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Hello, and thank you for the feedback! This should be easily to implement and it will most likely be added in the next version! :)

Thank you so much!

Thank you! Right now we're sticking to the platforms Godot exports for (with the exception of Raspberry Pi, which is a platform supported and maintained by the community of Godot), so unless either Godot or its community offers support for a platform, we can't support it unfortunately, especially if it's about older computers.

Hello! Your animation looks amazing! :) We are sorry for the issues caused and thank you for reporting. This is definitely some weird behavior and it is possible that it may have to do with some kind of memory issue, but we're not sure. We'll do our best to investigate and fix the issues in a future update.

Hello, since Pixelorama is made with the Godot Engine, png exporting is being handled by Godot for us, so I'm not sure if I can provide with a meaningful answer. Images are being constructed with Godot's `Image` class, which is transparent by default, so we don't do anything special to handle transparency. If you are using Godot as well, the documentation page of the `Image` class is a great help.

We love free and open source! <3

You are very welcome! We are glad that they're working great! :)

Thank you! It's a great idea but we don't currently have plans for this. It may happen, just not in the near future.

We are happy that you like it!

Thank you!

Thank you for the feedback! We will definitely address this in a future update.

Hahaha, thank you!

Thank you! :)

Hello, the second feature already possible, see

Thank you for the kind words and feedback! What exactly do you mean by color toggle? Switching between the left and right colors? You can already do that with the X button on your keyboard.

Thank you so much for the kind words and feedback! We took notes for future versions! :)

Glad you like it!

Thank you so much for the donation and for letting us know about the itch app! We really appreciate it!

Thank you very much!

Hello, you should be able to run it on Raspberry Pi 4 by downloading the Raspberry Pi 4 version from the downloads list, and then unzip the tar.gz file, and run Pixelorama.rpi4. I think this should work.

We'd love it to happen and it has been requested a lot, but it's not a trivial task. It may happen at some point but we have no plans for this in the near future. See

We are glad that you like it! The feature is a bit hidden at the moment, but it is possible to hold Alt to activate the color picker, when you have a drawing tool selected. In a future update we hope to make this keybinding configurable by the user as well.

Pixelorama doesn't offer any extra Godot-specific features at the moment, but you can take a look at this amazing Godot plugin that handles .pxo file importing! :)

We'd love to do that, but right now pixel art is our main focus and there is a lot of work yet to be done. Making a non-pixel art version is out of scope for the moment, but perhaps it could happen at some point in the future.

Not yet but we are considering it for a future update. Shortcuts is an area Pixelorama needs to improve on, and we plan on doing that!

Aw, thank you so much! We hope you will enjoy the new update!

Thank you, glad you think so!

Thank you so much! Probably because it's still new, but hopefully it will become more known as time goes on! :)

You are very welcome!

Thank you so much for the kind words!

Hello, when making a shape, its current size is visible on the top bar, right next to the current mouse position.

Thank you so much!

Hello, you can just re-download the new version and use that. The old versions can safely be removed when you do download the new version. If you want automatic updates, you can use's official app.

Hello, please file a bug report in Pixelorama's GitHub Issues page, with as much detail as you can, including your operating system, steps to replicate, whether this happens for all projects or not and if it doesn't, uploading a .pxo file of a project that does not get exported as a .gif would be very helpful. Also, it might be possible that if you have an anti-virus software installed, it might mess up with file exporting. Users have experienced errors exporting .png files because they had anti-virus software installed.

Thank you so much!

Hello, and thank you for the feedback! As of right now, there are no plans to add flip and rotate tools. We do eventually plan to add rotation gizmos for selections, though, just like there are for scaling. If you'd like, feel free to open a discussion in GitHub, in order to see if your proposal is desirable by more people. 

Thank you! We are working on it, there will be one in a future update.

Thank you, we will think about it! :)


Thank you!