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Make and teach robots to automate the world! · By Denki

Autonauts FAQ Sticky

A topic by Denki created Jul 08, 2017 Views: 59,464 Replies: 681
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My crops are not turning yellow, even though I remove the weeds, till the soil, and add fertilizer :(

doesnt matter if they are yellow if they are fully grown (try cutting them down)

it only gives 1 cereal, so its not fully grown

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it is thats how it works 1 cereal per crop

edit: and if you have the cereal seeder it gives you 2 seeds so you profit 1 cereal

ohhhh ok thx

they turn yellow cause its wheat

How do you get more sticks?

You cant but you can use wooden tools not crude (made in a crude workbench(or i think its called crude workbench))



Developer (1 edit)

Please stop spamming. Check the FAQ and other discussions here. Also you would probably have more luck if you went to the official Discord Server.


how use scoter


Put it into your Inventory. You should also search through other posts first. All of your questions have been answered before. There's also the unofficial Wiki.

you are the best


I love this game. (I like how all storage connects.)

if Denki you are there pls add milk to feed pepole


Yes we'll be adding things like Milk later on. Thanks.

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 you thanks not me

can you add veacils sorry for spelling


Please stop asking for the same thing. If we don't reply it's because we're busy, we're not online or what you suggest is already on our list. Also please stop creating lots of new messages for each word you type.


This game is awesome, and I can't wait to see what future updates will bring.  Just some ideas:

add wheelbarrow: can be used to carry a larger quantity of items. (crafting: like one wheel, four planks, and two poles)

add railroads and carts: can be used to automate the transport of materials

add maybe some way of using the Folk to help you, cause they need to get up and do some work instead of laying there all day :D


Some nice ideas there and we're thinking along the same lines. Thanks!

Maybe give each folk a scooter and have some way to make them ride around and watch for bots that need charging and maybe actually do something(like charge them up)

If I pay for the game, am I guaranteed updates, even if you later require payment to play? If so, is there a price  I need to pay for that?

Unrelatedly, you offer a Wikia site as your wiki. A good wiki is awesome, but sadly you may need to host your own. Wikia is accepting ads from untrustworthy advertising networks, and has been for some time. When visiting on my iPad or my Android phone, I regularly get automatically redirected to scam sites that use various tricks to try and stop me from leaving their page. I'm fine with ads, but Wikia is crossing the line.

It may be in pre-pre-pre-alpha, but there is a lot of fun to be had here. Thanks for sharing it with us!


At the moment the game is free. You can donate but don't need to. We've not put any thought into how we'll end up charging for this. It will possibly be a one-off payment for lifetime updates.

The wiki is un-official and nothing to do with development. I've pinned it just for people's reference.




Please don't spam. If you continue I'll have to ban you. As I've said twice already if you want to have a conversation use our official Discord Server instead please.

Can you please link Discord in reply :d thanks -Fan


Try this


Hello is there a use for dung yet or is it just there because i have a giant amount of it and dont know what to do with it 

put dung in a fertilizer storage and th3n when you take it out it turns into fertilizer

I noticed that you can you the "Build Fence" to travel to the other islands. Lay down the fence, walk on it, lay more, repeat

Great game! Can't wait to see where it goes

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Which code languages do you use for the development?

Is there a way to look at your bug list (maybe like Jira) or maybe in the future?


Any thoughts of putting it on steam when steam direct comes out.



How do i remove buildings its so frustrating ( and no not blue prints already built buildings.)


Press the Delete key while in edit mode.

thx :)

I really wish I could pay.

but i'm to young for a Credit card and a PayPal account...

why is there no "Sofortüberweisung" (it never gets translated, strangly) Option like Steam has, so that i can just use my Bank Card

(1 edit)

You know you could download the game as it is, on itch.Io for free. To open your eyes and start reading isn't that hard to do.

It even says so in the first line. This game is free. Because the main reason it was put on Itch.IO was to get some feedback for the early version. But keep in mind even it is for free right now this might change, and also nobody can life from rainbows and sunshine. To support developers that make games you enjoy is the least you can do. And if not mony wise than be active on the forum, help find bugs, tell them your opinion on changes and stuff.

I know it is free, i have been playing it for some time.

I still want to support the people making it.

also broke my world, where can i report bugs?


Anywhere in the Autonauts Itch Community or you can join our Discord and join in the discussion.

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soo i can just say that the crude bread recipe is broken?

because it requires Water... but when you cancel the Recipe with only water in it, it tries to output the water... which it can't. so it gets stuck, untouchable, and unusable forever.

might want to make it just dumb the water.

that poor robot is stuck there, waiting for the furnace to output water... it will sit there, after the sun burned all it's Hydrogen and turned into a white dwarf, it will sit there, after the last Star died in the Universe and the Heat death is inevitable, it will still sit there waiting.

also when is 1080p support gonne be a thing.

I mean it seems this game was made to run on a Raspberry to take with you... which actually is not a bad idea


Ok great thanks. Added

Denki why do the repeats sometimes bug out and the bots just stand there confused.


There could be a number of reasons. Does the clock icon appear above their head? What version are you using? What does your script look like?

version 4


Try version 5. That might help you out. Thanks!

Hey currently trying to make it so that my Lumberjack, tree spot diggers, and metal miners pick up tools after they're break but it doesn't seem to work to well could you tell me if I'm messing up in the programming or if thiis just not possible.

It won't work because Bot can hold one tool, but it's not full of it's capacity. So after taking wooden shovel, the first loop keep repeating because Bot can hold more but at the same time he can hold only one tool.

Delete first "repeat" and leave second one. In that way Bot will take shovel and start repeating second loop until shovel break.

Ok awesome much thanks I'm try to get to the other parts of the world and it's annoying to have to check in and replace tools everytime

i haz had da same problem thx


Is this gonna be multiplayer i'd love if it was

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Why in Goods name does every body want multiplayer. I rather enjoy a solid single player game with lots of content then crapy laggy multiplayer thats short on all ends.
Seriously implementing a good functioning multiplayer in games isn't that easy. Its mostly a huge effort of time that could have been spent on so many other things that will do a game better then trying to please a handfull of gamers that cry for multiplayer.

God's* everybody* multiplayer?* I'd* crappy* that's* It's* handful* 

Sorry, I had to.

how do i get a robot off my head 

drop it like any other item tight click

You need to start dating a new robot, that's the only way.

How do I cross the ocean and access the other islands. It looks like there are plenty of resources and am excited to be able to build resource centers all aross the map

Currently, you can start to build a fence, then walk on the shaded fence plan.

Not working for me,  just to be clear I place a fence blueprint and them walk on it which is working, but I cant't place more fence blueprints in the deeper water

Try a different direction. It works in many places. Yes, place the blueprint as far as you can, walk on it, place more.


there should be more complex commands for the workers example: if (if command)in general storage less than 100 logs then find nearest log move to log pick up log.....  get it? i am an programer so i program things i would love to see more commands is there any ideas for that pls replay


That would be awesome the game is still very early in devlopment so who knows what they might add

yea its still in early  devlopment but maybe 3 or 5 or more  versions later there will be i dont know so yea

also i can help you with the commands

how do I use the worker bots

Search Youtube for gameplay. There is everything explained and it will be faster to understand.

how do i delete building already construct

Press the "Delete" button on your keyboard. Then you can just click any buildings you don't want

is gona be be enemies in some future version of the game


when you have made all and you dont know what to do next

You could get all the cows and people not just some

How did you make your animation, did you make them in unity or in blender? And if it's in unity did you use the animation system or did you just coded them all? Thx 

Beginner developper trying to do a game(lol)


All the animation is done hard coded :) We'd like to move to proper animations but I've not had time to look into it yet.

To be honest, animations right now are cute as they are. They fit perfectly to the game setting.

