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Can someone join my server in No Players On-I mean, Capture The Flag?

Haha downvote

That ratio...

Okay, thank you!

Can I use .bat or something to make my fantasy console? I'm not good with programming in other languages that require something like a game engine or IDE or shell to work or run. And I think the rules don't even allow you to use a programming language and then download libraries for it. I'm also not good with using a simulator to make circuits and my console.

So, does anyone want to play No Players Onli-I mean, Capture The Flag, with me?

I like the game! Way better-designed and made faster than my game.

Bridgez by Builders Hut Games for Trijam #179: The 3 hour game jam -

This game was made 2 years ago. How did you find it? And why?
Stop what you're doing and don't ask me questions. This game is old and stupid and I deserve to burn up to a crisp in hell with deep-fry peanut oil.

I'm glad I got Musketfish for free VERY early!

Yes, this game sucks. I know it.

That was past me. I'm now working on a solid Pong clone but it's much better and such.

"The floor is breathing"
- SCP-002

"Happiness is never eternal."
You have to admit it: You agree.

Oh...okay? I mean, I'm gonna take what you said with a grain of salt.


Okay, let me ask 2 questions:
1) Why are you using 2 accounts to make your game sound good?
2) Also I think you should switch to a 3rd person camera operated by the Arrow keys. And also, the player is TOOOO slippery that I can't get anything done!

Moderators, I'm requesting this thread to be closed.

For some reason the character with the bag on his head reminds me of an SCP. I don’t know it’s number but the SCP is basically a movie.

This game has finally been taken down.

Oh. I never realized that there were report links to report games at the bottom of the page.

Here's the page. Poppy Playtime MOBILE by GNG Software (

With that out of the way, let me tell you guys why this game is a pirated game. And by that, I mean the page.
Anyways, I have reasons to tell you why this game is pirated.

1) In a post made by me (Is this game the REAL game? - Poppy Playtime MOBILE community -, I asked the publisher of the page, GNG Software, if this game is pirated. GNG replied, telling me that it isn't, that it is the real game but Android so-and-so. I replied to him, saying the same things that the game was pirated because GNG took it from the Google Play Store, and resold it on itch. Then GNG replied saying the following, and I quote,
"Its a version from DEV, but i ported here free beacuse on Play Store is 2- 2,5 euro or usd"
Which obviously tells us that it is pirated. Why? First of all, it has bad grammar, which raises a red flag. Second of all, GNG said that it was from the Google Play Store, and it costed around $2.00 to $2.50 USD or Euros. And to think that GNG released the game for free, unacceptable.

2) By repeating the phrases "It's from the devs", again, in bad grammar, raises another red flag! It means that GNG isn't willing to admit that the game is pirated. But of course, these red flags don't matter because we all knew that this game was pirated anyways!

Admins, I'm not trying to get you to be my henchmen and then get you guys to talk with GNG privately, because we're all busy people. But I do think that someone should take action against this.

You're literally saying things that are common sense. With a lot of grammatical issues. So...

I wish I was this busy...I was unaware of the start date to the GeoJam 2022 game jam.

LOL imagine an Ad for TeamSeas...

I do have that. It's just the slippery character that I have to get used to.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not begging for the developers to add a much better character controller. The reason why the character controller is slippery is because, well, remakes and mods exist and so developers would naturally want to stay true to the original title. I understand that because I have made a remake of a game before (Which was bad but to be honest I made it using HTML5 and I knew barely anything).

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Not bad! Call me a noob gamer as I kept running into walls Rainbow Road style. The character controller was just too hard for me to master.

I still liked it because it was so retro.

Not really scary, unless there was music and my volume was off.

It was.

Good luck.

This post is more for Online Multiplayer Games. If you are doing local multiplayer with Unity, it’s pretty easy.

Fine, Roblox.