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100% behind this idea!

Thanks for the tip!

I love it!

This is awesome, I drew a picture of Chris Pratt.

Thanks for this, it really helped me see my personal game development troubles in a new light.

I had to download this on principle alone. - Papptimus

The Manual is in the zip file, but also available from the download section,.

Absolutely! Just remember to give Attribution (info in download files) the asset license is CC BY4.0.

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*Will remove if this isn't the place to post this*

I'm almost set to release a low poly futuristic hover car asset pack and wanted to share some of the content. The set will feature four standard and six utility vehicles. Each standard vehicle will have eight different color options with the exception of the Hover-Van which will have sixteen. All assets will come in dae, fbx ,obj formats and have been tested in both Unity and UE4.


I made it 939m before I had to get back to work. Super fun!

Starfighter 77 is a nostalgia fueled love letter to the games of the late 70's & early 80's, inspired by classics like Defender and Galaga.

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I just uploaded a new version further optimized for Win7 let me know if this fixes the issue.

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Windows 7 might not like  the way I do the scanline effect. Does it still crash if you disable scanlines (F1) before exiting? Also which version are you using?

I just released an update. Please let me know if you are able to run the game on Windows 7.

I just released an update. Please let me know if this fixed the issuse with the 2600-daptor.

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Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I’ll look into the issue.  I tested the controls using a Mayflash adapter. What adapter were you using and did you try the keyboard while the adapter was still connected? 

I coded it in GML Gamemaker’s propriety language.

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I meant that I don’t have the Mac export module for Gamemaker:Studio(1), Apple developer account/certificates  or a Mac to test and develop the game on. “License” just seemed an easier way to say it. It’s a good point thought, I need to look into ways to make the game more accessible.

Unfortunately I don’t have the license to publish to Mac OS. But I did find an article that might be useful.

**note that I’ve never  actually tried to emulate Windows software on a Mac before.

Thanks for sharing the video!