Thx i've tought you have done them in blender, I wanted to kniw if hard coded animations could have a good result

what are the requirements for a computer that this game could run on, i currently have a windows 7 pro and every time i try to run it it just cant< so please let me know if it will work


It will depend on all your machine specs. What DOES it do when you launch it? You should find an error log in the Autonauts_data folder where you've installed the game. It would be handy if you sent that to me please

That is the error log, I also have a very slow/bad computer and it may just not be able to run on it, but if you could get it to work, thx

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I think putting a seed it a seedling tray before you plant it makes it grow about 4x faster

also please make it so that the animations are as follows:

  • using a pickaxe makes just the pickaxe goes up and down and not the entire character
  • using an axe would be the same, but right to left
  • same with the shovel, but up and down and when it goes up it a miniaturised dung goes above it like as if it is chucking the dirt away
  • and so on

btw I don't want a fluent animation, I love the 2 frame animation.

also, if you fix the bug where you can click and drag with the fence blueprint from the shore to another island to get there, can you and a thing exactly the same as the simple flooring but it can go on water because I have linked up my entire world like this and I still want to get about. 

good game, I would LOVE if this went into the full release.


also, because of your epic game, I have made a basic worker bot generator! everything is fully automatic, they even craft there own tools!

(about the animations) I think the game gets its charm from these little wacky animations. It is kind of funny that way and gives it that little bit of fun.

I agree. The current animations are very cute

Could you add a way to change the controls because my friend is left handed and he really wants to play but he cant

If you're playing on windows you should get a window before you start the game with quality settings and stuff. There's a tab right next to that that says input and there you can change all the key binds

How can you save?

Press esc on your keyboard and the menu will pop up

how do you get fertilizer?


Fertiliser comes from Dung. You need to put Dung into a Fertiliser Storage.

is there going to be dlc?


Autonauts is an ongoing project. We're adding in new content all the time and hopefully we'll continue to do so for some time to come!

omg plz add that then we could get mods

i made little hats for my charge bots :D

silly question, but how did you get the hat on the bot? I have tried a few things but they didn't seem to work.


You need to use the Trade button and drag a hat into the bot's inventory :)

Thank you, I think i tried putting it in his hands which now that i think about it seems kinda silly :/

What is the purspose of the worker bot inventory? I tried teaching it to put stuff in its inventory but it doesn't work.


That will be enabled soon. Thanks!


my metal factory :D


dev could you make it modable i want more stuff also could you make it multi player thx

Not every game needs mods. 

My robot is stuck planting seeds. i can get it to collect seeds. i have the programming that said go to nearest soil and use item, but it stands next to a whole plot of soil not doing anything.

It's a known bug and it may be fixed whenever version 6 is out.

ah right. thank you.

how doi get fertilizer?


(2 edits)

Make a Fetilizer Storage.

Collect Dung. Put it there = Fertilizer

How to get dung.

Reload your game 1st. Quickly go to the cows and see they are eating grass. Wait until they poop. thats the Dung. Cows will became FAT after some eating. when you see "!" it stops eating and time to Milk it. Now make a WOODEN BUKCEt >milk the cow.

P.S you dont need to reload just milk the cow :P

cheat money? hum we will has money hummmmm?

where is the saves folder?


wut where is it


It's the very first post of this topic :)

  • On Windows...  C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\LocalLow\Denki\Autonauts\Test.txt
  • macOS... Library/Application Support/Denki/Autonauts/Test.txt
(1 edit)

im on win10 i cant find app data folder 

also im using file explorer


You may need to make "hidden files and folders" visible. 

how do you add this


Do you mean how to send me the file? I think if you want to stick to Itch you'd need to upload it somewhere like and then send me the link. Or you could join the official Discord server and send it directly to me. Thanks


thx once I get to my computer I'll do dat

you forgot linux.


Ah good catch. Thanks!

Hello i was wondering if you are able to change items from general storage i accidentally made two plank storage's in steed of 1 log and 1 plank help!


Simply delete the storage and place it down again.  Open your build menu and hit the delete key on PC or fn and backspace on mac. 

(2 edits)

when i start the game up it says made with unity and then gives me a black screen to look a how do i fix this?


try windowed mode, not full screen. 

it worked  thx mrRoooo


how do you make people happy?

P.S i haz youtube: Click meh

build a hut and feed them. 

thank you :D!!!

Are there plans to add control instruction sets to the bots? For instance 'do this X times' or 'do this until that' type of instructions?

right above go theirs repeat and forever. forever just click when done repeat drag in to program space and put instructions in.

I know how to teach(program) my bots kendric. Thank you for trying to be helpful. But I think the language barrier is causing a misunderstanding.

In programming some code is known as 'Control Structures'. Things that allow us to do things like:

if x=0 then

     do this


     do that instead


I'm asking if there are plans to introduce Control Structures to the teachings of our autonaughts.


Yes we'll be adding these sorts of instructions as we go. Thanks

maybe add the new wiki also to this site...^^

Yeah, that's a good idea!

Will you at some point release the source code?


We haven't really thought about it.... maybe? :) It's not planned but that's not to say we won't. However we certainly wont for some time. We're still making the game!

Okay, thanks!!


Hi, just got the game, very cute, I'm happy to support indi devs. Wishing you guys all the success.


Thanks for the support and the nice words!


I love this game! It's probably the best designed game I've ever seen that calls itself pre-pre-pre alpha, lol. In a game so focused on, and completely designed around, automation, I can't help but wonder if there are plans for further automation of all the little gadgets and work stations. I have noticed that the input and output places for the stations look remarkably like conveyer belts... So, any spoilers you have for us?



Our goal is to make the entire game automatable (except for the Blueprint placement). Also we really are just a very small slice into development so far so there's LOADS more to put in.

The look of the outputs is just coincidence :)

(1 edit)

Fair enough, having wooden automatons do all of our dirty work for us is satisfying, lol. After all, who needs conveyors when you have log golems! :-D Any indication as to when we may see more variants of our mechanical helpers? Also, will you eventually add any sort of adversary to the game, as thus, the need for sentries?


We don't really have a road map yet. This is something we'll be looking at very soon. 

We're not sure if we'll have adversaries yet. Hopefully that answer will come soon too :)

I think conveyors could be neat! They could be cheap to make and last forever, but they only serve one purpose, to push things from point A. to point B. I feel that the bots are just the tip of the iceberg for automation-eske features.

(2 edits)

I see crude scooter and crude wheels are a clue to more to come, so what are the plans for faster transportation, and what will be the case with deep sea water? I wish there was a faster way to get across a bay, as my village for the folk is going to be there.

Also, how do I update to the version 6? KatherineOfSky (who I learned this game from) said it didn't break her save file so i feel safe transferring it to version 6.

Edit: I've found the change log and i see that you've added bridges, and that makes me greatly happy. :D


The best way is to use the official Itch app which will always keep you up to date (it's like Steam). Thanks

(1 edit)

Now how do i transfer a save file from the downloaded version to the itch downloaded version?

Edit: After actually downloading it and trying out it through the itch app, i see that it already intergrated my old save file


There is no need to, all versions use the same save directory.

downloading the new version :D

(1 edit)

HEY! Denk, will you do infinite map (a map without end)? Oh, i beg for you to make endless map or endless resources (that way you dont need to make endless map :D)

denki great new update i have recently noticed tree chopping speed has gone down which has slowed down my wood production pls make chopping faster


i think i found a bug its that i dont think its a bug but maybe so when planting trees when robots do it they do 1 tile apart from other holes but when urself do it u can put them right next to each other still correct me if i am wrong if it is a bug or not

the one tile separation is on purpose, elecricpace

How do I start a farm? I have a hoe and pretty much the rest of the tools but the hoe doesn't work on any of the land I click on.

(1 edit)
  1. use shovel to remove weed
  2. add fertilizer to soil where weed was removed
  3. use hoe to work fertilizer into ground
  4. plant cereal seed

Do note that you don't need to repeat fertilizing, so you only set robots to till the soil, plant and gather in cycle.


can you please create a shortcut image instead of the unity logo and give fertilizer a better texture? thanks!

How do you destroy bushes?

dig them with the shovel

Oh... that easy... thanks!

what does the beacon do in 6.2 'Erin' ?


You can change the range of your bots. 

do you think you can add fighting robots and enemies that will try to steal stuff?

how about more things to make first.  different wood types, different metal types, and more food. 

