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I'll see what I can do. I already floated reducing characters' turning arcs when dashing.

Sorry I took so long. If you want to gain experience working in the industry, we're probably not what you're looking for. Le Crew is a loose collective of devs and artists that's intentionally far removed from what it's like working in a dev team with goals and deadlines.

Hopefully there'll be a next time, I've added some more colours for the Episode 2 map.

This is on the game's end. I wasn't planning on ultra-wide support, so I had the interface canvas scaling halfway between horizontal and vertical widths, to keep things roughly similar across common aspect ratios.

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Arse, I'd so entirely buy it right now if it weren't for the billing address stuff. I'll look for a way to buy anonymously and come back with my address if I can't.

I'll say this while I'm here though, the high-res semi-transparent hit/blocksparks pop a bit much over the otherwise entirely opaque silhouette aesthetic. What I'd recommend is to make them opaque, but dithered, in the style of Mark of the Wolves.

e: Also, I'm on Linux and I'll be glad to test on that if that's alright with you.

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Butterflies Episode 1: Rudies is most definitely not J-- S-- R----, I don't know why you're asking.

Yo. I'm submitting Butterflies E1 to the bundle.

Yo. This new input system will probably be the death of me.

I know for sure I kind of removed explicit DualShock support. I say kind of because in the editor, my XB1 controller was recognised as both XInput and generic at the same time, leading to incorrect behaviour, so I removed explicit references to XInput and DualShock assuming the same would happen for the latter. I'll have to get it all checked out in the newer versions of Unity where the input system is in its stable release.

I also made a mistake in the tutorial, I absentmindedly wrote "Dash + Trick" when it's in fact Dash + Tag to recenter the camera (which should correspond to L2+R2).

After switching to the new Unity input system, I know I had my One controller registering as a generic gamepad and an Xbox gamepad at the same time, and got bugs when enabling both, leading me to disable the Xbox-specific inputs. That might be the issue.



It's cool. If the input was meant to pass as a generic gamepad, then that is in fact a Unity problem.

For a moment, I thought some insane fool had ported this thing to Switch. :v

Fot what it's worth, I've been switching to the new input system and I intended to release an update to E1 for all versions simultaneously; I was just waiting for the Android testing environment to catch up with the new input system. I'm getting more and more convinced I should just release now and have my Android release later.

FWIW, I've made it so that if you get the timing right, you can hold for a few moments. But yes, the dashing mechanics are among the things I'm beginning to regret.

Believe it or not, that's intentional, mirroring older 3D platformers where you controlled the camera instead of the view. But yes, I think I'll add the option to invert camera axes sometime down the line, since this isn't the first time I'm getting that feedback.

That's strange. I remember someone else getting weird default bindings with a DualShock, but nothing about spinning. It does remind me of a bug I had years ago on another game with a cheap old controller, but it feels like a long shot from there. Go figure. I didn't do an in-game rebind menu because Unity infamously doesn't support rebinding at runtime with the default input manager, which my input relies on (namely the nametags). What I could do is make it possible to switch those nametags around.

Sorry I'm so late to the punch.

I'm keeping the fog, unfortunately. I use it to blend the geom into the skybox.

Don't mash, you'll only mess up your controller. You have to press as your foot hits the ground, then hold for 2 seconds of dash.

The 2 meters are Voltage (blue), which you gain by dashing and tricking, and Power (magenta), which is Voltage multiplied by speed. You need enough Power to pull bigger tricks.

Unfortunately I haven't got a powerful enough Linux machine to test on, but I'll have the opportunity on Tuesday via my local library. The graphical glitch is the most worrying; the other twoI think I know the causes of. I don't know how up-to-date that is, but I remember bindings being different for the 360 controller across platforms; I seem to remember the x86 executable brings up a settings window where you can rebind. The cutting off isn't *intentional* per se, but I have the interface scale at the halfway point between horizontal and vertical; very wide resolutions will come with these sorts of issues.

Mac is up.

Wouldn't take long. Building for Mac (or for that matter Linux) really is as simple as flipping a switch in Unity. The problem comes when all three builds are out and i have to keep all three up-to-date; that's why I'm keeping to Windows while updates are frequent. Once I'm out of early access, I'll be rolling out on all three platforms plus Android. (Fun fact: I've been setting up mobile stuff all throughout the updates you've been getting, just behind the scenes.)

I wish. Unity to the rescue with its less-than-stellar menu input system, which only allows one method of input at a time. Although what I could do, now that I think of it, is switch said input method to keyboard when input is detected there, and vice versa for gamepad.

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I've made my choice. I've found the THPS-style steering satisfactory, so it'll remain the same, but I'll make dashing easier: press at the right time, then hold for a time-limited auto-boost.

