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W game

I'm not quite sure how to play this, as there doesnt seem to be anything to play or any information other than a link to the dicord server in here.

I wasn't sure what else to mark it as, so I put this as a bug

In its current state, the API isn't very accessible or feasible for almost any games at all, due to one simple reason: Ajax requests to are blocked, as it does not have an Access-Control-Allow-Origin header. As such, games and apps that wish to use the API are prevented from doing so, as accessing (and consequently sending) data is not permitted by API's setup

Helltaker is the best.

Good game but a little difficult. Otherwise, really good


Be more specific - what roles, age, accent, etcetera, voice actors do you need

Microsoft Store games, including Xbox One, Xbox Series, Windows 10, and Windows Mobile games can already be linked to in your game. The other ones are good suggestions. However, I find it unlikely that adds linking to GOG or GMG.

I was gonna let you know on the Discord, but you left so oh well. There are quite a few tools for migrating Flash content to work once Flash is shutdown. Havent tried it but its worth a shot

The fact you just called yourself generous makes it clear you're probably not doing it out of generosity or humbleness.

Thanks for taking a look at my game!

Starting in grade 3 my parent put me in game programming summer camps where we would use Scratch and occasionally RPG Maker, and I found that really fun to do. In grade 6 I went to one of the summer camps and made a game in Game Maker Studio 1.4 that I was really proud of called 'Shooter' (wow. how original of a name.). I decided to post the game on GameJolt to see if I could get any plays, and I got a few plays but not any to be even close to considered a success. After a while I decided to see if I could expand the game to more platforms, and discovered which let me sell games there. At the time I didn't have a Game Maker Studio license and just used the one the camp had, so when I decided to make more games it was difficult since I didn't have an engine. I ended up using Scratch to make games (I unfortunately couldn't distribute them) and just posting them on the community shared pages. I found it quite a bit limiting, but it was fine. Eventually in Grade 8 I tried out Construct 2 and really loved it, so I decided to buy a license to it so I could continue to make games. My first game in Construct 2 was called LightQuest and was very simplistic, but used a cool feature I had found in the C2 engine (I released a modern version of the game a few years later on After that I started to get more in-depth with the community and got interested in making PC, console, and mobile games.

I like the name 'Ride The Sky'

more rip offs of among us. please don't download or support this, its an illegal clone of a known copyrighted work, and supporting it just helps the creator steal more money from InnerSloth. Go support InnerSloth or buy Among Us if you really want to play a game like this.


Thanks! Great to hear you loved it! I spent a long time wprking on it.


BlastFort is a free to play online side-scrolling shooter game I've been working on for the past few months, and I am extremely excited to announce it has been officially released on desktop and browser platforms, with a full Google Play Store release on the way. The game features a variety of different weapons, items, skins, and play styles, and offers three unique game modes. Classic mode pits you against an endless amount of robot enemies, that gets progressively harder, requiring you to kill as many enemies as possible before you lose all health. Arena mode pits you against 1-9 other players, in a challenge to see who can be the last one standing after the dust has settled from the brawling resulted from the combination of unique weapons and items. Soccer mode has you using your weapons and items to score as many goals as possible on the enemy team before the timer runs out.

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Hey! My name is Faraaz and over the past few months I've been working on BlastFort, an online side-scrolling shooter with a unique set of weapons, items, and play styles. The game includes three different game modes, with a focus on multiplayer. Unfortunately, as the game is free, I can't offer any codes to the game, however I can offer in-game content for your twitch giveaways. Due to privacy reasons I can't post the in-game content here, but I can certainly send it to you for your giveaways on discord @TheLonelyPixel#1296 or by email at . Please let me know what you think of the game.

Hey! Over the past few months I've been working on this game. Let me know how you feel about it!

BlastFort is an online side-scrolling shooter game with a variety of weapons, items, skins, and playstyles!


Hey! I've been working on this game for a few months now, and now that it's out I'd love to get your opinion on it.

Game: BlastFort

The game is a online side-scrolling shooter with three unique game modes. In Classic PvE mode, you fight along side your friends against an infinite wave of enemies, progressively getting harder and harder. In this game mode, you have to try and get as many points from killing enemies as possible before losing all health. In Arena mode, you can battle against others using the variety of weapons and items to be the last one standing after every other player has fallen. In Soccer mode, you can use the unique weapons and items to score goals on the opponent and have the most goals before the timer runs out.

Look here:

I think theyre talking about excessive violence or smt similar rather than any sort of nudity. Perhaps he feels his game has too much blood pr something. In case he is talking about nudity, you are required by a majority of national and international law to mark anything even close to that as nsfw.

Generally having minimum/maximum OS options would be useful, especially for said Mac OS games, but also Android games.

Hey everyone!

My name is Faraaz Jan, and recently I have gotten a lot more free time to do projects and stuff. I am free to hop on to any project if programming is needed. I primarily work with Construct 2 and Game Maker Studio, however you need another fairly simple engine I might be able to learn while working on it. Note, I won't be able to do much for large or ambitious projects, as I already have a few(a lot) other major projects I am working on.

Please comment on this or contact me on Discord at TheLonelyPixel#1296 or by email at

unfortunately Unity wont work well on chromebooks - chromebooks are designed to be minimum spec as they are an entry level device. Even attempting to run Unity with the linux subsystem would lag so much

if you're making a game on chromebook and you are new to game development I would recommend Construct 3, which isn't platform dependent and can publish to most major platforms. The only downside is the price.

What if when visiting a page with a specific age rating one of the following would happen:

  • If the game's age rating is at or below the person's age (if they should be able to view it) they will gain access to the page just fine.
  • If the game's age rating is above the person's age, but the page is not rated as 18+ (the person is too young and the game does NOT have adult content) then the user will receive a message that the content isn't suited for them, however they are ALLOWED (not shown right away, they must click a button) to view the page
  • If the game's age rating is 18+ AND the user is 18
    • If the user has adult content toggled on in their settings, they can view the content
    • If the user does not have adult content toggles on in their settings, they will receive a message that says the page contains adult content, and will be directed to their Settings and Preferences page.
  • If the game's age rating is 18+ but the user is below 18
    • The user will not be able to view the page, and an error message saying their access to the page is denied.

For publishers and developers, they will be required to complete a short multiple choice quiz that will determine age results based on the following:

  • Drug usage
    • None (0)
    • Mild (2)
    • Moderate (4)
    • Intense (5)
  • Explicit Sexual content
    • None (0)
    • Moderate (15)
  • Graphical Violence
    • None (0)
    • Mild (2)
    • Moderate (3)
    • Intense (4)
  • Fantasy/Cartoon Violence 
    • None (0)
    • Mild (1)
    • Moderate (2)
  • Explicit language
    • None (0)
    • Mild (2)
    • Moderate (3)

0-1 = Everyone

2-7 = Ages 13 and up

8-14 = Ages 16 and up

15+ = Ages 18 and up

For simplicity, however, all values and scores would be hidden.


Sorry, the game had a quite a lot of bugs.

Great game! Very cool idea.

How about "Cloudsaves for"? If you need one, here's a logo:

Hey! Im interested in this - how exactly are you achieving this (what are you using)? Could you provide your progress so far?

Hey! I was thinking that maybe could create an In-App Purchases feature exclusively for NATIVE games running in the app. Again, these would only work for native apps (ex. *.exe, *.app, etcetera) and qould only work in the app for security purposes.