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Thanks for all the helpful advice!! I see what you are saying (the criticism is very valid) and I appreciate the time you put into this :) 

yep ! 

After you beat the final boss, you will be given a grade depending on the number of “coins” (brown squares) and upgrades. That’s what they are for, and it’s tough to keep a lot because if you die, you lose them all. The first ability relates to when you have low health, you deal more damage to the enemies. You may claim it wasn’t too tough, but I’m still impressed. ;) Glad you like the game ! 

That’s quite the feat to get past that wall, when I was developing it, I thought is there any way someone could get over this, and after failing numerous times, I deemed it impossible. Well done ! What’s the highest grade you’ve gotten ? 

You can attack with the shift key from the start, did you just forget which key to press ? ;D Getting to the final boss without killing any of them is quite impressive, you’re quite skilled at this game ! 

thanks for the feedback :D !! I’m glad you enjoyed the game ! 

Lol I didn’t think that was possible ! It is a metroidvania so I did think part of the fun would just be exploring and not giving the player direction as to where they should find the power ups, but thanks for the feedback and playing the game ! 

thanks !!! :D

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If you want to play test my game and let me know what you think, I would really appreciate it !! It’s in Beta, so any bugs you find, let me know and exactly what happened. It’s a goofy adventure about escaping a cave :


Thanks for the feedback ! 

Thanks ! 


no problem just try playing the game next time before making judgements :D

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This was one of the first games I made so yeah I used the Unity tutorial, but I added new stuff like dialogue, a sleep mechanic, smarter AI, an axe to chop walls faster, a sword to kill monsters, and various other improvements and new challenges. 
It’s kind of rude to just call it a “straight copy”.

thanks ! It was hard to get the movement correct 


thanks for the feedback! 

Thanks for the feedback ! I’m glad you liked it :D

Thanks ! 

every time you fail (die by running into the asteroids), you progress towards winning the game and get a brand new spaceship! It’s messing with the concepts of winning and losing by having it so once you “fail” 13 times, you actually win the game ! 

thanks so much!

Cool mechanics! Very interesting ! 


awesome ! keep at it ! 

Thanks for the feedback ! Definitely some issues that could be improved upon but I’m glad you had fun ! 

thanks ! I’m glad

Like Asteroids,  but even more awesome ! Every time you die, you get a new spaceship !

Hey really cool mechanic ! It’s so short though, I wish there were a few more levels !

Love the moving background and the cool gameplay ! Really got the space theme down! 

I’m glad you liked it !

Yeah that’s a good suggestion, for players that are trying to get as high a score as possible it does suck to instantly die. Thanks for playing ! 

thanks for the feedback ! 

Thanks for the helpful feedback ! 

Yeah that’s a benefit not a downside ! 

Thanks !! It’s by neocrey, definitely look him up !

thanks !

I like this take on theme ! I’ve seen it a few times now but I love the cute character and the level design utilizes it very well. I also like how it shows the death count, so the goal is still to get through with as few deaths as possible. Nice job ! 

I loved this game ! Wonderful polish with the visuals, cool game concept, and nice controls. WOWIE !

Really like this unique concept ! Works with the theme really well and is fun to play ! It is really hard though, so maybe make it a little easier. Nice job!