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How to share a co-authored game on both dashboards

A topic by Chopin created Nov 29, 2017 Views: 194 Replies: 4
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I made a game with a friend, is there a way to show it on both our dashboards? Currently it is only visible for him (I had an admin access to this project and I can modify everything, but unfortunately I cannot post the game on my dashboard).


At the moment the only way to do this is to create a collection with the game you want on your profile, then put that collection on your profile from your "My collections" page.

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This is basically the single, most anticipated and most basic feature I'm dreaming for.

Collections aren't really a good workaround for this issue, for number of reasons: most importantly their scrolling UI, limit of games being shown and the sole fact of being separated from the main game list. Neither me nor my girlfriend want to use them for this purpose, and as we sometimes make games together, it already happened that we fought with each other over this issue :P

Anyway, we're making duplicates of game pages each time I jam with other people with active itch account now, and it's a major PITA. Some other people don't care that much about their presence, but they probably would if only there was an easy way to make the game page I made appear on their profile.  I really hope it will finally get implemented properly - I'm waiting for it for years now, ever since I've created my account. I was excited to see game admins feature appear one day, but sadly it turned out to be completely useless for this case :(


It's coming very soon, sorry! As soon as I finish Ludum Dare I'll finish up the code.

Awesome! <3 Good luck at LD :)