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Oh dayum, sweet! Works like a charm :D Although I got two points of feedback here:

1) When I move my selection and some pixels leave the canvas, they are erased. This is not a desirable behaviour for me as I sometimes do this to see if something fits, and sometimes I may move my selection again but I can't right now as this erases pixels.

2) I recommend either creating a button or some documentation about this feature, I mean, you cannot expect anyone to read this comment, right? :p

Ah and another thing, I really like the fact that a flatpak and such exist. But a lot of the Linux desktop users still use .deb packages. And with  good reasons too. That is why I just dropped the zip somewhere on my hard drive and use a terminal to open it. But installing this using "sudo dpkg -i  Pixelorama"  or "sudo apt-get install pixelorama -y" would be a hell lot better. If it creates a launcher too it would be perfect.


We plan on improving the selection tool (and add more selection tools) in future updates! As for the packages, they are provided by our contributors, because we're not yet very familiar with how they work. We could do something about it in the future though! :)