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i got an A++ !

thanks man ! yeah it pretty short wanted to test out some mechanics

haha probably forgot to test the shake amount then and thanks am glad you liked it !

wow what a creepy game nice job

really awesome game !

really cool tileset i played around with it and made this prototype

thats perfect then yeah i use unity 

Hey if you need a programmer i'll be glad to join you 


very cool game 

good job man the mechanics feel good

i like the idea of following the rythme 

love the visuals when u its dark reminds me of the studio ghibli movies for some reason

love it ! really wish the enemies would blink or something they keep hitting by surprise other than that good job man

Hi am a Unity2D Programmer and this is my 2nd jam you can contact me on discord:  yacus#6725

lets make something historical

hello am a unity 2d programmer looking for a team to have fun and experience

good job man i really liked it ! i made a prototype game with it here

wow what an original concept good job

pretty nice game the boss is kind of impossible to beat tho 

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hey can i join ?  yacus#6725


i appreciate you wanting to try it i just uploaded the project here 

i love it !

yeah sorry man theres some files missing when i uploaded them its my first jam i'll make sure to zip them next time

i really enjoyed playing it

i really enjoyed playing it

The Theme is "EVOLUTION"