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Yeah, make sense. I really want to add more multiplayer modes + release on mobile with a few offline modes like it has now (in case no one online or the player doesn't have friends haha) 

Thanks for the feedback! The funniest thing, that I actually made the game much easier in the last hour before submitting) But according to feedback I see that not enough, now I'm thinking to make the main player's look different from other NPCs and Spies and adding delay between killings to make it even easier xD

Thanks for the feedback :)

Take your time! Hope you will like it :)

Thanks for the feedback! Planning to create mobile version :)

Thank you for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! It was planned as a part of the challenge :) In the next version will be a pointer to show where you are for the first 5 seconds, so you can find yourself at the start

That's nice strategy game. I like the graphic and mechanic of the game. But for me it's very difficult to collect more gold than AI. Maybe need to decrease it's level a bit to have a fun)

Well, I like to walk around and kill other characters) Death animations looks great! Would be also great to have some visual tutorial like click here, here is an enemy, here is a civilian. Right now civilians moving a bit randomly so hard to understand what to do with them and where are start / end points. Definitely has a potential after some improvements! You did a great job during the jam as 3D games are difficult to create. Keep it up!

I like the storyline and these mini games inside. I think the games where your companion is a dog are the best xD

I always feed my dog otherwise the dog will eat me haha)

Looks like a lot of work has been done here to make this game. This simulator has great potential to grow. Well done!

With some performance optimization this could be a competitor to PUBG ;)

Great to see how your army is growing! I would add a counter to show how many each type of skeletons do you have. I had a big army, but it's hard to count them) Also it's a bit laggy when there are a lot of stuff on the screen. But in general, it is a solid game!

Cute graphic and fun gameplay. Just wondering is the red one who stole my carrots is my companion? xD

I like the story, but looks like that skeleton in the dark way stronger than me xD

Interesting game! I would place some objects on the map to collect, so each wizard can upgrade his skills and kill the opponent faster. Keep improving it ;)

Great concept! Would be interesting to play online or have someone to play with me, as my GF doesn't like to play any video games xD

Fits good to rivalry, but just wondering is shadow a companion of the light? Or who is a companion here xD

The concept is interesting. Can't interact with coins, but looks like you already aware of that problem. Would be interesting to give it another chance after fixes :) 

 I feel like controls can be better, but overall a great 3D shooter :)

Interesting concept! Fun to play, but in the same time hard to play xD

Very challenging one! Great job!

You've done a great job. No lags, high performance! Visuals, gameplay and controls are very good!

I didn't expected to see some kind of RTS game on this jam xD

Cool stuff, from the design to the sounds!

Great 3D game! Would love to play after fixing a bug with graphic! Also not sure if this is expected or not, but the player model is positioned more to the left than in the center of the screen, and this makes the controls a little weird. Except of this it's nice one! Well done!

Very dynamic game with a great storyline. Passed till the green one :)

For the triangle obstacles collision works a bit weird, sometimes decreases HP, sometime not. 

In general the game is cool! Good job!

That's really cool concept and implementation! Looks like there is some problem with the leaderboard, but except of this, done very well!

Would be nice to see more content here, but these bears are extremely cute!

Interesting concept. I like controls and the feature to be a Spider-Man xD

The music is a bit annoying :)

Does the leaderboard woks as expected? For the first view I thought that it is full of negative values but maybe its a dash xD 

Anyway, it was quite interesting to play :)

It's fun to smash orcs! The gameplay is funny but repetitive, I would diversify the gameplay in the future updates. For the limited time of game jam this is nice 3D game :)

As for the first game jam is nice one! Has a potential to improving. Keep working :)

Simple concept but great implementation! The cat is cute xD

Nice idea and cute graphic! I took me a lot of time to understand that "Start Cooking" text is a button) I would make it as a button and also a short visual tutorial would help. But as we were limited in time this still a great one!

Graphic is very cute! As for the companion would be great to see some other cute animal or something. Maybe a hive that shoots bees haha xD

Time to time it's hard to control both of them, so maybe you need to make controls easier.

Wanted to inform you about bugs, but looks like you already know about them xD

In general, very good submission!

Very cute graphic! Gameplay reminds me "Good Pizza, Great Pizza". Well done!

Wow, an amazing graphic and works good. Great performance and good fit for the theme!

An unique idea of rivalry. Fun to play again and again. Would be great to see this implementation in some colorful design :)

Cool idea to combine platformer with tower defense. Would be great if the wizard can create additional towers to defend the main one. Well done

Nice Hyper Casual runner :) It's funny that the bird falls with the runner xD

The game has a potential for future development. Good progress for the game jam! I would make elements bigger

Cool looking and an interesting storyline! Just some problems with controls, hope it will be fixed after the game jam. Would be happy to play :)

Thanks for your feedback! Yeah, find yourself is a part of the challenge xD