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I am really grateful for the new version! The new tools are really welcome. But I experience a tool hangup very often when I try to select pixels using the rectangular selection tool.

All I see is a small blue selection rectangle of 1x1px on the position I tried to drag a rectangle. But I cannot seem to do anything except for moving my cursor. I cannot erase pixels or draw them. And it really is starting to get rather frustrating. This bug did not exist in the previous version.

Hello, sorry for the trouble caused. When you say previous version, are you referring to 0.7 or 0.8? Between 0.8 and 0.8.1, the only changes in the selection rectangle were related to the new "cut" option, paste and delete. Does the issue have to do with either of these options?

We plan on reworking the selection system for 0.9, so it's possible this issue might be fixed by then.

Good grief, I would not know which I version I had before. I only know I did not update it since my last comment, so I'd say my previous version was the version available at that time. And to answer your other question, I don't think so. It just randomly hangs. Not the selection tool but every tool. I can move my cursor and click on buttons but it does not seem to do anything. As if your screen freezes and you can only move your cursor. I don't know how to explain it correctly. Next time it happens I'll take a screenshot, hopefully that clarifies more.