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This game...isn't...really made for

If this was the american version of Yu-Gi-Oh Pico's guns would be fingers and females would be flat chested or covered is jackets on 122 degrees Fahrenheit (50 degrees Celsius)

I don't really fucking know why you're complaining about week 7 being Not safe for kids when the whole game isn't really safe for kids

just go play guitar hero or some shit idk

You can not download it, it's only available on newgrounds to play on your browser at the moment.

Imagine using android & iOS emotes on fucking PC

So basically, at the moment Devs are sleeping

let them sleep ya melons.

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For any Europeans, Russians, Asians, etc... (everyone on the right side of the world) asking where/when is the new map

Developers are 6-12 hours behind you time-zone wise (if not more) (They're asleep)

They said they will release it ***midday PST time*** (which is somewhere after 1 PM),  but due to PST time being incorrect at the moment 

You'll have to take the PT time

(There is no specific time due to among us being on 4 different platforms) (Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch & Windows which has Steam, Epic games, Microsoft Store and

Btw, I can not believe I have to teach people the concept of time-zones...ffs

When a person votes someone and then they leave the game, their vote still counts.

Pacific Time: midday PT time. (most likely around 2 PM that time)

Pacific Time: midday PT time. (most likely around 2 PM that time)

Pacific Time: midday PT time. (most likely around 2 PM that time)

Pacific Time: midday PT time. (most likely around 2 PM that time)

Pacific Time: midday PT time. (most likely around 2 PM that time)

That's some shitty cropping right there

and you know that the among us character is always in the middle right? like you played among us, right?

Note: It's only not in the middle during a meeting

and I guess there is no short tasks in your settings and how can I get that meeting setting? I only have meetings. 

and I like how there is no private/public option, and how the font is different 

oh and I especially like how you can see ground under "Eris Loris"' feet.

ohohohoh and what the fuck is with the start button, is it on drugs or something?

Eris Loris Sire Sirol doesn't actually play the game?

He just has a bot which joins a game, spams the chat/posts a hack link and leaves the game


now there are 2 programmers

2 artists

and one and only community manager, Vic.


Since when did the shorter way of saying "Suspicious" become "Cringe"?

I like you.

That and now PC has controller support (and quick-chat was added to moderate what under 13 kids say)

They said Amogus not Amongus

Phone - Moderation of kids under 13

PC - Moderation of kids under 13 and Controller support.

Every single switch player did, like did you see the shitty typing system on switch?

Next time, Don't put your age under 13

and you won't have to use quick-chat.

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You know, I really hoped that Innersloth would just pull a "Happy April fools" and not give us the new map

would be fantastic tbh

Just looking at how children's smiles turn into a "I want to commit Arson" face 

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I do not play with proximity chat.

Same...But then I lost them

Alexis, I still love you

it'll stay free on mobile 'cause of ads

it'll never be free on PC unless you:

A. use bluestacks (allowed by the devs 'cause you still get ads).

B. use some pirated version of among us (support the devs you rat).

you're blind aren't you?

and I did this just to show you how dumb it looks like.

and about you MR. cheese.

I am talking about you PankcakeHead

please you're spamming the entire thread with your random pictures and replies to your own reply.

just like bruh stop it.

and idk why people do it

'cause writing like this is just spam

For people here on

Don't reply to your own reply of you replying to someone

they won't get the notification

and think before you "speak".

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we can & we will wait.

Okay then, code and draw the fucking game if it's "not the much effort"

I don't believe in him tho.

Oh gawd uwu I didn't know Swear words = rude uwu

Dow youw wanwt me to bwe like twis uwu

yea fuck off, this is being rude.

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Nah, I want to be a grumpy fuck and die with a smile