How to open crafting menu? Im going crazy to figure it out!!!


press e

(1 edit)

I downloaded the game to my 32 bit windows. The symbol of unity appears but the game screen does not. But he is there because when I click on the screen I hear the character walking. Please help me I want to play this game I the windowned mode no work


Ok it's possibly your video card. Can you send me Autonauts_Data/output_log.txt (in your install folder) please and I'll see if i can figure out what's wrong?

(2 edits)
Right but I can only play Friday or Saturday when it's between these days I'll send you a message and I'll txt you

Where do I get a bug report? 

 anyways  I found a bug. This 'Version is 7.1 faye'  They don't  have a name.  Some robots do not work so I pressed the space bar to command check. and they don't have a name. Anyway they are work well now.


Yep I've seen a few people report this bug. Do you have a bot that makes bots?

oh you know this bug 
yes unnamed bot is make bot
anyway i don't care bot's name 
Thank you for read my report

What does a converter do? I've seen it in patch notes, but it confused me.


A 'converter' is just our word for any kind of building that takes ingredients and turns them into something else (the workbench for instance).

how do i change my characters look?


We've not added that yet but it's something we'll be adding later. You can, however, give it a hat :)


thx :D

(1 edit)

Denki how can I talk to you to try to solve my black screen problem that is when the game starts and that window mode does not work


If you join our Discord server you can speak to me directly. 

What version are you using? There was a fix for the black screen problem in Version 7.


i personally think that the seedling tray should be put back to the old way 1 seedling= 1 tree because at the start you NEED wood and a lot of it to get you going, but if you cut down every tree the solution plant them. First you have to shovel out the dirt build a seedling tray and go plant it wait for it to grow its better than having PART 1

15 seeds and 5 fertilizer anyway trees only drop 2 SEEDS you will really have to go through a lot of effort by yourself just to get that one tree planted. so instead i think it should be 1 seed and 1 water= a tree and the fertilizer should be used to speed up the growth of ready planted trees. and when you think about it its more piratical it does't rain yet and planted DON'T need fertilizer to get the minerals its already in the soil but they need water as well. PART 2 anyway i love the game but this is just something that bugs me, thankyou

you dont need to use the seedling tray.  1 seedling in 1 hole = tree.

oh thx i was just kinda confused after getting the latest version

What advantage does the Seedling Tray give compared to just planting a tree seed from the chopped tree?

Seedling from the tray grow faster

How to load the old version data in the new version?After download the version 7,i cant load my old data from version 6


You can find your old save files in %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Denki\Autonauts

what are the little baby guys you can find around the map for

(1 edit)

They're called Natives and they're not used for anything yet. Right now, you can challenge yourself and try to make as many as you can happy at once. You add them to your population by constructing a hut and placing them in one, after which you must have them regularly fed. You can feed them foods as basic as apples, or prepare entire apple pies for them. The totem pole doesn't do anything to their happiness yet, nor does putting cute, little hats on them.

I think the creators have plans to make them useful for the future, but we probably need to wait until this game gets out of pre-pre-pre-alpha.


On the western island, build a bridge to there.


Very nice game !!

How do you equip/use the scooter?

Put it in your inventory

If I buy it on Itch would I need to buy it again to get a Steam key?

Wait, this game's on steam?

No, but I assume it will be eventually


You can't really "buy" the game yet. It's entirely free. However we do accept donations :)

We won't be going to Steam for some time because the game is so early in development. 


(3 edits)

Hey Denki :) Ich played your new Version (9) today and i found a realy crazy Bug :D

So if you go to the End of the Map and place there a Storage or something else, it will disappear and there will be shown some placement-arrows and then u cant save your Game anymore.

Greets, Seb (from Germany) :)


Yep that's a known bug but thanks for reporting.

What's the point of mining a boulder when we can just mine the metal deposits around them which give more chance of metal than a boulder?


Yes the boulders need some re-balancing. At the moment boulders take half as long to mine, also there's no restriction on where the bot mines. They don't need an empty tile

can anyone help me with saving the game? When i go to save it just sits on the yes no screen. Ive tried multiple times and im not sure if i am just saving it in the wrong location or what?

Maybe check the post above you, and see if that's what happened.

no, when i get to the save game screen where it says yes/no, i press yes and nothing happens. but if i press no it will exit. im not sure what to do about this.

(1 edit)

the same thing happened to me on macOS when my disk was full


Ok I need to get some information about why this has failed. Can you play the game and try and save again please and then send me a file called Autonauts_Data/output_log.txt in the place where the game is installed and I'll see if it has any useful information for me please?


Is there any way that you could help guide me through just a little bit as to where it is that i am supposed to find this file, I seem to be having a little bit of trouble locating it. Im sure its just user error not understanding how to get there.


If you're on PC look in the folder where you've installed the game and there should be another folder called Autonauts_Data. Inside that is output_log.txt. If you're on Mac it's something like ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log.

(1 edit)

so i found the library and logs section but from there i am left with this, and yes i am running on Mac OS. I apologize for this trouble i am not the best with rummaging through files.

I figured out what was wrong with my game! Im not sure if it was user error or what but either way Waity5 shower me where the game was supposed to ask to save and i went there instead. Thank you for trying to help though it was very appreciated. 

When i would try to save the game it would automatically take me  to the game elements instead of asking where on to computer to store it. All is good now thank you for the help! :)


Ok that's great that you've figured it out. When you say "it would automatically take me to the game elements" which folder did you mean?

it couldnt be that cause ive got a nice 25 gig free

do you use windows, macOS or linux?

i am using macOS

when you save it should look like this:

tell me if it is different 

Ah ha!! I got it thank you so much!! When i went to save the game it was taking me to the wrong save location, that is why it wasnt letting me do it. I went to the desktop and sure enough there is a save .txt there now!

(1 edit)


i was taking screenshots on my windows PC not on my mac laptop because i knew the are the same

Is there somewhere to make suggestions? If not you should add a feature to rename,  search and call certain robots just to make selecting them easier. 

also re-naming data storage


Yep we'll definitely be adding renaming at some point.

You can make suggestions here on the Autonauts Community or you can join our Discord server.


I don't fully understand discord, can someone tell me how it works plz?


Have you tried joining ours? It's pretty simple. It's just a way of talking with other people in real time.

I have an issue with a code I'm trying to build. They keep getting stuck after adding to the foundation because it can't add anymore if it is already full. The only way around this is for the foundation to be completed so it stops trying to add to it. The issue is if I have a work order that exceeds the number of bots I have deployed: i.e. if I try to build 10 bridges with 3 bots each for each type of resource, then those 3 will be stuck adding to different foundations while waiting for the others to bring the rest of the items (they never will cause they are stuck too). The only way around this is to either have more bots per resource deployed than foundations I want to build or find a way to reset the "Find nearest Foundation" part before it gets stuck on "Add to Foundation". Maybe in the next update we'll get to have conditionals or a skip command, but I'm pretty much stuck on this. Also, even if the "Find nearest Foundation" were to loop, I am pretty sure it would just go back to the same foundation and get stuck again. Why can't I make a bot to automatically program bots, that would make copying and pasting between bots so much easier.


Ok I've added the problem of multiple builder bots getting stuck onto our bug list. It shouldn't really be doing that. Hopefully when that's fixed it will solve your problem?


Do crude workerbots have a bigger carrying capacity?

Please, carrying one log at a time is hell.


They do, yes. Crude bots are slow and strong, Basic are quick but weak.

We'll be adding more bot types in a later version which will make is less like "hell" :)

In the mean time you can experiment with getting the bots to "Stow" and "Recall" the logs into their inventory which can carry a lot more. Use "Q" and "?" to Stow and "," and "." to Recall.

plz make a robot made of:

1 metal gear

4 metal polls

4 metal plates

why is he sad?


How do i access my inventory while teaching a robot?


Unfortunately you can't but you can Stow and Recall into and out of your inventory using "Q" "?" "<" ">" keys


thanks denki

Cool, thanks Denki! I'm really loving the game so far.



