who have very different personalities: a pretentious, grumpy, unemployed inventor; a neurotic, germophobic chemist with tics; and a bipolar, impulsive geek with only four seconds of active memory. -Solve balanced puzzles, neither too difficult nor too easy. Your notebook will help you keep track of your objectives.

-An easy-to-use interface lets you save the game anytime and configure the game options.

-Four chapters with at least six hours of gameplay, depending on your experience with point-and-click adventure games.

-Neat, cartoon-y graphics and a plot that will make you want to keep on playing.

-HD graphics and options for other resolutions. Play full screen or windowed.

-A humorous point-and-click adventure reminiscent of Day of the Tentacle and Monkey Island but with the French touch from Adipson Studio.

-Game available for Windows in French (default version) and English.

PC configuration:


◦ Operating system: Windows XP or higher
◦ Processor: Pentium or higher
◦ RAM: 1 GB of memory
◦ Graphics: 1280 x 720 - 32 bits
◦ DirectX: Version 9.0
◦ Disk space: 700 M° of free hard disk space


◦ Operating system: Windows 7 or higher
◦ Processor: 1 Gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
◦ RAM: 2 GB of memory
◦ Graphics: 1280 x 720 - 64 bits ◦ DirectX: Version 9.0
◦ Disk space: 2 GB of free hard disk space


Ha ok ! Thanks you for your help !

Have a nice day !


It's been more than 10 hours and yet my game at link doesn't seem to show up in the site when I search for it.

I got the e-mail notifying that the game is published 

I published but still it isn't showing up in the search.

Did I miss something to do ?  Thanks you !!!