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Hmm, that sounds strange. Sure, send the crash logs, although I can't promise I'll be able to diagnose your issue. I'll mainly be copy and pasting the error code into a web search and seeing if this affected other people. A couple of people had a similar things happening over on our Steam forum and it turned out external 3rd party software was messing with some Unity games. When they figured out which software to disable, BFF or Die ran ok (and other Unity games I presume).

You can email the logs to bff at



(the game designer)

Thanks for taking the time to leave a nice comment :) Glad you and your friends enjoyed it as I hoped people would..!


Shaz (game designer)

Getting the learning curve right for all players is a tricky one. Sounds like you're someone who wants to get to the "real meat of the gameplay" sooner rather than later. The first couple levels will probably have been too easy and simple for you in that case. The game introduces new abilities and challenges every few levels and eventually does get quite tricky, but we do that gradually, That's because, from our playtesting when developing the game, some players got confused when we put "all the cool mechanics" right at the start of the experience. So instead, you unlock things gradually. But ok, fair enough if you didn't want to wait and see what happened as the game progressed.

Glad to hear you all had a good time together playing BFF or Die :) On Windows the save data is is stored in the Registry Editor. This site tells you how to access it:

Under "current user" you'll see folders for Software > ASA Studio > BFF or Die. I've attached an example image of how it looks on my PC. 

Glad you had fun - your playthrough vids are great :)

If you use a service called Parsec, then you can play any local multiplayer game as if it has online multiplayer. It's similar to Steams' Remote Play Together tech. One of you is the host and streams the video to the other player. The other player streams their inputs to you so that they can control their character. This is Parsec's web site:

Sounds like a fun idea :) Yes, please do go ahead and use BFF or Die in the show! If you want to contact me just use my email which my name at or you can use my twitter @HoneyTribeStu



Hi there - that sounds interesting. Just checking you posted in the right place though as you mentioned a different game?



Glad you're enjoying it :) You can use separate controllers if you want. Just plug in 2, 3 or 4 control pads and use them individually as normal. You can also have two people on keyboard, one person uses WASD and the other person uses arrow keys.



(Game designer)

BFF or Die

A cozy/crazy couch co-op puzzle game for one to four players. As time traveling aliens you’re sent on a risky rescue mission to Earth! Use your gadgets collaboratively to overcome danger and survive as a team.


1-4 players. Local co-op or use Parsec for online co-op.

Hi there, I updated the Linux build yesterday. Could you try downloading it/updating it now and see if it works ok? (I don't have a Linux machine but previous versions have been tested and verified by Linux users)

Ah, you don't have a QWERTY keyboard then? For a more complicated solution :D ... you could have your player 2 on another computer and use Parsec to play with them online.

Parsec site:

Hmm, I think we made the game before the Switch Pro controller existed? We do know xbox pads and ps4 pads work though. You can either use WASD or arrow keys if that helps?

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Hi there, not sure if this is too late but if not, please Include BFF or Die in the bundle

Thanks fo rthe mention of BFF or Die - glad you enjoyed it :)

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Always nice to see and hear people having fun with our creation :) For anyone seeing this vid, that's the prototype demo being played from a while ago. The finished game is quite different..!