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Where are you saving it? Make sure it's in a directory where you have permissions to save to.

You can just export your image as a .png file, and then drag and drop it to your Godot project!

For now, you can create a selection for the entire layer and copy it, and then paste it in the new layer. We'll most likely improve this functionality in the future though.

We plan on improving the selection tool (and add more selection tools) in future updates! As for the packages, they are provided by our contributors, because we're not yet very familiar with how they work. We could do something about it in the future though! :)

Hello, thank you for the kind words! You can already use the rectangle selection tool to select a part of the image, and you can hold Shift to move the selected pixels along with the rectangle!

Hello. Importing images as layers is not possible in v0.7, but will be in the next version. Keep in mind that imported layers will be cropped to the project's size, so if you were to import a layer of a bigger size than the current one, it would get cropped.

Right now what you could do is make selections of the entire canvas, copy the imported frames, and paste them as new layers. Copy & paste works only with the rectangle select tool currently. Then, you can remove the extra unneeded frames.

Nice idea, we'll experiment with GUI customization in the future!

Thank you very much for the kind words and your support! We'll definitely consider more ways to publish Pixelorama in the future! Right now, thanks to our contributors, Pixelorama is also available as a Flatpak and as Snap package!

Hello! We are using a GDNative addon for gif exporting. You can find out more on our GitHub README file here:

Yes, that would be great, thank you!

Thank you! You can either export your animation as a .gif file, or as multiple .png files, which you can use (with ffmpeg or another software) to turn them into a video.

Unfortunately, we do not own a Mac, which prevents us from generating `.dmg` builds. There's not much we can currently do. You can find more info in this GitHub Issue:

It has been requested before, we'll most likely create a line tool in a future update!

Thank you for your feedback, and we're sorry for the trouble caused. We'll do our best to optimize Pixelorama as much as we can!

The behavior of the transparent checkerboard was changed in v0.7 to be similar to other drawing apps. This way, jitter and dizzyness is reduced, which was especially noticeable in large images. Related GitHub issue:
You can enable the grid to help you with pixel-precision instead.

Thank you, we are glad you like it!

Thank you so much! Layer blending modes should be possible to get implemented, we'll look into it for future updates! :)

Unfortunately this isn't enough information to figure out the issue. The most likely cause is that your GPU doesn't support OpenGL 2.1. How old is your computer?

Hello. Does your computer GPU support OpenGL 2.1 and above?

Hello. Can you elaborate further on what you mean by "current pixel size"? Are you talking about the checker background? That has been changed in v0.7 to be unaffected by zooming, so it no longer has the size of one pixel. You can enable a grid in the View menu, "Show Grid" to help you with this!

Hello. That's probably related to this issue, which will be resolved in the next version!

Thank you very much, we're glad you like it! Pixelorama is available on Linux too, you can download the executable file from, or, if you prefer, you can also find it as a Flatpak and as a Snap package.

Thank you for trying out both endings for the complete experience! We are very happy you liked it!

Thank you very much! Yes, we aimed for something simple that would take 1 month max to make, yet meaningful that would convey a nice message. We are really glad you liked it!

Palettes are being exported as JSON files, which you can open even in a text editor, or import them easily into custom made tools. Hopefully this is good enough. We also plan to work more on the file dialogs and potentially remembering a save location, or letting the user change it.

Hello, thank you for your kind words and your support!

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to change the fact that circles have an odd number of pixels at the apex. We could work on it on a future update though. The circle plotting algorithm we're using can be found here, but perhaps we could modify it.

As for the selection tool, we plan to enhance the rectangular selection tool as well as add more selection tools in v0.9!

A platform to share palettes is a very interesting idea, but it could be challenging as we don't yet know how to do it. We'll definitely consider it more in the future.

We really appreciate your feedback!

Hello. Yes this is intended, see this for more information:

Hello. That is not natural, perhaps you should double-check that your antivirus is disabled and the browser isn't deleting the file in any way. I don't know what else might be causing this, sorry.

Thank you so much! We're so happy that you found Pixelorama to be useful, you are very sweet!

Thank you very much for your kind words! We have many plans in store for the future updates, but we'll also try and focus more on customization!

A dedicated straight line tool also might happen in the future. You can also use the rectangle selection to select a part of the image and move it around while holding Shift.

Graphic tablets should work fine already, but some users have reported problems. We'll look more into it for the next update!

Hello! The arrow keys are being used for moving around the canvas. You can also use the middle mouse button, or hold Space and move your mouse. If you're looking for a way to move the contents of the image, there is no hand tool right now, but you can make a rectangular selection and drag it while holding Shift!

Hello! Unfortunately, there is currently no way to add text in Pixelorama.

Thank you, we are really happy you like it!

Thank you! We like these ideas!

Thank you! Our main focus is to maintain it as a stand-alone, but we'd love ti make it a Godot plugin too. Perhaps in the future we'll experiment on it!

Thank you! We may add scrollbars in a future update!

We will most likely add dithering tools in the future, so we will look into this! :)

Thank you, we are glad you like it!

Thank you for commenting. We will look more into this and try to solve the issue!