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thank you so much G7 for recommending my game :)


wow, good job

this looks like it took a lot of work to make, are you a single developer or a team?

the controls did not work

now talking aboutnostalgic! :) that bend in the screen is amazing

claustrophobic people would love it, the game idea is interesting, why is he in there?

now this is a game with a really good idea, pretty nice

i think camera movement is a little too fast

you need to change default resolution for game , its too big for the web page

so very cute, the walking animation is funny :)

omg, the art style is the cutest

cute game, reminded me of good old nintendo games

very good for a learning project

thanks for playing :)

you can play android games in a PC with Blue stack software, its free

After 7 months of work my game is finally finished, hope you like it.

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hello, thank you, it is an android game [free]

no need for translators, but thanks

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if you are interested please send me a massage at discord : mehrdadsh#4140

and I will send you the final version.

android version[free to play]

yeah but its kind of annoying to me, maybe its just me.

im not  a fan of this genre, but i love you character design ;)

very nice art.

I just love that your cinematics are movies. just one possbile bug, I think the player is too close to the ground, it probably should be higher

wow, love the art style, i just love anything japanese

it is a little too expensive for me but it looks amazing, the art style you guys chosen is unique

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daaaaaamn, exactly like old nintendo games, our generation grow up with these kind of games, niiiiice work. the music , the art is just like them

i have not plyed it yet, but i love how you used colors together

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your direct massage at discord is disabled, i send you a friend request, accept that or you can massage me :  mehrdadsh#4140

hello again, i was wondering if i can have your discord account or linkedin to chat with you about an interesting project. :)

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that is some nice art you got, i have read alot of ecchi stuff(not proud of it :) ) but your art work is pretty good.

Hello everyone.

First of all, thank you for all your useful comments. We appreciate it.

Finally, the alpha version is ready. In the last 2 months, we changed and improved almost everything in the game, gameplay, UI design, mechanics,... 

This version is the alpha version so it's not exactly a finished game and there are known issues, but it is not very different from the final game either. The final version would be bug-free and have a lot more puzzles (100+), and be released in about 45 days for android for free. right now we are making more puzzles :)


very hard, died 10 times, dont know how to pass the second part

this would a a stressful game for me :)

i had fun with it, so thats a good sign :)

i just love your art style, sooooo cute. its like a child dreamed all of this

what happens after you make the girls?