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The term "Open Source" is very clearly defined:

Unless you have some reason to assume that somebody is using this term mistakenly (which may happen with any term), there's no problem with it.

Actually, "copyleft or public domain" is a bad term, because it would exclude things like Godot Engine, which is neither copyleft nor public domain (it's MIT). Don't use terms like that, use the clearly defined ones like "open source", "free software" or "FLOSS" - they all mean the same.

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When you ignore the ethical intention behind it, those terms are in practice synonymous. The term FOSS/FLOSS was created strictly because "free software" and "open source" describe exactly the same thing, to be able to use it without explicitly standing on any side of that moral battle.

It's not complicated - it's very simple. Unless you use the old GPL version, it's not open source.

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Most of the things I use have been already mentioned, but I've also came up with these:

- GDevelop - a pretty cool engine for making games without any coding
- Ardour - an alternative to LMMS, works better for recording live instruments
- - small and handy tool for 8-bit melodies
- Qt Creator - my IDE of choice :v

I'm a bit disappointed that it's not about reflashing 3310 with a custom firmware with the game :c

...but that's somewhat hardcore. One could consider upgrading the target device a bit though - Nokia 3410 already supported J2ME games, so making games for it (literally) wouldn't be that hard :D

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There's an eighth edition of 0h Game Jam happening this year:

Make sure to submit your games there as well ;)

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Nice one! One thing I would recommend to you from my own experience is to use three frames for such drawing animations. With two it looks a bit weird jumping back and forth all the time; with three (or more, but three is enough) it gets way more natural :)


Have you ever felt the urge to just drop everything and start singing? Possibly non-competitively? Maybe as a bunch of potatoes?

Don't worry, be happy now, as we got you covered!

Check out Non-Competitive Singing Potatoes, a small gamey-thingie that lets you conduct a band of singing potatoes. Non-competitively, of course.

If you liked the game, please consider dropping some moneys in our general direction, so we can buy some potatoes to have strength to make more games like this one, or like others made by me, or like others made by Agata :)

Peace! <3

I have started making a game about determining a theme by using Framaforms vote.

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Here in action (9m17s):

and from the jam itself:

Current version is a bit more advanced, but it's still waiting to be polished and properly released though. Also made on GNU/Linux :)

Place it on a fileshare yourself then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Awesome! <3 Good luck at LD :)

Looking at the JAR file you have already uploaded, it would probably be TicTacToe2. I think it's not necessary to specify it in your case at all though.

Yes, they generally are. The protection is called "copyright laws". For details, consult the law in your country.

Any other protections are generally harmful for both creators and users. There's no need for to give up its good name and reputation in exchange to broken and ineffective systems.

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This is basically the single, most anticipated and most basic feature I'm dreaming for.

Collections aren't really a good workaround for this issue, for number of reasons: most importantly their scrolling UI, limit of games being shown and the sole fact of being separated from the main game list. Neither me nor my girlfriend want to use them for this purpose, and as we sometimes make games together, it already happened that we fought with each other over this issue :P

Anyway, we're making duplicates of game pages each time I jam with other people with active itch account now, and it's a major PITA. Some other people don't care that much about their presence, but they probably would if only there was an easy way to make the game page I made appear on their profile.  I really hope it will finally get implemented properly - I'm waiting for it for years now, ever since I've created my account. I was excited to see game admins feature appear one day, but sadly it turned out to be completely useless for this case :(

Oh, it's Flash! Ok then, was just worried that this little jem might be unavailable anymore, as I wanted to show it to someone :) Good!

Where did the game go? I don't seem to be able to play it anymore :(

tę grę*

10/10 GOTY

oslo, Linux build is of course the reference one, Windows one is only added because it seems to be somewhat popular :P

@blackcode rite, but I'm going to fix it soon!

"Probably the only SGJ title NOT made in Unity!"

Hide away with your filthy C++! My SGJ game was made in pure C!

I don't see the connection with the theme ;_; I waited for a punchline, like, this is the block from the game that Maks could have lost if he didn't catch his computer when he fell, or something!

I love how you used the sound from the video <333333

Nice idea, chuckled a lot while reading! Gameplay is maybe a bit too easy BUT WHATEVER WHO CARES, THE COMPUTER IS FINE! :D

@JamSnack: You can win! You just always fall, as it is what happened, but you can either save the computer or let it break when you fall :D However, the score counts how long you lasted before falling, so you should keep trying to walk for as long as you can ;)

The Windows version is now there!

@devi ever: I'll try to deliver some Windows executable (and maybe some packages for popular distros and OS X). However, I won't promise anything, as I haven't used Windows for ages :)

Oh yes. As a frequent game jam participant, I would really really like to see such feature on It's really disappointing to not be able to show the game on the pages of each team member, especially as some of us use their pages as some kind of jamming potfolio. +1 from me!

Yep! All you need is a keyboard, dance mat and a way to keep one player from looking at the screen :)

This is a little gem. Thank you for making this :)