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E.T is the worst game ever made? Wait till you see Among Us!

Ahahaha you CAN'T ban me from posting comments AHAHAHAHAHA

I love the game so much!

We know the link

Also a Youtube ad popped up

It was a 2 minute long ad

That gave me time to see what the title really was

You think YOU are smart? Do you even have a point in saying "Multiplayer in the 80s? That's DUMB"? No you don't. A "moron" could see it, you don't have a point. You are so dumb, that you have a brain with a negative amount of braincells. Must do do...negative 100 braincells.

You like to argue a LOT because people like you don't have any evidence or point in an argument. Man, you should go back to Elementary School and learn about arguments and debating

You're calling me a troll because you want to hide your true self and lie to the rest of the world

You calling me a moron means that you are afraid that I'd win the argument. And guess what? I just did

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You saying "troll" in my face means that your point is false and that I'm correct. We can all see it. Quit lying to us, we know that you have been defeated and that you have no point or any evidence to back up your claim

It's been 1 year, almost 2, since you published it, and there hasn't been a download, not even a demo, of the Leaf Engine. Are you still working on the engine? Or have you quitted working on the Leaf Engine?

You dumb fiction doesn’t have to be believable. Have you heard about Fairy Tales?

"a story taking place in the 80s and writing that the people in the story have smartphones"


Well, you know that the game is fiction, and that you know that it's a game. But guess what? Fiction isn't real! That means that I can make a game where airplanes existed in 1748! And guess what? That means that my game is fiction! Get your facts straight!

Nice sarcasm

Congrats for getting on top 10! For both criterias

So technically, I am killing people because I am crazy, right

This game is no longer in the front page

No one cares


 99999999999999999999999.99 what? Pence? Pounds? Euros? Dollars?

"Perchused" really? You have such bad grammar I'd rather pour salt into my eyes and stare at a hot sun rather than look at your bad spelling and grammar

You're just a broke kid with no concept of money.

You have bad grammar man

What the f*ck is this

Well guess what idiot this game is supposed to be fiction, not real. 

What are you supposed to do in this game jam?

"No f*cking, and don't be a rotten egg and don't be a jerk"

"And don't be a d*ck" lol

That's what you get!

I like how happy74 deleted all his messages


I'm glad an ad showed before I got rickrolled. That gave me time to see the name of the video

KARLSON community · Created a new topic WHY?!

Why when someone makes a game or tutorial with Rigidbody movement, grappling guns, or wallrunning, some Dani fans say "Wow that Karlson clone is looking kinda THICC"? It's just an FPS game! Also in one of Dani's videos, he said "I did not invent wallrunning" and "People tend to call games with wallrunning a 'Karlson clone'"

Why do people call games that look like Karlson and have the same mechanics of Karlson a "Karlson Clone"? PLEASE STOP. IT'S RUDE AND MAKES THE CONTENT CREATOR UPSET FOR CREATING A DREAM GAME OF HIS/HER OWN ONLY TO BE CALLED A "KARLSON CLONE"

Hi Scythe Dev Team! I've got a Fan Question for you!

Did you take inspiration to make Happy's Humble Burger Barn from Spongebob Squarepants? 

I thought the agreement of not spamming in the comments was agreed on and made. Did you guys forget about it?

It's Unity, ya dumbass

What do you think?

I used to like Among Us, and played it 24/7. I got addicted to the game. But now Among Us is technically a disappointment, so disappointing that popular Youtubers who once played the game are turning away from Among Us and moving to more popular titles or game jam games.

I have a lot of problems playing the game after it's QuickChat update. I got very excited and updated Among Us on Google Play. Then I booted up my emulator and played it.

Firstly, let's go over some things. The day I was playing this game was when it was my birthday. I decided to invite my friends to play a match online.

So after I specified my birthdate, it was time to play. I hosted a game of my own and told my friends the code they had to enter to join the game. They all entered, and I was a crewmate. We played for a few minutes until a dead body was reported. At first, they voted for Orange, but then they voted for White (Me)! I tried to explain that I was innocent and that I did tasks. But quickchat stopped me from doing that. All I could say was "lies" and hope they didn't vote for me. They did, and for once, I got super frustrated on an Among Us game.

A few days later I decide to go online again. I joined a Public game, and I was crewmate again. Everything went well until someone pressed the Emergency Meeting button. But then Pink voted for Cyan, one of my friends on I knew that he was a crewmate, because I witnessed him do tasks in Security. So I wanted to say "Cyan was doing tasks in Electrical, and I saw it on cams" but I couldn't. I felt hesitated, and scrolled through every answer there was on QuickChat. But it was too late. They had all voted for Cyan. And Cyan wasn't the imposter.

I stopped playing Among Us for 1 month since then. I felt very disappointed and saddened, I didn't get the update that I was promised was good. I got so many buggy features on the game. I do hope Innersloth fixes these features and the new "Account" system that I just heard of so that I can play the game without frustration

Among Us is technically Secret Neighbor, right?

I mean, Secret Neighbor has the Children and the Neighbor, just like Among Us has the Crewmates and the Imposter. The "tasks" you do in Secret Neighbor are technically getting keys, helping each other, and unlocking the basement door to get out of the house.

In Secret Neighbor, the Neighbor can hide in closets, like Imposters can hide in vents. The Neighbor has to disguise himself so that he doesn't become the center of attention, just like how the Imposter has to fit in with the rest of the crewmates, so that the Imposter doesn't become the center of attention.

So technically speaking, Among Us is basically Secret Neighbor. And I have proof so you don't need to downvote this comment. I'm not like the rest of the people on the internet. Those stupid gum-chewing no-proof idiots.

I never thought that I'd see No Players Online on