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I die before I even have the  chance to do anything at all.. Not well balanced imho. And when I finally found some small gun, I got killed again. No sorry, not coming back to this one.

Well done! The game is amazingly fun!

Hey guys

This project has been online now for a while. I noticed I got over 50 downloads yet I received no feedback. Is my editor not working? Does it simply suck? I got no clue right now and I really am open for improvements.

I made some little adjustments today. I was busy with the documentation so I added it just now. Also, I uploaded two resource packs. The first one are the basic models I use in the documentation. The second one are textures I use. Enjoy!

I do yes. Not that all feedback is as constructive as I want it to be but oh well.. Getting comments on one of my projects is a sign that someone took the time to take a look at it (even if the look was a small one) and that is somehow satisfying. It tells me it got people's attention and that is a good thing to start with.

This is my very first project I publish on It is a 3D map editor I made with my own 3D OpenGL library. It is actually really easy to use which is what it was intent to. Besides that I got nothing much to say about it. Be aware that you need a graphic card that supports OpenGL 3.0 or higher in order to use it! Below is a basic screenshot.

Url to my page: