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Thank you very much.

Very glad you like this interpretation of the theme :) it was a bit of a gamble

Very nice entry ! Good gamefeel and nice idea !

I love dying with sniper teleporting mechanism ;)

Nice idea ! ANd the pig animation make me laught ;)

But i have a bug, i’m begin to be invicible after 2 rounds.

thanks for your kind words :)

very solid entry ! The controls are very fluid

For info : I block myself in progression (fall crates in wrong area :p )

Well play ! Very nice game

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Thanks !

Yeah you totally right. Miss some times for audio fade and polish like that :)

For now, You earn MRBL by buying it :p

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Thanks ! Yes, just move your mouse near the base of the arrow, it should shrink to indicate less power in shoot :)

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Love the vampire survivor vibes :)

Variety in ennemies and progression.

Well done ! Nice entry !

Thanks ! Happy you like it !

Done :) sorry for the oversight

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​I’ve made a game for a jam that is a mix between a CCG and a curling game.

Throw marbleswith powers to score points, while destroying your opponents’


  • 7-level campaign

  • Compose and arrange your decks

  • 8 differents marbles with special powers

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Thanks for your comment.

Just to summerize the how it works :) A creature is just a DNA ( it’s 10 bytes randomly generated) After I have gene that is interpretation of one or some bytes, and it’s converted to part of creature. ( body, eye, ears, color). Each part of creature bring some capacity (bite, claws) or some attribute ( force, armor, lifesteal, etc.) and the creature is the sum of each of theses capacities and attributes !

So after it’s easy to cross 2 DNA, or just to mutate one by 5% for example, then I just have to regenerate the creature based on its DNA

Not sure it’s more clear :p

Ha Ha You totally right. I project myself well on this kind of game. Thanks for your comment and for playing !

it makes me very happy ;) A big thanks for playing !

Thanks for your nice words. Yeah you totally right, I ve planned to add more spell (zone damage, heal, boost, shield,etc) each one coming from a new detail of the creature but I lack some times. For the next update ;)

Aesthetics, art and audio are awesome !! Well done ! Like all the prank reference too

Nice concept !! Well done

A big thanks for playing and for your feedback !!

I love the animation of the character. Simple concetp but well made ! Nice entry !

Hi ! Thanks for your message. I love Slime rancher ! Great reference ;)

Hello ! Thanks for your message !! Congrats to your game too ! Looks Great ! I will give it a try ! With pleasure to connect ;)

Thanks !

Thx for the details : I will try to reproduce and fix that ! Sorry for inconvenience ;)

Thx for your feedback and the bug report. Can you explain me a bit more as you’re the first one that report this bug. You cannot click on space program anymore after quitting and getting back to the game ?

A big thanks for playing and leaving this feedback ;) ! Glad you like it !

Really nice concept ! Good realisation ! Well play !

Nice video ! Thanks for showcasing my game. It makes me want to keep working on it after the jam voting period ;)

Thx. You’re right : I miss some work on some room’s pattern ! Maybe in an update ;)

Love the audio and the hit feedback. And the detail of shooting ui to change it in menu screen : I love that ;)

Well play ! very solid entry

Nice entry ! Well made, Loving the gravity weapon ;)

I have some difficulties with the controls, that remove some fluidity to the game, but btw it’s a really nice game !! Well play

Nice mood ! Nice entry, and good dungeons ;) Well play

My only drawback is that I miss some feedback when beeing hit to really understand the action ;)

wow nice idea ! Will try it !

Thanks for your kind words. Yeah I see after there is a small imprecision about the door hitbox. Will correct that after the voting period ends ;)

haha ! Yes it’s designed to be impossible as I miss some time to design a finish scene ;) But apparently a player beat it ! Idk how, I can’t do that at all ;)

Well play to access to last level anyway. Thanks for testing ;)

Thx for testing. Sorry for the “awful” controls ;) Some other players loved it. So maybe it’s just the game that doesn”t run on desired fps on your machine ? Because, on my machine the player have a total acceleration, switching from 0 to desired speed instant. Maybe I miss something ;)

wow wow wow ! You’re impressive ! You discovered all the things hidden in the game ;)

Yes, the last level was designed to be impossible as I misse time to create a finish scene. And…. you did beat it !! Wow ! Don’t tell anyone, it’s our secret ;)

(And yeah, I forget to save the real position of the player when you go back to the menu, so …. It can become some kind of checkpoint ;)

A big thanks for testing the game, and you kind feedback. Glad you like it

Nice pattern, well done !!

I really like the chara design ;)

Nice entry

Wow ! Music is so great ! The monster too, really love it, nicely animated !

Awesome entry ! Well done

Very creative and nice interpretation of the theme. Not easy at all but great concept !!

Well done ! Nice entry ;)

I won :)

Nice entry, Love the interpretation of the theme. good concept ! Well done