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This looks really good! And exactly the style I need. But I do not own PayPal and nor will I. Is it possible to add a payment option for credit card? Thanks!

Thanks! I changed the payment method and i think you should now be able to use credit card

Thanks a lot! I just purchased your pack and I am really glad I did. I purchased several others too on Itch but none really came close to my pixel-art style like yours did.

And for me that is a big thing because no pack includes every item I need so it is inevitable that I have to add stuff myself. And having a base pack containing like 90% of the items I need in my style is therefore a really big help.

That being said, if I may introduce some suggestions? Would it be possible for you to include icons for crafting (wood, ore, strings, nails, what not) along with creature products like feathers, bat wings, snake skins)?

I am happy to give you a list if you like. Just let me know. And obviously I am happy to pay for it as well. Seems only fair to me. :)

I'd be happy to help you with that just send me a DM on twitter:

Thanks a lot! I just tried dming you on Twitter but I think you disabled dming from people you don't follow. I just had to enable that setting manually in my settings. By default it is not enabled.

Oops sorry, you should be able to now.