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The game page has now been taken down from the game jam.

I mean, I know it's a knockoff, but if it's the REAL game (Like a blatant copy) then I think this game deserves a lawsuit.

Yeah but this game is dead

Ahahahaha you got me

It definitely made me laugh

I agree. And disagree a little.

I have tried Unity out before but, okay this will probably be a “me” problem, but I haven’t released a single game with it. Not that it sucks, but it’s not easy. At least for me. Most of the time I have to search up tutorials. I get it, the documentation is easy, but for some stuff I can’t find the right code for some stuff.

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And if someone did hack and can't log in, then what's the point of that message? People will eventually hack into the system to get past that screen.

I can barely get past the first bit lol

Now that this game is dead, PLEASE MAKE IT FREE!

I forgot this game existed...

Well yeah, but it's dead. The trend has died down. No one plays it anymore (Well, not the top Youtubers).

This game is HARD but I'm not an epik gamer so...

I wish I know HTML so that I can create games like these. I love web games because you don't have to download them.

Best thing about this is not the voice chat nor is it the gameplay - it’s the fact that the game is free!

SOMEONE MADE THIS?! Oh my gosh! I haven’t played it yet, but this is surprising.

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I have discord.

Also are you mad at Joe for calling you a retard? Cuz I am. And if someone cussed at him in the chat under my name, I think Joe really deserved it for calling you a retard and dissing out on everyone.

Also yea, I'm kinda sad that I had to leave our school district. It would have been nice to be back.

EDIT: I just sent you a friend request and you should have received it by now. Pleasure to chat with you on Discord!

Also we can contact each other by email as I'm mostly gonna use my school computer (Which blocked Discord sadly).

Hi Dario.

It's been a long time since we've talked with each other because of "Incident #1".

I just want to say that I'm sorry for cussing on the chat.

(Technically my brother or someone cussed under my name but I'll do their favor for saying sorry.)

Please accept my apology.

- Suspense_Comix, 2022

It doesn't say THICC.

Among us is technically dead by now. I don't see DanTDM, Thinknoodles, or any gaming youtuber who played Among Us play Among Us right now.

I do but someday a meme would be dead.

What does that say?

I got this game, downloaded it, and, I think the conclusion we can all agree on is "This game sucks". Seriously. First of all, it isn't like the previous Half Life games, there are no enemies, the character's model is different (You don't see yourself wearing the suit), and you can't even die. Terrible. One star review.

OVERDRIVE community · Created a new topic EDIT: Nevermind
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I am currently working on another game called "Shrinking Island" that has the same objective as "Last Man Standing". You have to be the last person alive, killing the other players, on a shrinking island. You can knock them down into the water around the island to drown them, or just knock them down with a melee weapon.

There are 4 players per lobby and 5 lobbies. I am using Photon Pun, a free online multiplayer server. And it's free for only 20 concurrent players (AKA players on your game all combined)

Bruh you literally just stole Brackey's original "Shrinking Planet" game and posted it on your own account. I mean, who does that?! And also YOU NEED THE UNITY ENGINE TO RUN ALL THESE FILES AND YOU DIDN'T EVEN POST "You need the Unity Engine for this. Download link is here:" like bruh.

I'm gonna report you.

Wait, THICC has never became a widespread meme?


Wait, THICC has never become a widespread meme?


Because there were better games.

(And also by saying this you mean that all of Dani's games should get 1st place no matter how bad they look. Now that's a bit selfish and also it would cause WAR.)

OK, thank you!

I want to play this, but don't know how difficult it will be (Yes, I'm not an epik gamer).

Is it hard? Are there chase scenes (I suck at them. They make me TENSE af)?

The roadmap is NOT coming!

I really agree

Also I started at 0:01 and ended 0:30

Future Games, here's my speedrun of Musketfish LEVEL 1 at 29 seconds.

This game is buggy, please fix it. Basically I have to stop moving midair to catch myself on one of the platforms as I can't jump while moving. Please fix it. Even hitting the up arrow key HARD doesn't work.

Anyways that's enough talking, onto the speedrun!

I'm gonna try to speedrun the first level (As that's the only level I've managed to go past so far)

This game is hard. I can't jump while running. Please fix that.

This guy is fake

You’re 9?! Cuz the itch.I’m Terms of Service states that you have to be 13 and up.

This game is 

(1) Incomplete

(2) Unfinished

(3) Cancelled

I got banned on Scratch because Scratch Team are b*tches.

I have made a real game. It's "You're Late!"
Also yes my games suck. Even I admit it. So please be quiet now.

That's right, laugh at me! Laugh it all out! >:(