All noted. I'm keeping out spray cans and directional input to simplify things; you heal by tricking. Camera angles I left out because I couldn't find a way to make them look good. Multiple graffiti per level I can look into, but it'll have to play nice with my save system.

The wide steering is intentional, an attempt at mirroring JSR's skating physics. It's why I've added a drifting mechanic (tap back, then steer) for tighter turns. I can reduce the steering circle, but I don't want to do that too much.

I'm not yet fixed on whether there's going to be a DJ figure. I'm taking advantage of the fact that a DJ wouldn't have noticed the Butterflies so early, so wouldn't be heard from throughout E1. I'll see if I can get something together for the end of E2.

All-spot challenge I can do. Leaderboards will take some coding, but might be done. I've removed nearly every trace of race mode, so I'll have to redo that all over again, which might take a while.

Hey there. Yeah, I can always use extra talent. Busy at the moment, but I'll be seeing your Soundcloud.

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Fun fact, the engine can take any Unity scene and make it into a level provided there's a start point. Less fun fact, I have less than no idea how to make that into a proper editor. But in theory, I could try to have the game generate a level on-the-fly from being fed an FBX file (something I already have the Unity editor do via script), and there are in fact model rips of the JSRF levels out there. Still, that's way beyond my skills at the moment.

edit: Just checked, there's no way to get a model file at runtime. Scenes might be another matter entirely, but that takes AssetBundles, which I don't know the first thing about.

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I'm keeping the character switch point system (JSRF represent), but everything else should be fixed.

These are all good ideas, but way too much work to implement. Mission rankings are a lot more work than they look, since I'd have to implement a timer then personally determine every single rank threshold for every single mission.

I've purposely avoided achievements because they're also a lot of work for not a lot of returns: for a speedrun achievement, I'd have to implement a timer, for X sprayables/X grinds in X way I'd have to implement entire new scripts, and so on. Then I'd need to implement an entire achievement interface to handle them. It's a story for another time, but I also never really liked the "culture" of achievements, so to speak. It might happen, but don't bet on it. I'd rather work on bugfixes and E2.

Definitely a bug. Looking into it.

Forgot to put it in the changelog, but the ending bug is fixed.

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That, however, is probably not going to happen. I floated an in-game keybind menu, only to find Unity's default input system can't change keybinds at runtime, while I haven't found any alternate way to get to analog input. This is also why you can see the Android axes in the launcher.

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I'm amazed I didn't think of skipping tracks. It'll take an extra button, but I can do it. Volume buttons I probably won't do, since that's two more buttons. Maybe by holding "skip track" and pressing other buttons. Center camera should be easy: tag + dash, zero extra buttons needed.

All of those are intentional, save for the ending bug. I did cut all three songs, I couldn't make SRR sound good and didn't feel the other two fit.

Also, sorry I'm late for the key, found you in my spam box. ""\_(ツ)_/""

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This has frustrated me too. Unlike JSR (and quite like Zineth) the air movement code only allows you to redirect existing velocity, not add any. I did it on purpose so you can't jump your way past your character's top speed; this is a side-effect. I'll try to allow adding velocity at low speeds to mitigate the frustration.

edit: Done (not upped), and you're right, it feels much better. I've put the falloff at exactly one-half of the speed cap.

2dit: Upped.

I don't think I'm doing anything but bugfixes for E1. For E2, I haven't yet decided. I'll certainly try and come up with something new.

Fukkenell, right when the camera code is busted. Thanks still, I'm glad you liked it.

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*deep breath*

Other KS types are in the cards for E2, with different attacks. Maybe even other pedestrian types (the code is there for at least one alternate behaviour). Drones you'll be happy to know are also in. Pedestrians have pathing code implemented, I'm just not using it in E1. Animals will need whole new rigs, so might not turn out worth the work. Antennas probably won't happen (just pretend there's some future tech at play. :v) but you've probably already noticed the conditioners here and there. Plot development, well, can't spoil. Cellphone interface...sounds incredibly cool (Zineth, much?) but way beyond my abilities, like custom graffiti. 3-level graffiti will stay for balance reasons, but redoable graffiti I can look into. Unlockable tracks I can do. Localisation I've looked into, but you've guessed correctly about the font issues (the software I use for making in-game bitmap fonts only supports the base 26 Roman letters and punctuation). The logo I'm keeping because the symmetry is meant to bring to mind a butterfly's wings (plus I'm probably in too deep now to change). Anne and Nanashi I'm purposely keeping for E2. Extra skins I've floated, but decided against because of the work involved. Steam is a complete, total, utter and permanent no. Finally, I'm leaving the OST business in your hands alongside all the profit from it. You absolutely deserve that.

A bunch of these ideas are stuff that sounds cool as hell, but which I couldn't even hope to get done without a proper dev team. Which, well, fingers crossed for the money for that.

This is getting into lower-level UNet coding, isn't it? I can't even work my way around a custom Inspector.