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#5. Shadows

Although I was satisfied with the atmosphere of the city I created, there was one problem. Since I removed sun light source to avoid its awkward look with cloudy weather, no shadows are being drawn. It's okay in most situations because in real life, shadows are not casted in cloudy weather. However, even in cloudy weather, shadows will be casted under spaces like the gap between road and the car.

Without any shadows, cars look like they're floating. To fix this, I decided to use blob shadows, which is often used for cartoonish characters. This method was also used in GTA 3.

First result wasn't that bad.

However, the shadow's shape is almost circle, which doesn't fit the shape of cars. I decided to make rectangle shadow image to make it look more natural.

With rectangle shadow, It looks way more clean! Now cars don't look like they are floating above the ground :) This feature also makes the overall graphics elements way more coherent.

Thanks for reading! and I'd be appreciated if you could support me through

Stay tuned for next devlog!

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#4. Vehicle system

Today I worked on vehicle system! Although driving in this game isn't that important since the map is really small, vehicles will still have a lot of roles. I'll explain this later :)

Vehicle system I made is not sophisticated, and it's intended. I wanted driving in this game to be easy :)

Thank you so much! :) It was always a sad thing to know that there are not many games out there that have interactive dialogue system. I'll do my best on the project! Thanks again :D

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#3. Tower cranes!

Although there hasn't been much progress since the last devlog, I thought I should write something anyway. Today's topic is tower cranes! Back in 2015, when I played GTA 3 for the first time, the vibe the city has fascinated me. Especially, the atmosphere around harbor area was amazing. There are two tower cranes in the harbor, which is for moving containers, and these tower cranes somehow impressed me a lot. That was the moment I decided to make my own GTA.
Of course I didn't had that much skills (almost no skill) to make such game. After six years of game development study, I released five games. So I thought this might be the best time to create my own GTA!

So I am happy about making my own GTA and placing some tower cranes in the map :) This area is going to be a key location throughout the game.

Next topic will be vehicle system! Please look forward to it :)

If you're interested in this project, please consider supporting me :D

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#2. Traffic System

I've been working on traffic system for last few days!

In GTA 3, almost every missions and game design are related to cars and combat. In my version of GTA, everything is related to cars and talking. I'll explain this more someday.

Have a great day and follow me if you want to play this when it's out :)

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#1. Orientation

In The Beginning...

As a big fan of GTA, especially GTA 3, I always wanted to make my own GTA. I tried a few times before, but failed everytime because I had lost motivation and I didn't really had that much skills to make such a complicated game like GTA. But finally, I decided to make it for real this time. Although I still consider myself as a beginner, I have a bit more confidence than six years ago because I released five games on Google Play Store and, participated in the development of other games, and learned a lot of things about game design.

Not just a copy of GTA

I'd like to say what I am going to make is not just a copy of GTA. There are plenty of GTA copy games in the market, which often doesn't have their own characteristics. My GTA is inspired by films like The Social Network by David Fincher rather than commercial action films. The Social Network is a film that dialogue plays a significant role in the progress of the story. But while most dialouge driven films are slow and steady, The Social Network is really intense and fast. Some people say that this film is an action film without violence. The Glib, my version of GTA, is heavily inspired by this film. Unlike most games that has dialogue, which are mostly just pressing space after reading texts, my aim is to make talking in the game more interactive and extreme. I'll explain more about this topic later. In conclusion, this game is of course inspired by GTA, but its gameplay will be very different.


  • Missions that can be solved in multiple creative ways.
  • Cold, foggy vibe inspired by GTA 3's Liberty City and real life New York.
  • Unique dialogue system.
  • Deep nonverbal storytelling via its level design.
  • Minimalism

Support me!

I'd be really appreciated if you could financially support me! It would help me making more games and letting my games noticed by more people. But mostly, I'd be so touched by your kindness :)

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You can now play The Heaven on your mobile device!

Also, cross-platform play between PC version and Android version is possible :)

Thanks! This is just an experimental project, so I'll be back with more creative projects soon 👍

Thanks for playing! This game is a tiny experimental project I began to play with my friends, so there are not much explanation about the features! Sorry :))

I am investigating the ways to solve the problem boss going through walls! and the number at the end of the game is the amount of damage each players dealt to robots. So If you entered your nickname in chat system in main menu, that nickname will be displayed along with the number. If you play with friends, their nicknames and the amount will be displayed too.

Become a Patron!

Help me making The Heaven and more upcoming games. You will get a lot of benefits too :)

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Become a Patron!

After the release of my 4th game, Nine of Wands, I decided to make a multiplayer game.

I wanted to express my feelings about my school with the game. But besides all the hidden meanings, it's a enjoyable co-op fps game.


00:07 - Battle begins | 01:41 - Boss battle begins | 02:38 - Damage statics reveals

The server is usually empty, so you would have to play with your friends. (It's also possible to play alone)


Become a Patron!

world record

Thank you :)

Thank you!

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The game requires stable internet connection.

  1. Press the 'Play' button on main menu to enter the game.
  2. If there's any ongoing game, you'll be connected to it. If there's no ongoing game, you will be connected to a new game room.

Deep exploration of human irony.

(Sorry for super late reply!!)

Thanks for your answer! I also wish they add a feature expanding background image to fit its display :((

A few days ago, I changed my monitor from 1920x1080 monitor to 2560x1440 monitor. and I found out my itcho page looks broken!

