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This may help.

This is most likely related to this issue and it may be resolved if we change some settings. Are you using an hiDPI monitor? Blurriness can also come by setting the display scale of the application (under Edit, Preferences, Interface) to a non-integer value. Make sure it's set to either 1, 2, 3 or 4 to avoid any blurriness.

Thank you very much! And yes, this is fully made with the Godot Engine! You can even see the source code in our GitHub repository :)

As for save and export, save is used to save .pxo files, a custom Pixelorama project file type and export is used to save your project as .png or .gif!

Hello, thank you for your feedback! We have some timeline improvements planned for future versions which include your first suggestion. We will also consider more the rest of your suggestions as well!

If you are curious to see what new features are planned for each version, you can see this page.

Keep in mind that it is incomplete, and we will add more versions and features there in the future!

Hello. Does it consume 1.5GB from the start, or does memory usage keep increasing the more you add stuff? The more you do, the more memory usage increases, but if it's too much from the start then it isn't normal.

Thank you! We will eventually improve on the color picker!

Thank you very much!

Thank you for reporting the issue! The next version of Pixelorama uses shaders for color inverting, desaturating and adjusting HSV, which should have fixed the crashes, along with a performance boost!

Right now palettes are stored in the application's files and are the same for all projects, but if project-specific palettes is a feature that is desirable, we could implement in in the future!

We are aware of this issue, we'll do what we can to improve it!

Thank you for your feedback!

That's an interesting idea, we will keep it in mind!

They are coming in the next update, along with a new and enhanced selection system and new selection tools!

Glad you like it! The next major update will be even better!

Thank you!

Oh, yes! Right now we use Godot's ColorPicker node, but in the future we could replace it with a custom-made color picker which is more advanced.

Thank you very much! You'll be happy to hear that the next version, v0.9, will have shape tools and an overhauled selection system. We'll also keep in mind your suggestion about zooming. Can you clarify on what you mean by a color selection map?

Thank you! We will most likely do something about that in the future. We want to make the UI more customizable so that the user can have the layout they want! :)

This is a very interesting idea. We really like AI, but this feature would be very hard to implement because of its advanced nature. Our goal right now is to implement more basic features that are missing! :)

This depends on the user's preferences. Pixelorama is still new and it doesn't yet have the features Aseprite has, but it's getting there.

You can import PNG files by going to the File menu and selecting Open. Alternatively, you can drag and drop your files into the application for quicker importing.

Thank you for the kind feedback! We really appreciate it!

This feature still needs some polishing in order to become user-friendlier, but for now you can use this guide.

Thanks for the kind words! :)

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It is possible that this happens because your computer has an ARM-based CPU, while Pixelorama's binaries are x86/x86_64. It seems that currently there are not much we can do about this, as Godot, the engine we are using to develop Pixelorama, does not currently support ARM support, neither for Windows nor Linux. Your best bet right now may be to use the Web version, or, less trivially, compiling Godot yourself. I did some research and it looks like someone else with the same computer as you had the same issue with Godot.

Godot is a wonderful engine, it can do wonders! We hope you'll enjoy using Pixelorama! :D

Hello, this is not possible right now.

Hello. It looks like Lenovo Miix 630's GPU is Adreno 540, which does support OpenGL ES 3.2. Pixelorama requires OpenGL 2.1 minimum, so it should be working. Do you have the latest drivers installed?

Hello, thank you for the feedback! Are you referring to the popup window that appears if Pixelorama crashes and you open it again to load the saved back-ups? This window can already be dragged by the user, if the mouse is on its top, where it says "Please Confirm". Alternatively, you can press OK (or Enter) to load the backups and close Pixelorama normally. The backups will no longer appear. If you don't want to do that, you can use the arrow keys to navigate between the OK and the Delete button. When the message appears, press the right arrow button to select the Delete button and then hit Enter.

We will take a look at the issue and fix is so this no longer happens!

Hello! Thank you for the kind words! :) You can already replace colors with the bucket tool by selecting the "Same color pixels" fill area in the tool options. This will replace all of the pixels of the current cel of the same color, with another color.

As for your other requests, we would like to work on them at some point for a future update, but they're not in our current plans yet. Right now we are focusing on remaking the selection system for v0.9!

Hello! This happens because Pixelorama is not a signed Windows application, so Windows automatically does not trust it. But you can safely ignore the message and your PC will remain safe! :)

Thank you!

All right, thank you! As for the errors, it is possible that they occur from GDScript memory leaks. If I'm not mistaken, the next version of Godot will have them fixed.

Thank you for the feedback! We've heard about performance issues from other users too, and we're planning to attempt to make more optimizations after the next version. If it's possible, could you provide some information about your machine's specifications? Like your CPU and RAM. Thanks again!

Yeah this is a Godot limitation, but it may be possible to work around the issue with GDNative. We will most likely look into it at some point. And thank you for your support!

Thank you for your feedback! Unfortunately, clipboard sharing between other applications is one of Pixelorama's limitations, and we're not sure how to deal with it yet, but we are aware of it and we will try to do something about it in the future.

As for your other suggestion, version 0.9 will come with an improved selection system, which improve the rectangular selection tool a lot, possibly add new selection tools, and add all the other common features that you can find in other software!

You can, but they might get lost here after time passes. You can join our Discord server and post your art in #art-showcase if you like. You can also post it on your personal Twitter or Instagram if you have, and if you tag and and include the hashtag #Pixelorama we may repost it! If you have better ideas of places to post your art, feel free to suggest!

Your kind words mean a lot to us, thank you for your support and we are happy that you like it!

Thank you, we are glad you like it! The custom brushes will get some more love in a future update, so the best is yet to come! ;)

Thank you for your kind words, we are happy you like it!