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This pack sounds like exactly the thing I need. However, I do not have PayPal. Any chance you can add support for credit card? Thanks!

Hey, thanks a lot! I managed to do it this time. :D Also I love how you used some of the techniques from Pixel Dungeon in this game. Makes you become really careful actually. lol

I like it but cannot seem to win. :| Each time I almost got all the clues I die. And when I finally got 'em I also die. Any way to restore power?

Holy cow, amazing work dude! Those are some insane amount of sprites! :o

Hey, where can I find those monster sprites in your screenshots? I purchased/downloaded all of your packs but I cannot find the one where those are located.

It just concurred to me that it may as well be a good idea to try porting it to arch linux as well. I do not have an arch-based distro to my disposal right now, but for my own game I am planning to port my 3d framework in c++ to it as well using a virtual machine. And here is why.

Valve is going to start shipping the beta version of the SteamDeck console. And for the first time ever, a handheld console is going to use an operating system (SteamOS) which based on an existing Linux distro. And guess which one? Arch. And I personally have high hopes for the Steamdeck because it is literally a portable game pc. Heck, one can even connect a screen, mouse and keyboard to it. I have seen the videos, it is really amazing! :D

If the Steamdeck becomes very popular, it means it will take Linux gaming to a whole new level. So it cannot hurt to have it ported to Linux already. And I am not talking about a specific distro, just something that can run on the Linux kernel alongside whatever window manager someone use. Aside of the most popular ones, most Linux users know they may have to tweak a thing or 2 to get it up 'n running but that is okay if you know the details (which is why I offered assistance for Ubuntu and Ubuntu based distro's). I do not know if GameMaker (or any other game engine for that matter) already supports exports to Steam OS, but I believe that support for it will come eventually.

Oh cool! Yeah, with GM that should definitely be possible. Feel free to ask me to test it out, I am happy to help and give you some additional feedback!

What engine or framework are you guys using to create this? And would it be possible to port it to linux (ubuntu)? I can't play. :/

I also would like to add that I get several c++ errors while running Pixelorama from my terminal. I don't understand shit of them, like with most C++ errors and I am not entirely certain if they have anything to do with my issue. However, I do wonder if it doesn't have anything to do with bad memory management within Godot But that is just a wild guess and definitely something you could pick up with the Godot devs.

Yea, sure. I am running Linux Mint 20.1 Cinnamon as my main operating system. I got Cinnamon version 4.8.6 installed and my kernel version is 5.4.0-58-generic. My processor is a Intel© Core™ i5-8400 CPU @ 2.80GHz 6 cores and I have a total of 7.6 GiB of RAM and I have an SSD. If you anything else, let me know. :)

It has been a while since my last comment but I wanted to let you guys know I'm still using this editor and I love it. But I also have a point of feedback. I experienced both on my Linux as my Windows performance issues the longer I use Pixelorama. As in, my pc runs slower. Also, I noticed the editor becomes slow the more frames I have. This is especially annoying when I edit tilesets, which I separated in frames. But aside of that I love it. And I'm sure the next version will be much better.

If you are still stuck, I can have a look. I'm quite the experienced web developer if I may say so and I also created my own HTML5 engine. And from what I can read you struggle with stuff I had to deal with years ago. The issue with creating your own HTML5 engine is that it will work for small games but you'll hit performance limits quite easily. To start, you aren't using WebGL, are you? ;)

As active Linux desktop user I can tell I see the AppImage format quite often. Even some tools here on Itch use it. Tiled for example ports as AppImage. But I have no idea how it handles package dependencies. If you like to play it safe, distribute your game as deb or rpm package as well as a tar.gz archive (for the less popular distros). If possible, include a readme in the tar where you list up all your deps and requirements. I think you basically got it covered well enough that way.


I just played your game and to be honest I think there is still much work left to do. Overall the graphics look good but the gameplay was a bit confusing. I was expecting to spend some time walking around first with a character, easily getting used to the gameplay and graphics and the story. Instead I'm jammed into a battle right away from which I didn't know what to do. I scrolled down from time to time to look at the controls description but whatever I did seemed not to make much impression on the slime. On top of that I was always out of energy. :p

But I do think the battle scene was interestingly put together. You combined some traditional rpg elements with a side-scrolling action-based battle system. Therefore I do think the battle system idea is quite original. But other than that keep up the good work. And I'm curious about version 3.

