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very slippery

Read game page for instructions and lore

Patch3 speedrun: 27.81 WR PB

het was een bug dat je naar de finish kon lopen, is nu gefixed

speedrun: 19.18 WR PB


Select the guard and use wasd to define his path

once you have done so press right arrow to step through the timeline

Press R to restart

Capture all the prisoners before they can reach the exit

Oops sorry, you should be able to now.

I'd be happy to help you with that just send me a DM on twitter:

Thanks! I changed the payment method and i think you should now be able to use credit card

Thanks for playing. I'll check out your game, I am planning to play them all.

Thanks for the feedback, i tweaked the screenshake a bit so it feels more impactful ( for one weapon it was turned of for some reason) and i added screenshake on hit.

I have send you a friend request, my name is Jesse

Yeah sure, do you have discord or twitter or somewhere i can dm you?

Thanks, i definitively plan on continue working on it.

Thanks, I will definitively keep making more. :D

I am happy you liked my game and thanks for playing, the crappy jumping at the start was intentional to simulate the quality of an pre alpha

Thanks for playing and your feedback, glad you liked it :)

Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback, the jumping was intentional though to simulate the bad quality of an pre alpha. I am happy you liked my game :)

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it :D

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Thanks for the feedback, will definitely add the health per size and the rotation reset. The object size already invluences how hard it is to push around but maybe not enough.

Stack it community · Created a new topic Feedback

This thread is for you to post feedback of things I should add or change in the game.

Stack it community · Created a new topic Bug reports
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This thread is for any bugs you have so I can squash them for you.

Leave a bugreport like this:

  • Operating System
  • What Happend
  • How to recreate it (if possible to recreate)
Stack it community · Created a new topic Object suggestions
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This thread is for objects you would like to see in the game. (any profanity will be removed)

The double jump is a bit to hard to do overal it's a good game