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Sidereum Nox - Turn-Based Action RPG

A topic by Bridiogames created Jan 17, 2021 Views: 315 Replies: 4
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Hey! I recently uploaded a WIP build of the demo of my new game Sidereum Nox! I would appreciate it if you could play it and give me your first impressions. It plays in browser so you don't have to download anything. Any advice is appreciated!

Version .2 of the demo is now out and ready to play! You can play it on the game's homepage.


  • New Boss Fight!
    • You can now fight Edith, a green mage that will attack you using fireballs and lightning. She is very powerful and may take a few tries to beat.
  • Start menu added
  • Music added to each fight and menu
  • Minor bug fixes

If you find any bugs or have any tips/ideas, please comment on my project to let me know! I appreciate anything you have to say! Also if you liked this project, I would appreciate it if you could share it and follow me for more updates :)

For Version .3 there will be the first area that you can explore outside of battles, as well as any necessary bug fixes.


I just played your game and to be honest I think there is still much work left to do. Overall the graphics look good but the gameplay was a bit confusing. I was expecting to spend some time walking around first with a character, easily getting used to the gameplay and graphics and the story. Instead I'm jammed into a battle right away from which I didn't know what to do. I scrolled down from time to time to look at the controls description but whatever I did seemed not to make much impression on the slime. On top of that I was always out of energy. :p

But I do think the battle scene was interestingly put together. You combined some traditional rpg elements with a side-scrolling action-based battle system. Therefore I do think the battle system idea is quite original. But other than that keep up the good work. And I'm curious about version 3.

With kind regards,


Hi! Thanks for playing and for your feedback! Like you've said, there is still a ton of work to do before this resembles a finished product. For now I've put out two battles as that is the biggest element of this game that needs programming and testing. I am planning to add a small overworld in version .3, as well as story and more combat features in later updates.

As for the confusion during the battle, I do play on making a in-game tutorial so that there won't be any confusion when playing the real game. The tutorial isn't my top priority at the moment, however. As a tip for fighting the enemies, basically only use the sword for the time being. It is the only thing that does damage to the slime. The shield will have uses in the future, but for right now just stick to the sword. Also once you get low on energy always remember to take a turn to focus.

Follow my twitter if you want to be updated about when version .3 goes live. And again thank you for playing!

Version .3 is now out! Play it here:


  • Added new explorable cave area
    • Cave has random encounters as well as a boss encounter at the end
  • Added new aerial attack
  • Bug and UI fixes