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I liked the idea of the game and the overall look of it. The outside really looks dangerous and toxic in an awesome way. :D Kinda wished there was something to find/explore there because I liked that environment. The puzzles were nice and felt natural since the solutions were found by exploring along the way instead of having to hunt for objects.
I sadly forgot the crouch button so it took a while longer for me to finish, sorry for that. Other than that I just had a minor pc problem because the pc didn't mention the layout of the date anymore after I checked it already at the start, so I tried to use dots instead of slashes.
I still had fun anyway and liked the ending/endings :D But I feel like making "that" person green gave the plot twist pretty much away.

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Hi! Thank you for checking out the game and giving me your feedback! I agree with your critique of the environment of the game - given more time, I certainly would've liked to fill the world a bit more. I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzles and were able to figure out crouching! Fair point about the ending, haha. The green coloration is meant to show that that person is a hologram, but I can see what that might represent to the player.

Thank you for taking the time to comment and make a video for TLU!