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Gracias SatTokifu :D 

Gracias por la retro; los powerups se quedaron en el tintero por varios imprevistos pero quise entregar lo que tenía ya hecho. ¡Hasta la próxima!

Gracias Onnion

PD. ¡Arriba los slimes/blobs !

Fue una experiencia corta pero divertida, ¡seguiría jugando si hubiera más niveles!

Qué lindo juego, felicidades, me encantó.

Esas avispas están muy OP  para un millenial como yo (solo pude llenar un tarro de miel), ¡pero me gustó la idea del juego!

:O ¡genial! 

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My record: 4800

Share yours! Thanks for playing

Hello Joe, I just finished a game and it lacks some sounds. Would you like to take a look at it and tell me if you were interested in it?


Hi, what are you expected to do and what's the deliverable? 

hahahah omg that ending! really got a laugh out of me, well done.


It's so fun to play. Thank you!

I liked the twist so much. Great job!

The sea monster is cool!

Once I discovered I can resurface by clicking again, I enjoyed the game more. Nice job!

I couldn't find the hat in the first 60 seconds.

Thanks, I agree, maybe next year I will hit the spot!

I wanted to add the leaderboard (I have done them before) but I thought the jam ended at 12 am (instead of 6pm), suddenly I was 6 hours short. I'll add it after voting ends, though.

Nice mechanics! Super entertaining to play (and somewhat challenging at first). Good job!

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This game was really fun. The animations and voice acting were hilarious. To me, it's truly a SBIG game!

Once again, you've delivered a masterpiece of ingenious crafting, full of humor and knowledge. Hats off to you. 

hahah thanks

I'm really glad you liked it; it's so cool your friend works in Japan! I'd love to go there and play some real Pachinko :P 

Some ideas were left out because of time, but I would like to add them after the voting ends. I hope you come back later and play. Thanks!

Wow, I replayed it and only got to 18xxx, thanks for playing!

I couldn't find the right sound for hitting the platforms/paddles. I hope to find it soon, thanks!

Thank you! 

I agree, reseting the game's state is always a difficult task for me, I'll check it out soon.

very interesting, your game is one of my favorites so far

I think the game has a bug, I'm trying to smoke and grab a beer but I starts over. jk.

Nice game!

It's a nice game for the first jam!

The run animation and the character's control are pretty good.

I'd have liked to use the arrow keys for movement from the start (no extra config needed).  If a game allows me to use both schemes, sometimes I switch between them.

It's nice that you can select the levels anytime.

Overall a nice game experience, congrats!

My best score:

Post yours if you want!

(I'll add a leaderboard after the voting ends)

Agregué un tutorial para no depender de las instrucciones en la página del juego, ¡gracias por el comentario!

¡No vi esta entrada! Igual no subiste archivo, ¿cierto?

Llegué hasta el nivel 33. Estuvo divertido aunque solo lo jugara con la tecla espacio (por alguna razón el personaje no se movía con el botón derecho del ratón). 

Fue un poco confuso cuando el juego decía 'YOU WIN!' pero después había más niveles. Pensé que lo había terminado.

En general me gustó el juego. ¡Gracias!

Es una experiencia audiovisual un tanto extraña, más que un juego de verdad

¡Gracias por jugar al juego de los helados!

Cool game! I beat it after a few tries. I wish you luck in the jam!

I haven't even played this but I like it already

Hay 2 escenas de Game Over (una de final feliz y el otro, final de derrota), la diferencia es el texto.

I liked the recent update, keep it up!

I made this quick card battle game for a game jam. It is inspired by the characters of the game Flatworld by spanish developer Guinxu.

Almost everything was made in one week by a small team of 3 (even the voice acting) . I hope you enjoy it!

Si bien el jefe final tiene cartas con mayor probabilidad de daño, estas restan menos vida y además él no combina cartas de escudo. ¡Gracias por jugar!