With kind regards,


Personally I don't think it matters as long as the moderators become aware of it. That being said, it only makes sense to do so if it actually violates a rule. And if it does not I would also like to hear from admins or moderators what their opinion is on the subject. After all, wouldn't a cleaner result list benefit everyone?

Hi guys

From time to time I browse through the mmorpg games on Itch to see if any new one popped up. But I also found a lot of games in the results that are no longer working due to the server not being online anymore. I commented on a few but never got a response, which makes me believe those games are pretty much dead.

The problem however is some of them are still up and running and doing great. But due to the fact most of the games in the results are no longer working I need to download and test each game I like to play to figure out whether or not they are still playable. And on top of that, isn't it against the rules to host a game that isn't working?

With kind regards,


I understand. But don't compare the lack of comments with a lack of quality. In fact, that you got some downloads and no comments is actually perhaps a good thing since people tend to comment only when they have something to complain about. When it comes to creating video games no comments often mean satisfied players. There are of course exceptions for players who are so overwhelmingly enthusiastic that they leave comments to express their happiness. And there are also players who are just too lazy to complain or often not interested into.

Well, why should they?

Neither, a server is only limited to its own hardware and the socket listener's backlog size.

Allow me to give an honest answer. It so happens I actually do make an online rpg as my expertise happens to be in network client/server applications. So I am quite familiar with the subject. However, there isn't much for me left to say as Dark Dimension is spot on with his comment. If you aren't making an MMO, why would you even want to know this? :p

Because if you were and you can't even answer your own question, I highly advice against continuing. A video game is complex enough as it is, but multiplayer? That requires a deep understanding of HTTP, Sockets, Server/Clients, IP Addresses, TCP/UDP, Ping and basically just all basics in networking that exist. But to answer your question shortly: You can't.

Switching between servers means loading as you would have to close connection with the current server, which probably also have to save your state first before you can continue And with your state I mean your character data like position, stats and such. Once done you would need to setup a new connection to the other server. If that succeeds the new server would first have load the last saved state of your character and send you the state of that server. And with the server state I mean data like the players that are currently connected, items that are on the floor, locations of NPCs and god knows what. And that is usually quite some data. Once your client got all of that it would first need to parse that data and use it to generate game objects and the map and prepare everything. Only once that all is done, you'll have successfully switched servers. And that is actually a very brief explanation as I didn't cover the subject of authentication, connection validations etc.

I understand that rude comments and direct insults are frustrating.. But this is internet buddy, the place where you can't punch people for making such comments and more importantly, where people can't punch you when you make such a comment. Just ignore him.. Trust me, the last thing you want to do is get upset about it in an online discussion. Within a decade you'll come back, read this and feel like an idiot. Been there, done that. xD

Thanks for the reply!  I have to admit I don't entirely agree with it because it is not really a solution. But the workarounds you suggested are not really that bad either. They are so to say quite creative, kudos for that.  Anyways, I'll give it a shot and perhaps come back with some feedback. :)

Hey guys

While I do work on an actual video game, it so happens I create other projects too. All of them are open-source c# libraries, from which some are aimed at video game development. I really like to publish them here but the form on the "Create a new project" page does not really seem to support this.

For example, the classification dropdown seem to list a lot of things, but none really come close to a software library. Also, since it is a library there are no binaries. In fact, everything is available on NuGet. And finally, it is from great importance I can link to my GitHub page since the README contains important information about the usage and installation and so people know where to open up issues.

Itch is a very great website and it seems to support a lot of different projects, yet I find it a shame it does not really seem to support software libraries aimed at game dev since these libraries are often foundations for game engines or game development tools. And I don't necessarily mean only software libraries like mine, I am also talking about Python plugins for Blender or c++ plugins for whatever engine. By no means I mean Unity scripts since Unity has its own store for that. But for the projects that are standalone there is not currently a platform to publish. And I know from experience that people also look for such things. Let me know what you think and I am willing to brainstorm with you for a solution.

With kind regards,


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I noticed you develop this game using MonoGame. Yet you only provide a Windows installer. Could it be possible for you to publish a Linux version?  I am happy to test it if you do. Assuming you use dotnet core that is.