Can you load the old version to the new version?


Yes! In fact you should be able to go back to version 1 and load it into the current version.

Im on ver. 4. If i can can you spicify where can i find or how can i load it? Thanks :D

if you use windows then download the new version, go to C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\LocalLow\Denki\Autonauts amd take take <your world's name>.txt and put it in the Autonauts file, under the app and not in the data.

if you use macOS then you will need to right click (or press with 2 fingers on the trackpad) on the old version, select the second option (Show Package Contents) and then select <your world's name>.txt 

put that in a place that you would be able to find it, download the new version, right click on it, select the second option and put  <your world's name>.txt BELOW the file called contents, NOT in it.

if you use linux, well, i don't know.

How can I join the Discord server?


Just follow the link

How to make clay pot?

Like what crafting station?

use a clay furnase


I thought it might be best to share my experience so far with Autonauts and the different tips, tricks, bugs, and issues that come with it. Hopefully this helps make the game even more awesome than it already is. This is my current world so far. The spot with 40 storage containers is where I plan to have my automated builders later on. I also plan to have automated world cleaners when I have my whole world beaconified and last, but not least, a food hub with all my villagers somewhere.This is where I make every single item in the game.

This is my beacon factory. More on that later.

This is the infinite resource runoff with automated balancing.

And finally I have my resource production.

Major Bugs:

Long loading times the bigger the file - I barely got this file to load (2.5 megabytes). It took about 2.5mins and I have an Nvidia GTX 970 and an i7 6700k with 32gb of ram.

Load  save file while playing it crashes - I am not sure if I was just not patient enough for it to load, but when you try to load the save file (or maybe even a different one) while you have that same save file open, the game hangs endlessly forcing you to close it. Not only that, but if you try to load it normally from a blank slate after that, it won't open. The amount of time I waited for the corrupted file of 2mb was longer than it took to load my newer save of 2.5mb. Maybe someone can try this and do an md5 checksum to try to get to the bottom of this. It could just be that I didn't wait long enough for it to load and the act of closing the game while loading the save file corrupts it, I am just not sure. Just goes to show, always make a backup of your saves.

No name bots - I sometimes get bots with no names that I can't program or control in any way. I think I  heard others talking about this before on the forum. I believe they said it was when you get a bot to make the bots for you that it sometimes does this. The way I got around this was to make bots in batches and save before just in case.

Holes - Sometimes bots will avoid certain spots they are programmed for for no apparent reason. Bots will endlessly wait even if they can shovel, plant, or mine. Pausing/Unpausing the bot and even digging the hole yourself is not enough to fix them. Reloading to an earlier save fixed my problem.

Minor Bugs:

Unreachable Ghost Bridge - You are able to build/take away bridges that extend into the undiscovered parts of the map, but the un-built bridges you are not able to demolish. The way around this is to discover that chunk the ghost bridge is in.

Code Upload Overlay - When uploading a longer code from a Crude Data Chip onto a bot with another long code, There is sometimes a visual bug where the old code can be seen behind the new code. This does not upset the function of the new code, but to get rid of it anyways, just clear the code and re-upload.

Aren't cows suppose to eat straw? - If they are suppose to eat the straw...they aren't doing it.


Can't rename crude data chips - It would help to remember which code is which by a different name other than "Bob" and "Darrel"

Copying/Pasting between bots is tedious - Select Bot, pause, open inventory, give data chip, exit out of inventory, download code, open inventory, retrieve  data, exit out of inventory, unpause, Select another bot, pause (skip if copying to new bot), open inventory, give data chip, exit out of inventory, upload data, open inventory, retrieve  data, exit out of inventory (Repeat "Select another bot" through "exit out of inventory" for every new bot).

No easy way to see beacon range/Inaccurate Beacon Shift - The only way to see a beacons range (inaccurately) is by holding it in your hand or looking at it through the record code screen. When you hold the beacon in your hand, or more specifically, when a bot holds it in his hand, there is a minor shift in where the beacon's range is relative to a beacon on the ground in the same location. This depends on which direction the bot faces because the bot holds the beacon slightly in front of him. I think the player also does this as well, but I couldn't tell.

Stand alone beacon factory - I have to separate the beacon factory because the bot that delivers the beacons to storage hinders with the beacon that is already in place at the main factory.

Food Balancing: Maybe the apples could grow slower. I already have an infinite supply to last more than twice the number of total citizens on my world, and that's just 1 apple farm. There are also problems with the other food sources as well, but the apples are already OP so that doesn't matter as much.


A Manageable Interface: Re-nameable Beacons, Crude Data Chips, Bots, Character, Cows, Sheep, and Citizens. Menu with a list of beacons - Click on the beacon to open a list of bots connected to it - In this menu the bots could have an icon of what item they are currently holding , what hat/clothing they are wearing, and also the name of the bot - Also In this menu you could press a "copy" , "paste", or "clear code" button near the top where it then opens your inventory and asks you to choose which data chip to use if you have more than 1 in your inventory - After choosing "Paste", you could then select multiple bots in the list - You could also click on any bot in this menu to get to the bots normal screen.

Beacon Range Finder - Keyboard shortcut to see an overlay of every Beacon's range

Vehicles - Pfft obviously

Bot Storage - The best way to automate production of bots. This could solve the issue of overproducing bots. Putting them in storage could reset them like how Crude Data Chips work so as to not cause bugs or incompatibilities.

Programmer Machine/Building - Put a Crude Data Chip in to select your code then have another bot deliver more bots to automate programming

Replace Incinerator with Market (or just add)- Allows you to sell excess resources for Mons and select items to buy. Also allows you to see average money earned over a period of time.

Lockable Beacons - A switch that prevents bots from moving a beacon.

Breed-able/Sell-able/Purchasable Animals - We need more poop!

Boat - Can be made out of wood.

Renewable Sticks/Stick Uses - A pole can be made into 2 sticks. Maybe sticks could be useful for something.

Sand/Glass - Shovel the sand. Put sand into clay furnace to make glass. Glass could be used to make a better houses for the citizens.

Farm-able Mushrooms and Berries - 2 small mushrooms for each full grown mushroom and 2 berries for each bush.

Local Multiplayer - I'll leave that idea planted here for way into the future.

Farm-able Flowers - I'm not sure if they are already farm-able or not.

Safebox - Store Items here to separate them from the main production line. In case you run out of tree seeds, apples, or cereal from the general storage, then you don't have to restart your game to get them back

Follow Player or Move to Player Command - For when you want a robo companion.

Conditionals - If...True...Then...Do...While

Besides the market, boat, and glass, I am not trying to add anything that isn't already a part of the game. I will leave those up for you to decide.

Questions for the Dev:

Is there  Beta or Nightly builds I could try?

How do I support the cause, will there be a Patreon later or a place to donate? 

you can allredy donate

click the download buton and something pops up and at the bottom of that you can chouse to donate £1, £2, £5, £10 or £20


That's some wonderful feedback right there!

The load times are becoming an issue so I've noted that one down and will look into it.

Your problem with the Beacon factory. Tell the bot to stand on the output tile of the beacon maker first, then tell it to pickup a beacon. That way it will only ever pick up the correct one (assuming there is one ready to pickup).

Most of your bugs and suggestions have already been noted but I've added your new ones. If you're interested you can find our lists here.


can anyone help me out with moving to new islands? I've started building a bridge but when i get to the covered territory in deep water i cant expand it to continue building the bridge. Im not really sure what in supposed to do. Is there maybe a boat that I'm not aware of?

click on 1 side then drag it to the over


Click and drag the blueprints from a discovered part of the world into an undiscovered part. You'll create a new bridge between the two.

Hey can anyone tell me exactly how it is that beacons work? I thought they just increased the range of the bots but i must be doing something wrong because its not really working..

Do you plan to add this to steam when it's finished? Could you please consider full controller support when the time is right? I can play mouse and keyboard games with no problem, but nothing feels better than a controller in hand. Also I hope this game blows up huge! I really love it and I hope that it comes to consoles like the switch and 3&2 ds. Really awesome game!

nintendo would not allow it to be on the switch or ds

If you want controller support, you can use joy2key. IMO it's better than what most games come with because of the freedom to map out the keys you want and ease of use. I prefer the mouse and keyboard for this game though because most of my time is spent programming the bots and copying/pasting.

