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Can people stop being so mean, downvoting people's comments and complaining on!

A topic by Suspense Comix created Dec 25, 2020 Views: 1,993 Replies: 46
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Look, I'm not really one of those "Nice" people, but I am working on some changes, for example, I am trying to comment more nicer and not complain about a game costing a BILLION dollars, and I think everyone on should probably take a break from it.

I mean, I just saw a comment of this user who said "F*CK OFF" and I was like "What the heck? Be nicer in language, please" Also I saw so many comments which WERE nice but got SOOOOOO MANY downvotes, like man, that comment is NICE, not MEAN.

So you're probably asking "What's your point?" or "So what?". My point is that some people should probably change and stop being so mean. 

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I agree with the sentiment about people being nicer, but I think that you’ve conveniently left out the original reason why you’re creating these topics.

Do not ask for games to be free. From what I can see, people are down-voting you because you are begging for paid games to be made free on the comments of a game. That is against our rules. I repeat, Do not post on a developers page asking them to make their game free. Do not complain about the price of a game on a developers page. It is the developer’s choice to price their game.

Please stop creating the same topic over and over again here. I already warned you about being civil in our community, and we will have to block you from posting if you can’t do that


Thanks for clearing that one up on us. Of course, in stead of downvoting wouldn't it be more prudent just to report "make this game free" beg comments? (I didn't know it was officially against the rules, but it's good to know so I can report such post in the future).


Yup, people can report those posts and we’ll clean them up.

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Hey, don't worry! People like this just wanna show their low standards, and waste your time. Take no notice - simply press the little REPORT FLAG next to their post and relax. 


I will say that SCP-049 was definitely being unnecessarily aggressive. Unfortunately, that’s the kind of audience that popularity brings.

Yeah, he keeps being mean and mocking me and stuff, but unfortunately I'm not a moderator who can just mute him


I've been playing the game since January of 2020

And I am fucking tired of people asking the game to become fucking free

sell some stuff

get money

buy the game

fuck off with you pleading like a beggar for the game to become free


Tired? Walk away. I agree with you that Suspense Comix is acting entitled, but your behaviour is not justified.


Yes I am over reacting
Yes that's true

But fuck it
Maybe I can't stick it in the minds of others 

but at least I can't teach a kid to not be like their parents

A lot of people on say “Well, the developers need to eat” but some people like me need to eat but make products free. Why? Because people like me are generous 


Because you already have a source of income: your guardians or parents. Because others have a different, full-time job, and game development would bring in puny money in comparison.

Yeah, but if they get a job, say like office and their salary is a HUGE AMOUNT of money, then how come they need money from game development?


Dumbass, making games IS THEIR JOB

Deleted 146 days ago

The fact you just called yourself generous makes it clear you're probably not doing it out of generosity or humbleness.


I love you

cause you said something that makes sense.

I love the fact that NO ONE pressed the “Like” button on your comment LOL


Neither did people on your dumb comment
"A lot of people on say “Well, the developers need to eat” but some people like me need to eat but make products free. Why? Because people like me are generous"


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You get your money from parents

the only way this people get money is from this game, which they waste on servers and developing the game


i definetly agree!

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I just read this comment and looked at the comment history of Suspense Comix and lmao, literally 2 min ago Suspense Comix just replied back with the same "F OFF" not to mention that it was Suspense Comix who threw gas into the spark that SCP-049 started by out of the blue replying to SCP-049's comment and calling him "kid", because that's such a mature thing to do, right?

In other words all I can see here is a troll trying to feed another troll then complaining about it.

But you don't see MY side of it, SCP-049 is being mean at me FIRST and adding profanity in his comments. Also I am trying to tell people about MY problem and that other people are dealing with my problem of rude people.

Also I called him "Kid" because I am trying to end the comment and tell him to stop being mean to me and other people.


And I’m calling u a damn cry baby bc u r one





then just shut up about it 


Guess who's here to cause some chaos b-Wait, I am not Jevil the Devil...


You wouldn't ask a shop keeper for free stuff
so why in the name of sweet baby Jesus would you ask an indian dev for a viral game to become F R E E

this ain't cyberpunk 2077 and you don't have cancer (reference to a steam liar who said they had cancer and got the game for free cuz of it)

If you think that game devs do not deserve money for the beauty they created

Boy, You'll be the flesh on my BBQ 
- Some cannibalistic pyromaniac I guess


people are technically not supposed to say like that and if the game or the thing which the developer made is not good then tell how to improve it, dont just say random words without actually saying what made you say that.

Also people, let's just forget about saying mean things and start growing up. Saying mean things to others will make them sad. Then if the same thing happens to you then you will be sad. is a community of game devs, and other people also who care about how to improve their games, others games, etc. People even collab with each other to make better games.

So people, no point in saying mean things to others. It will be of no use and only you will be the one paying the price

Anyways happy new year in advance everyone !

