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It just concurred to me that it may as well be a good idea to try porting it to arch linux as well. I do not have an arch-based distro to my disposal right now, but for my own game I am planning to port my 3d framework in c++ to it as well using a virtual machine. And here is why.

Valve is going to start shipping the beta version of the SteamDeck console. And for the first time ever, a handheld console is going to use an operating system (SteamOS) which based on an existing Linux distro. And guess which one? Arch. And I personally have high hopes for the Steamdeck because it is literally a portable game pc. Heck, one can even connect a screen, mouse and keyboard to it. I have seen the videos, it is really amazing! :D

If the Steamdeck becomes very popular, it means it will take Linux gaming to a whole new level. So it cannot hurt to have it ported to Linux already. And I am not talking about a specific distro, just something that can run on the Linux kernel alongside whatever window manager someone use. Aside of the most popular ones, most Linux users know they may have to tweak a thing or 2 to get it up 'n running but that is okay if you know the details (which is why I offered assistance for Ubuntu and Ubuntu based distro's). I do not know if GameMaker (or any other game engine for that matter) already supports exports to Steam OS, but I believe that support for it will come eventually.

Thank you so much for the information! The gamedev to-do list never ends haha, I will definitely look into it! :D

Thanks a lot again!