With kind regards,


I can't argue with that as you are entirely right. I have seen the software industry evolve big time over the past decade and I have seen Linux desktop changing from the bugged OS with barely any good software to a quite stable OS with much good software. I mean, we are entering an era where almost all software is becoming available for all platforms. It is not even justified anymore to publish to one OS because if you don't someone else will. That is the issue with software from Adobe too. There are many great alternatives and people are done waiting for a port to Linux or Mac. They'd pick other software that suits their needs. And I am very happy that I can use the same tools on my Linux machine as on my Windows now (except for Paint.NET) I could not do that last decade. And none of them are closed-source with an exception to Paint.NET that is.

Anyways, what I am trying to say is that you should pick the OS you wish to work on and than look for tools that suits your needs. You won't find the ones matching perfectly but still good ones. Open-source or closed-source makes no difference as it does not define quality anymore. There was a time when open-source meant buggy and unprofessional and closed-source meant quality software but that has changed drastically.

As for backups, I don't bother making them anymore on my Windows. From time to time I copy my documents to an external hdd but other than that the files are saved in OneDrive. Everything I work on is stored as git repo on GitHub so should my system crash, I would not lose anything at all.

As both an experienced Windows and Linux Mint user, I have to be honest. The free alternatives are good, don't take me wrong. But I have recently switched back from Linux Mint to Windows on my desktop (still have a Linux laptop though) and it really felt like a relief. I really missed the user-friendlyness of most tools running on Windows. Including Paint.NET.

I do not like GIMP, it is overly complex and things like rendering rectangles is a breeze with Paint.NET but a hell of a task with GIMP. And what other alternatives are there? A lot, and I tried near all of them but none really fit my needs. Either they were buggy, complex like GIMP or just lacking features. And with Paint.NET you don't get those issues, it just works plain and easy.

However, I would be lying if I say that I am still using Paint.NET for my day to day tasks as I stumbled on another amazing pixelart editor here on Itch called Pixelorama. I have used it to draw sprites on Linux Mint and I even use it now to draw sprites on Windows.  I only use Paint.NET when I need some more advanced editing for images but other than that, no. I don't use it.

You see, thing is.. While I absolutely support open-source, as I have some open-source projects of my own, it is also its greatest disadvantage. Everyone can take the source, adjust it to their needs, compile another version of it and publish it. And as a result you will get like 100 versions of the same software. And at a certain point finding the right software becomes a needle in a haystack.  So yes, there are good open-source alternatives out there but I agree with dulsi here, you probably won't be as productive. And it is for that reason why I switched back to Windows.


I just downloaded Pixelorama using the software manager in Linux Mint but I cannot open up my files as they are located on another hard disk drive which is mounted at /mnt/.

Before I used the software manager I just downloaded Pixelorama manually as a zip and extracted it to a folder called /tools/pixelorama where I have other tools stored as well. Doing so allowed me to manually fix permissions and I was good to go.

But when I use the version from the software manager, I can only access my user folders. And I am almost 100% certain it has to do with permissions. However, I would like to fix this quick and ugly so I can continue but I don't know where Pixelorama has been installed. Could you tell me? In case you need to know, Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu so wherever it gets installed on Ubuntu, it will be installed on Linux Mint too.

Thanks in advance!

Good grief, I would not know which I version I had before. I only know I did not update it since my last comment, so I'd say my previous version was the version available at that time. And to answer your other question, I don't think so. It just randomly hangs. Not the selection tool but every tool. I can move my cursor and click on buttons but it does not seem to do anything. As if your screen freezes and you can only move your cursor. I don't know how to explain it correctly. Next time it happens I'll take a screenshot, hopefully that clarifies more.


I am really grateful for the new version! The new tools are really welcome. But I experience a tool hangup very often when I try to select pixels using the rectangular selection tool.

All I see is a small blue selection rectangle of 1x1px on the position I tried to drag a rectangle. But I cannot seem to do anything except for moving my cursor. I cannot erase pixels or draw them. And it really is starting to get rather frustrating. This bug did not exist in the previous version.

Thanks a lot! I just tried dming you on Twitter but I think you disabled dming from people you don't follow. I just had to enable that setting manually in my settings. By default it is not enabled.

