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I just downloaded Pixelorama using the software manager in Linux Mint but I cannot open up my files as they are located on another hard disk drive which is mounted at /mnt/.

Before I used the software manager I just downloaded Pixelorama manually as a zip and extracted it to a folder called /tools/pixelorama where I have other tools stored as well. Doing so allowed me to manually fix permissions and I was good to go.

But when I use the version from the software manager, I can only access my user folders. And I am almost 100% certain it has to do with permissions. However, I would like to fix this quick and ugly so I can continue but I don't know where Pixelorama has been installed. Could you tell me? In case you need to know, Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu so wherever it gets installed on Ubuntu, it will be installed on Linux Mint too.

Thanks in advance!

This sounds like a Flatpak sandboxing. Flatpak has a feature that it installs every app separately and sets up permissions very strictly so they cannot potentially damage your system. If that's the case you have to add something like "--filesystem=host" when launching Pixelorama.