Im With You Right There. This Game Has Allot Of Potential And Is One That Is Different From Others. Its Like Factorio ButIts More Cute And  Has Alot More Things Than Automating Everything.


I think you should add resolution options to the game, for those who want to play at a lower resolution
Even the game being extremely lightweight, in pcs like mine, which sucks, they lag in large resolution, with lower resolution option I can play without lag
Would it be difficult to put that into the game? By the way, the game has an incredible idea and is very good, if possible, keep adding and improving it.

Bad english, google translate fault

lol when you open the game it has those options

Denki Im really curious Cause its nigh impossible to transfer saves from pre 8 to 9 on cause sheep aren't in the save file, will you ever add some form of update agent that allows us to not have to redownload the game every week to access new content

you just transfer the save file form the old one to the new one



epic game

Awesome game!

plz add a time setting were the folk grow up to other NPCs


Excuse my bad english, but the game has become my favorite game.
That's why I just have to ask:
In which interwall come updates?


Updates come out every Friday. Thanks!

Is the game open source or can you mod it, etc?


Not at the moment. We may add modding in the future but we need to put in more content first.


Can you make mobile version of Autonauts? I cant download Autonauts to computer so I would really like it!


Unfortunately we have no plans to do a mobile version. Sorry :(

How do you charge the steam bot?


Pick up a log and use RMB on it. Alternatively it will self-charge if it has logs in its inventory but be aware there is a bug where it consumes all logs instead of just one. This will be fixed in the next version.


(1 edit)

For what i need wool?


At the moment you can make clothes. We'll probably add other uses later :)


How do I reteach a robot?


Press the Teach button to go into teach mode then drag any instructions out of the teach window that you want to delete.

how do i bring up the menu where it shows me how tuch items a buiding needs to build it?


Once you've put down a blueprint, hover your cursor over it and the information will appear. It's currently not possible to see what's required until you put the blueprint down

is there a way to automate a bot to make something but without draining the entire general storage, without having to constantly reset them?


The best way to do this is to store what you're making into general storage. Then you can have the bot check if that storage is full and only make something if there's space left.

How do you recharge the new Steam Bots? I even tried water, and it didn't work.



With Logs, sticks, planks or poles in hand just right click on them.

Deleted 1 year ago

Just left click it :)

Hey could you guys make a use for straw for other than hats. Maybe as a food source?

Also, Could you make id where bots can fill in blueprints where they have storage's near them and they just find out what material they need grap the items from the storage then fill in the blueprint. 


Yep we'll definitely be doing more with straw in the future. You used to be able to feed it to cows but there was a bug that meant I had to stop that. We'll be bringing that back when i fix the bug :)

Not sure about automatic blueprint building. We don't want to make things TOO easy to automate :)

how do you get off that thing to get in deep sea water? i think its called a canoe


Move into shallow water and use right click on any adjacent tile. Thanks!

i have no foto because i dont know how to make a screenshot

Deleted 2 years ago

i dont how to use beacons but you can use logs as fuel for steam robots

(1 edit)

if you scroll to top you will find beacons answer

(and then go little bit down)

how do you get to call the robots to teach them


Press SPACE to blow your whistle then select the robot you want. Then click the Teach button and you can start recording what you want them to do.

How do you make signs? I simply can't figure it out!


OH! Ah. Ahem. Yes. Our bad. Update inbound...

Really? It was a bug?

Oops, found another one concerning the signs! They can't hold all the text I type! For example, I typed: "Apple Pie Production", and it only fit "pple Pie Productio"


Yep, you can put in anything you want but it will get cropped off as you've found. Thanks

What's the little upgrade menu for and how do you use it?


Eventually you'll be able to put all sorts of upgrade things in there. For now you can just put Name Tags on bots :)

Sick!!! :)

Is there more than one kind of hut? if so how do i make them?


Not yet. We'll add more housing as we go.

How write in a sign?

Press Z while holding it.

This may be more advanced, but how do you change colors of the worker bots?


Make them some clothes and a hat

What to weeds do? (the dug up variety)


At the moment, nothing. But we'll put them to good use :)

Perhaps for salads?


Maybe :)

Denki,there's 1 missing resource in this game:APPLES!!!!!!!!!


Have you used a canoe to explore all the islands? :)

I tried to use the canoe,but I don't know how. :(


Make sure you've got a paddle in your hands then right click on the canoe. To get out of the canoe use right click on any adjacent tile.

Ok,thank you! :)

I forgot to mention another problem,Denki:I can't get rid of wild flowers,what should I do,or are you still developing on that?

Use a sickle, not a scythe. Beginner's mistake, really.

Hey Denki!

in my opinion you should make the game cost $5 - $10 as much that i love that its free you would be able to accomplish so much more with actual funding. also multiplayer should be added but not at the moment wait until you are happy with its current state or you've hit writers block or have nothing else to do on the game. i would love to hear a response and thanks for reading


But that would leave out some of the demographic who can't afford to buy the game (such as myself). So if you wanted to pay that much, you can do so with the 'name your price' method.

yes as much as we all love how its free donations are just not gonna cut it for funding in the long run stuff like unity costs money and if they game costs even as little as $2 it would help them a lot

Yes, it is a sad truth we face in this era...

thats why we need COMMUNISM

Do you think you could add another tier to the bench saw? I just think it would be cool to get 8 planks or poles from one log instead of 6


We're aiming for a minimum of three tiers for everything, so more saw for sure! When is another matter entirely :)

Deleted 2 years ago

so i have a question currently you can access a workers inventory from anywhere on the map, will that be changed or was it done intentionally?


At the moment it's intentional just because it would be a pain having to be next to the bot all the time. We may change it if we can make it not annoying :)

i have two questions first is it just one person working on the game or do have a whole crew? another one what is your main language and where are you based?



There are two of us working on the game: Aaron and Gary (Aary or Gaaron for short). Our main language is English and we live and work in Scotland.

(1 edit)

I'm currently working on a wiki, and before you all yell at me i know there is already one but i would be honoured if you checked it out (atleast the crude sawmill part is finished)


I can help!


i can help to but i don't have a lot of free time i'm usually plaing autonauts

I can help!


How do you make strings?!


You'll need to do some Research on Weeds first :)

How does Research work? :-S


Make a Bash Research Station and put weeds into it :)

I did that and now the research bar is full,but I don't know what to do after that. :(


When you completed the research you unlock a String Maker.

how do you use crude data


From version 14 onwards you just have one in your hands then bring up the Bot's Brain. There should appear two new buttons, Backup and Restore.

How do you use the guitar?


All instruments can be played with Z

i see a cheat all and cheat tools how do i use them


These are not implemented :)

thank you


look at my happy little band denki [:)]

What a cute lil' fish!

It looks very appetizing. I'll watch it wriggle in my campfire.

uhhhh wat WAT WAT DIS?


There's a bug in 15.1 where some objects scale badly. This will be fixed in the next version


(1 edit)

What happened to bread being made with poles??? My whole operation is ruined!! How do you make sticks?!


Sorry about that. Sometimes we need to make changes like this because the game is still really early in development. I realise it's a pain to rejig things all the time but hopefully we can add features which make the process not too painful :) 

In answer to your question use a Mallet on a tree.

Thanks! Don't sweat it though. I appreciate the work you've put into the game and what you're doing with it. Can't stop playing it!

May I ask the logic behind why just about every cooking recipe requires a stick?


Fuel for the fire :)

The Mallet cannot be used on trees to create Sticks (and Apples).


Yep that's a known bug and and in fact, if you wait for 20 minutes, there will be a new version 17.1 which will fix it :)


is there any was to destroy milk?


Good question. Currently the only way is to destroy the bucket that contains it. Which isn't ideal. 

I'll add you question to our suggestion list for us to consider. Thanks :)

If there is no pumpkin in the world, should I create a new save data?