Overall UIs have shruken, which resulting in an weird looking page.

I'd be appreciated if you could fix this problem!

macOS version is now available!

Oh! I just uploaded mac version :) Download 'Nine of Wands (macOS)' in this link :D

I couldn't test the file since I don't have iMac, so please let me know if there's any problem with it!

Nine of Wands is out now on! Thanks for your support :))

The game is released! Thanks for your support :)

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Download (Free!):

Hello! I am a student game developer and I released my 4th game, which is an allegorical puzzle game called 'Nine of Wands'.

 In the game, you can solve puzzles which consist of physics-driven monopole magnets. Control magnets to make a way to the exit, connect wires, or transform the environment!

Download (Free!):

Press Kit:

Game Trailer:

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Finally, my forth game, nine of wands, is finished! The game will be released really soon.

Stay tuned!

Thanks! I'll release the game as fast as I can :)

[Dev Log Update - Auguest 2]

Hello. Previously, I promised you I'll add some some gamey features, but I realized that these features are things of the past. So I quickly changed my plans! The game will be released really soon! So follow me if you need more information :) I am sorry for not having screenshot again this time!

Previous To Do List:
  • Finish making seventh and eighth level
  • Level detailing if possible
  • Make sound effect

What I did:

  • Finished all levels
  • Level detailing comeplete

To Do:

  • Polishing
Follow me to get notified for more information!

Good luck! but the gameplay video you uploaded already gave me chills :D I am looking forward to watch the new trailer!

[Dev Log Update - July 27]

Hello! As always, I've been working on the game for last several days and I will show you what I've been doing.

Before anything else, I'd like to annouce that the original plan have changed a little. I originally planned to make this game open-world, but I find this inefficient and not that interesting. So I decided to make the gameplay linear! But hopefully, this won't violate any of my previous promises. You will still able to explore the world and enjoy the atmosphere. Although exploration in the game may going to be more limited than I promised before, the city will have deeper tales and much better quality!

Some might say this will decrease the time to beat the game. So I'd like to announce second decision I made a few days ago. Initially, I decided to make this open world game because puzzle games often have low replay value. I searched for some solution for this, but couldn't find that helpful advices. So I choose making open-world exploration element in the game because this will make the playtime longer and increase replay value. Although this is a pretty fancy solution, it doesn't solve the core problem. Fortunately, someone in one forum suggested me perfect solution to this. He showed one of Zachtronics' games, and it had a system that records player's footsteps and other movements. It makes the player think again for the best path to the destination and the better way to solve the puzzle even if the player already solved it! I think players can play over and over again(but not being commercial addictive game for sure :D) to come up with the better solution. I think I'll enable this feature in new game plus mode(replay mode)!

Thank you and leave a comment if you have any questions! (Sorry for the absence of screenshot today I'll bring some cool image next time!)

Previous To Do List:

  • Finish making sixth, seventh, and eighth level
  • Level detailing
  • Make sound effect

What I did:

  • Finished sixth level
  • Changed some plans to make the game better

To Do:

  • Finish making seventh and eighth level
  • Level detailing if possible
  • Make sound effect
Follow me to get notified for more information!
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[Dev Log Update - July 21]

Hello again! I've been working on the game for last few days and I'd like to show you what I did.

First, I fixed janky physics! It was a problem bugging me for pretty long time but I fixed it by chance. Initially I faced some problem with framerate and while fixing this issue, I also fixed janky physics problem. Now, physics works way more smoothly and it's more satisfying to play with physics in the game :)

Previous To Do List:

  • Finish making sixth level
  • Fix janky physics

What I did:

  • Fixed janky physics
  • Sixth level 50% done

To Do:

  • Finish making sixth, seventh, and eighth level
  • Level detailing
  • Make sound effect
Follow me to get notified for more information!
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[Update - July 16]

What I did:

  • Finished fifth level
  • Improved second level

To Do:

  • Finish sixth level
  • Fix janky physics

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[Update July 13]

The game will have 10 puzzle levels. It's a bit short compare to similar games like Portal 1 (19 levels). But this game is not only about puzzles, but also exploration! Players can adventure through the city and learn about the world, finding secrets, and enjoy the atmosphere.

Every magnets in the game are driven by physics, which means it's not just some scripted movement. Check the video above for more imformation.

[My plan for July]

  • Finish making all 10 puzzle levels (I finished 4~5 currently)
  • Detailing levels if possible

I am going to finish making this game very quickly compare to my previous games. Please look forward to it! :D

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NOTE: I recently changed the game's title (although the initial one was temporal name anyway) to 'Nine of Wands', which is one of 78 Tarot Cards. Sorry if there's any confusement.

Dir. Jungwoo Yom

Follow me to get notified when the game is released!
and support me if you want to see more works! :)
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Download (Free!):



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Hello. I am a student studying game development and am making my forth game now.

It's called Nine of Wands.  The game has magnet-based mechanic driven by physics. Check this video below:

The game is about meaning of our life. Although entire picture hasn't even drawn yet, I can say it's a game heavily inspired by Jonathan Blow's philosophy.

I'll update this post constantly. Please look forward to the game :)

I picked Essays on Empathy. Although those stories would be told best at interactive medium(hehe), I am sure anyone will like the stories.

Great work!