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Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed :)

Ahh, okay - that makes sense. It's definitely a problem that fullscreen doesn't automatically default to a 16:9 resolution - I'll take this route when trying to fix this issue. Thanks for the help, it's much appreciated!

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Hi Steven! I'm looking into this issue, and wanted to ask: Is the 16x10 resolution you used one of the options presented in the game's settings menu? Or was that resolution set outside of the game? On my PC, the only options in-game are 16:9. This game is meant to be played at a 16:9 resolution, so if there is a 16x10 option in the game's settings menu for you, that's gotta go. Thanks!

Yeesh, thats no good! Thanks so much for the bug report. I'll look into this soon and see if I can fix that. I'm glad you enjoyed!

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Thank you for playing! I aporeciate your feedback. Fair point about the pixel art there.

Not including music for much of the game was an intentional choice. I wanted to subvert expectations for a pixel point-and-click game by including atmospheric background noise instead. I'm sure that isn't for everyone though, and I'll make note of your thoughts!

Thanks so much! Using powerquest was a real challenge and joy at the same time - thanks for making it!

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Thats a fair critique. Certainly 2 weeks is a tough constraint to work under. Every game I make I learn something new about storytelling and working in short time frames, though. So that muscle will get stronger with time! Thanks for playing.

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wow, thanks so much for the kind words! :) I am glad you enjoyed

Thank you so much for your kind words in the video! I'm glad you enjoyed :)

Thank you very much for playing! I appreciate your feedback. You make a very fair point about the dialogue moving too quickly. I apologize for not thinking more about the experience of non-English speakers when making the game. That is on me, and I will take your advice to heart when making future games!

This was incredibly successful on an emotional and narrative level. Its clear just how much care was put into the crafting of this story and its characters. Plus, each story beat was hit with the right gravity to really drive home the theme and point of the game. Really great stuff. 

There were a few interactions that seemed slightly buggy to me, but nothing out of the norm for a jam project and nothing game breaking as far as I could tell. My one point of critique for this project on a gameplay level is that I wish all the interactions would either be key presses or mouse clicks. 

I find that when key presses and mouse clicks are mixed for the same action (i.e. mouse click to water the tree, E press for watering everything else) it can get clunky. It was hard to aim precisely when watering crops as well, which may have been solved by utilizing more of a point-and-click format. 

Those are just minor notes though for what was a really lovely, memorable, and engaging jam entry. Great work and big congrats to this team!

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haha - I'm glad you liked the theme! I also am glad that the story resonated with you. thanks so much for taking the time to play and leave a comment

Thanks so much Marco!

I am feeling much better, thank you! I am glad you enjoyed the game. Thanks for your comment!

Thanks so much! :)

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed :)

Very cool game. I wasn't able to finish, but the challenges I was able to overcome were very rewarding! It would have been cool to get some more story going outside of the instructional signs, but I get that this game is more about the puzzle platforming mechanics than the story. Really good job!

I enjoyed this game. I thought the puzzles were pretty fun and both endings created a message that I really appreciate. As a dev it hits close to home, especially as a jam game! Good work.

I have been enjoying this game so far! Only problem is, once I've gathered the bundle of sticks for Bruce, when I go back and talk to him my game crashes every time :/ 

Thanks for playing! :)

thanks so much for playing! :)

Im so glad you enjoyed! The story ended up being weirdly personal so im glad it resonates and makes sense to others as well haha. Thanks for playing!

Nice game! I thought the pixel art was cool and gave the game an old school feel. I think the combat mechanics can definitely be polished and tweaked, but it's a good start! (I did run into a bug I should mention - the door opening sounds were repeating constantly throughout the game until I reached the boss level.)

I also would have liked to see a bit more of the story hinted in the game's description. What is described there sounds really great, so I would have liked to learn a bit more (maybe through a scene or two of dialogue before throwing the player into the action). Nice work though, and congrats on submitting to the jam!

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I thought this game was very cool overall. The art was gorgeous and the voice acting added a lot of charm. The snowy cottage setting was great to play around in. Very immersive. Without spoiling anything, I thought the scares were done very well too! 
I personally don't typically enjoy games with the themes presented here. I find that it's difficult to incorporate these elements into a horror story respectfully and tastefully. But that's totally a matter of personal preference. I can say, even regardless of that preference, that this game was very well made. Really nice work and congrats to your team!

Thanks so much! :)

thank you! thoroughly enjoyed your game, so that means a lot

This was incredible. I am really blown away by what was accomplished here in 2 weeks! Visually stunning, very sharp and effective writing, good puzzles. Plus, the story ended up having a lot of heart. Well done!

Thank you for your thoughtful commentary and for posting your playthrough! I appreciate your critiques as well - very well put and I agree. I'm really glad you enjoyed this little game nonetheless!

The style, writing, and unique mechanics of this game came together to create something really memorable. Well done taking the concept of this jam in a fresh direction!

excellent stuff. I love surreal puzzle games like this, and the visuals were a real treat. great work!

Thanks so much for playing! I appreciate your thoughtful criticisms and will take them to heart. I'm glad you enjoyed!

Girl actually haha, very much appreciate it though! Thanks for playing and posting a vid, I'm glad you enjoyed. :)

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Hi there! Thanks so much for your kind words. Development is ongoing, and unfortunately I don't yet have an announcement about a release date. But please, look out for updates here on my itch page or by following me on Twitter! Whenever I do announce a date, it'll be in those places.

This was a really cool demo - I remember being very intrigued by the concept and execution when you released it. I'm bummed it won't be completed in its original form, but I do admire when an artist can decisively close the door on a concept. I'm excited to see what you put out next!

Haha this comment made me smile, thank you. You should have much more content to look forward to in the future when the final game is released! 👀

Haha, thank you for playing and posting a video! I'm glad you enjoyed.

That's a known bug that will likely remain in the build, as this was for a game jam. If it helps, the date is written the American way and is separated by slashes (example: December 21st, 2020 would be typed as 12/21/20).

Haha, I'm glad you enjoyed the furniture signs. I had a lot of fun writing those! Thank you for playing the game and giving me your thoughts.

Thanks so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed and I'm honored you consider it one of the best indie games you've played - that means a lot. 

Wow, this was a real treat to listen to. This was a 6 week long jam game project, so a lot of quick decisions had to be made as a time saving measure. To know it all added to an eerie, otherworldly feeling for you is awesome. Thanks so much for the feature!