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Real Life Robots :) great game still even on pre-pre-pre alpha version XD

Goodluck and more supports to you guys...

you should move the >Move to General Storage with >Take from Gen.Storage inside repeat.

now theres to Isla...and 180 BOTs.............i started new game and limiting my Bots XD

wow I made new Town and already liking the small changes...specially disappearance of seeds so much cleaner XD

Thanks Denki!!! More Support!!!

well seems it turns brown when theres a tree on it ^^)

thanks for new buildings. cant wait to see what are those. will reach home next hour.

More Suppoet to you guys...

shovel the weeds?

clay furnace.

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ill give you a tip instead of running from left to right. put (editl) *1 of your Plank storage* on right most then take Flanks there. just remove it later if you plan to change it XD.

im making my Bots now to do more task insteas of doing 1 specific task. 

ex. Your Wood cutter will be also your log picker. aswell as digger. ^^) and so on.

for stones. my Miner is also crafting Metals XD as well his coal. soon he will be also crafting Metal plate since i dont use much now those resources unlike when we started.

just put it on your inventory. it automatically used when you move.

I cant wait for Monday updates ^^)

currently on making Bots for feeding the villagers? is that how we call them XD

both hence two kinds of porridge ^^)

Great! and Thanks for your awesome game ^^) More powers to your team @Denki

some likes some dont. but they should be in a Hut too :)

same thought here :)

im trying to make a Milk/Dung Farm using Straws then im left blank on how ill make it RANDOM for my Bots to drop straws. Im stuck with 4 straws per 1 co-ord. and giving my single Bot 4 co-ords. which means loooooooong loop forever XD tricky :P well most of us are in Metal Tools :)) 

its so small to DL it and doesnt hurt to try. just choose if 32bit or 64bit...goodluck and enjoy if you can ^^)

yeah even small teasers ^^) thou we will be having weekly update but its good to have some future plans for us to make...

nerfing storage to 100 CAP hurts :)

now we need upgrade like combining 2 storage into one giving it 1.5 space :)) or use Stones to upgrade it.

House and fence should be on their list of Update but we dont know when it will drop ^^) 

so ill make a Dung farm using straws instead of fresh grass right :)

thanks...seems i need to start it soon before i got another tower of straws :D

im not that playing for long. still havent maxed my 500 storage. I will start making more House and fencing my little town once i got my cereal farm started.

i watched videos of other games but not this one since everything even the game is on progress :P

Goodluck to your channel :)

now we need soemthing to upgrade our storage XD

I got the point of using the command "until storage is full" but the bots Cutting trees doesnt have limitations unless you stop giving them tools.

more resources more fun but i want it to look nicer :P not like making 100x storage for stones & seeds ^^)

probably time to make house for the those guys. ill start making some when i play later :P

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Make a Fetilizer Storage.

Collect Dung. Put it there = Fertilizer

How to get dung.

Reload your game 1st. Quickly go to the cows and see they are eating grass. Wait until they poop. thats the Dung. Cows will became FAT after some eating. when you see "!" it stops eating and time to Milk it. Now make a WOODEN BUKCEt >milk the cow.

P.S you dont need to reload just milk the cow :P

im on issues except you need to update your seedling bots :))

(1 edit)

you reached Making Coals? it cost 2 logs per 1 coal :) i havent reached 200Logs since the time i automate my Metal Farm.

its all about having fun and learning day you know, youll be automating Farming Metals and then metal plate :) im also new and now starting to make some metal plates...

yeah this is on suggestion list on same boat as you. theres like 3-4 huge tower of stones and I only got 150++ metal plates...

Great! More support to you guys ^^)

Hope Im sharing enough that some of my friends will donate to support you.

title says :P

delete if repeat post. Ty!

BTW thanks for your awesome game.

ahhhh stupid me. we can just plant seeds? i havent tried. cause the time i play your awesome game i read the seedling tray and i thought we need to make seedlings to plant trees.

I just download the v5 and i delete v4 folder. but it still saves my Data :)) im using Windows10.

probably in the process on next few updates since we got Metal Gear XD

time to suggest some decorative items ^^)

Nice update Denki. & Thank you aswell.

I started new game cause of seedlings update.

Anyone knows how long the cows eat grass again? Im using Save & Load Trick so cows became thin again and eat grass. 

BTW did you tweek the growth of grass?