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Thanks so much for playing! I appreciate your thoughtful criticisms and will take them to heart. I'm glad you enjoyed!

Girl actually haha, very much appreciate it though! Thanks for playing and posting a vid, I'm glad you enjoyed. :)

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Hi there! Thanks so much for your kind words. Development is ongoing, and unfortunately I don't yet have an announcement about a release date. But please, look out for updates here on my itch page or by following me on Twitter! Whenever I do announce a date, it'll be in those places.

This was a really cool demo - I remember being very intrigued by the concept and execution when you released it. I'm bummed it won't be completed in its original form, but I do admire when an artist can decisively close the door on a concept. I'm excited to see what you put out next!

Haha this comment made me smile, thank you. You should have much more content to look forward to in the future when the final game is released! 👀

Haha, thank you for playing and posting a video! I'm glad you enjoyed.

That's a known bug that will likely remain in the build, as this was for a game jam. If it helps, the date is written the American way and is separated by slashes (example: December 21st, 2020 would be typed as 12/21/20).

Haha, I'm glad you enjoyed the furniture signs. I had a lot of fun writing those! Thank you for playing the game and giving me your thoughts.

Thanks so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed and I'm honored you consider it one of the best indie games you've played - that means a lot. 

Wow, this was a real treat to listen to. This was a 6 week long jam game project, so a lot of quick decisions had to be made as a time saving measure. To know it all added to an eerie, otherworldly feeling for you is awesome. Thanks so much for the feature! 

Haha, no reason to feel like a fool!  That's still very good info for me to know, so thanks for reaching out.

I'm glad you dug it! Thank you for your kind words and for posting up a video of your playthrough.

Thank you for playing!

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Hi! Thank you for checking out the game and giving me your feedback! I agree with your critique of the environment of the game - given more time, I certainly would've liked to fill the world a bit more. I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzles and were able to figure out crouching! Fair point about the ending, haha. The green coloration is meant to show that that person is a hologram, but I can see what that might represent to the player.

Thank you for taking the time to comment and make a video for TLU!

I'm sorry to hear that! I develop on PC, so it's always a bit of a challenge getting the Mac builds to work smoothly. Could you tell me a bit more about what you experienced? Was there an error message when you tried to run the game?

Sorry for my late reply, Miko! It is very possible some colliders may be missing. All a part of rushing at the end of a jam, I'm afraid! The game is fully released as is, so I won't be needing any testers, but I appreciate the offer!

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Hey there! Thanks so much for playing and giving good feedback. I also happen to love the music, which was composed by Benn Gabriner (who you should check out here if you want to keep up with his stuff: 

I'm pretty honored to see you compare TLU to two other fantastic games, thank you! I agree with your criticism of the rainbow tunnel and the low lighting  - both were meant to be tweaked a bit more, but the risk of doing a game jam is always that there will be significant rough edges due to time constraints. Those areas definitely fall under the "rough edges" category.

At this time there aren't any plans to expand this game, as I'm pleased with what it is, but it means a lot that what you saw left you wanting more. Thanks again for taking the time to comment with your thoughts, it means a lot!

I loved my time with At Ishtar's Gate. This game was clearly made with a near-reverent love for the retro aesthetic. It is visually beautiful, for sure, but what drew me into the world the most was the writing. This narrative is powerful, and I'd love to see more indie horror games explore the themes touched on here. Great work

Of course! Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing! I am glad you enjoyed :)

Hey there! Thank you for your kind words and pointing out that glaring issue with the controls list. I'll be fixing that now! 

There is a tutorial in the beginning of the game that does mention crouching, so thankfully there's at least that. I appreciate your patience!

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Haha, the slow speed of the dreaded tube you mentioned has been fixed. Sorry to see that was a sticking point for you. Thanks for playing!

Thank you so much for your kind words! Glad you enjoyed the game :)

Thank you for playing! I notice walk speed was mentioned as an issue in your playthrough - I totally agree. I'm pushing an update very soon (hopefully tonight or tomorrow) to address that, making walk speed much faster. I appreciate your thorough comment and am really glad you enjoyed the story!

This was really singular and interesting. Seems like there's much more to it than one can get from one playthrough. Looking forward to digging deeper into this. Awesome work

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Not stupid! If you are stuck, be sure to pay close attention to the hint words - those are highlighted in pink in the story text. The tutorial screen lists the most commonly used verbs in the game. Be sure to take a look at those again by entering "Restart." These two tips should help you out a ton!

I had so much fun with this game. It's awesome to see a dev make a game in the FMV style. At first I wasn't sure about the text progression, but when I learned about the fast forward and rewind mechanic it made perfect sense and worked very well when it was implemented. These characters have a lot of personality and the storyline had me pretty hooked! I hope very much that development of this game continues, I'd love to see where this goes!

This fully captured the theme of Architectural Horror in the best way. Amazing work

This was really awesome. I loved the atmosphere and underlying meaning to the plot. The character design was really cool and had a fun retro aesthetic. You also built tension incredibly well. This game feels like it has a very unique voice, and I'd love to see more from this story/Kristy!

Hi! I'm very late to responding to this, but I wanted to thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to check out this short experimental thing I made. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Thank you! And yes! Sound plays a very minor role in this short game (it's used twice and not in a very scary way), but typing "Sound On" at any point in the game will enable it. You can also type "Restart" to restart the game from the beginning, if you'd like. 👍

CYA Goosebumps books were my favorites growing up, so this means a lot. Thank you!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing! That's a very fair critique, but I'm glad you enjoyed the game anyhow!

Hah, this was awesome! The art and atmosphere was great and the dialogue made me laugh. Well done.

Thank you so much for playing! Glad to hear you enjoyed it, even with the dark ending haha

Thank you for your kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) No alternative ending to this one, just to ensure the game would fit within the two minute time constraint of the jam. Was a good opportunity for me to just toy around with a new game making tool, too. Super recommend Adventuron btw, it was a blast to work with and very easy to pick up!

This is a really cool project. Thank you for making it 

Thank you so much for your kind words! I am new to writing interactive fiction in this format, so this means a lot. Thanks for playing! :)

The CSS for that is from alienmelon, an awesome dev who posts custom CSS for folks to incorporate into their game pages. Super cool stuff, I highly recommend checking it out here!