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Are we allowed to create an anthology of multiple 12 word games, or just one?  I know multiple entries are allowed, but what about a pdf compilation?

I don't know either

Thank you so much! one of the main things I strive for in my games is that replay value, so I'm glad you could find it!

I'm glad you had fun with it! unfortunately time was not on my side as I wasted the whole first day :/ wish I could have put more work in.

I love the music and the art, and the simple game design is great.

Very nice look and style, has good game feel.

I love everything about this game! reminds me a lot of one hour one life, this would be incredible if it were to be fleshed out and polished more.

I had no idea what was happening, but I enjoyed it!

This was awesome! the writing and the art were great, and I loved the alternate universes concept.

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Why is this so fun?  I don't know how but I enjoyed every second of it,

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Very cool concept and gameplay! I can imagine this as a full rpg, though i did feel like the tutorial was very unclear.

I really liked this one! the concept is so simple but so fun!

This is AWESOME, I love the graphics and music, reminds me of post void.

Very fun, and it has lots of potential!

very interesting game

Thank you for playing!

Love the art, but wish there was a tutorial, I have no clue how to play it.

Very nice concept, controls feel good.

nice art style and interesting gameplay, though I'm not sure how it fits the theme.

Very fun! nice art style

Thank you!

Thank you! I'll definitely think about continuing this.

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Thank you for the feedback! I'm sorry it didn't fit the theme very well, my next game jam Ill make sure I do better at fitting the theme, as for the music I didn't know about that problem as it  didn't happen to me so I'm not sure how I can fix that, as for the train breaking constantly, that is intentional, thanks!

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Thank you so much! that means a lot

the goal of the game is to deliver the mail in as fast as possible, you must get to the mailboxes by moving the train with the A and D, while also keeping the train from falling apart by walking over to the warning signal and pressing space, you move the goblin with the arrow keys,  and place the mail in the mailboxes by looking at your letters and pressing the number above the letter with the seal that is the same color as the flag on the mailbox, in hindsight the game is a lot more complicated than I was intending, I had hoped that the in game tutorial explained all this well enough but I must have messed up.  

yes, what about it?

Cool game! I'm still trying to understand the story though

I'm happy you liked it!

Thank you so much!

Thank you for the feedback!

thank you!

Thank you!

Awesome! do you have a recording of the stream on youtube? if so I would love to see it!

Thank you for the feedback, I'll be sure to play your game!

oof, sorry :(

Thank you so much! I may continue to develop the game after the voting period is over, not sure yet :)

maybe try downloading it

Thank you!

Thank you, I intended for the game to be controlled with two hands(right hand on the arrow keys, left hand on the space  bar), but you're right! the game would be far more accessible with WASD control, thank you so much for the advice! 

such a beautiful story