I want to make a game like this mabye if i could have permison,but i have NO idea how you code a game in any sort,so is it ok if i Could have a tutorial?and if i make it cost moneny i'll make half of it go to you.also i am new to unity so the game Might not be as well.but pleas can you tell me?

How can I recharge the battery of the metal robots ???

Use a log ;)

how to program a bot to take stuff out of its own inventory?


You can use "," or "." to recall things and "Q" to stow things. Thanks!

i miss my froggy charactor ;-;


At some point we'll be adding full character customisation in so you can keep your frog suit :)

yay X3 it was a wierd question to ask but im glad to hear it

how collect sand?


With a bucket :)

I have two questions about pumpkins:  How do you carve them into Jack-o-Lanterns?  How do you cook them into Pumpkin Pie or Pumpkin Bread?  Thank you.


Unfortunately Jack-o-Lanterns were only active for V18 Halloween :(

There isn't anything to make with Pumpkins yet but we'll add that in another version.


Thank you, Denki, for your response and for developing such a wonderful game.  I had downloaded V17 and then V19, so I missed out on V18.  I look forward to creating foods from pumpkins such as pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, and maybe even pumpkin soup, pumpkin cake, or even baked or roasted pumpkin.  We need to keep our Folk happier for longer times.  Our players too.  ;)



How do we change a Beacon from "(Unnamed)"?


While holding it press Z

How do you till land?


First you need to stop weeds growing on it by using fertiliser, then use a hoe to till it.


Thank you! I love this game so much, so many possibilities

Deleted 2 years ago

\o/   Thanks!

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago

What's the difference between the 'Tree seed' and the 'seedling'?


A seedling grows 3x faster than a seed :)

I have used the "Stir Research Station" to unlock Sand buildings.  I have collected Sand with the Bucket and have created Mortar using the new "Crude Mortar Mixer" with the Sand and Sea Water and Clay.  Is that right or do I need to use Fresh Water?  How is the Mortar used?  Thank you.


If you place down the Brick Wall blue print it requires bricks and mortar. These walls can be built up to 5 tiers high and can have doors and windows added.

what i can do with milk?


You can use it to make Milky Porridge, Butter or just feed it to Folk.


How does one use a Basket?


It can be used in a few different ways. 

Use LMB on a Folk to remove their dirty clothes then RMB on a Wash Tub to put the clothes in. When the wet clothes comes out use LMB to pick them up then RMB on a clothes line to dry them. Then LMB on the dry clothes and RMB on a clean folk to re-dress them.

It can also be used to collect dirty and clean dishes.

Is there a way to see when new updates come out? So far I LOVE the game and I wouldn't want to miss any new updates! I would very much appriciate it if you were to respond.


You can use the official Itch app to keep you up to date (it's like Steam). We've stopped doing weekly builds just now until early next year so we can put in some big changes.

Thank you! keep up the good work! :D

How to clean Clay Pot ??


Try a Wash Tub :)

yea thnx for ur answaer .. well .. I kinda thought it is only for dirty Folks and clothes :D

Bug :

- ( IDK what is this bug so I will give you case ) When you have Folks that get dirty and you have to wash them and their cloth you need to fill Crude Wash Tubs somehow, well you do that by giving somone task to take from water storage and put into wash tub .. well.. there is problem .. IDK how this happens .. but sometimes (quite often when you do not control *village*) it just goes pass put into crude wash tub.. so it goes to the water storage.. but he can not do take from water storage cuz he has full bucket..

I would like to ahve this glitch fixed.. but if not and at least for now .. I would like to know how to bypass this glitch if it is able

Comand ( Robot ):

( Also there is *Forever* thru those commands )

  • Move to Water Storage
  • Take from Water Storage
  • Move to Crude Wash Tub
  • Add to crude Wash Tub


That's a known bug on our bug list but thanks for reporting :)

Well .. sorry for bothering you .. I guess I did not see that on bug list .. sorry :I


Not a problem! any time :)

BTW is there a way to still automate that somehow ?


Generally these problems occur if more than one bot is doing something with the tub at the same time so you're best chance is to make sure you use a separate tub for clothes, folk and dishes. Also make sure only one bot puts water into each tub.


what does the crude basket do


You can use it to carry lots of clothes or dishes when they get dirty :)

Denki come back!  When will there be a new update?  I've been checking every day since November.


Awww! sorry. We're still working away, busy as ever. We're still not sure when we'll make the next version available yet but we'll do our best :)

Hey Denki. I was just wondering if you and the team have a donation goal or something and also I was wondering what researching is for. I love the game and i cant wait for the day I get to play it after it is a 100% full product!



There's no donation goal right now, but every penny really really helps. 

Research allows you to discover new building types and objects. Try picking up a weed :)


Well.. I have a question .. I have not been on forum latley and I do not play autonauts much .. I just got a lot of food .. but can't rly do a lot with folks .. cuz that wash tub glitch .. look ... I do not want to be anoying or to rush you or something .. I am just curius  .. are you working on new update or no .. pls answer just YES / NO .. cuz i do not care why no ( if no ) .. I hope you do but I think we all understand if you have other games to develop too .. I just hope you are working on it :D .. ( understand that I am just curius cuz there was no update for years and I realy want to do automated folk system :P )


Yes the game is still in full time development, we've just stopped weekly updates so we could concentrate on some big changes. If you want to keep updated with the latest development keep a look out for our semi-regular posts here on Itch or on our Discord server.


well.. I did not respond .. 14 days ago .. lol .. well anyway ... oke .. just wanted to know ... TY for responding .. and I hope update will be cool :D ..

How do i use the research stuff?


When you pick certain things up it will trigger research. So try weeds or putting sand in a bucket.

Can somebody please tell me what the canoe does please?

Thank you in advance 


It's used to cross over to the other islands. Put the Canoe into the water, make a Paddle and then RMB on the canoe with the Paddle in hand. If you want to get out of the Canoe you can RMB on it again.

i have been here since version 3 :D

version 3 has cheats

Hi, is the No-Lighting version faster than the lighting version for older PCs?


Possibly, yes. It might depend on your video card. Try them both out and see what works best :)


Release date?

Hello Denki, I realize that this has been asked before, but what is a general relase date for the next version? It doesn't have to be specific- within a month or so would do. There are many players of autonauts that would be thrilled to find out a general release date for the next version.


Sorry, but we don't really know ourselves. The more we do, the more we find needs to be done! But we're working hard to answer that question. Thanks :)

umm, i thought it was just you denki.


Denki is a 2 man team

*que the quack sound*

Hi Denki.  As you know, I have been trying to assist the players of Autonauts by replying to several questions posed on this website with helpful information and screenshots.  I hope that you could provide me with some information about the Save files that I could use.

I saw that back in September 2017, a player named "Jumboman" left a posting called "WIP: random map generator".  He had said to you "I've worked out how to add objects to the map. Denki would you be so kind to briefly explain what ST, STT, and SM means/does? Am I correct that ST means "stage", STT means "milliseconds passed this stage"? SM I did not figure out."

Would you please explain the ST, STT, and SM in the Save files that he had asked about?  Also, please explain the RC and FC values in the file.

Thank you for all of your work.


Ah cool. You're going to make your own saves! :)

"ST" means State. This number represents what state the object is in. So for a tree it could be growing, falling etc. Different objects use this in different ways

"STT" means State Timer. This how long the current state has been running in hundredths of seconds.

"SM" only applies to trees and is either 0 or 1 to show if it's "small" meaning it only grows to half normal size.


Thank you Denki for your response.  I also see in the save file that for "ID":"AnimalCow" and "ID":"AnimalSheep" that there are "EC" and "FC" values.  Would you please explain those also?


Those two control the way they eat. You can safely set them both to zero.

Thank you.  I see for the Cows that the EC values range from 0 to 9 and the FC values range from 0 to 25.  Perhaps one of EC or FC pertains to the cow's fatness and perhaps the other pertains to dung.  If I have guessed correctly, which is fatness and which is dung?  If I have guessed wrong, please let me know what they actually represent.