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Slurps some tea cuz why not.

eh, you still didn't get it in your head? (and neither did anyone else here)

You started asking for people to make the game free

a game which they wasted money,time (over 2 years to be more accurate) and energy on
and they need money to keep on the servers working

and if you're asking random people, which you don't even know over the internet to give you free shit.

You need to learn how scummy people are...

you'll either get a virus
or they'll shit talk you cause you asked for a 10 dollar worthy game (In my opinion) to be made free.

they were on a edge of quitting the game and letting it die and root with other games that didn't get popular

till some random youtubers saved it (and I can not explain how thankful for that I am)

So if you think that the devs do not deserve everything they got, after everything they went though...You and everyone with that mentality can stop rn and re-think life.

Stop begging for free stuff over the internet (especially now when people are literally losing jobs and family members cause of covid)

get a job or ask your mother for some money.

and thank you the person who gave me the link of this beauty

Oh and...Why are -13 y.o. able to use internet


They just cause chaos, more than fucking Jevil the Devil

Oh my, I forgot to respond to this post, I just responded to things you did before

It's like...people

can...idk...critic others cause of their actions...

b o o m

Oh and you didn't like "Mr. Professional"

so here is "Mr. Singer"

Oooh I never believed in superstition,
oooh but I know it's in my intuition.
"I won't take your bait", no need to make you pay.
Cause Karma's gonna help me anyway.
Ohhh I feel so good to sing out after silence.
I've had enough, and You y'all can't keep me quite.
I'm going to be free, and all you do is watch me

while Karma, Karma's gonna stay.

Watch out! Karma's what you make.


Oh and ofc, I forgot to say

If you're gonna fucking make a post about me
At least don't be a pussy and tell me so people can hear both sides of the story

And why are kids under -13 on the internet, fuck sake y'all cause more chaos than Jevil the Devil with 7 human souls

Seriously 😑 


What has this conversation become

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A fun read

Edit: Holy crap, just noticed the timestamp. The fact that somebody bumped a 2-year old thread is just MAGICAL.

A natural disaster 😁


I have a monetization idea for, paid downvotes.

Here's how it would work, you get one downvote for free, then you can buy extra downvotes for 1$ each. I'd spend thousands of $$$ each month though, so please don't do this I can't afford it.


I'm AGAINST downvotes, I don't want anything to improve them

But what if you get 10% gross when your comment gets downvoted?


I'm feeling generous today, and seeing as you want a free game, how about I give you a free game? I think you will like it.

Much joy!

I'm sure a person of your capabilities will have no problems figuring it out.

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Thank you for understanding:D


Christ, what the hell did I walk into? Lmao.


i know its crazy


Never mind, *this* is the funniest thread on Itch.

I understand that rude comments and direct insults are frustrating.. But this is internet buddy, the place where you can't punch people for making such comments and more importantly, where people can't punch you when you make such a comment. Just ignore him.. Trust me, the last thing you want to do is get upset about it in an online discussion. Within a decade you'll come back, read this and feel like an idiot. Been there, done that. xD


Well, when people's comments need the f-word in nearly every sentence used I guess we got people in need to face the wrath of a moderator, as that's not the way to hold a discussion. I'll admit my own language ain't so clean, either, but remember you are on a public forum here, and I won't fall over a few f-words, but when it gets in an overload you're not making a point, but only embarrassing yourself.

As for this thread. I've been on a music site myself as a reviewer, were I met somebody who was just as much ranting about low ratings as you are now, and I tell ya what, from one of the most popular users he pretty soon became one of the least popular. Of course, I found him ranting over a negative review "If a song is not your style don't review it please" (when the song was in fact beyond terrible and the artist themselves even acknowledged that) while the review could describe in pretty much detail what was wrong about it, and that made it all even more embarrassing.

"but this is internet buddy, the place where you can't punch people for making such comments"
Well I've punched people in the face for such comments on the school yard, when I was still a boy, and got myself in detention for it and the bully in question only laughing his ass off, taking it as an encouragement to come up with even worse comments reminding me that if I'd respond I'd get myself in detention again. In other words, this does not only go this way on the internet.  People just are plain mean.

Now when it comes to just getting comments as "F--- OFF" for a comment on your game, just report it to a moderator. Most sites forbid that practice, and on most sites moderators will delete such messages and if people really turn it into a sport remove them. That is what moderators are for, but moderators are in the end only human, they cannot see everything people post on all pages of this site, since there are simply too many. But I do believe has, like any DECENT community site a report button so you can help the moderators take care of your trouble.  And moderators normally also have the power to ban people who turn this into a sport. 

Posting on the forums about such abusers is mostly not gonna help. As a matter of fact, then you give them what they want... A stage on which they see they got you frustrated... Don't give them that pleasure.

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I try to be nice unless something totally puts me in a rage but even then I be rude in a polite way.

I never ever swear or curse anyone.