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this is my game of the year

good luck!

thank you :)

thank you:) most of my games are kind of trash but their are a few good ones, I hope

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I had been wondering who's face that was, I assumed it was stock footage. by the way I hope you can finish the game! maybe by then I'll actually have a VR headset :)

haha, it's a great model, and nice shot gun

I  love his little ps1 hands!

An enjoyable read, but at a few points I didn't quite understand

what programming language are you using to make your windows 95 simulator?

thank you :)

I enjoyed this quite a bit

Thank you very much, it's nice to see that people are understanding :)

ok, thank you :)

ok, thank you :)

is joining the discord required?

thank you for understanding :)

I'm really sorry to everyone for this, I uploaded the build and didn't realize how bad everything was until it was to late

I'm really sorry to everyone for this, I uploaded the build and didn't realize how bad everything was until it was to late

I'm going to fix everything, the dialog should be fixed soon and a better tutorial will be put in place

I'm sorry for the problem I'll attempt to fix the dialog as fast as possible as well as everything else, the sprite filling the room is on purpose I should probably explain everything better, sorry

Awesome, can't wait to use this as another procrastination tool! ha ha 

A really fun physics simulations! I do hope you continue this project as I think it could be really great! maybe you could release a android build of this? can't wait for your next game :)

This game looks dope, can't wait!


a small visual driving game made in a few days.

here is the link

if you play this game please let me know in the comments, thanks.

Awesome! I'm hyped

that sounds awesome! when do you think the first build will be available?

I don't know anything about it, but given your last game I'm sure it's gonna be great!

A small, visual driving game

Can't wait!

I fixed it!

Thank you so much! I really enjoyed this jam, especially making the art!

sorry about that, I'll fix it as soon as possible!

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Am I allowed to use photos of clay sculptures similar to jack stauber's clay art?

Thank you for including my game! i enjoyed the video

YES, This is the most perfect thing I've ever seen, thank you

I would assume so

that's what I'm going to do too!

I'm really excited for this jam, I already have an idea in mind!

are a few 3d objects with programmer art textures allowed?

a game about things with wiggly arms pushing each other around!

here is the link