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Are games protected from being copied?

A topic by DireBoarGames created 7 days ago Views: 73 Replies: 3
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I am considering to place my game on itch.io, but wondering about one thing. Is there any kind of protection for games here? For example, Steam uses key system. What about here? Is there anything preventing from buyers from just copying the game? Is it usual for local sellers to buy copy protection from somewhere else?

Thank you in advance,



Itch.io itself doesn't apply any DRM, if that's what you're asking. Individual creators are free to put their own copy protection into the downloads they provide (at least I'm not aware of any rule against it). But you won't make many friends around here that way.

Thank you for your reply, and also for a warning not to use external copy protection. I guess I'll risk releasing my game for now (early access), and will think when it's time to release full version.


We don't have any issues with you adding copy protection. The way to do it would be to verify with the itch.io API that the person running the game actually owns your game. You can use our server-side API to accomplish that: https://itch.io/docs/api/serverside

Games launched through the app are automatically passed a JWT API key. If you'd like to have the same protection without using the app then you'll need to implement "Log in with itch.io" using OAuth apps: https://itch.io/docs/api/oauth