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The Journalist is out now! I hope you enjoy :)

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I am thrilled to announce that The Journalist is available now!

Equipped with 35mm film camera, a journalist embarks on a journey into a neighborhood of Seoul that is slated to be redeveloped. The Journalist is a photography action adventure filled with unique challenges.



The result screen now has this little animation that arranges all photos.

The Journalist launches on March 28 PDT, so wishlist it now!

Gameplay sneak peek!

I have a lot to share today! There have been some major changes to the level. First and foremost, the marketplace.

It's much bigger than before. There are some important missions that take place here, so the new size affects gameplay too. I am going to keep adding stuff here, so stay tuned!

In my previous games, there were hardly any tutorial. Players used to be confused and quit. Therefore, I decided to implement a more structured tutorial this time. But I don't like handholding players too much, so I am trying to find the sweet spot.

The overall level has been greatly improved too. New buildings added, props placed, etc. Although It's not easy ensuring the whole enviornment asthetically coherent, it's also quite a fun process!

That's all for today. I'd be appreciated if you could wishlist the game on Steam! See you again next time.

I worked on this speech bubble this week. Players will be able to talk to various citizens all around the city. With some of them giving players a side quest.

Side quests will be less complicated than main missions, but instead, they will pose a different kind of challenge.

This is a work-in-progress chapter select. I wanted to make the access to each chapter convenient. Like Braid or Journey.

This board is inspired by The French Dispatch. Title designs are placeholders, so It will be improved later.

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The Journalist

Nonviolent photography action-adventure Page

Out now on Steam

I've been working on The Journalist. I wanted to make an action-packed game, but didn't want typical combat. So I came up with this game.

I have a very good memories around Seoul. I used to walk around alleys of Seoul, expecting what would there be around the corner. Sadly, a lot of these venues are now being redeveloped. So I wanted to make a game about these places that make Seoul such a charming city.

If you're interested, you can wishlist the game on Steam, or follow me on

Thank you.

Stormic took another step forward.

You can get Landline with a introductory 15% discount for one week. Don’t sleep on it!

Landline is out now!

Prevent murder cases with a telephone. You can only make one call per turn.

Out now on Steam and!

It was a peaceful evening, until you realize there's a murderer in the hotel on the other side of the street.

Now, you need to use your telephone to prevent a catastrophe. Distract the murderer by calling the hotel's staffs, guests, and visitors. Who and where to call is entirely up to you.

Each person in the hotel will react differently to your call. You can ask hotel staffs for room service, call guests to the reception, etc. Keep the victims away from the murderer's sight.

Landline is a puzzle thriller that lets you use your own solutions.

Landline will be released 1 hour and 25 minutes later!

The press Kit for Landline is now available. If you write game reviews, feel free to use resources in the kit!

Devlog - May 8, 2023

Hello. I am excited to tell you that Landline will be released on May 19, 2023 at 6PM PDT. If you haven't wishlisted the game yet, I recommend you to do so.

This is the new pause menu. The three page notes I mentioned a few months ago seemed too inefficient in informing players. So I moved the numbers instruction and the objective information page to other places. If you've been following this devlog for a while, you'll notice other stuffs that have been improved or changed.

I am currently thinking about whether the game could be played only with mouse. Setting mouses the only input device will probably make the game more accessible to people who are not familiar with digital games. But at the same time, it might make it a little bit unconfortable to people who are used to playing games. Maybe it's not something to worry about, since I just can enable the game to be played only with cursor, while adding some keyboard shortcuts!

One of the things bugged me for a long time is the difficulty in teaching the game rules to players. I thought about interactive tutorial, video explanation, etc. But I ended up just placing these texts. Simple solutions are sometimes better than using fancy ways that might generate adverse effect by misleading players.

As I told you above, Landline will be released on May 19. Wishlist Landline on Steam so you don't miss it!

Devlog - April 30, 2023

Hello. I am continuing polishing Landline this weekend. Release date will be announced soon. Wishlist it and stay tuned!

There are several telephones in the game that you can call. Initially, these telephones' numbers were shown to players through text, which was pathetic. Now, the game does this in a much better manner. Check the screenshot below.

When cursor is placed on the hotel, these numbers pop up. They indicate numbers allocated for each telephone. I think it's much clearer and intuitive.

Wishlist Landline on Steam!

Devlog - April 28, 2023

Good news: I finished designing puzzles for this game. Which means I now have some time to improve the game visually. The image below shows the new telephone sprite, and although it is still work in progress, it already looks much better than the old one.

I sketched the telephone with pencil on paper, and scanned it. Then I painted over the sketch on my PC. Because the telephone is the biggest and the most eye-catching thing in the entire screen, I am putting a lot of effort in it. I'll share more information when I make further progress.

Full screenshot with the new telephone. I am looking forward to enhance other sprites as well!

Wishlist Landline on Steam.

New trailer for Landline is available now!

Devlog - April 18, 2023

Landline will have six missions. For the moment, I don't know how long it will take to finish the game. I don't necessarily want my game to be long, so I am aiming for one hour playtime.

Several little parts of the game have been tweaked. I'll make some big changes to visual elements when I finish designing puzzles.


Wishlist Landline on Steam.

Devlog - March 31, 2023

Since I've been worrying that players might have a difficult time figuring out what images in the notes mean, I added this big red circle which appears when the cursor is placed above them.

A lot of games these days have a very small UI elements, which makes it very hard and annoying to identify. So for my game, I am designing UIs to look very big and bold.

I hope this feature to make the game easier to comprehend. There still are many aspects of the game that may be confusing for some players, and I'll solve them one by one.

