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Butterflies Episode 2: Getting Up

Stop playing games 'til I'm done exchanging names · By Le Capitaine

Bug reports Sticky

A topic by Le Capitaine created Sep 19, 2021 Views: 146 Replies: 2
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Report bugs here. (Please don't.) (Please do.)

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This episode is just a lot laggier than the first one. It was only playable with the quality turned all the way down. All though it's not a bug, I wish there was more customization for controls and audio. I can't hear any of the character voices.
Their (the playable character's) weight painting is also a little zoinky with Zinnie and Jae so the clothes and hair clip constantly and Jae's hips kinda fold a little weird when she skates. I'm not sure if they're the same models being used in episode 1 because it doesn't seem to be any problem in there.
If you need any help with texture or modeling stuff I can always lend a hand! I'm really excited from playing the first episode, it's so fun and promising that I hope you work on these issues in the future! You inspire me!


Sorry about the radio silence. I know I had some performance problems too which led me to optimise as much as I could manage, but yeah, there's a lot more stuff in E2 that needs to display at once. Sorry about that. I know the model issues are probably cloth physics behaving weirdly. since the update for both episodes is based on E2 and both use the same models.