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Thanks a lot for your review! Actually, I planned to add more complexity in future updates, so stay tuned. 

Thanks for your feedback. I'll try to make some balance changes in game. And It's ok, I'm not forcing you to give feedback each update.

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll make the timer more random in next update. 

Currently, there's no way to fix it, But I'll add windowed mode and resolution settings, so you'll be able to change the resolution to fit your screen perfectly.

Thanks! I'll add a few soundtracks and sound effects in future updates.

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Thanks for the review. Well, I made this game in 3-4 days, and I'll develop it further. I also plan to add some more features, like, more buildings, as you said (schools, hospitals, fire departments, etc.) and weather, like rain, snow, thunder etc. You can also join my discord server to see the development process and discuss about the game, if you want.

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Thanks for advices. I'll keep that in mind for next update. 

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Oh, yes, it was closed. I created a new one for all my games and not only Green Island. So you can join it, if you want. 

Help Won't Come community · Created a new topic Bug Reports

Report any bug you found here!

Ok, I'll try to fix it.

I just checked for this bug, and it works fine. Maybe you're playing Update #13 and not Update #13.1? I'm not sure what are you talking about. Can you send a video or gif?

Thanks! I'll fix it in next patch

If you're talking about your nickname in game, no, you should pay to get it. But you can play it anyway, and get all updates for free. 

Thank you! I'll fix it in next update. 

Yes, I know about that. It's just a visual bug and It doesn't affect on gameplay. But I'll try to fix it anyway.

Also, I recommend you to join the game's discord server. So you can report bugs way easier. 

I made an update, where fixed everything you said. Also I added some new content. So you can try it out at any time. Thank you for your help in finding bugs!

Yes, I already know about this. I'll fix it as soon as possible.

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Beehive produces honey faster, than bank produces money, so bank is more effective anyway. 

Also, it's not 25% more honey, it's 25% to get double honey. 

Thank you for noticing that. I'll do a rebalance in next update and fix the items counter. 

Yes, I have this idea, but for now I want to add all the features I planned. 


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Thank you! Well, windowed mode is already in game. You can toggle it in settings. I also will add resolution settings in next update.

May I ask what exactly you dislike about the game?

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Thank you so much! 

So I fixed it. Thank you again for telling about the bug.

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Thank you! Every skill costs 1 orb. Each level up you get an orb. I'll try to make it more obvious to players.

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Is this blinking also a bug? or is it just a gif glitch or something? Also, thank you for playing my game and reporting! I'll fix the bug in next update.

Sure. I'd like to participate in Totally Ranked Jam!

Hi, thank you so much for purchasing my game! I watched your video and liked it, so I subscribed. Also, I'm planning to make updates for my game and if you want, you can check them out later, maybe not for a video, but just for fun.

Green Island -

Green Island is a game about harvesting resources and developing you island. In game you have plenty of activities: farming, fishing, beekeeping and more.

If you're interesten, try it out -

Tell your opinion about the game, what you want in next updates, and report bugs

tutorial level

Totally Accurate Walking Simulator