Wishlist Landline on Steam.

Devlog - March 13, 2023 (Backup from TIGSource)

I'd like to mention one more time that you can the Steam page of Landline is now available. You can wishlist the game to be notified when the game releases.

Exclamation mark is now displayed above characters when they hear telephone ringing. More visual indicators like this will be added to help players understand the game better.

Meanwhile, I fixed some problems related to the gameplay. Since the game's core system is now established pretty well, I'll now focus on fixing tiny bugs and improving the gameplay experience.

Thanks for reading. Wishlist Landline on Steam!

Devlog - March 4, 2023 (Backup from TIGSource)

There haven't been that much changes made to the game visually, mostly because I put my time in revamping various systems. I think the more I proceed in development, the more I find problem in places that I thought to be perfect. Some mechanics I ambitiously implemented turned out to make the game more confusing, not to mention annoying bugs.

One more page has been added to the briefing notes. It shows telephone numbers players can use to make calls. I initially thought about giving players only a few numbers and then let them find more numbers through playing, but scrapped it after finding out the idea goes against the design goal.

There are some rules that players have to know to play the game properly and one of them is the condition the criminal kills the target. In this game, the criminal's target will be killed if there's no one watching the two, and if the criminal is facing the target.

It was difficult to figure out how to inform players about this. One solution I came up with is this visual indicator you can see in the image above. This will not visible if there's someone watching, and visible if no one is watching. Also, it clarifies where the criminal is facing, which makes it easier to interpret the situation.

See you next time. Feel free to join my mailing list or wishlist the game on steam.

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I am happy to announce that the Steam page of Landline is now available. You can wishlist it in the link below to be notified when the game releases.

Wishlist on Steam

Devlog - February 21, 2023

Hello. I hope you're having a good day. Let's get right into it.

For last few weeks, my focus was fully on the notes you can see on the upper right corner of the screen. They inform players about the objective, characters' schedule, and telephone numbers. You need to consider each factors to prevent the murderer.

With these notes, I tried to minimize verbal explanation because many players often skip reading long description about the game. I also thought about making these completely nonverbal, but that's going to be a bit confusing to comprehend from time to time.

Another big change made to the game is the time system. The game now works a little bit like turn-based games, so you can only make one call each turn that is represented as 15 minutes. When somebody picked up the phone you called and you finish talking with this character, next turn starts.

Meanwhile, the characters have their own schedule. As you can see in the image above, players can check out the characters' schedules in the notes. Preventing the murderer based on these information is the objective of this game.

Thanks for reading as always. I will upload more often from now on. I'd be appreciated if you could join my mailing list.

Devlog - January 26, 2023 (Backup from TIGSource)

Long time no see! It's been quite a while since I posted the first devlog. It's a bit late, but happy new year Smiley

Although I haven't uploaded anything for a few weeks, I've made a lot of progress so far.

You can now call the hotel staff and ask for a room service on the other side of the street. This is possible because, like mobilelast mentioned, the person who answers the phone couldn't identify the caller back in the days. Maybe actual hotels in those era used internal phone lines, but hey.

Anyway, players will be able to use this trick in many circumstances. And asking for a room service is one of many things players can do with the telephone. I am still working on this aspect of the game, so I'll return to this subject later.

Also, there have been a lot of fixes and changes too. Mostly related to the core mechanic.

Thanks for reading. If you are interested in this game, I suggest you to join my mailing list.

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"Prevent a Murder Case with a Telephone"

Out now on Steam


Landline is a game about using telephone to prevent a murder case that can happen in the hotel on the other side of the street.


It seems most games these days are, regardless of their genre, requires you to move the character. So I wanted to do something different. And it was actually my biggest motivation to start creating this game.


Current plan is to create a tiny systemic game.


All the sprites you can see in the image above are placeholder. I am not good at drawing, but I'll improve them anyhow.

About the Title

I know it's mundane. But hopefully, Landline is just a working title and I am probably going to change it later. But I will call it this way for now.


Thanks for reading. Join the mailing list if you want to be notified when there's news about the game. I am not going to annoy you by sending emails everyday. So don't worry!

Join the Mailing List

Wishlist on Steam

Very intriguing.

Underliner is on sale now!

I added 100 Steam keys in my game, but steam key is not visible in the download page.

What should I do?

Reviews from curators and players

“Interesting and extremely unique.”

-Review Prizm

“A creative 3D puzzle game that makes great use of bouncing mechanics.”

-Puzzling Puzzles

“Nice, short and unique puzzle game. I had good time playing this.”



Underliner is out now on Steam:

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Underliner is also available on Steam.

These are Steam keys for Underliner.





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Underliner is available for just $3! Don't sleep on it :)

Underliner is out now!

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Hello. I am happy to announce that Underliner is out now.

Make the bullet's path through colorful lollipops right now!

Steam page: page:

Underliner is out now. Thanks for waiting!

Underliner will be released in just one hour!

Underliner Devlog #18 (May 3, 2022)

Underliner will be released two days later! Wishlist now Smiley

As I've told you last time, the game's development is done. So I'll share some things I haven't showed you before.

This is another kind of obelisk you'll see several times in the game. If you get close to these, a phrase will show up. This could be a spoiler, so I won't say too much about it. All I can say is that these obelisks are really important to understand the hidden meanings of the game.

Also, I added a lot of new UIs in the game. The reset key indicator above is one of them. I didn't put in that much time into it, but I am satisfied with the result.

Wishlist Underliner on Steam:

Thank you.

I really liked Ginseng Hero, so I am very happy about this release!