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How do I find my jar class name?

A topic by Rhyzue created Nov 10, 2017 Views: 247 Replies: 4
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I'm trying to upload a .jar file and I don't know what to put for the class name. I'm relatively new to programming, so please help! Thank you :)


You need to give more details. Upload where? Here? What to put where for the class name? doesn't care about the contents of .jar files. I assume you're working in Java, since you mention classes? Using what IDE?

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Upload here, of course. There is a section that says "JAR class name — Enter entry point of game, eg. io.itch.MyGame

My code is pretty simple and I use eclipse.

When it asks for class name, I'm not sure what it wants me to write. TicTacToe2() ? public TicTacToe2() ? new TicTacToe2() ? io.Itch.TicTacToe2 ? Either way, I tried a couple and none of them worked...

bump, still don't know how to upload it ._.

Looking at the JAR file you have already uploaded, it would probably be TicTacToe2. I think it's not necessary to specify it in your case at all though.