Also, I see for "ID":"Native" that there are a small number of values for DT which I am guessing might indicate needs.  Perhaps DT:0 indicates the native is happy and has no current needs, perhaps DT:50 indicates the native needs food, perhaps DT:100 indicates the native needs a hut.  If I am correct, please let me know which DT values correspond to specific needs.  If I am wrong, please let me know what those values really mean.

I also see that natives have a EN value that ranges from 0 to over 10000.  I cannot guess what that indicates.  Please let me know.

Thank you for all of the information that you are providing us. 


Sorry, I didn't see this message until just now.

"EC" stands for eat count and shows the number of times it's eaten before it needs to make dung. "FC" stands for fat count.

"DT" is dirt which is between 0 and 100%. 

"EN" is number of seconds of energy left * 100

Thank you, Denki, for that information.  When you said "DT" is dirt which is between 0 and 100% does that mean that a Folk with DT:0 will not show the symbol for being dirty, but a Folk with DT:50 or DT:100 will show the symbol for being dirty?  And when you said "EN" is number of seconds of energy left * 100 does that mean that a Folk with EN:0 will show the symbol for being hungry, but a Folk with EN: more than 0 will not show the symbol for being hungry?  If I am wrong, what are the symbols shown for pertinent values?  Thanks.


"DT" needs to be 100 to show dirt. Anything less shows nothing

Yes, you're correct about "EN"

How long until the next update is released?

We've just updated our itch page which kind of answers this :)

Denki, in continuation of gmrose9's questions about the savegame json stuff I was wondering what the boolean property "TD" does for Rock and TreeSeed? It seems to be false when placed in-world and true when in an inventory (either player or a worker). There is a despawn timer linked to these two object types but since the "TD" property is a boolean it can't be the time left before the object despawns. I can't quite figure out what the "TD" acronym is or what that property is used for.


It stands for "Timer Disabled". When there's too many things in the world I start to despawn them, except for things that have been deliberately picked up.

Makes sense. Brilliant Denki, thank you! :)

Is there a way to recharge the SB? 


Yep, they require wood to burn so give them logs, planks or poles. They will also fuel themselves with any wood they have in their inventory.

I have set my SteamBots so that before they do their task (such as Recharge Workerbots shown below) they will take a log from storage and stow it in their inventory, meaning they recharge themselves.  If their inventory is full, the log is still in their hands and so it will be added back to Log Storage.  If their inventory is not full, the "Add to Log Storage" is skipped.

Really Smart. I never though of such a thing. I only had a steambot automated base with a few steambots at the log storage taking a log and recharging the other bots. That was also before i had done the cycle/stow stuff.

By SB i mean SteamBot, and they took time to build

hi I was wondering how you get to new islands in the 21.2 version because it won’t let me drag the bridge blueprint across the dark area 

You get a metal chisel, a wooden mallet, and a log. So pretty much everything required to make a canoe. Then craft a wooden paddle. Place the canoe in the dark or light water, make sure you can reach it, grab the paddle, get in the canoe, and start rowing.

thank you so much

You're welcome

I wanna know how the crude data storage works, so i can do stuff like increase the amount of commands that my bots can handle. Also, how does saving work?

to save you click the save button and then you name the file 

(1 edit)

I did, and i don't know what happened or where to put the file

By what i mean is i named it then saved

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I figured out saving (The Save button will click now) and i want to know how to get apples and grow them

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Crude Data Storage is not used for increasing the amount of commands that your bots can handle.  Instead it is used for copying the commands of one bot to become the commands of a new bot.

For example, I have a bot named “Plank1” whose commands are to wait until it hears another bot shout “GoPlank” (because the Plank Storage is not full) and then will take a Log from Log Storage and cut it into planks at a Crude Bench Saw until it hears another bot shout “StopPlank” (because the Plank Storage is full).

If the FarmerPlayer is holding in its hands a Crude Data Storage and you have control of this bot, you will see next to the “Stop/Go” button two diskette icons.  The first diskette icon is labeled as “Backup”.  Click on the “Backup” icon and the commands of this bot will be backed up to the Crude Data Storage, as shown below.


Next, control another bot, such as in this example “BB417”, while holding the Crude Data Storage.  The second diskette icon shown is labeled as “Restore”.  Click on the “Restore” icon and the commands that were backed up onto it earlier will be restored to this bot, as shown below.  

After the “Restore” finishes, this bot will now be shown with those commands, as shown below.  You can now click on the red “Teach” button to change the commands if desired.

Saving” works as follows:  Press the “Esc” key to bring up the menu.  Click on the “Save” button.

A window will open labeled “SAVE FILE”.  You should change the folder shown to the folder where you want all of your Autonauts saves to be kept, such as “C:\Users\Owner\Documents\yourname\Autonauts”.  To change the folder, you can click on the Up Arrow at the left of the folder name shown if you need to go to a higher folder, or click on a folder name shown in the window if you need to go to a lower folder.  Once you are at the desired folder, enter the desired save file name in the field labeled “FILE NAME”.  For example, you could name the save file that was created on July 12, 2018 as “Save071218.txt”.  Click on the “SAVE” button.  

A window will open labeled “Save Game?  Click on the “Yes” button to save the file.  

Later, if you want to load that same file into the game, do the following:  Press the “Esc” key to bring up the menu.  Click on the “Load” button.

A window will open labeled “LOAD FILE”.  Click on the file name that you want to load so that its name is shown in the “FILE NAME: field.  Click on the “Open” button.

A window will open labeled “Load Game?”  Click on the “Yes” button to load the file.

When I try to do that, it doesn't save and I can't manage to get any saves out of all the autonauts i played

Hi zergologist.  Which of the steps that I listed above was the last one that worked for you?

The step that didn't work was the one where you press save game. I don't have any saves at all.


Hi. This usually happens because the game doesn't know what default folder to put the save file in so it just quits. The way to fix it is to load a file first. The game will then remember the last folder it loaded from and save there in future. Here's a test level for you to load.

Just download it and put it into a folder on your desktop. 

BTW this problem will be fixed in the next version.

Denki has provided us with very good information on many issues.  I would like to suggest that rather than exactly following Denki's statement "Just download it and put it into a folder on your desktop", you should instead download that file and put it into a well-named folder that is not on your desktop, such as a folder that you can create below your own "Documents" folder named "Autonauts" as shown below.  Keeping all of your Autonauts files in this folder will help you to find them. 

Too many times people suggest that files and folders be "put on your desktop", but if you put everything there it will become a big mess.  If you always dump everything on the floor of your home, you would have the same problem.

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how does a beacon work?

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Beacons help with "Find Nearest …" commands.  After you have built your beacon, pick it up and you can then give it a name and a range by pressing Z.  The name is only a label and is not used by the Bots.  The range is the size of the red circle that limits where the Bots will search for the nearest specific object to the beacon.  In the example below, the Steam Bot wearing the Traffic Cone hat will find the nearest unwound Workerbot (to the beacon) and then recharge it.  You can tell that it is nearest to the beacon because the "Find Nearest …" command has the blue and red button (indicating the beacon) instead of the question mark (indicating no beacon) as the point to which it must be nearest.

oh ok thank you

Will autonauts ever become multi-player?


Possibly. Right now we're concentrating on single player but once that's established we'll consider MP.

what can you do with the wheel that you can make at the wood router

The wheel that is made on the Wood Router is needed to build the Clay Station.

oh i did not know that thanks

Do you know how to get apples for stuff like apple pie and to get extra sticks for apple pies, bread, and fish?

Create Wooden Mallets for several bots.  Those bots will need to use those mallets on Pine Trees to get Sticks and use the mallets on Apple Trees to get Apples.  You will need lots of bots to get lots of sticks and apples to make the foods.

Like, where do you get apple trees? I learnt the sticks one but i don't know how to actually get apple trees. Where do i get the apples or seeds?

I suggest that you build a canoe and a paddle for the canoe and then travel to the land on the left side of the map.  There are many apple trees there.  Once you have revealed that land, you can put bridge blueprints down so that bots can build bridges there (since you can't carry a bot when you are in a canoe).  You should use the canoe to reveal all of the hidden land on all the edges of the map.

