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Little Pixel Queen

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Hey I actually just finished your game. Well done!
Was kinda hard to actually get my character to point at the enemies so I kept dying the first few tries over and over again but it was going alright after that practise. :)

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This game is really great! The atmosphere, setting and sounds are super creepy and those happenings in the forest super creeped me out. But the house was even worse. I was really scared the whole time I was playing this game. Well done! :D

I liked the idea of the game and the overall look of it. The outside really looks dangerous and toxic in an awesome way. :D Kinda wished there was something to find/explore there because I liked that environment. The puzzles were nice and felt natural since the solutions were found by exploring along the way instead of having to hunt for objects.
I sadly forgot the crouch button so it took a while longer for me to finish, sorry for that. Other than that I just had a minor pc problem because the pc didn't mention the layout of the date anymore after I checked it already at the start, so I tried to use dots instead of slashes.
I still had fun anyway and liked the ending/endings :D But I feel like making "that" person green gave the plot twist pretty much away.

The game was really fun and I loved the creepy moments you put into this game. And those eyes! :D
I hope you will continue to make games like this! :)
Here's a playthrough :D

Hi! I actually played and recorded your game today! :D
It was really fun and I loved the creepy moments you put into this game. Also that gore part looked so detailled.  I actually put an age restriction on my video because it was done so well. If there was a prize for that you would definetly win!
I didn't have the time to rate your game and comment on the game page yet though, but will do that after I got some sleep.
As for my recording, here it is. :)
PS. please continue making games, I'm so totally going to play them. :D

So did you figure out what the code actually means? :D

I really liked the game mechanic in your game. It was a bit clonky sometimes to get it to really look at a glyph but it was still fun. :) I hope you're planning to make more horror games cause I'll definetely want to play them! :D
Just a little question though, what do the glyphs actually spell out?
I'm mixed filipino but I barely know any Tagalog so it's hard to figure out what it means , even though I was able to find those Baybayin signs thanks to foxx360420's comment.
Here's the link to my video if you want to check it out.

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I really liked your game! I don't know if I was just being unlucky but those things really didn't want me to read that one note I needed to progress. xD
Here's the video from my playthrough if you feel like checking it out. :)