Thanks a lot! I just purchased your pack and I am really glad I did. I purchased several others too on Itch but none really came close to my pixel-art style like yours did.

And for me that is a big thing because no pack includes every item I need so it is inevitable that I have to add stuff myself. And having a base pack containing like 90% of the items I need in my style is therefore a really big help.

That being said, if I may introduce some suggestions? Would it be possible for you to include icons for crafting (wood, ore, strings, nails, what not) along with creature products like feathers, bat wings, snake skins)?

I am happy to give you a list if you like. Just let me know. And obviously I am happy to pay for it as well. Seems only fair to me. :)

This looks really good! And exactly the style I need. But I do not own PayPal and nor will I. Is it possible to add a payment option for credit card? Thanks!

Looks good but can't play as I run Linux Mint. I do wonder though, you developing this in C#? And if so, do you use MonoGame?

Oh dayum, sweet! Works like a charm :D Although I got two points of feedback here:

1) When I move my selection and some pixels leave the canvas, they are erased. This is not a desirable behaviour for me as I sometimes do this to see if something fits, and sometimes I may move my selection again but I can't right now as this erases pixels.

2) I recommend either creating a button or some documentation about this feature, I mean, you cannot expect anyone to read this comment, right? :p

Ah and another thing, I really like the fact that a flatpak and such exist. But a lot of the Linux desktop users still use .deb packages. And with  good reasons too. That is why I just dropped the zip somewhere on my hard drive and use a terminal to open it. But installing this using "sudo dpkg -i  Pixelorama"  or "sudo apt-get install pixelorama -y" would be a hell lot better. If it creates a launcher too it would be perfect.


I have been actively using this app and I would like to thank you again for this amazing piece of software! I needed to draw some icons for my website and I was able to do so with Pixelorama :D

That being said, I could not help but notice some features do not exist which I used a lot in Would it be possible to introduce a moving tool? So just like in you drag a rectangle around a group of pixels and you than move those pixels when you left-click and drag the rectangle around the canvas. That is really the only one I am really missing, other than that this tool is awesome. Again keep up the good work!


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Wow, I gotta say this is amazing! I was looking for a tool with exactly these features. As a Linux Mint user I am very grateful as all the other alternatives like GIMP, Pinta, Krita are just too much for simple pixel art. And often overly complicated. Have you considered creating a .deb package and add pixelorama to the official ubuntu packages?


Made a donation just now, you earn it. Keep up the good work!

Thanks a lot! I was about to donate but I see no option for credit card. This option was available when I purchased the other packs. Can you add it somehow? I don't want to go for PayPal again as I had very negative experiences with them in the past. Just using a creditcard seems to work just fine so far. :)

I really love these icons! Exactly what I needed. A shame you give it away for free, these could sell for a buck or 2. If you got a donation link from itch you share it. I see many 16x16 icon packs on itch, which are also very very good though, but just a few 32x32, including this one. And that is a shame as not everyone uses 16x16 dimensions, including me. I bought a tileset pack from itch just now whose tiles are 32x32 so I needed an icon pack to match it. This one is perfect.

Thank you for the quick reply! And thanks for the information. I will look for another asset pack to purchase than.

I really think your work is amazing! I browsed through your page and I got really enthousiastic. It almost fits my need perfectly. What concerns me however is the tilesizes of every pack. I downloaded the chests and the breakable pots pack just now to figure it our for myself (as  the description on the pages did not include it) and learned that those are 32x32 big. But here you state this tileset is made of 16x16 tiles.

This is for me a big concern and reason for doubt to purchase as I need to be certain that if I buy any Mana Seed pack I can use them with the others without having to deal with size issues. And I honestly expect all of them to fit together perfectly since your work is more expensive than the other assets I find on itch. Don't take me wrong, I still think it is cheap what you ask. If I'd buy all your packs I think I'd have to spend around ~$250,00. Looks like a lot, but once bought I can use it in every copy of my game. And I'd only have to sell 25 copies in order to earn it back, no biggie.

But to stay ontopic, I really urge you to update all descriptions on every page with information about the tilesizes and sprite sizes in pixels. Also, if this tileset is really 16x16 I urge you to update the chest sprites to be 16x16 as well.