When i checked today, there was only one. On a new map anyways. I was able to turn that into a ton of apples. Is it possible to rely on apple trees for  wood?

You can cut down apple trees with an axe.  You will get one log and two or three apples from each apple tree that is cut down.

so you could? you'd just have to cut a forest down and get the apples

You could cut down the apple trees to get the apples, but hitting the trees with the mallets will give you apples without losing the trees.  If you cut down the apple trees you would have to dig holes and plant apples in the holes and wait for the apple trees to grow again.  It's faster to just use the mallets.

oh. Now i understand.  Just, is it possible to grow the trees somewhere else?

You can dig holes in the ground and plant apples in those holes that grow into apple trees.  Any place that you can dig a hole for a pine tree could also be used for a hole for an apple tree.  I like to keep my apple trees in an area that is a bit away from the pine trees.

Also, since you can build bots that hit pine trees with mallets to get sticks, you can build bots that hit apple trees with mallets to get apples, so I like to keep the apple trees in one group and the pine trees in another group.

Now i wonder what the pitchfork is for

So do I.  I have not found any use for them.

I found that the pitchfork was added for Version 18 that was released for Halloween 2017.  That version had a lot of new objects added for that theme.

What are pumpkins used for then as well?

In the current version 21.2, the only thing that you can do with a pumpkin is to smash it with a mallet to get pumpkin seeds, which you can then plant to get more pumpkins.  The pumpkin cannot be used for food in this version.

In talking about the new version being developed, Denki has said in "There’s no mistaking who ate all the pumpkin pies here", and he shows a bot taking pumpkin pies from a storage bin and feeding them to a very fat folk.

Also, I asked Denki "How do you carve pumpkins into Jack-o-Lanterns?" and he said in 

"Unfortunately Jack-o-Lanterns were only active for V18 Halloween :(  There isn't anything to make with Pumpkins yet but we'll add that in another version."

im having trouble starting research is this implemented? i have the weed research but when i go over to the research it wont let me select it

If you are asking how to use the "Bash Research Station", below are the instructions that I posted about a month ago about it.

First, you need to build the "Bash Research Station" from the "Research" group of equipment.  The "Bash Research Station" is made with two logs and four planks.  Once it has been built, you need to use a shovel to dig up about 10 weeds.  Add the dug weeds to the "Bash Research Station" until the research has finished and the blueprint for the "String Maker" appears in the "Misc" group of equipment.  The "String Maker" is made with six planks, four poles, one gear, and one stone.  Once the "String Maker" has been built, you then add five dug weeds to it to make string.

Hey, I started 2 days ago, and got a lot of progress. When I closed the game, it reset my game. Why did this happen?


Did you save before you closed? If you did, just load the level up from the pause menu. If not, you can always try loading up an old Autosave. Click load and browse into the Autosaves folder and look for the latest one.

Denki How to free download autonauts


When you click Downloads, just click the "No thanks etc" link

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We're not sure. We're working hard to make it happen though

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Yes. We'll probably also publish on other platforms too.

hey Denki I've been wanting to be a game developer for quit some time now even though im only 13. when people ask me what i want to be when i grow up they always laugh and ask "are you sure" i always say "yes" even though all you do is sit next to a computer all day (according to my mom) you create something out of your code that might entertain someone. personally i have always been kind of inspired by this game, it looks so basic, and comes from a small developer but yet its one of the best games I've ever played (and that is saying a lot) if you have any advice where to start coding or what programming language to try to learn please help me out! thank you so much for your time. Keep up the good work and never stop entertaining people!


If you've never programmed before I'd recommend starting at the beginning with something simple like Scratch. Try the Tips section for some tutorials and you can study other people's projects for inspiration. It might look a bit childish but it will teach you the fundamentals of programming using drag-and-drop instructions. 

Once you've got to grips with that you can move on to something like Python where you need to type the instructions in.

And then you could move on to Unity. They've got a good tutorial section and there's a big community. Unity is what's used to make Autonauts.

Are you ever going to add music to the game?

One thing that we certainly don't need to do is to give the developers more suggestions for additions to the game.  They have been working on adding so many suggestions from everyone that it has been over 14 months since we have gotten an update.  We all need to realize that when Denki said "Remember that mahoosive technology tree timeline flowchart we did?", that meant that the developers were planning on building that entire timeline into the next version of Autonauts and that they are going to need a mahoosive amount of time to do so.   Adding more and more suggestions will keep delaying the release of the next version.  Let's be happy with what they plan to provide us.

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if you make a BIG update, will we still have our save files or will we have to restart?


Unfortunately the changes have been so great than you'll need to start again. Though hopefully you'll enjoy it all over again :)

Such a great game. Have been wishing and hoping for something like this for a while. Have been playing a few days now. On my wishlist would be more commands for the bots to enable them to do more complex tasks, the ability to change the terrain so that you can, for instance, change where to put your farms, rewards for looking after the villagers, bots returning to their shelter when the task is complete (or maybe I can program that already - will have a go when I next play).

Also, just a plea to keep it available for Mac. There are too few decent games for us Mac users.

Price: I would be happy to pay £10-15 for the game, perhaps more. Looking forward to it being released on Steam.

Also on the wishlist: copy and paste commands for the bots.


\o/  Hooray!

Thanks for the feedback. More programming commands are a big request and we plan on adding more some time after initial release. Changing the terrain will be available from first release. The Folk will play a much more important role and not just be a pain to look after. When you say have a bot return to its shelter do you mean to put itself into bot storage? At the moment bots lose their program when stored (this will be fixed in the first release) but even if it could do that you're then left with the problem of how it would come out again :) The first version that comes out will probably be PC only but a Mac/Linux version should follow shortly afterwards. We're hoping the price will be in the range you suggested.


With regards to storage of bots, it was just an idea that at least I know where they have gone once they have completed their assigned task so you don't have to look around the map.

Looking forward to the mac release. Let's hope we don't have too long to wait, in the meantime I'm very much enjoying the release as it stands. Many hours of playing already!

Is it possible to port this for mobile devices?


It's possible but at this stage we're concentrating on PC and then possibly console. If it proves popular enough we may do a mobile version

I sense we are getting closer to release.  I have been following your progress for years and I am really looking forward to playing the game.

I know that you still haven't announced the publisher yet but I was wondering if this publisher is one that would offer outside investment in Autonauts.  Is this something you can tell us?


We're certainly closer, that's for sure. It's been a long, but rewarding road for us :)

Unfortunately I'm pretty certain our publisher wouldn't be interested in outside investment. 


Oh and I should probably add we really appreciate your interest and belief in us. It's very reassuring to know people like yourself are still willing to support us at that level. Thanks!

You're very welcome.  I think you have a little gem here and wish you all the best.

Hey i love the game but sometimes you kinda want to watch the game while doing something else . Is there any way i can have the game windowed instead of in fullscreen?


Thanks! Select the "Windowed" tick box when you first launch the game.

So when you are giving out tools so in the forestry 2 bots use different tools in same area how do I give the right tool to one instead of the bot GiVing both a axe or the wrong itsm

Each bot and the Farmer/Player may only hold one "tool" in its hands at any one time.  It may hold multiple tools in its inventory or backpacks.  Of course, everyone needs to correctly select to which bot you wish to give an axe and to which other bot you wish to give a shovel or spade or something else.  You can press the space bar on your PC to blow the "whistle" which will show the names of all of the bots so you can select the right one.  You can also click on the "bots" icon at the right side to show the list of all of the bots, and then you can click on the name of one of them to select it.  Be sure to give your bots names that are meaningful.   I like to name my bots by their task such as "Tree Chop", rather than naming them "Bob" or "Sam".

Hey Denki, i've been playing the game for about a week or so, and ive noticed theres been some pretty rough lag spikes. (Though it may be caused by my 400 robots... (:   ). Any ideas for a fix? (I bought it through steam), so maybe i should just allocate more ram to it, but i wanted to see what your input was on that

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